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Chapter 5

Because they still hadn”t done so, as soon as all the Babies had had breakfast and are now in triple thick disposable baby diapers, the Baby Boys take the Diapered Daddies on the hike to show them the creek. As they passed the pond, they checked it out, and all are surprised with just how much larger it really is now, since they hadn”t come out to check it out yet. The massive pile of rock that came out of it, however, is impressive, to say the least. There”s still not even half a metre of water in the bottom of their now double sized pond, and it probably won”t even be fully filled until after winter now. That should, hopefully, now take care of all their watering needs.

However, the boys” idea for the feed creek will hopefully help more as well, and so, all six Baby Boys, in just their nice thick baby diapers, socks, and hiking boots, take the nice long walk to where the Baby Boys think that they can help out.

“So, what do you think Diapered Daddies? As you can see, a little better than half the water goes the opposite way, so, if we dam off that offshoot, that should ensure we have more than enough water. Bear had a good point, though, what if this is feeding someone else”s pond, cutting it off would be a pretty big dick move. You know the area better than anyone Taran, are there any other ranches that way that you know of that we might affect if we did so.” Jammer asks.

“As far as I know, no, as far as I can tell, this probably heads right to the lake, and chances are, these two creeks join again before that somewhere, because our creek eventually leads right to the Okanagan Lake as well. So I say let”s go for it.”

“Okay, us Baby Boys can start doing it, we”ll come and work an hour or two every day to get it done, while you two are in the shop. All we can do is help with stuff that you really don”t need all that much help with, but we do still wanna learn and help more too. In fact, we can start today. It”ll probably only take us a few days to do it.” Jammer said.

“Sounds good. We”ll help for a bit this morning, and then you Baby Boys can take care of the rest over the next few days.” Thayden said.

Because the offshoot that they want to dam off is of course the lower side, hence most of the water going that way, they”re going to have to build up quite a bit, but there is lots of rock and gravel to use to take care of this, so, they”re not worried. They got a first course of larger barrier stones laid first, and since there”s really not that much water flowing yet, they didn”t even have to get wet in order to do this. In fact, already, with what they”ve done, they”ve already diverted roughly ninety percent of the water to the correct creek now. They all worked for two hours together to get this done, then headed down to the shop to get to work in there. Other than the couple times one of the Diapered Daddies had to weld anything, they stayed in only their diapers, and only then did one of them put anything on, and it was just a leather apron, it”s quite the sight to behold, one any diaper lover would enjoy in fact.

For the next four days, the Baby Boys would take the hike up to the creek fork to continue working, but the first day they went up by themselves, they took wheelbarrows and all sorts of hand gardening type tools with them to help. They got two rows of as large a barrier stones as they could lift into place, then filled the interior of that with much smaller loose gravel, then did another four layers on top of that, of course each layer gets a little longer as they stretch out toward the banks, so that by the time all is said and done, their dam is nearly a metre high and stretching all across the mouth of that particular offshoot, which is roughly four metres. None of them figured that the water would ever get high enough to spill over the top of that, because they”d gone as high as the bank, and it doesn”t appear that the water has ever gotten that high before. If it does, then, oh well, no worries. Their last day, they”d pushed for just over three hours to get it all done, and all their tools are now packed in the wheelbarrows to take back home.

“We done good Babies. I”m tired and sore, but all water is now heading to our pond, so that”s great.” Jammer said.

“Same.” The others all say as one.

Now with more than twice as much water heading to their pond since they”d started, they figure it”s now about a quarter full, so it”s filling up far faster than they”d expected, but that”s perfect. There”s not a lot of water running still this time of the year, but still more than enough they feel.

They take the nice long walk back, all of them pushing a wheelbarrow, though poor little Vinnie had to take only a couple of the smallest tools, since he”s not very big yet, and he”s getting even more tired than the big Baby Boys are, and they”re all wicked tired too.

“You Babies look wiped. You”re also dripping. Go get a super soggy baby bum change, then lay down for a nap, you need and deserve it. Actually, after getting out of your leaky baby diapers, maybe have a bath before bed, you could all stand to have one anyway, and it”ll help.” Taran laughed.

“Okay.” They all say as one, and with nothing else being said, that”s exactly what they go and do. They took two of the tubs, made their baths as hot as they could stand them, and then laid back. Well, they no longer need to go for naps after their baths, because they all passed out in the tubs, and slept for long enough that the water had already started to cool down by the time they woke up. They all laughed when they realized this, then washed up and got out. They all meet in their bedroom together within five minutes of each other, Vinnie and Jammer are already triple disposable baby diapered by the time the other two Baby Brothers make it, and they all laughed at what they”d done.

It”s now very much past lunch time, they”re all nearly famished, and so, they go and make lunch, and lots and lots of tea, but also they slammed back three large glasses of water each, because boy do they need it. When lunch is almost ready, the Diapered Daddies are called, and when they come in, they comment that the Baby Boys look a lot better now. They did laugh, however, when they”re told that though they”d certainly had a nice nap, that they hadn”t done so in bed. The Diapered Daddies had wondered if that might happen, though, so aren”t all that surprised. Funny, none the less, however.

After lunch, they all head back out to the shop to continue working, and do so until dinner time.

“So, Diapered Daddies, when are all the deliveries supposed to start rolling in anyway?” Bear asks as they”re sitting at the table playing a board game tonight.

“Don”t know, haven”t checked my computer in at least three days, to tell you the truth.” Taran shrugged.

“It”s been at least four for me.” Thayden laughed.

“Don”t you think you should. I”m sure the shipping centres don”t wanna be holding onto that much stuff for too long.” Jammer said.

“You might have a point there.”

