Virgin Taken By Surprise

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Virgin Taken By SurpriseWhen my Mom is at work and I’m not at school, I like to go to gay chat rooms on the internet and get men worked up. I am 18 years old and a Senior at High School. I guess I’m kind of a tease. I never intend to hook up with any of them, but enjoy the thought of getting someone jerking off and cumming at the other end of the chat. I have never had sex yet, not even with a girl. Don’t get me wrong. I’m also jerking myself off. It’s all just for fun. Everyone gets off, and I’m not hurting anyone. No one gets hurt, right? I’ve always thought that the fantasy is always better than the reality anyway.With that being said, I went into a gay chat room one day while Mom was away and noticed someone with the screen name “Bare_Bear”. I thought it was clever so I went in as “Meet_Meat” and privately said, “Hello”, to him. He responded immediately. We proceeded to chat with me telling him how much I wanted his cock in my mouth and in my ass. He loved it. Then he finally told me where he’s from, which shockingly was the same town I was in, so I lied to him and told him I was from another state. I brought the conversation down and politely blew him off, then logged on with another screen name to chat with someone else.Here I was with my pants down around my ankles, jerking off while chatting with some guy, and about ready to cum, when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly shut down the browser and pulled my pants up, when I heard another knock. “Just a minute!”, I yelled as I buttoned up my pants.I opened the door and see a man I’ve seen around town before with his wife, but never got to know him. He was older, hairy, with a goatee and a bit of a pot belly. He told me, “I’m with your ISP, and here to check on your internet service.” I couldn’t believe it! This guy shows up from out of nowhere to check on my internet service! “It’s working just fine”, I told him, ready to go back to chatting.Then he said, “I’m not really here to check your service. I’m here to meet meat.” He must have seen my face turn pale, but I tried to play dumb anyway and said, “What are you talking about?”“Look, I work with your ISP and tracked your IP address and I know that you’re ‘Meet_Meat’”, then he held up a wad a papers and said, “I’m ‘Bare_Bear’ and I have the transcript of our chat, as well as the proof of your IP address that you were chatting with me. If you don’t let me in, I’ll show sahabet güvenilirmi your parents what you do when they are away.”I was dumbfounded, like a deer caught in the headlights, and took a minute before I let him in. “What do you want?”, I asked.“I want you to do what you said you would do in our chat”, he said.“Look, I’m not gay and I am really a virgin. I don’t want to get fucked.”, I told him. “It’s all just role play. It’s just harmless fun and I don’t really get into that.”“Did you jerk off while we chatted?”, he quickly asked.There was no point in lying to this guy anymore. “I might have been”, I said.“Then you’re gay if you wanna believe it or not”, he said.“Let’s just forget this ever happened, okay?…” I started to say, when he interrupted me with, “You got my cock fucking hard, so now you need to take care of it, or I will tell your parents everything.”Dammit! What did I get myself into? I didn’t know that this could happen. “So what do you want?”, I asked, as he started to undo his pants, and pull out his hard cock. I didn’t object, as I watched him do it. It was a good eight inches, and thick, and cut. “I’m not gay”, I demanded, trying to convince him, or maybe myself.“Get on your knees, or I will tell the parents!”, he ordered.I did what I was I was told. Then he pushed his hard cock into my face. I winced and turned away. He reached to the back of my head and said, “Suck it, Bitch! Your all mine now. I own you.” I then opened my mouth and let him shove it in. It was hard with a soft fleshy surrounding. It felt good, I think, but I’m not gay.I sucked on the head of his cock as I I’ve described I would in my many chats, as well as how my wife sucks my own cock. I actually started to wonder at how deep I could take it. I tried to explore that thought and bobbed my my head further and further onto his cock, when he said, “Suck my balls!”He pulled his cock out and held it up and pushed his balls onto my face. I stuck my tongue out and licked his hairy balls and then took one of them into my mouth and gently sucked. “Suck my hairy balls,” he said as I take the other one into my mouth.He then pulled it out and shoved his cock back in, holding my head as he pushed it deep down my throat. I tried to open it up for him, but I started gagging and choking, as I felt the head of his dick penetrate my throat. He pulled out, giving me a chance to sahabet yeni giriş catch my breath.“You like that. Don’t you, Bitch?” he said.