Vampire Chronicles Pt. 1

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Little Caprice

extended intro:

Ok so this is my first story ever so keep that in mind. I got a big thing for vampires so that is why this is based on vampires. I hope you will all comment with advice and constructive criticism. I intend to continue this story either way so if you like it let me know and ill put more up, otherwise i wont bother. Also there is alot more set up than sex. This story is not intended to be mostly sex in fact it is meant to be a story that has sex in it but who knows how it will develop until it does. Hope you enjoy.


Mike had been raised in an upper middle class home, raised by his adoptive single mom, and the majority of his years he spent following all the rules. He had also been somewhat of a social outcast. In the latter part of his teen years he threw away his life life of minimal excitement. He had decided to walk a somewhat darker path. He started smoking weed and drinking. He had tried these things initially for social purposes, but the drug culture sucked him in, and before he knew it he was experimenting with all kinds of drugs. Now eighteen, and only barely a high school graduate his life was not looking so great anymore. Things had gone full circle. He started out with few friends and an unexciting life because he never broke the rules, and he became the guy that at the party who got just a bit too fucked up and needed someone to take care of him until he sobered up. Another thing that depressed him at times was his inexperience with girls. Before he used drugs he was a shy outcast. Once he started he was too unmotivated to bother chasing the girls.
Mike didn’t start experimenting with drugs at as young of an age as most of the people around him did. He thought it was probably because of how strict, and watchful his mother was. He was however very good at hiding his use from his mother, and she was still unaware of it. One of his reasons for being overly fucked up was that he had to do as much as he could when he could because he was so closely watched so often.
Despite the strict household he lived in Mike was eighteen now and able to stay out fairly late. It was late one Tuesday night, and he was walking home from his friend Kyle’s house where he had spent the past few hours smoking weed and watching TV. It was a full moon and nobody was around. It seemed really peaceful, until he walked past the park. He heard these somewhat muffled, painful sounds coming from the middle of the field the little kids played soccer on. As he scanned the field carefully he saw what looked like a body on the field. He was pretty high, but was almost positive he wasn’t imaging this, and he ran over to the body. He was shocked at what he found. There was a beautiful girl that could not have been more than sixteen or seventeen years old lying there. However, that is not what shocked Mike. Her body was covered in giant gashes, and other seemingly mortal wounds. There was blood everywhere, and she felt cold as ice despite the warm Florida weather. Mike started to panic he said just hold on I am going to call an ambulance. There were signs of horror on the girls beaten up face as she tried to object, but he did not notice as he fumbled for his cell phone, but to his dismay it was out of battery. He then turned back to the girl, and started to say, “hold on and just wait here I am going to…,” and that’s when he noticed it. The most unbelievable thing about this horrific situation. A pair of distinct, sharp fangs where two of the girls teeth normally would have been. Mike rubbed his eyes sure he was seeing things. He could have sworn they were not there before, but they were there now, and he couldn’t believe it. Something came over him. Despite all logic and rational reasoning he made a decision. He decided that this girl was a real live vampire, and that he was going to try and save her. He lifted the girls head up with one hand, and put his other wrist up to the girls fangs. A look of amazement was apparent on the girls face as she attempted to bite down but just did not have the energy. Mike saw this and held his breath aimed his vein at the fangs and made the fangs pierce his skin. He felt a sharp pain as blood started to drip into the girls mouth. Almost instantly it seemed she regained a tiny bit of her strength. She closed her mouth around Mike’s wrist and started to suck the blood from him feverishly. Suddenly as the girls lips closed on Mike’s wrist an intense wave of pleasure began to flow through him coming from his wrist. He closed his eyes as a feeling of ecstasy came over him until he heard a sizzling-like sound, and he looked down at the girl, the source of the sound. What he saw was, in his mind, nothing short of a miracle. As more and more of his blood was drained the girls wounds started to close up, and as they did an almost magical kind of smoke was billowing from them until they were fully closed. Mike then blacked out.