So, the Diapered Daddies both get up to grab their computers, and then check. Both claim that lots has arrived and are ready to go, so, that”s good.

“What about our new Diapered Daddy and new Baby Brother, have they said when they”re coming yet?” Cub asks.

“Not yet. He said he”s quit his job, but will finish off two weeks, and hasta sell his house, but that”s not likely to take all that long, he”s already pulled his Baby Boy from school and has him set up for home schooling. Shit, that reminds me, we were supposed to have you Baby Boys start that by now. Oh well. We”ll get all that arranged when we”re in town tomorrow picking up all our stuff.” Thayden said, laughing at the last bit, because they were supposed to have done that when they got home from camping.

“Nuts, we”d hoped you”d forget.” Jammer giggled.

“Yeah, right, you love learning.” Thayden said.

“Yeah, I know, was just teasing.” He smiled warmly to his Diapered Daddy.

“I totally forgot to have my Baby Boys start back up again too.” Taran laughed.

“Oh well, not like I”m not already more than a full year ahead anyway.” Bear shrugged and Cub nodded his agreement.

“Still doesn”t mean you can”t continue on and get even further ahead, and graduate early.”

“I know.”

They continued talking, laughing, and having a gay ole time, playing games for the rest of the evening, and when super soggy baby bum change time came, so too do all six of them, the Diapered Daddies in only two each while making long tender gay baby bum, cum and piss love to each other, while the little Baby Boys cum seven times tonight while sucking and three finger fucking. As they do many times, as they remove each others soggy diapers, they”re sucked to extract as much of the sweet pissy goodness that they could get. Once all diapered and ready for sleep, they curl up to their babies and pass out happily.

This morning, as soon as breakfast and soggy baby bum change times are taken care of, they all get dressed. They”re in proper diapers for going out, still nice and thickly diapered, just not so much as they wish they could do, and of course they”re all wearing clothes that help to disguise how thickly diapered their baby bums really are. Since the trailer is still attached to Thayden”s truck, that”s the one that they all hop into and head into town. Not only do they have a lot of shipped in supplies that they”re picking up, but they also have to stop at several different stores to get even more supplies. The shipping centre that all the couriers drop at for this area is their first stop. There are nearly seventy boxes just for them. Some of them are small, yet quite heavy, while others are pretty large and not too heavy. Most of them are medium weight and size. There are a lot of supplies for not only the house, but also the shop and the barn.

Their next stop is the local nursery who”s arranging everything for their apple trees, to see when they”re going to start delivering them all, and they”re told that they”re only waiting on a couple hundred more, and that they”d actually like to start delivering them within the next day or so, so to clear up some space, so, the Diapered Daddies told them to go ahead and start delivering them today if they”d like, and just stuff every truck full, and that they can all help offload them all.

Next they head to the local education centre to set Jammer and Vinnie up for home school, they were given all the things that they need, their user ID”s and passwords, and all that, and it was actually a pretty quick stop.

The tool store is next in line, because several of the items that the Diapered Daddies had ordered have arrived, so, they”re picking them up now, to help get them out of the stores” way, but they also want and need a few more things, so grab all that as well.

The ranch store, and then the hardware store are both stopped at, and lots of supplies are grabbed from both places. The rancher who”s selling them their cows and chickens should be calling any day now to arrange that, and Thayden asks about the milking parlour that he”s got on order, and they say it”s scheduled to arrive tomorrow, but who”s to say if it actually arrives when they say it will. Once it”s there, they say, then they”re going to arrange to bring it out and install it.

Vinnie asked to stop at the fabric store, since it”s close by, and so, they all went in, and when he asked if he could buy the entire roll of the thickest and cutest cloth baby diaper fabric they had, Thayden happily said yes. Then that meant that Vinnie needed the plastic for them as well, because clearly they can tell he wants to make them some more cloth baby diapers, but no one says a thing about it while in the store. They grab lots of supplies for making cloth baby diapers as well, and then head out. As they leave, and he”s asked about it, Vinnie explains that he”s found lots of plans online for making cloth baby diapers and plastic pants, so, he wants to give it a shot, but does ask his daddy to help, since even though he knows how to use the sewing machine, he doesn”t know how to use it well, and is certain that he”s going to need lots of help, which was happily offered.

When they passed by the medical supply store, without stopping, the Baby Boys asked about that with worry in their voices, but the Diapered Daddies assured them that they have lots of gloriously thick thirsty tape on baby diapers in the trailer already, and to not worry their sexy little gay baby bums any about it. They”re all very happy to hear this, because that means they likely got some amazing baby diapers to play with and use to their fullest.

The tractor dealer is next, and they”re told that their harvester is supposed to be in by the end of the week, so they”re going to deliver it as soon as it arrives, which is good, because they”re gonna need it very soon. The tractor that it”ll be attaching to is very nearly done, they only have another day of reconstruction left, so that”s good.

They stop at a few other stores to look for things that they either all want or need, but their last stop of the day, as usual, of course, is the grocery store, where it feels as if they”re gonna need another trailer to haul it all, but they fit it all in easily.

