Vacation Surprise

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The cruise was to last 2 weeks and was to leave from Jamaica and tour around the Caribbean ending up in Columbia. You have never been on a cruise before and have no idea what to expect but you are in such desperate need of a vacation that you signed up when you got the email with the cruise holiday deals. You arrive at the dock and join the line to check in and get your room details. You see me in the line a few people ahead of you and like what you see…I am wearing a short white skirt and high heeled sandals, a thin tank top is all that covers my upper body and when I turn to the side to talk to my friend you can see that I am not wearing a bra and my erect nipples are practically visible through the fabric. My friend is a tall thin red head with a small bust and long slender legs, she is wearing black capri pants with black high heeled sandals and a tube top that is barely staying up.

We all check in and are standing on the deck mingling having a drink and you come over and introduce yourself to us. I tell you my name is Amber and my friends name is Chantelle and this is our first cruise as well. We agree to stick together and explore the ship as a threesome. We leave you and go to our rooms to change into our bathing suits and get some sun on the deck, you tell us that you will do the same and will meet us out there.

When you come to the deck you see us immediately and you groan to yourself as you walk closer to us. I have changed into a red string bikini, the top is barely large enough to cover my nipples , the majority of my breasts are uncovered and the bottom half of my bikini is a g string that clearly shows you that my pussy is completely shaven. Chantelle is wearing a leopard bikini similar to mine, her small breasts are barely covered by her top and the contrast between the size of our breasts is almost comical…her bikini bottom is a thong and it also shows you that she has a totally shaved pussy. You feel a stirring in your shorts and place your towel in front of your crotch to hide the fact that you are sporting a hard on all of a sudden.

You come and sit beside me in the deck chair, the sun is warm and I ask you if you can help me put some suntan Artvin Escort lotion on the places I can’t reach. I sit up and turn to face Chantelle so that my back is to you so you can put lotion on my back and you can see my ass, you notice that you cannot see any tan lines and you feel the hardon return. You rub the lotion on my back and you can’t help but sneak a feel of my tight ass as you spread the lotion on my lower back. Chantelle asks me to do the same for her and she lies down on her stomach and undoes her bikini top. I pour the lotion on her back and begin massaging the lotion into her skin. She moans softly as I work the lotion into her back and thighs and you can’t help but notice that as I move down her body to her upper thighs that she spreads her legs slightly and I dip my fingers between her legs and give her a special massage for a minute or two. You cannot believe your eyes and of course your cock comes to life again. I glance over my should and see the tent in your swim trunks and giggle and lean over and whisper in Chantelles ear and she looks over at your crotch too and smiles.

We spend the afternoon on the deck drinking and getting to know each other and soon it is time to dress for dinner. We all go our separate ways and arrange to meet after dinner for drinks. You get into your room and turn on the hot water in the shower and undress. You glance in the mirror and see that you are still sporting a semi hard on and you take your cock in your hands and begin to stroke it, you watch as it hardens in your hands and close your eyes and think about me and Chantelle on the deck. You wonder how well we know each other and what we are willing to do and the thought makes you even harder! You step into the shower and soap up your hands and begin washing your body your hands find your cock and you soap it up and stroke it dreaming about me eating Chantelle’s pussy and you groan and shoot your load all over the back wall of the shower stall. You rinse all the soap off and clean up your mess and get out and dry off. You can’t wait to see how this vacation unfolds…

The seating is assigned so you do not get to sit with us but we are not far and Artvin Escort Bayan you can see us at our table, you are trying to keep up with the conversation at your own table but all you can see is Chantelle and I caressing each other’s arms and legs as our fellow dinners enjoy their surf and turf oblivious as to what is going on right under their noses.

Dinner is over…finally!! And we meet in the lobby and arrange to go to the disco for a drink and some dancing. You get us all a drink and we find a seat, the music is loud so we can’t really talk to each other but our eyes are doing enough talking …Chantelle and I get up and move to the dance floor, we begin to move to the beat moving closer and closer to each other, our hips are gyrating to the music, our hands find each other and we get even closer and we begin to kiss each other…you sit up in your seat astounded that we are doing this so openly in public but no one else really seems to care. The song ends and we come to the table and grab your hand and we leave the disco and head to our room.

We push you into the door and down on the bed and we slowly undress each other. You take off your suit jacket and unbutton your dress shirt revealing a hairy muscular chest. I undo the strap on Chantelle’s black gown and it falls to the floor, she is not wearing a bra and her nipples are hard as rocks and I lean over and take one in my mouth and suck on it while my hands run down her back and grab her ass. I continue to tease her nipples as she undoes the halter dress that I am wearing and she slides it down my body so my breasts are exposed, she plays with my large nipples and makes them hard and flicks her tongue over them, she massages the orbs in her hands while she teases my nipples until I pull her face up to mine and kiss her deeply, our tongues tangle together and our hands caress each others breasts.

We both turn our faces towards you and we see that you have unbuckled your belt and unzipped your pants and have your fat cock in your hands and have been stroking yourself as you were watching us. We come to the bed and each take a pant leg and yank it off your legs, we yank your underwear Escort Artvin down as well and remove your shirt and you are now lying before us naked. We scour your body with our hungry eyes and we begin to run our hands up and down your legs in unison, we inch closer and closer to your cock and eventually take it in our hands. I lean over and take the head in my mouth and begin nibbling on it, Chantelle moves behind me and spreads my legs so she has access to my pussy and she lays on her stomach and begins to eat me. I moan into your cock as she runs her tongue all over my juicy pussy, she uses her fingers to spread my lips and she begins to suck on my clit.

I take your cock deep into my mouth while she teases me with her tongue and I start sucking harder and massaging your balls, you have your hands in my hair and you are moving my head up and down in the rhythm that you want me to suck. You cannot believe that this is happening to you on the first night of your vacation.

I stop sucking and sit up, I tell you to lie flat on the bed and I straddle your hips and slide your cock deep into my pussy. Chantelle gets up and crouches over your face facing me and you begin to lap at her pussy while I massage her tits and we kiss passionately. I am bobbing up and down on your cock and she is grinding her pussy all over your face. You have spread her pussy open with your hands and have slid your harden tongue inside her, she moans into my mouth and moves her head down to my tits and starts sucking my nipples again. I reach down and touch my clit rubbing in small circles as I am on the verge of cumming I increase my movements until my body is wracked with convulsions, my orgasm spreads over my body like wildfire and I roll off of you drenched in sweat.

You push Chantelle off of your face and roll her onto her back. You spread her legs and dive into her pussy and begin pounding into her, you reach over and pull me close to you and we kiss deeply, I can taste Chantelle’s pussy on your lips and it is delicious. You plow into her over and over, your climax is so close, she wraps her legs around your hips and I reach around behind you and start to tickle your balls with my fingernails. You pump harder and harder until you reach your limit and you pull out your cock and stroke it until you spill your hot cum all over Chantelle’s pussy. I lean over her pussy and lap up the hot cum before it gets cold and clean her up like the good friend that I am…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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