“Let’s just get this over with”, I responded.With that, he grabbed my ears and started fucking my face. I tried to hold my jaw open for him as he violated my mouth. Then I tasted and felt a goo in my mouth. It was his pre-cum. He told me not to swallow it, or to swallow at all. I did as I was told. My mouth was watering as he pumped his meat into it. His pre-cum and my drool were dripping down his shaft and onto his balls.Then he suddenly stopped, and pulled his cock out. “Strip”, he ordered.I said, “What?”“Take your fucking clothes off!”, he commanded.“Just get off with my mouth and get the hell out of here!”, I shouted.Then he held up that wad of papers. “I can print this off of my computer at any time and show your parents!”I reluctantly did as I was told. The last thing to come off was my underwear, which revealed my hard raging seven inch cock. “Looks like you do like it,” he said with a smile, as he obviously noticed it.“Just get this over with”, I said. I thought all I would have to do is suck him off.Then he said, “Get on the couch, on your stomach.”I did as I was told again. Then he grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the end of the couch, lifting my ass up onto the armrest. He knelt down between my legs. I knew he was gonna fuck me, as I felt my ass cheeks being spread open, and then his tongue flicking against my ass hole. I’ve never been touched there before, let alone with a wet tongue. It actually sent tingles through my body. Then he reached in and penetrated my ass with his rigid tongue. I moaned, but I didn’t mean to.“You like that, don’t you?”, he asked.I said nothing, but my cock was still raging hard. There was no denying it. Then he stood up and held my legs apart by the ankles, rubbing his slimy cock against my ass crack. More precum oozed out of his dick. I didn’t know a guy could precum so much. His dick came with its own lube.“You want it, don’t you?” he said, as he greased up my asshole. with his fingers. I then noticed he had a bottle in his hand and knew it was some kink of slippery stuff that he was putting on his fingers and then in my ass.“Just fucking get it over with, Bastard!”, I said, staying in my part as a straight guy.He let go of my left leg so he could guide his cock into my asshole. sahabet giriş I braced myself. Being the horn dog that he is, I expected him to just shove it all in, but amazingly, he was gentle. He popped the head of his cock in, and then out. Then he put his slimy dick back in, and pushed gently. He started pressing it into me, more deeper with each gentle thrust. Just when it felt like he had it all in, he kept pushing it in even more deeper. My ass grew more and more used to the intrusion. Then I finally felt his balls against my ass and knew he was all the way in.That’s when he started fucking me faster and faster, and said, “Oh, your ass is tight and all mine now.” I didn’t say anything as he pounded me with his hard thick cock. “Wouldn’t it be funny if your parents walked in on us and saw me reaming your ass out with my cock?”, he remarked, but I just started groaning and taking it all in. “I can see you like it,” he said and there was no denying it, as he pushed me flat on my stomach on the couch and laid prone on my back, pinning me to the cushions. I could hardly breath with his weight on me and got scared. I tried to get up, but he pushed me back down and began to squeeze me with his legs and arms. I was pinned and he knew it.“Let’s see how much you can take,” he commented as he kept fucking me. At this point, there was no point in resisting him. The touch of his lips on my ear made me twinge and it didn’t take long before I came hard. The four or five shots left a slimy wetness on my stomach and belly button.“It didn’t take you long to cum. You really do like it,” he said, and that apparently did it for him, as he thrusted the full length of his cock deep into my gut and held it there. Then I felt a gooey warmth explode inside of me. He held me there and grunted with each pulsating shot of his jizz pumped into me for what seemed like a good ten minutes. Finally he went limp and my cream filled ass pushed it out with a flood of cum. He watched it all pour out of me and said, “You might wanna clean that up before your parents get home.”While I was catching my breath, he picked up my shirt and cleaned himself up, then put on his pants and said, “I’ll be back when your parents are working again and you’re not at school, and I might even bring a friend,” and then left.There I was left with a puddle of cum on my sofa, and the last of his cum dripping out of my ass.The next day I was shopping with my Mom and saw him at the store with his wife. I felt a twinge in my groin at the sight of him. When no one was looking, I smiled at him. I have to admit, I couldn’t wait for him to cum back. Okay, maybe the reality can be as good as the fantasy.

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