Once more, as soon as they arrive home, before they even think about unloading everything and getting it put away, there”s something of much greater importance to do, and so they strip off all their unnecessary clothing, and in just their nice soggy baby diapers, socks, and shoes, they gaziantep travesti get started. The Diapered Daddies can tell which boxes need to go where, so, each box is put onto different carts, and as soon as a cart”s full, it”s taken to where it needs to go to be put away. The Baby Boys are told, however, that all boxes that are to go into the house are to be left in the living room “til later, and that there”s to be absolutely no peeking, or they get their baby diapers taken away for at least one full day, because some of that stuff are surprises that they all get to open up once they”re done everything else. Clearly with a threat like that hanging over their heads, the Baby Boys clearly didn”t even think of snooping, they didn”t even look at shipping labels, so as to not torture themselves needlessly. The rest of the stuff, however, is opened up and put away right away, so that it gets done, because the Diapered Daddies are smart enough to know it won”t get done otherwise, and not just because of the Baby Boys either. Finally all that work is done, so, they head to the living room where the boxes are stacked, and all with a knife, they start opening up the boxes. Some of this the Baby Boys knew the Diapered Daddies had ordered, and some they”d guessed, but what greets them as they open it all up, has every last one of them stone hard and in desperate need of a really good fucking soggy baby bum change.

All the mega thick disposable baby diapers and equally thick baby diaper doublers are oohed and awed over, they”re gloriously thick, soft, and so very cute and babyish, and none of them can wait until they get to be put into them. The sex toys that the Diapered Daddies had bought for them, though, now that”s got them extra hard. There are plenty of dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, cock rings, and even a pair of double ended vibrating dildos that are sure to stretch the Baby Boys gloriously, but the Diapered Daddies had ordered more for themselves too, and they too got an even larger double ended dildo that even the Baby Boys don”t think they could take, at least yet. Every last one of these toys would nearly kill baby boys their age, normally, yet the Diapered Daddies know that since they all enjoy fist fucking, a lot, that not one of these toys will be too big, in fact, they might not be big enough, yet are still perfect. There are also eight different lubes in the boxes for the Baby Boys to enjoy, most of them are a full litre in size, so, that”s a lot of lube, and boy do the Baby Boys ever want to use it all up in just a few weeks. Of course there”s lots more that they opened up, but the diapers and toys are the only things that they”re currently interested in.

“If you”ll excuse us for a couple hours Diapered Daddies, we needta go have a really good fucking soggy baby bum change, and I fully intend to ask my big Baby Brothers to quadruple baby diaper me in two of these amazing baby diapers and two doublers. I suggest you two go have a really good fucking soggy baby bum change as well.” Vinnie says, after gathering a really large box of goodies to take to their bedroom

“Oh yeah.” Everyone says as one.

Everything”s gathered up, and they all very nearly run to their bedrooms to have a really good fucking soggy baby bum change. As soon as the Baby Boys make it, Vinnie extracts the double ended dildos from the box he”s carrying, and his big Baby Brothers like where his head”s at right now, all knowing exactly what he”s thinking.

“Let”s baby diaper bum fuck Baby Bros.” He giggles sexily.

“This”ll work better if you and Cub are together, and Bear and I are together, that way we”re closer in height.” Jammer said.

“Okay.” All three say as one.

The dildos are unpacked and loaded up with the batteries, and then they work on each others diapers and then baby bums for only a few moments to prepare each other, and then they get into the position that they know that they need, brothers are side by side, baby bums facing the boy they”re about to share a dildo with. The dildos are turned on and then slipped into one pair first, and then the other pair backs themselves up onto them, and they get started.

“Oh, fuck me, this is so fucking amazing.” Vinnie groaned out deeply once his and Cub”s super soggy baby diapered bums are pressed together, connected with a vibrating double ended dildo that should be splitting them clean in half, and/or coming right out their mouths.

“Oh fuck yeah.” All three other gay Baby Boys groan as one.

And as one, they start pulling away from each other until they”re about as far away as they can get without moving their knees now, and then they back up again. What”s funny, is that they”re so close together, that the Baby Brothers are pressed side to side as well, which means, when one Baby Brother reaches over to kiss his Baby Brother deeply, the other pair does so as well, and so they”re kissing and deeply fucking, and it”s utterly amazing.

Their first orgasms slam into them not even a whole minute after starting, yet not once did they stop. They slow right down, however, and go as long and slow as they”re capable of going. They cum again about three minutes later, and once more, they don”t stop, but this time they speed up and fuck short and fast “til their next baby boygasms rip through them. This baby boygasm hits them two minutes later, and they slow right back down again. This time they”re going even slower than the other time, still going as far out as they can, before reversing direction, until their seriously soggy baby diapered bums are pressed together, only this time, they take a few extra seconds as soon as they bottom out, to grind their sexy soggy baby diapered bums together, which is incredible in and of itself. This orgasm takes a whopping ten minutes to explode, but they all enjoy this method so much more than everything else, that this is the rhythm that they keep with, and every ten minutes or so after that, they cum again, and manage to have a grand total of ten amazing gay baby boygasms, nearly wiping them all out completely, yet, miraculously, they”re all still awake.

“Fuck me, that was definitely the very best one yet.” Cub groaned as they”re all laying on their backs now after disengaging and turning over.

“For sure.” They all say together.

“I don”t know about you Baby Boys, but I want one of those amazing butt plugs, and then the quadruple baby diaper my beautiful Baby Brother asked for.” Jammer says.

“Me too.” They say together once more.

“And I haveta go peepee now, and I”m hoping you three do too, because even though I wanna peepee my mega thick baby diaper good and proper as soon as possible, I really need a drink from a special baby bottle first.” Cub says.

“Me too.” They all say, and so, as soon as they”re able to, they remove someone else”s diaper, suck as much from it as they can, and then latch onto their Baby Brothers soft little baby dinkies and wait for their drinks. They don”t have to wait long either, because that pair needs to go pretty bad by now, and feed their Baby Brothers one of their largest loads of sweet gay baby boy pee yet. They then trade places, suck diapers and then dinkies, and get as much to drink as they possibly can, and now, they”re satisfied and ready to be properly and very thickly baby diapered.

