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view from the bedroomMy girlfriend loves sex. This is what happens when you are multi-orgasmic and know it. She could go all day, except for the fact that her face gets tired of smiling too much. When I met her she had not had a lot of experience. I felt she needed more. We had a couple of threesome experiences with a friend of mine, but felt she needed something more. We placed an ad on Adult Friend Finders. Can’t remember what the ad stated, but wasn’t long before we got a few hits.Scott had contacted us from our ad. He emailed us a photo, he looked nice, and she chatted via the phone a couple of times with him.We arranged an afternoon meet. We asked him if he minded theevent being video tapped. I’m into Voyeurism.We told him the camera would be set up and it would just be him and her. He liked the idea. I had figured out how to run a line from the camera to a TV in the other room. I could watch and hear everything as it happened. This excited her and also made me feel a little safer. I arrived early at her place and set up the camera before her date. I positioned her on the couch and had her play with herself so he could get the right angle. She was wearing a garter belt, stockings, no panties and a long shirt. WhenI was satisfied with the angle I got her to kneel in front of me and sucked my cock. I talked to her about all the things that were going to happen. I made her suck my dick like she was going to suck his. A complete stranger who she had never met before. The more I talked, the more she got excited. I wanted to be sure she was ready for what was going to happen. Then I left her to watch from the other türbanlı gaziantep escort room. Something about a women playing with herself while she waits for the guy that is coming over to fuck her. Her thoughts, and desires and the anticipation as to what is to happen, as she fingers herself thinking about it. Nothing more beautiful than that site. And I’ve been blessed with that image several times in life.Scott arrived on time. She said hi and he began to caress her through her opened shirt. They sat on the couch and kissed.Her hand wandered down to his crotch. She could feel how hardhe was already. I could tell she liked what she felt. One of the things that she had mentioned to him was being forced to do things, The feel on a man’s hand on the back of my head turns her on. He remembered this and wasted no time. He unzipped his pants, pulled his hard cock out, grabbed the back ofher head and forced his cock down her throat. She loved it. Here was a person that she had met at the door less than 5 minutes ago, and already had his cock pushed up against the back of her throat. It then got to thepoint that more cloths had to be removed. He stood up to takehis shirt and pants off while she sat on the couch licking and tonguedhis cock and balls. Now he figured it was her time. He put heron the floor and started to tongue her pussy. He went deepand then started to tease her ass. He had told her how much hewanted to fuck that. He slid into her cunt and proceeded tofuck her. I watch on the TV and listened to her moan from the other room. I could tell that It türbanlı gaziantep escort bayan felt great and she was enjoying it. I’m sure by this point she had almost forgotten that I was watching all this. I could hear every moan, see every stroke. Scott spun her around to bang her from behind. Just as he was about to cum. He pulled out to let his load shoot out all over her back, just like in themovies. She had never had that before. Then he slid it back inside her for a couple of more strokes. He had told her he had no problemgoing two or three time. He stayed true to his word. She turned over tofind his cock still hard and aiming for her throat. She sucked himand spent a lot of time on his balls (she love balls). She figureshe would return the favor and crept over to tease his ass. Here was my girlfriend, in the room next to me with someone she had met less than 15 minute ago. She sucked him, fucked him and now she had his butt checks spread open and was licking his asshole. He could only take so much of this. He leaned against the couch to keep from falling. Then he grabbed her hair and pulled her through his legs and crammed his cock back down her throat. All it took was a couple of more second and he was shooting another load down her throat. She was loving every drop of it. He still wasn’t done. He hadn’t gotten what hecame for. He wanted that ass. He bent her over and started to lube her ass.She was standing, bent over leaning against the couch. He entered her and the moans got louder. With each thrust her tits wagged. I could tell she was türbanlı escort gaziantep having problem standing. Her legs were getting weak. She later told me that she had anal sex before (I not a big fan of it), but nothing compared to this. Pure meaning of pleasure and pain. He knew what he was doing and what he wanted. He pulled out and forced her to her knees and then crammed his hard cock down her throat again. He had told her that he was planning on doing that, but still took her by surprise. After a little of this, he bent her over and mounted her again. I could tell both of them were really getting into it. I was difficult for me not jack off to completion while watching this, but I was a saving my load for her. After a little more fucking he had his cock back in her mouth and I could tell she was getting load number 3. In all it was only about a half an hour. But what a half an hour. He showered afterwards and was on his way with a kiss and an offer for next time. Two seconds after the door closed there I was naked and with a ragging hard on. I threw her on the couch and buried my face into her freshly fucked pussy. Although she had just spent the last 40 minutes Cumming nonstop, I was determined to make her pop again. After a few minute of eating her, I got her to the floor. I got on top of her in a 69 position, spread her wide open and ate her some more. She raised her legs up in a bucking motion as I tounged her. I could only take so much of this. I flipped around and slid my cock in to her. She felt so good. So wet and warm. This too I could take much of. I had to cum. Hell, I’ve a hard on going for close to an hour now without Cumming. I stood up and stroked myself. She was going see my cum. She tounged my balls to get me there and in a short period of time my load was all over her face. We fucked several more times that night reliving our afternoon. We slept well that night. And yes, she was a little on the sore side the next day. But a good sore, and good memories as to why.

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