Veteran Affair

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I had enlisted into the Army for two years. It was time to leave and I couldn’t wait to get home. Before entering the service I had begun to date Joy. She was a petite brunette I had known back in high school. For some strange reason she waited for me. I knew there were other guys that were trying to get to her but she stayed true to me.

When I finally got back to town I kept it sort of a surprise. I went and saw my parents first and then I drove over to Joy’s home. Joy’s mom answered and she gave me a big hug. She then called for Joy. I still remember the look of surprise on my girlfriend’s face. Joy’s dad was there as well. He was a veteran at one time and I knew he had my back when it came to his daughter.

We needed some privacy so I rented a room. I still remember the sex to this day. I performed oral on Joy. She was shaved down and I used my tongue and fingers to bring her off. She squirted all over my face from the excitement. Joy ended up mounting my hard prick. She lowered herself onto my raging cock. I just went crazy that day pumping my dick in and out of Joy’s tight hole.

After maybe an hour of lovemaking I erupted inside Joy’s belly. I sent a gusher of cum into her body. I remember thinking that this is what heaven must be like. It wasn’t long before I found a job and we began to talk about marriage. It all came together so quickly. I think we were both tense before the day of the wedding. We ended up having a fight. It was something petty but we both were hot under the collar.

I recall looking at all those photos taken the day of the wedding. It seems like someone pasted a smile on my face. The other thing I remember was Karen. She was a friend of Joy’s and a bridesmaid. Where Joy was petite, Karen was tall, almost six feet. She was shapely with large, firm breasts. What made it bad it that she was looking at me with bedroom eyes.

You probably think I was making this all up. I only wish I was. She was flirting with me. I would see her winking at me. After that dust up with Joy I lost my composure. I admit it, if I had the chance I would have fucked Karen that very day. After the ceremony ended we got back to our room. We had sex alright. I took Joy forcefully. I went hard and deep. She even told me not to be so rough.

I barely heard her. I wanted Karen right then. I wanted to pound her Aydın Escort pussy and make her mine. I knew she wouldn’t complain about my cock hurting her pussy. I came hard that night. After we finished there wasn’t any love talk, so to speak. For some reason we were still mad at each other from something foolish that happened.

On the honeymoon trip things thawed out a bit. We were just married a few days. We couldn’t keep fighting like we had been. We finally got back home and settled into our home life. I soon realized I didn’t know Joy all that well. She liked things just her way. She didn’t like it when I tried to give my opinion about something. The tension was starting to mount in our new marriage.

I held my tongue more than once. Hell, we were only married a couple of months by then. It was on a Saturday. Joy was going to be gone most of the day with her mother. The doorbell rang and there stood Karen.

“Hi Tom, isn’t Joy home?”

Of course Joy wasn’t home. Her car wasn’t in the driveway. She had to know that. I invited her inside. I began looking her body over. Damn, I had to control myself. I could swear that Karen wasn’t wearing a bra. Everything about her was making my mouth water. We started making small talk. Then she asked me how married life was treating me. I guess I told her the truth.

“It wasn’t going so well, we seem to fight constantly,” I told her.

“That’s not good,” she said. “I would never be like that.”

I somehow believed her. I moved closer to her on the sofa. We sort of melted together and began kissing. It felt like things got out of control. I had a hand on her chest and I started to massage a tit through her shirt. Karen drew away.

“I have to tell you something Tom. I think about you all the time.”

That was probably the wrong thing to tell me that day. I had Karen stand up and I removed her clothes. Once her bra was off I finally got see her firm tits. I quickly stripped down and we got down to it. Karen knelt in front of me. She took my dick in her hand and brought it to her mouth. She totally inhaled me. She was sucking me right down to the root. My wife never suck my cock like that.

I put a hand on the back of Karen’s head. She wasn’t going to pull away but I wanted to be in charge for once. Karen would look up at my face as she bobbed Aydın Escort Bayan up and down my rod. I think she was checking to see if I was enjoying this. I was enjoying it alright. She was getting me closer to popping. I got Karen to stand up. We walked back to the spare bedroom.