Now that they”re well worn from amazing sex, and they”ve all had the wondrous drinks from their special baby bottles that they need, they gladly plug and diaper each other how they desperately deserve. They already have clear packing tape in their bedroom anyway, and it”s used once more, only this time on the thickest and most beautiful baby diapers they”ve ever gotten to wear. Since these come from a diaper lovers website, they”re technically too big for the little Baby Boys, but with quadruple diapering and taping them on extra well like they are, even little Vinnie has no fear of his baby diaper slipping off any time soon.

“Wow, best fucking baby diapering ever.” Cub says serenely once they”re all done and properly taped up.

“Mmmhmm.” The others say as one again.

“Let”s go get lotsa tea and water, and definitely lunch, I”m so fucking hungry right now I could eat an entire herd of cows.” Vinnie giggled.

“Same.” The others giggle as well.

The Diapered Daddies are already in the kitchen, the tea is already done, and lunch is nearly ready.

“Wow, took you Baby Boys long enough, we”ve been out for almost half an hour already, and we had to have gone for easily an hour and a half or longer.” Taran laughed.

“What can we say, we just had a really really good fucking soggy baby bum change. I lost count at eight baby boygasms.” Bear said.

“I”m pretty sure we came ten times though.” Jammer said.

“And it was so fucking amazing. Every possible emphasis on fucking. Those double ended dildos are definitely my new favourite toy ever.” Vinnie sighed deeply.

“Same.” The other Baby Boys say together.

“Then of course we all needed to change each other and get a drink from our special baby bottles, as well a little pissy diaper goodness, so, yeah, really good fucking soggy baby bum change.” Jammer says happily

“That”s great Babies. Yeah, we really enjoyed ours as well. Neither of us had had one before, so, it was really fucking nice, that”s for sure.” Thayden smiles brightly.

“For sure, and then we too needed our special baby bottles, and of course we loveta suck as much from each others soggy baby diapers as we”re able to, as often as we”re able to as well, so, we certainly enjoyed that as well.” Taran says happily.

“Awesome. Hope you”re making lots to eat, we”re all starving, like to death even.” Vinnie giggles.

“I”ll just bet you are, “cause we”re hungry, and you Baby Boys went longer than even we did.” Taran laughed.

Not soon enough, but they finally sit down to eat, and eat every crumb. After cleaning up, they head back out to the shop to get more done on their tractor, and by dinner time, they”re done. This is perfect, because the apples are starting to fall now, which means they”re ready, and as soon as their new harvester arrives, they can get started. Granted, they already have one, so, they can already, but they still have a day or two before they have to worry about it.

Over the next few days, they were busy receiving everything, because it all seemed to happen all at once, as things tend to. The harvester, all the wine making supplies, the animals, all the trees, and all the rest of the tools and supplies that they”d needed for the shop. Even the milking parlour had been delivered and installed, the cows were even trained how to use it, and so, now they”re milking themselves. The chickens are already accustomed to their home and are laying lots of eggs. It was an almost insanely busy few days, but they got through it very well, and all of them together. Since the harvester had arrived first thing the next morning, they got it hooked up, and then with both the Diapered Daddies driving tractors, and the boys running supplies and vibrating trees to cause more apples to fall, each morning for two hours they”d collect as many apples as they can. It then takes another hour to properly crate all the apples from each day, and then they”re stored in the barn. There”s still a few crates left from the previous years batch, but not much. Thayden can”t wait to get started, he just hopes that with all the research that he”s been doing, that he won”t screw up. In the evenings, Thayden was teaching Vinnie, but all the other Baby Boys as well, how to sew the diapers using the machine, so Vinnie”s been making about one to two diapers per night, and is having fun.

It took them almost a full week to get all the apples that they”re gonna get, and now the storage area looks nice and full again, though there”s still lots of space, because they can easily stack almost three times as high as they have, if they had to.

“Well Babies, we got lotsa work done in collecting all the apples, but now I wanna start processing a whole bunch to get a batch of wine on the go, so, I”d like your help for the next couple days or so please.” Thayden asked as they”re sitting down to eat breakfast.

They”d all already had an amazing super soggy baby bum change, including sucking as much from their very well used super soggy baby diapers as they could, but none of them had needed to peepee, so they didn”t get their special baby bottles, and they”re all quadruple baby diapered in the brand new mega thick cloth baby diapers that Vinnie had made. Already each diaper is nearly a double thick diaper, and he”d done all the new doublers like he”d done the others, so they”re already mega thick, but with three of them in their already thick baby diapers, it”s making for an incredibly thick baby diaper. The only problem, though, is that once saturated, they may not be able to stay on any of their slim hips.

“Okay.” They all said.

“We also needta start preparing the land for where the new trees are to be planted, we needta get them in the ground before too long.” Taran said.

“Okay, what needsta be done do you figure?” Thayden asks.

“I wanna level it all off, and make it as flat and even as possible, just like the rest of the orchard, so that it”s easier with the tractors. I figure a lot of the rock from the pond excavation can be used to build up the few areas that need it will be used, and I think I”ll call the gravel pit and have them bring out twenty to thirty truck loads of topsoil. That should just about do it I figure.”

“Okay Baby, gaziantep masaj salonları sounds good.”

“Totally.” The Baby Boys say together more or less.

So, as soon as they”re finished eating and cleaning up from breakfast, they go to the area that”s been set up for wine making, it”s a nice big clean room in the barn, that Taran honestly has no idea what it was even intended for, but is perfect for them. It”s fully sealed and the walls were done in easily cleanable and sanitizable wall panels, there are floor drains, lots of power outlets, stainless steel work stations, hot and cold water, and a nice large door to outside. Thayden says it looks like it”d been set up as a butcher shop, but Taran shrugs and says that no one that he knows of was a butcher, but agrees that it would make sense with how it”s set up.