Mike came to a few minutes later as the girl was shaking him trying to wake him up. He felt extremely woozy. He looked up, and he saw the girl he had attempted to save fully healed and he smiled, and was able to get out, “I am glad you are okay.” He smiled weakly. The girl said, “I know your woozy but try to focus, you need Keçiören Escort to listen to me. I had to drink too much of your blood to heal myself. You are not going to survive for much more than a few minutes.” She paused and then said, “but… it is a full moon! I could save you if you want me to” Mike replied weakly, “I’m not sure what you mean, but why wouldn’t I want you to save my life?”
“because… I wouldn’t be saving your life. I would be making you one of my kind. But I don’t want to force the life of a vampire on you. You have to make the choice.”
“I don’t want to just die here, I have accomplished to little in my life. Please save me.”
“Okay if that is what you want.”
“It is, please.”
Mike noticed the girls fangs were no longer there as she positioned herself above him. Then her teeth morphed to reveal her fangs. She then bit down hard on her lip, and as it started to bleed she said, “drink Michael, drink.” she then quite to Mike’s surprise locked lips with him. He felt a decent amount of very think somewhat nasty liquid flood into his mouth. Despite the taste he started to drink it down. After a few gulps the blood stopped coming and the girl pulled away from him. Mike noticed the wound on her lip had healed. Mike then felt like his body was on fire, like his blood was boiling. He started to go into mini convulsions. The girl started saying, “don’t let his body reject it, please don’t let his body reject it. Be strong Mike, if you can get through this you will be turned.”
Mike lay lifeless on the field after what seemed like an eternity of mini seizures and painful jerking motions. He seemed dead to the world, and in a way he was. Just when the girl was about to turn away deeming him a lost cause his eyes opened. Before she could say anything he asked the girl, “how did you know my name? And while we are on the topic of names, what is yours?” The girl said, “my name is Irina, but we don’t have time for questions right now we must get out of here we are not safe yet once we are I will begin to explain everything to you, I promise.” Mike agreed, and Irina said, “I think I have enough energy from the blood you gave me to change form, but you are still very weak you will need to feed so we can travel faster and more discretely. I know that statement probably added a few questions to your already big list, but just follow me for now.” Mike followed Irina to the nearby Hess gas station. Irina told Mike to wait for her in a dark alley near the gas station. Irina’s whole figure went all shadowy right before she left Mike and walked into the Hess. She walked right through the door and up to the register. The man behind the register did not appear to see her. Her eyes began to almost shimmer as she softly said, you are going to follow me outside to the alley behind the station. His eyes then became somewhat void and he followed her outside back to Mike where her figure became solid again. She then told Mike to feed on the man. Just the thought of feeding caused Mike’s new pair of fangs to descend for the first time, which somewhat shocked him. He said, “look I just became a vampire like ten minutes ago I am not sure I am ready to start drinking blood.” Irina glared at him, at which point he noticed her eyes irises of her eyes were blood red (he would soon find out that his too were now red as were all vampires). She said, “I don’t have time for you to get used to all this slowly, we are in a hurry, and we are in danger so as the one who turned you, I command you to drain every last drop of blood from this man.” Mike was getting ready to object when a force came over his body. He moved towards the gas station attendant who, all the while had stood there with that empty stare. Mike opened his mouth and sank his fangs deep into the mans neck. Mike was bracing himself mentally for the gross taste, when to his surprise the liquid that started filling his mouth tasted like life itself. It was indescribable to him. He felt energy flowing through him as he drank. Slowly his body stopped acting involuntarily, and he began to drink of his own free will. The rush he felt as he drank the man’s blood was like no drug he had ever done. Before long the man’s body became limp and Mike was no longer able to get any more blood from him. He turned to Irina and said, “my god that was exhilarating. I have never felt so alive, which is ironic being dead and all.” He was talking very fast. She silenced him and began to focus very hard with the palms of her hands facing the man who now lay dead on the floor. It was then that Mike realized he had just killed a man. His face turned pale and he began to panic saying, “I can’t believe I killed a man.” Irina silenced him yet again and returned to her focus. All of a sudden her hands lit up as they were enveloped in blue flames. Shortly after that the man’s body burst into the same blue colored flames. The man was incinerated into a pile of dust in less than two minutes. Irina relaxed and the flames on her hands became extinguished. Mike looked at her in amazement. She said to mike, “listen I am going to teach you how to control your various powers when we have time, but for now I am going to command you so that we can escape.” Before Keçiören Escort Bayan Mike could ask what she meant or what they were escaping from she said, “Mike as the one who turned you, I command you to shift into a bat and follow me.” Mike felt extremely weird sensations as his body morphed into a bat flapping his wings hovering near Irina. Then he saw her body morph into a bat right in front of his eyes. She began to fly away, and Mike felt his body follow her off into the distance.
