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Subject: Unintended Consequences pt5 Unintended Consequences pt5 From: Buster Ward ail) Category: incest Disclaimer: All stories remain property of the author and should not be republished with out consent. I love your comments and feedback, please keep it coming! Please, Please donate to Nity. They provide a great service getting all of our filthy minds revved up and they don’t have a monthly charge. Keep porn accessible! fty/donate.html] Last Time——————– As we were watching them ride out their the afterglow I could feel a sense of pride swelling with my cock. Finn glanced at his watch before jumping up, scrambling around trying to put together his uniform. “Fuck, I’m going to be late, I don’t even have time to shower.” He was running around look for everything. Mick grabbed Finn’s discarded briefs and wiped them on his body and cock before doing the same to me then Derrick, scooping as much cum as possible up with them. He wiped the last of my load off Finn’s face before kneeling down and letting him step into them. He pulled them up over Finns gorgeous body, tucking the still turgid cock into the wet pouch then pressing the damp fabric into his deep crack in the back. The amount of sweat and cum on the fabric made them almost see thru. It was obscenely hot watching as Mick felt him up as he helped him get dressed, Mick was obviously turned on by the uniform and the fact that his nephew was stuffed inside it made it that much hotter. Finn kissed everyone good bye as I walked him to the door. “You smell like fucking Son, I don’t care how hard those men out there try, I will be the one that busts that ass.” I said looking in his eyes before tilting his head back in a dominating kiss and digging my fingers into his hole through the rough fabric. I could feel him swoon slightly before catching himself and heading out, but in that moment I knew I’d have him. I had been called out of town for work for a week and a half. Mick had gone back home and Finn was working some special assignment that took him to the capital for a week. All this added up to Derrick being alone and with out a steady supply of cock for the first time in months. When Mick was in town I don’t think Derrick went longer that a couple of hours with out something stuffed inside is sweet hole. Between the three of us we dumped enough cum inside him to fill a tub, and he always wanted more. I think all he did was work out and have sex for weeks. He was getting bigger in all the right places; the mix he made meant he would never get really cut but the plush layer over his muscles kept him rounded and very sexy. His tits full and now he kept them smooth for me all the time, all the attention and play had made his nipples swell and they grew to the size of the tip of my little finger to the first knuckle. His body was build for fucking and now he was left cold turkey. I’d meant what I’d said about owning his pussy and he knew it. I could hear the desperation in his voice when I talked on the phone to him at night. He tried playing with the toys I’d gotten him but he just wasn’t satisfied playing with himself, there was an itch he couldn’t scratch alone. He spent most of his time working out to keep himself distracted, or cleaning up the house but it wasn’t totally enough. As the week went on it was clear that he was struggling to keep it together, he sent me a pic of him in a running get up he went out to the park in. It was a crop top that covered the frog bra he had to wear but showed off his narrow waist and a pair of shorts that barely reached the middle of each cheek and rode deep in his crack, all it trying to cover his swollen muscles and failing beautifully. “You little horny slut! It still counts if you get yourself attacked, LOL. Seriously though, be careful going out like that I’d drag you into the restroom and fuck you if I caught you in the park like that, no matter how hard you fought.” He was turning me on; I missed his sweet cunt almost as much as he missed my fat cock. If he was able to keep it on lock while I was gone I had an idea of a sweet reward for him when I got home. “PROMISE!!!” was his reply then he sent another photo this time with out the sports bra, so his tits peeked out of the bottom of the too short top, the sexiest combination of sex kitten and muscle boy. “Guaranteed! Ok sweet boy let me get back to work and I want you to keep you and my pussy well protected until I get home, got it.” “Yes, SIR!” a few minutes later I got another photo of him this time much more covered up, his body was still pretty obscene and you could clearly tell the whole situation was turning him on but at least now he didn’t look like he was for sale. The rest of the week went fairly smoothly and it