The apple grinder is set up and cleaned first to be ready, then a crate of apples is brought in, and they all start feeding apples into it, and it”s fast, because as fast as all six of them can feed the apples into it, it”s grinding them up and dumping them into another large plastic storage bin. Once that bin”s full, it”s then poured into the press, to press all the juice out, and of course a lot of raw juice already starts spilling out, but once the press is activated, it squeezes the last of it out. By the time it”s done, the next batch that they”d been grinding is ready, so it”s added into the press, and another container put in place. The now pressed juice goes into the filter next, and the now clean and fresh raw juice is tasted and deemed perfect by all. As the juice is filtered, it”s poured right into the stainless steel fermenting drums. Thayden had bought two ten thousand litre fermenting drums, and by the end of the second day, they”re both full.

Taran had called the morning before, as soon as he”d thought they”d be open, and ordered just a full thirty truck loads of their best gardeners mix soil, figuring that any extra could still be well used in other areas, since there are a lot of areas around the property that are nowhere near flat, and/or are just too rocky to do anything with anyway, so it can be very well used. By the end of the next day as well, all thirty truck loads were delivered.

“Wow, didn”t think we”d actually get that much done in just two days, but it was super easy to do.” Thayden said.

“Yeah. What are we gonna do with all the apple pulp, though?” Taran asks, because so far it”s all just stored in two of their large plastic storage containers.

“The cows and chickens would likely all enjoy it, and it”s good fibre for them, so, feed it to them.”

“Good thinking Baby. We”ll just needta store it in the apple storage area to keep it from spoiling, but that”s easy.”

“Thanks. Now I just haveta add the rest of the ingredients to all this, mix it all up, and then about forty five days later, with periodic checking and other steps, we”re gonna have something like twenty thousand litres of wine.”

“That should last us a month or two.” Vinnie giggles.

“Nah, at least three silly.” Jammer smacks him playfully.

“If the six of us can drink twenty thousand litres of wine in only three months, I think we might just have a wee bit of a drinking problem.” Thayden couldn”t help but to laugh.

“No shit.” Taran snorted.

“Now I needta get all the bottles on order, and I wanna find a local printing place to design and print us a shit load of labels. Problem is, what the fuck do we call it.” Thayden said.

“Not a clue.” Taran shrugged.

“Baby Boy Apple Wine.” Vinnie giggled, as he looked pointedly at all their nice thick baby diapers, though not as thick as they”d worn the day before, and had lasted until this mornings seriously soggy baby bum change, but they”d all leaked heavily, and none of their diapers stayed on them when they stood up either, they just slipped right off. They had all tasted divine, however, when they”d all sucked as much from them as they could, which was a lot, damn near as much as when they slam back a couple glasses of water, only way better. And since they”d needed to, after getting their bedding in the wash, they all went and had a family bath in their hot tub.

“Mmmm, gonna haveta go with a no on that one. I mean, as a Baby Boy diaper lover myself, that”s totally what I”d drink, but we want it to sell, and we also don”t necessarily wanna advertise to everyone who and what we really are. Remember, what we enjoy is frowned upon by way too many, and what you Baby Boys share is actually border line illegal, if not considered fully so, and we”d likely be tarred and feathered instantly for even allowing it. Not to mention the fact that they”d likely claim we”re fucking you as well, and no one escapes that. No, we sadly need another name.” Thayden said.

“Yeah, true.” Vinnie admitted sadly.

“How about Apple of My Eye Wine.” Cub suggested.

“Ooh, I like that.” Thayden said.

“Thanks. Hopefully no one else”s done it already.”

“We”re gonna needta get a license to sell it too, aren”t we?” Taran asks.

“More than likely, maybe I should be finding out about that before too long as well. So, maybe tomorrow we go into town, take care of the few things we needta buy again, find a print place, and ask at the local government office. I imagine that with the shocking amount of wineries in the area, that they”d be able to tell us where to go to get that done.”

“Sounds good Baby.”

“Then, as soon as we get home, we should get started on the orchard expansion. That”s gonna take a few days.”

“Also sounds good Baby.”

“I don”t know if we”re even gonna be able to help, I think everything hasta be done with tractors, so, what should we do?” Bear asks.

“Um, your school work, I got my Baby Boys all set up, yet we never got all you Baby Boys started. You needta do that every morning from now on, what”d your Baby Boys do every day Taran?”

“Generally four hours.”

“Then that”s what you Baby Boys do, and then after that, whatever you want, I suppose.”

“Okay, but if you guys are working, then we should be as well. We”re all in this together, like you said. We may all be Babies for life, but we”re all Men too, so, we all work during the day, and rest in the evening, all together, all doing everything together.” Jammer said.

“Then how about the house work, I doubt we”ve actually done an actual cleaning in way too long, we just clean up as we go, but that means nothing gets a full cleaning, and it could probably stand to be done.” Taran said.

“Okay.” The Baby Boys all say as one.

The next morning, they headed into town as arranged, as soon as they felt everyone would be open, and got everything taken care of. First they headed to the government office, and asked someone there if they know where they need to go to get set up to become a winery, and she told them that they do that a lot here, and told them what office to go to. It was actually pretty quick and easy to get set up for that as well, though it wasn”t cheap, but now they”re allowed to sell to whomever they want, because the license that they bought allows them to sell as either retail or wholesale. Even though they don”t necessarily want people coming to their home, they do want the option of having people come and buy direct from them.