I pushed her onto the bed. I climbed up and spread her legs. I looked at her flared out pussy lips. I took my cock in hand and I rubbed my mushroom across her wet gash. Karen was soon moaning and begging for it.

“Please Tom, I’ve needed your cock for so long!”

Karen wouldn’t have to wait any longer. I parted her lips with my thick pole. I could feel Karen’s pussy going into convulsions. I fed her every inch I had. She wrapped her long legs around my back. We were into some sort of fuck lust. It was never this way with Joy. I needed Karen in the worst way that day. I completely lost it. I told her she was mine from now on. I didn’t want her fucking any other guys.

“I’ve only wanted you Tom, please believe me!”

I did believe her. I soon pulled out and I had Karen get on top of me. She lowered herself and she sunk down onto my cock. At first I gripped her ass as she rode me hard. Later I reached up and pinched her already hard nipples. I wish you could have heard her screaming as I brought my hips up and fed her my cock shaft. We did it a long time that day. Eventually I felt my balls pinching. I was getting close.

There was no talk about pulling out. I grunted and then filled Karen’s body with my seed. It felt like I gushed numerous times as I unloaded inside Karen’s tummy. She squeezed my dick dry and got all my steamy cum out of me. Karen collapsed on my chest. I held her against my body until we recovered some.

“Please tell me you want me more than this one time Tom,” Karen pleaded.

I told her stupidly that this was the best sex I had ever experienced. I suddenly felt this guilt coming over me. Here I was a newlywed who was fucking his wife’s hot friend. The bad part was I knew Karen and I were far from stopping our love affair. Karen was long gone when Joy returned. By that time I had showered and cleaned up any remains of my sex with Karen.

That night Joy felt like she needed me sexually. Surprisingly, I was able to get hard for her. I didn’t go rough this time. I also was empty Escort Aydın as far as cumming was concerned. Luckily all Joy was after was to have a few orgasms of her own. She didn’t care if I came or not. It had been all about her once more.

I knew that I would be having Karen in my bed again. It was difficult but Karen and I stole away when it was possible. I hate to rate people but Karen was the hottest fuck I had ever experienced. She would do whatever she could to excite me sexually. She loved getting on all fours for me. She would bury her face in a pillow. I would raise her hips and ass up and fill her pussy that way.

God would she cry out when I fucked her hard. Once when I had her in that position I pulled out and pushed my slicked up cock into her ass. She screamed as I stretched her bottom with my fat boner. It was intense as she milked me with her ass muscles. I ended up blowing a huge load of cream into her ass. Afterwards Karen said that was the first time she had been taken that way.

Karen said it really hurt being fucked like that but she wanted to try that again sometime. I knew better than to even ask Joy for anal sex. Our married life got worse and we weren’t even at the one year mark. One night when Joy got home from work she said she wanted to talk. She shocked me saying our marriage wasn’t working. Perhaps we should separate.

Maybe I surprised her even more. I said that I didn’t think we could repair things. I wanted to divorce not separate. Maybe she thought separating would allow her to save face. We both knew it was over, one way or another. We are now just waiting for the divorce papers to finalize. I am living in a small apartment. Karen is spending many evenings with me.

Luckily, I found out it is more than sex between us. We have some common interests as well. The sex is still fantastic. Karen loves to please me sexually. I like taking care of her needs as well. She loves it when I tease her with my cock. I will enter her hole, hold my dick there, then pull out. I will leave the head of my cock at her opening until Karen begs me to enter her again.

That’s when I push in and take her hard with my love shaft. Her body shakes when I fuck her this way. Luckily, I always have cum for her. Karen tells me she loves feeling my cum leaking out of her pussy once we have finished our lovemaking. We have even discussed having a baby. This really gets Karen revved up when we are fucking and I say I am going to seed her belly.

Only time will tell how all that plays out. For right now I am experiencing incredible sex with my hot lover.

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