was looking like I’d get back earlier than I had anticipated. I talked to Finn on the phone and made a plan to meet up when I got back, telling him that I wanted to surprise Derrick when I got home. I hit up Gill and a few others that I knew would be up for the scene I had planned for my little boy. I was going pretty stir crazy myself and went down to the hotel bar for a drink to unwind. I was there for a few minutes before this hot woman sat down next to me. I’d always welcomed both sides of the fence and was happy for the attention. I we had a nice chat and got a little closer, both of our intentions seemed pretty clear. I was trying really hard not to compare her to Derrick but I was really spoiled; she was too tender, too light, her efforts too coy. I wanted my boys desperate need, his desires laid bare with no pretense. I wanted his strength underneath me and I wanted all the delicious perversion that we shared. She left a few hours later, walking a little funny and satisfied while I lay in the bed thinking how much I was in love with my boy. I pushed hard to get my schedule cleared to be home on Friday evening. When I was sure it was going to happen, I texted everyone to let them know we were on and when to meet up. Derrick sent me his pre-run text that evening, in the more modest shorts this time. “Are you keeping your sweet hole clean and shaved for Daddy? Are you ready for me to take when ever I want?” I said teasing him; I wanted him good and on edge. He sent me two more pics of him this time with his shorts down bent over, then a close up of his tight pucker. After all the times he’d had cock in that hole it was still drum tight, with his hand spreading his full cheeks you could just see the pink inner folds peeking out of the center. I wanted him so fucking bad but I needed to buy a little more time until it was darker outside. “You look really nice baby, but are you sure it’s totally smooth? You should clean it up before your run, that way you can wear that slutty outfit from the other day and really show off that amazing ass?” “Can I Daddy? You’ll let me go outside in that?” he sent back. “Yeah Baby, you’ve been real good about saving your pussy for me and keeping your body up the way I like. You deserve a little attention, even if I can’t be there to give it to you.” “BUT clean up first and BE CAREFUL! THAT CUNT IS MINE, don’t forget escort bayan it!” About 20 minutes later as I was pulling in to the parking lot at the park I got a text from Derrick, clearly just out of the shower and shiny with lotion on his baby smooth body, totally hairless front and back. Then a few minutes later, another pic in his ridiculous running outfit, his obscenely displayed body a work of art. I texted him back as I entered the john of the park… “Perfect” and he was. In side the small room was Finn and Olmstead, his training partner from his rookie year. He was a big blond guy that had gained a little beef in the few years I’d known him. I hadn’t known that he and Finn fucked around while he was training until a few weeks ago. Now that I saw them together, it was pretty clear he was into Finn in more that just a casual way. Gill from next door was by the sinks, he was looking a little jumpy trying to be casual with Cam, I had found out from Mick that he and Derrick’s coach fooled around all through college. Mick said he had a big cock and wasn’t shy about using it, we had been casual friends for a while but I never knew he swung that way too. I figured the way Derrick dropped the team with out much explanation earned him a little consolation prize. Right now however he was leaning over Gill watching him squirm as the much larger man cornered him against the wall pressing his full crotch in to the shorter mans hip. We’d fooled around with Gill several times over the last few months and each time he’d gone farther and farther. Both Finn and I had fucked him, bouncing back and forth between him and Derrick, as they lay side-by-side sucking each other. Gill couldn’t get enough of sucking cock, he was learning a lot about himself, in fact I caught Finn coming out of his house one morning two weeks ago, after spending the whole night buried balls deep in his old coach. I had the feeling Gill was figuring out he was on the wrong end of the cock in his marriage. Finn had invited another cop that he vouched for but I didn’t know, this giant armed Latin. Between his tattoos and smoking body stuffed into a too small uniform, I could see why Finn had thought of him, he was a sexy as hell. Apparently his husband worked for the city and the park was under his management. He’d arranged for the restroom to be closed and the cop cars out front would ensure that we weren’t disturbed. We did introductions, shaking hands and what ever else we