Their next stop is a local printing store that Taran knows of that does good work. They all went in and talked to the owner, telling him what it is that they want, wine bottle labels, business letterhead, truck decals, business cards, and a couple other things. They hashed a lot of stuff out, and he said he”d email them a proof of what he”s come up with as soon as he gets it done. He says that he does the labels for six other wineries, so he”s very comfortable in doing what they need done. He even told them what machine to buy for applying the type of labels that he does, and Thayden happily wrote it down, vowing to do just that.

They make only a couple more quick stops in town before heading back home. As soon as they arrive, they strip down to just their soggy baby diapers, and then go get started on what they need to do. Jammer and Vinnie were told to ask Bear Cub if they need help, since they”ve been doing home schooling for a while now, so they”ll know what to do and when. The Diapered Daddies went and got the two tractors changed over to do what they need to do, and went and got to work. By the time the Baby Boys finished their school work for the day, the Diapered Daddies have all the retaining wall stone placed, but they”d also put a lot of gravel in as well, to help shore up a few areas. The Baby Boys had made lunch when they were done, so brought it all out to the orchard where the Diapered Daddies are working, and they all sit down to eat.

“Wow, you”ve got lots done already Diapered Daddies?” Bear said.

“Yeah, but moving all the soil and getting that compacted down will take a lot longer.” Taran said.

“And then planting all those trees is gonna take a long time too.” Thayden added.

“Oh well, we have lotsa time, and we can help with that.” Jammer said.

“Yep.” The other Baby Boys say as one.

“Thanks Babies.” The Diapered Daddies say together.

As soon as lunch was done, the Baby Boys gather everything up and head into the house to clean up, while the Diapered Daddies get back to work. All the soil was dumped as close to the area that it”s needed as they could get, but still they have a lot of material to move. The Baby Boys cleaned up the house, then the barn, and got started on dinner as well, and by the time that dinner was made, the Diapered Daddies had only gotten at best a quarter of the soil in. They joined the Baby Boys, complementing them on the amazing dinner, and they all enjoyed.

The next few days went the same, they”d all have amazing soggy baby bum changes, pretty near every time enjoying the soggy diapers that they remove from each other, as only the pissy diaper lovers they are can, then get to work. After the Baby Boys finish their school work for the day, while the Diapered Daddies continued soil placement, all six of them go to the shop together to continue working on the tractors that they”re rebuilding. The Diapered Daddies felt that they really do needta get them done, so, split the days in half, that way the Baby Boys can more easily join them, since they”re all having fun and learning as well. Many times Thayden would have to completely remake a new part, and all four Baby Boys would gather round as he taught them all how exactly to do what it is that he”s doing, and even had them try as well. Oh, sure, they wreck a few things here and there that way, but no big loss, they just grab more steel and try again, and the wrecked piece gets thrown back to be remade into something smaller.

The printer had emailed Thayden with a few proofs of his ideas, and they all really liked them all, but, in the end they all voted on one in particular that they liked most of all, and so, Thayden put in an order for fifty thousand of the labels to start, as well the other things that they”d ordered. That”s the same amount of bottles that he”d bought, so, that should give them two full batches of wine, plus a little he hopes. The printer had told Thayden that once the order is approved, since he”d already paid the deposit, that he”d have everything ready in just a few days to a week, and said he”d email when ready.

By the time four days has passed since they started the orchard expansion, all the soil”s now in place and compacted down. Now the Diapered Daddies are going to start planting all the trees while the Baby Boys do their school work in the mornings, but they feel that this is going to take them a full week or more.

It was during this time, too, that the newest Diapered Daddy and Baby Boy had emailed Thayden and let him know that they”re gonna be coming to their new home within the next few days. Of course he told Taran, but they never told the Baby Boys, so that it”ll be a nice surprise. They”re all in the shop doing the final touches on the tractor that they”d been working on, when they heard a truck pulling in. At first the Baby Boys were scared that someone was about to see them that wasn”t supposed to, but the Diapered Daddies smiled to them and told them to come on out.

When they exit the shop, they find the Baby Boy that”d harassed Vinnie in the store that day is just getting out of their truck, and he”s wearing nothing more than a super soggy baby diaper, socks, and shoes, same as they”re all wearing. Then his Diapered Daddy walks around from the other side, and he to is in only a super soggy baby diaper. Clearly they”d stopped once they were safe to do so, and stripped down, so that they can meet their new family the way they”re meant to live from now on, that”s to mean properly diapered.

“Welcome Babies!” Thayden said happily.

“Wow, you”re fucking hot in just a super soggy baby diaper. Wanna go fuck and get to know each other better.” Vinnie groaned, looking right at his new big Baby Brother.

The new Baby Boy looked at Vinnie, then the Diapered Daddies in shock at tiny little Vinnie swearing so openly in front of his Diapered Daddies like that.

“We don”t care about language here.” Thayden grinned to the sexy little Baby Boy, then turned to Vinnie. “As for you, you horny little brat, at least meet the little cutie pie first before offering him your hot little ass.”

“Fine.” He sighed gaziantep escort bayan animatedly. “I”m Vinnie, wanna fuck?”

“See, was that so hard, remember your manners.” Thayden laughed.

“Oh god yeah, it”s so fucking hard right now, it feels like it”s gonna snap off.” He giggled, cupping his hot little diapered dinky.

“I bet.” Then he turned to their newest family. “So, I”m Thayden, this is my Baby Boyfriend Taran. These are my sons Jamie, who goes by Jammer or Jam, and Vincent, who goes by Vinnie. Then these are Taran”s Baby Boys Barry, who goes by Bear, and Jacob, who goes by Cub, and so, naturally, they”re usually called Bear Cub together.”

“It”s really good to meet you all. I”m Brandon, and this is my son Joseph, he”s almost seven, but he goes by Seph most often.”