The two arrived at a house a few hours away on the beach and there body’s morphed back into human form on the porch of the house. Mike said rather forcefully, “Okay are we safe enough for you to answer a few questions yet?” Irina replied with a smile, “yes we are quite safe now I will explain everything.” Irina explained that vampires had been around for thousands of years living in the shadows. She explained that most myths about vampires are untrue, and were actually started by vampires. She told Mike that not all vampires are alike. Not all vampires are able to make themselves invisible to humans, or to turn into a bat, or hypnotize a human, and very few are able to control the power of blue flames the way Irina had. She explained that the powers a vampire is capable of is determined by what blood-line they belong to. A blood-line being the closest thing to family for vampires. “A vampire belongs to blood-line of the vampire that turned them. So you Mike will be able to learn to use all the powers I can use.” Mike then asked, “well how did you know my name, I never told you.” Irina laughed, “That is something any vampire can do. I drank your blood, and quite a lot of it.” Mike replied, “you don’t have to remind me. But what does that matter?” Irina said, “well when a vampire has drank from a human, without fully draining them a link is created between the two. We call it resonance. The vampire is able to read the blood so to speak, and the human’s blood that is now in the vampire’s body temporarily calls out to the human it came from. It allows the human to feel what the vampire feels, even to hear what the vampire is thinking. The effect is temporary, and you only didn’t notice it because you were on deaths door.” Mike then asked what the real weaknesses vampires had since most of the myths were untrue. Irina explained that there was no need to fear garlic that it would just be very gross. The only significant weakness that needed to be worried about was silver. She explained that while a vampire was still young a significant wound made with a silver weapon could turn the vampire to dust, and even though older more powerful vampires could resist it better it was still a great danger. This information prompted Mike to inquire about Irina’s age. To his amazement she was about 500 years old, and that 500 was pretty young for vampires nowadays. He then wanted to know why the full moon had been important in turning him, and weather or not he would have to stay out of the sunlight for the rest of eternity. She told him that vampires are able to draw energy from the moon, and when it is full there blood becomes active in that it is able to turn humans. She then explained that if a vampire’s skin is in direct contact with strong sunlight it burns and can weaken them greatly, but as long as clothing protects the majority of the skin on the body and the vampire has a good amount of energy going out during the day is fine. Mike explained, “well I have much more I want to know from you, but just one more thing for now. Why weren’t we safe earlier?” Irina paused for a second, “it’s because of what attacked me before you found me.” Mike then said, “and what was that?” Irina got this strange look on her face that indicated discomfort, and Mike said, “look as long as we are safe now we don’t have to talk about it right now, but tell me will you always be able to command me the way you did earlier?” Irina said, “well I will always be able to communicate with you telepathically, and you will be able to sense where I am, and I will be able to sense where you are, but if I release you or you become fifty years old whichever comes first, and I will no longer have any control over you. Now come with me.” Mike followed her inside where she turned on a light. He took a good look at her. She really was beautiful. She had long black hair, and she was almost as tall as Mike who was just over six foot one inch, maybe five ten or five eleven. She had a perfect form with breasts that fit her body perfectly. They weren’t crazy big c cups or anything but they were big enough, and she had long skinny legs, and a really nice ass. Mike realized how attracted he was to her not only was she just his type in appearance but she had an Eastern European accent which was his favorite kind of accent for a woman. He then wondered if this was wrong if lusting over someone in your vampiric blood-line was like incest. He followed her into what he discovered was her bedroom. Before he knew it she was in front of him and had pushed him onto the bed. He could not believe the speed at which she could move. Before he knew it she had locked lips with him. He felt her tongue in his mouth and there tongues began to dance between each others mouths. Escort Keçiören Mike had made out before a couple of times quite a while back, and was kind of lost on whether or not he should make some sort of move or what that move would be. Before long the choice was made for him. Irina placed his hand near her crotch and she undid her pants. He took her lead and moved his hand underneath her panties, where it met what