could get a hold of and then I explained the rules and set the scene. I was sure he would be along soon and since this was the only drinking fountain between here and home I figured he’d stop. The tow cop Derrick didn’t know went out side and we all moved into the stalls to wait, I laughed when I saw Cam push Gill in to a stall with him. And sure enough you could hear the sounds of a wet blowjob echo through the tile room a minute later. Finn laughed out loud, then Cam said “What, good old Gill’s just getting me warmed up for the main event, ain’t that right little buddy?” Then you could clearly hear Gill chocking on the cock in his throat before being released and then noisily slurping it back down. “Damn Gill you’re a hungry little fuck” Seconds later I could hear someone’s foot steps in the gravel, then the sound of the fountain turning on. I could hear the doors on the cruisers close. Then voices, it was Derrick and the two cops but I couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying, Derrick sounded a little panicked but I knew it wouldn’t last too long. They were getting louder and more clear as they backed him into the restroom. “Come on boy, are you really trying to tell us you weren’t out here turning tricks in that outfit? Your pretty ass hanging out like that, shaking it all over this park weren’t you?” “NO, Sir! I promise, I was just out runni..” “You got your ID tucked in there somewhere, Son?” Finn’s old partner said, I could see him through the gap in the door as he slid his hand deep in to Derricks crack and pressed in. Derrick closed his eyes and bit his lips as they started feeling him up. “OH, yes.” Escaped his lips as the two men surrounded him. “Then Where IS IT Boy?” Olmstead Said his voice getting more demanding, sliding his finger under the tiny shorts and digging his fingers into moist crack. “OHhhhhhh, I can’t, ohhhhhh I haave to wait, nnooo” Derrick arched his ass increasing the pressure on his cunt, I’m sure he was getting wetter by the second, then Olmsted slipped inside and Derrick hissed as his neglected hole desperately tried to swallow the fingers. “Ohhh yes. Mmmm. No, I can’t Daddy said, ohhhhhh no.” “Shhhhhh, What’d your Daddy say? Does He know you’re out here showing off this fine ass, teasing all the men?” Hector said pulling Derrick to him by his waist and grinding his hardening cock in to Derricks hip. “He said I can’t, not, mmmmm, not with out permission, oooohhhhh. I have to go, I have.” Hector run his hands up underneath Derrick’s shirt exposing his full muscle tits as they tumbled out. “Holy SHIT, those are fucking HOT!” Hector said before buying his face in his exposed chest and chasing the nipples with his mouth. Derrick moaned loudly the started to try and fight them off of him, trying to gain control of the situation. “So if we got your Daddy’s permission you’d give up this sweet pussy?” The question momentarily calmed him, thinking he would be allowed to get a way for a minute. “Well then, why don’t we ask him?” Derricks eyes got real big, even in his fuck haze he could tell there was something strange happening but all he could muster was a feeble drawn out “ohhhh yes, please Sir, I just have to go.” Just then I stepped out of the stall and got a great look at my son being molested in the bathroom by two very sexy cops, if I hadn’t been rock hard already that surely would have done it. “DADDY Says YES, But I go first!” then Finn stepped out too as Hector moved to shut the door I pulled Derrick in to a heavy kiss. He melted in my arms. My hands fell to his swollen ass, I struggled to get the shorts down of the tops of the full globes. Olmstead knelt down and pulled his shorts over the pillowy cheeks and buried his tongue in Derricks juicy hole tasting the meaty folds. I pulled his ass open giving Olmstead total access to chew away. Derrick hitched his thigh up on my waist, both of us anxious for me to be inside of him. I could tell that neither one of us was in the mood for delicate lovemaking, Derrick need to get fucked and I needed to fuck him. I was looking around for a place to set him and Hector must have seen what was going through my mind, “Over here, lay him on the changing table” he said as he started to pull it down off the wall, It was homemade and not one of those plastic ones but still I didn’t think it would hold. Hector drug 2 trashcans over and set the table down it was the perfect height to support the table. “What? My husband and I have fooled around here a couple of times” he said winking at me as I laid my son down on the padded table. It was short enough that his head hung over one end and his ass the other. I unzipped my kocaeli escort bayan fly and pulled my hard cock out and Hector said, “Damn, like Father like son, you and Finn have