Brandon is just a little taller than Taran and Thayden, has dark brown, nicely styled hair, deep brown eyes, bold nose, and tall and skinny, yet muscular as well. Seph is a spitting image of his Diapered Daddy, only he has a smaller more dainty nose, and slightly lighter coloured eyes and hair. He”s damn near as tall as Cub, so he too is tall like his Diapered Daddy, and he looks delicious in his soggy baby diaper.

“It”s good to meet you all as well.” Seph said softly.

All can tell that Seph”s super horny for his new Baby Brothers as well, though he”s definitely shy, and nervous about what he so clearly wants, and more than likely needs desperately as well. He hasn”t been playing long, not even a whole six months, but he”d started playing with his cute little baby bum hole and diapered dinky, and now can”t get enough. Ever since his Diapered Daddy found out about him, and then told him that he”s the same, they”ve gone around in their diapers ever since, and Brandon encouraged Seph to tell him everything, and he too told Seph everything, and told him everything he needs to know to be who and what he is. Brandon even told Seph how he came to be, that he”d known since he was six that he”s a gay Baby Boy diaper lover too, and would never have sex with a female, but that he wanted at least one child, so he and a lesbian diaper lover friend made a pact, he”d keep the boys, she”d keep the girls, he”d cum in a cup, and she”d impregnate herself, she ended up with two daughters, he ended up with one son, before something went wrong, and she was told that any more kids would kill her, so, they both agreed that they better not.

As they stood around talking, this story also got told, as did all the others, so that they all know each other better. They”re all getting very soggy though, and they do truly need to go have a really good fucking soggy baby bum change. As per usual, it was Vinnie who called it out.

“Well, I think we all know each other more than enough now, so, finally, I need a really good fucking soggy baby bum change. Let”s go fuck Baby Bro”s”

“Okay.” They all say as one, the Diapered Daddies laugh, but admit that this sounds like a very good fucking idea as well, and so, they too head to their bedroom to get even better acquainted.

“So, have you ever been fucked before Seph?” Vinnie asks as they make it to their bedroom.

“No, but I”ve wanted it, for a long time, and I”ve been practising lately, a whole lot.”

“I bet. How much can you slip inside your hot little gay baby bum now?”

“Four fingers.”

“Good, so it won”t take long before you can take as much as we do, we liketa fist fuck each other good and full.”

“Really. I”ve read about it, even watched a few videos of men fist fucking each other or themselves, but I just can”t yet. Already four fingers hurts lots if I go too fast.”

“Oh yeah, and yeah, it hurts, and feels so fucking good all at the same time. So, wanna get fucked by all four of us?”

“Oh, yes please.”

“Good, get up on your hands and knees Baby Bro, let us fuck you silly. Are you against having us piss in your mouth or ass?”

“Oh god no, I love piss, I love peeing in my own mouth, or a glass and then drinking it, but sucking it out of my super soggy baby diaper”s my favourite way of drinking my baby peepee. Of course, getting to suck it out of another boys hot diapered dinky”s been my biggest fantasy, and will hopefully become my new favourite way to get my favourite drink.” He groaned deeply, but very nearly threw himself up onto the bed in prime position to be pounded properly by two at once, up on his hands and knees.

“Good. We”re gonna fuck you from both ends, and we”re gonna keep rotating “til we can”t fuck you any more.” Vinnie says happily, and goes and pulls down the back of Seph”s diaper enough to expose his sexy little baby bum hole, then does something that Seph has dreamed of for quite a while, and buries his tongue inside him to open him up for the fun times ahead.

As soon as Vinnie pulls away from eating his newest big Baby Brothers ass good and proper, getting him very much ready for the fun times ahead, Jammer pulls down the front of Vinnie”s soggy baby diaper, and lubes up his hot little gay baby diapered dinky, to take his new big Baby Brothers virginity.

“Oh my god.” Seph moaned out deeply as Vinnie slips all in, and grinds his hips sexily.

Of course, Seph can say no more, because Cub, who”s urged up to Seph”s mouth first, slips in and starts giving Seph pointers on how to suck baby bone properly.

Not so surprisingly, but their first round lasted barely a minute, and so, the two big Baby Brothers slip in, while the two little Baby Brothers rotate ends and wait their next turns. Vinnie of course grabs a wipe to clean off any mess on his cute little hot hard diapered dinky, so that Seph doesn”t taste any baby bum juices or lube, neither of which he likes himself, so doubts that Seph would either. Bear and Jammer came barely a minute later too, and then traded places and waited their turns once again.

And so, like this, for a little better than an hour and a half, the four Baby Boys fuck and fill their newest Baby Brother. Half their piss is deposited in his hot little baby bum, the other half in his mouth, and while he definitely loves both, having a gloriously sloppy little baby bum makes him so much happier. As soon as the Baby Boys are all satisfied and soft, Vinnie flips Seph onto his back, latches on to his little baby diapered dinky, he”s not even hard any more either from cumming so many times, but he has a really good idea of what Vinnie”s wanting, and so, gives it to him. He doesn”t have much to offer, but all that he has, he gives to Vinnie, who doesn”t even swallow.

As soon as Seph stops peeing and sighs deeply, Vinnie pulls off, making sure not to lose any whatsoever, and then goes and kisses each of his big Baby Brothers for just a second, giving them roughly a quarter of what he has stored, and they all enjoy their new Baby Brothers flavour in this most unique and naughty way.

“Oh……. My…….. God….. That was so much better than I thought it was gonna be.” Seph sighed deeply.

“Know how you feel, and you haven”t even felt everything we have to teach you yet.” Bear smiles warmly.

“I can”t wait.”

“Now, let”s get properly baby diapered Baby Bros.” Vinnie says.

“What are you thinking Baby Bro?” Jammer asks as he hops off the bed to go to their closet to gather the supplies.