must have been the only really warm part of her body. He parted her lips with his fingers and began to slowly move one finger in and out of her. She moaned deeply into his mouth. At this point he was still completely flaccid which surprised him, but he assumed it was because he was focusing so hard on pleasing Irina. He added a second finger, and began to move them faster in and out of her warm and wet hole. She moaned louder, and then she broke their kiss quickly and raised her head. What happened next frightened Mike at first. Her fangs came out, and she bit down on his neck hard. He stopped moving his fingers inside her and braced himself for pain, but to his surprise he felt only pure bliss. His flaccid cock began to grow quickly until it pressed hard against his pants. He returned to fingering Irina only now he was moving very quickly. She moaned loudly as she sucked blood from his neck and she placed Mikes left hand on her right breast, and he began to squeeze it and move it around. Before long she released Mike’s neck and began to kiss him once more deeply, and allowed him to taste his blood as she gyrated her hips on his hand until she reached her orgasm, and began bucking her hip and juices flowed freely from her snatch all over Mike’s hand. She got off Mike and raised his fingers to her mouth which was all messy with blood so that she could taste herself. Mike was just in awe over what had just happened. He thought about how normally seeing a pretty girl with blood all over her face would be more freaky than a turn on, but for some reason he could not think of a more sexual sight. Irina finished sucking on his fingers and said in a very seductive voice, “Thank you. Now its your turn. I am going to open you up to a world of pleasure not possible when you were merely a human.” She then told him to lie back. She opened his pants and freed his cock from his pants, and he sighed with relief as it had been quite painfully trapped. His cock stood up hard as can be measuring just above six inches. Irina moved her mouth towards it, and while Mike was excited to get his first blow job the thought of her accidentally or purposely biting him there scared him. Much to his relief she retracted her fangs before proceeding. He was expecting a warm soft wetness to envelop him forgetting that apart from her snatch Irina’s body was cold. She wrapped her cold lips around him, and shivers went down his spine. The cold feeling was not unpleasant at all, just not what he had expected. She slowly bobbed her head up and down licking from base to tip which began to drive him crazy. Then much to his dismay she stopped. She said, “okay I have not had time to teach you to control your fangs yet but when a vampire thinks about feeding, is really angry, or is highly aroused sexually they tend to come out on their own, and retract when the feeling dissipates. There is a very good vein in the inner thigh near the groin you will know instinctively where to bite. I want you to eat me out while I please you. Once I get you fangs to come out I want you to bite me with everything you’ve got. Understand?” Mike said, “um.. I think so.” Irina spun her body around so that she was on top of Mike with her warm sopping wet snatch near mike’s mouth, and she began sucking his cock make incredibly loud slurping noises. She swirled her tongue around it, and would press her head all the way until it was in her throat only to attempt to swallow it causing her throat muscle to massage it in a way that put Mike into pure ecstasy. Mike had began darting his tongue in and out of her hole doing his best to please her as well wondering how she could keep his dick in her throat for so long without coming up for air. Then he realized he hadn’t needed to breath except when he was speaking since he had been turned. After that realization he dug his face deeper into her crotch licking every single part of her that his tongue could reach. Before long he felt a churning within his body and he felt his fangs emerge and they began to ache. He remembered the instructions he had been given bit into Irina’s inner thigh. This was different than when he bit the man’s neck. The blood flowed almost forcefully into his mouth and the feeling was intensely arousing and exciting. He drank feverishly and Irina moaned deeply with his cock as deep in her throat as it could go. Mike’s orgasm was almost at hand. He released Irina from his bite and she began to bob her head up and down as fast as she could to push him over the top. He practically screamed as he pumped her mouth full of his seed. Swallowed as much of it as possible, while some leaked out of her mouth and got mixed with blood on her face. Mike instincts kicked in and he pulled Irina’s face toward his which was covered in her fresh blood, He then licked the cum of her face and passionately locked lips with her allowing her to swallow the rest of his cum while tasting her own blood. They both lay down exhausted. Irina said, “it is almost dawn, we better get some sleep. You have a lot to learn tomorrow night.”

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