near identical huge dicks.” He pulled my cock forward to Derricks weeping hole, “Can this kid really take this fat thing?” He said clearly licking his lips at the thought. “Derrick was made for fucking, weren’t you baby?” Derrick nodded up at me before Finn stepped up and started rubbing his face on his uniformed cock before unzipping it to feed his little brother. Meanwhile Cam pushed Gill out in to the main part of the room, Gill’s mouth was red and his eyes watery. He almost fell because his shorts were gone and his briefs were around his ankles. His extra fat cock leaking against his stomach as Cam came out to see me plow my boy. His enormous cock leading the way as he moved to Derricks head. He clearly hadn’t cum yet but he seemed to have used his time with Gill to keep himself hot. “Well I’ll be damned, if that the hottest fuckboy body I’ve ever seen.” He let out a low whistle as he approached Derrick grabbing his muscle tits and pressing them together, playing with the nipples. Derrick pulled off Finn’s cock and turned beet red seeing that it was his football coach that was mauling his tits. “COACH! I umm it’s not what you think!” Derrick said still trying to grasp what was happening. He looked at me a little panicky and I slid inside him with one steady, firm stroke. Derrick moaned as I slid home, unable to maintain his composure. “Yeah, it’s exactly what it looks like boy, I’ve entertaining myself with eager Gill there waiting for this party to start, now I’m going to watch your Daddy fuck you good and proper then it’s my turn!” He said bending his 6’6 frame over to shove his tongue down Derrick’s throat. Derrick practically melted with the kiss, his desire for this mountain of a man clear. Cam moved Finn out of his way, I thought he was going to take his place in Derrick’s mouth but he straddled my boy’s head. His plate like hands grabbed the tits and mashed them together around his slick cock, fucking the cleft between them. I could see Derricks engorged nipples trapped between the thick thumb and forefinger of each hand rhythmically turn from dark pink to white as he fucked his swollen chest. It looked like he was milking him and it was making Derrick’s hole dance around my cock. I tried to look away to distract myself, feeling myself getting closer to the edge, the sight of Gill on his knees with Finn’s cock buried in his face and Hector’s face buried in his ass did little to slow my fire. Finn’s uniform open to expose his chest with his pants and briefs around his ankles renewed my desire to be the first man inside him. Olmstead seemed to be having the same idea, running his fingers up and down Finn’s lightly furred cleft, I was about to say something when Finn shrugged him off, reminding him that this wasn’t about him. That seemed to put him off for the moment. Suddenly I heard the door behind me unlock and a ruddily handsome man of about 54 I’d guess came in. I froze balls deep inside my boys pulsing pussy, when Hector looked up from Gills ass. “Hey babe, dive in! Everyone this is my husband Bert, he arranged for us to have this private little spot.” We all grunted our hellos as he unzipped his coveralls, his furry chest and belly spilling out and hauled out his fat veiny cock with its broad head and thick tube running up the underside. Bert came up beside me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder watching me plow into Derrick’s body. “Fuck man that’s hot, is he really your son?” he asked his eye glued to where my cock entered Derrick, watching as his swollen lips gripped my cock each time I pulled out only to fold back inside as I pushed forward. I nodded to him, I was getting too close to answer, fucking my boy in front of all these people was a major turn on and it had been too long since I was in his sweet cunt. Bert reached down and grabbed Derrick’s hard-on through his cock and he shot off instantly. I was quickly behind as Cam and I shook his body with long hard thrusts, flooding him with day’s worth of cum. It took a few minutes for me to come down from the high letting my load soak in as I slowed my thrusts. I slowly moved back letting the still tight hole close around me so that my load would stay buried inside. Bert leaned forward and sucked Derricks cum through the wet material and when my cock sprung free did the same to me, cleaning off the remnants of cum and the slick juices of Derrick’s pussy. “Damn you two taste good, can I have a go at that sweet hole?” He asked pulling my rubbery cock from his throat. “Get in line fella, I’m going in next! Gill, get the fuck over here and get me slicked up!” Gill obediently crawled the few feet over to Cam and immediately shoved as much of the huge hard cock in his throat as he could. The other guys had been using his throat so Cam was