“Quadruple disposable please.”

“You got it Baby, five ultra mega thick baby diapers coming up.”

A few minutes later, Jammer was back with all the supplies that all five of them are needing and wanting. Seph was diapered first, and then he”s encouraged to change all four of his new Baby Brothers. Finally they”re all taped up how they need, to hold their diapers on properly, then they head to the kitchen, where they all desperately need lots to drink, and even to eat.

The Diapered Daddies had went and done much the same thing, the new Baby Boyfriend was on his hands and knees taking a welcome home fuck from his two new Baby Boyfriends at the same time, and they too kept rotating until they”re well and properly fucked out, then, because Brandon had not been allowed to cum, he was flipped over and sucked “til he couldn”t cum any more, and fed his new Baby Boyfriends as much cum and piss as he could. They too quadruple baby diapered, and headed to the kitchen, only they”d taken just barely an hour, so, they arrived well before the little Baby Boys had, and so, have lunch and drinks all ready for all.

“Oh, thanks Diapered Daddies, food and lotsta drink, fuck do we need it.” Cub said in greeting as they make it to the kitchen.

“Good. So did we. As per usual, you Baby Boys lasted longer than we did, though.” Taran says.

“Yeah, but there”s more of us, so naturally we take longer because of that, but we”re also young enough to cum six to ten times, whereas you said that you big Baby Boys might only be able to go for four or five at most usually.”

“Six today, but yeah.”

“Good. We just gave Seph a really nice welcome home fuck, we rotated ends while he was up on his hands and knees taking it happily from the rest of us, it was pretty awesome. He had a nice sweet virgin gay baby bum, and I gotta be his first, and his piss tastes amazing too.” Vinnie said happily.

“Our new Baby Boy got the same welcome.” Thayden smiled.

“Good. Now, about that food and drink.” Bear grins, and grabs his first glass of water, and the Baby Boys downed three large glasses each, before switching to the first of their two mugs of tea.

They ate all their food, plus a little more, because they”re all still hungry, and had downed one mug of tea while doing so, and are now working on their second mugs. They have yet to leave the table though, and are just talking, getting to know each other better.

“So, what”d you do for a living Brandon?” Bear asks, the Diapered Daddies had already known this, but the little Baby Boys had never asked.

“I”m an electrical engineer, so, that means, people come to me with whatever electrical issues they”re facing, and I solve their problems and design systems to do what they wanna do.”

“Cool. So, you can help rebuild tractors too, then, because Daddy has always had a bitch of a time figuring all that out on his own, and then maybe do other cool things too. I bet you could also design an awesome power system for here that”d help with that too.”

“Yeah, we”ve already figured all that out. I still plan to work, because, honestly, most of my stuff is done via computer anyway, I design systems for space craft, car manufacturers, electronics companies, you name it, I can design it, and I”ve done nearly everything.”

“That”s really fucking cool.” Cub said.

“Thanks, I think so.” He grinned, he too loves hearing little baby boys talk naughty.

“Daddy, am I allowed to say the naughty words as well?” Seph asked.

“Hell yeah, I love hearing hot little gay Baby Boys talk dirty. So, using the naughty words, what”d your new Baby Brothers do to you?”

“Oh, Daddy, they diaper fucked my gay baby bum, they had their dry baby boygasms inside my little gay baby bum, they pissed in me, and pissed fucked me real good. They even fucked my mouth and had their dry baby boygasms inside my little gay baby mouth, they pissed in me, and made me drink it all down, it was such an amazingly glorious torture, I just hope they do so to me lots and lots and lots and lots from now on. Then Vinnie sucked my little gay baby diapered dinky, but because I”d cum too many times already, I was soft, and I just knew he wanted my sweet gay baby boy piss as well, so, I fed it to him, and then he shared it with the rest of my new Baby Brothers in super sexy pissy kissies. It was so fucking hot.”

“That”s a good gay Baby Boy. Never be afraid to swear around me, like I said, I love hearing hot little gay Baby Boys talk dirty. Of course, you ever tell me to fuck off, and you and me are gonna haveta have words, but I think you already know what I”d do to punish you, don”t you?”

“You”d take away my baby diapers for a time, wouldn”t you?”

“You bet your sexy soggy little gay baby bum I would, the amount of time depends upon the crime committed.”

“I”ll definitely never tell you to fuck off then.” He said in all honesty.

“With a threat like that, I wouldn”t either.” Cub giggles cutely.

“Good, because that”d be my punishment of choice as well.” Taran says.

“Same.” Thayden adds.

“Thought so.” All the boys say together.

They continued to sit and talk for only a few more minutes, before they decided that they really should go get back to work, and so, all eight of them head out to the shop in nothing more than socks, shoes, and mega thick baby diapers. Just the way they all want it to be from now on.

They had a good day out in the shop, and then came in for dinner. After dinner, they played board games until bed time. Even though their diapers weren”t quite full yet, they”re getting close enough that they know they have to change or risk peeing the beds all night long, they all removed them, then sucked them as dry as they could before continuing, so that their newest Baby Boyfriends could be the ones to fuck this time, and in both bedrooms, said new Baby Boyfriend got to fuck and fill, rotating between all the very willing gay baby bum holes, until they”re very well satisfied. Then, because all the rest need to pee, and for the Diapered Daddies, cum as well, they feed their new Baby Boyfriend all that they can, until they”re all empty, and he”s very full. This time, when they quadruple baby diaper each other, it”s into their gloriously thick cloth baby diapers. Every last one of them hit the kitchen before bed and get as much water to drink as they can possibly stomach, then finally head to bed, to curl up and get some well deserved and much needed sleep.

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