quickly coated. Cam didn’t need it but I think he liked how willing Gill was to let him use his body. I moved behind Finn rubbing his body as I moved in behind him, planting my slick cock in the cleft of his ass. He pushed back against me as I started to get hard again, the head of my cock sliding along his trench and pushing his balls forward. We both watched the scene in front of us as Cam bottomed out in Gill’s throat and held it there as tears streamed down Gills throat. He was starting to turn purple from the lack of air but never stopped staring up at the giant in front of him. “Good, you did real good, you sure are a hungry pup, I wonder if you’re as eager on the other end?” he said walking his enormous out of Gill’s raw throat, “I intend to find out later but first.” He turned and lined up his shiny purple head with Derricks lips, it looked like they were reaching out to try and grasp the bulbous helmet, he teased the opening and pushed Derricks thighs up so he curled the hole so Derrick could watch as the apple sized head entered in followed by the near foot of thick cock behind it. Derrick whimpered in pleasure and need as his beloved coach plowed him open, finally grinding his hairy crotch against the tender flesh. Everyone watched the scene in front of us my youngest boy took the largest cock most of us had ever seen with glee. Cam began fucking hi in earnest with long, punishing strokes that elicited squeals and moans from Derrick’s throat. I was behind Finn slowly humping my full hard on along his slick crack and playing with his full pecs, Finn reached back and spread his cheeks allowing me to press more firmly against his hole. As we watched his little brother bounce on the end of their coaches massive tool, I leaned forward and whispered to Finn “I’m going to take that as an invitation, You gonna let Daddy fuck both his boys?” Finn shivered in front of me then nodded his head. “Yes Sir.” He said sounding totally out of breath. “Good boy, but I want to save that for when we are alone, you are going to come back to the house with us tonight.” I told him, leaving him no option to beg off. He was going to get kocaeli escort railed and I was going to do it. Gill and Hector were on their knees sucking cock and eating ass like happy pigs as Bert and Olmstead moved back and forth between them. Cam had picked up Derrick and was nailing his ass to the wall, his arms around Cams neck as his tits bounced freely. Gill pulled Bert’s cock out of his mouth and dove in to Cam’s sweaty crack like a starving man, latching on to his hole and riding each deep swinging thrust with him. “Awe FUCK! You little fucking PIG!” Cam roared dumping a bucket load of cum in to my son. “UNNNGHHHHH Gill you fucker you’re gonna pay for that uuuunnnngghhhhh!” the sudden stimulation pushing him over the edge before he wanted. Cam shook several times as his orgasm drew on, letting his cum work its way down the long shaft to try and knock up my baby boy. Olmstead slipped inside as Cam moved to a squatting position over Gill, laying him down on the tile floor to ride his face as Gill sucked and chewed on the plaint ring. After a while Cam just picked up Gill off the floor sinking his cock back in his throat as he ate his ass giving as good as he got. Bert, Olmstead and Hector all took turns fucking Derrick in various positions, chewing on his tits and making him juice. His jock was so wet I wasn’t sure if he’d cum again. Hector and Bert paid good attention to Derrick’s junk and I was glad for that. Finn and I were good for fucking and eating ass but it had never occurred to me that he might want more than that. He always came when I was fucking him at least once and never asked for anything else but I was happy to see him enjoy his cock too. One by one the three that were fucking Derrick blew their loads inside him, mixing with the two already there. I thought Derrick might be wearing out but he grabbed Finns thick meat and pulled it towards him as soon as he pussy was empty. He slid in on the other loads burying his face in his kid brothers tits and plowed him with deep long strokes. A while later Cam set a purple face gill on the ground pushing his face into Finn’s ass. The effect was less sudden but after about 20 minutes Finn was shaking as our loads ran out of Derricks fucked open cunt as more cum was deposited. Gill was the only one that hadn’t fucked Derrick yet and when Finn moved from in front of him, he stepped up to fuck him again. Derrick had taken his extremely fat meat several times and had no problem accommodating him now. His reddened lips folding in on them selves and the wrist thick meat shoved forward then exposed again as the grasped desperately to the exiting shaft. Gill leaned forward to kiss Derrick, making out with him and stirring his cock inside him, this exposed his spit slick pucker to Cam who skewered him in one fluid motion. Gill shot straight up, in shock as the penetration continued until the 11 and change inches of cock came to a rest inside him. Gill was no longer a virgin, Finn and I’d seen to that a few weeks ago but that was a lot of cock to take unexpectedly. Gill rose up on his toes, his height making it difficult to stand with the giant man plowing into him from behind then Cam straightened out his legs and lifted gill off the ground with his cock. Fully skewered on the enormous meat inside him he fell forward pressing Derricks thighs towards his chest. Cam pulled most all the way back and Gill followed the bat back then Cam shoved forward impaling them both. Cam was fucking them both, bouncing Gill between him and Derricks squelching pussy. It was hot as fuck to watch and Gill was clearly in pig heaven, so different from the scared and reserved neighbor he’d been before Derrick seduced him with his beautiful body and boundless desire. They were in their on world, Gill moving back and forth between them mauling Derricks tits then sitting up to have Cam chew on his neck. It was clear the effect the show was having on the rest of us. Everyone was hard again, I was back between Finn’s cheeks humping my dripping cock against his hole, reminding him of what was to come and watching my baby boy get his sweet cunt used for the seventh time that night. I watched as his beautiful tis and ass quaked with each powerful thrust of the doublewide cock inside him, feeling my lust for my sons rise and I couldn’t have been happier to be home. Cam moved back from Gill, gripping his hips he fucked him into Derrick until his fat head popped free then all the way back down down on his cock. Derrick and Gill were both whimpering and moaning as they were fucked and used by Cam and his enormous dick. Derrick came first flooding his abs, Gill was pulled back by Cam as Cam shoved his face down on Derricks spewing tool. Cam began power fucking Gill pulling all the way out before slamming home. Gill was slurping his way around Derrick’s body smearing the sweat and cum all over with his broad tongue. Cam grabbed Gill by the tits pulling him up to share the taste when Gill started shooting, spraying Derrick from chin to his puffy open hole. Gill’s hole must have chewed hard on Cam’s cock because before he was finished shooting Cam started cuming hard inside Gill before yanking his cock out and shoving forward to dump the rest of it inside Derrick. As the scene in front of us slowed down Cam pulled Gill off of Derrick and pushed him to his knees. Gill started licking up all the cum he could get his tongue on. Cam leaned over and tenderly kissed Derrick starting on the tits then working his way up his throat before pulling him up to hungrily devour Derricks full lips. He pulled back slightly looking at the sweet handsome face in front of him. Derrick opened his eyes and Cam said “This was a pretty fucking hot scene your Daddy cooked up here and I know he keeps this sweet pussy on lock but I would love to have a more uuuuugh, intimate time with you. I think you’re pretty fucking hot.” Cam stuck his tongue in Derrick’s mouth, as he sucked the tongue like a wet cock. After a few minutes they parted, the desire between them still very apparent, Cam leaned down and grabbed Gill under the arms pulling him up and pressing him against the wall “Who knew you were such a filthy little fucker!” Cam licked across his mouth before shoving the remnants of sweat and cum in to Gill mouth and he hung on to Cam wrapping his arms and legs around the mountain of a man. I thought for sure that Derrick would be fucked out, he had taken so much cock in both of his holes over the last few hours but I watched him as he watched his former coaches make out as he lifted his legs up and inserted two fingers from each hand in his open hole. He spread his cum wet pink lips apart exposing the dark pink interior, hungry for more stimulation. I nudged Finn forward towards Derrick, unwilling to break contact with him and leaned forward placing two, then three and finally four thick fingers inside his pulsing cunt. “You want some more baby, your pussy still hungry?” “mmmmmmm Dadddy, uuuuunggghhhh, YYYYYEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!” he moaned as his hole squirmed on the end of my hand. I twisted my fingers inside him and though about seeing how much more his hole could spread but decided to wait unit we were alone. “This has been real fun guys and thanks for showing my boy such a good time. I want to take him home to somewhere more comfortable; you are all welcome to join us if you want. There’s beer.”

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