Visit to France Pt. 02 – ‘La Merde’

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Visit to France – Part 2

Follows on from ‘Visit to France – Part 1’

Waking Up

Pam, Anne and Laura needed to wake early. They had a booking in La Merde, which is the Scat room at La Liberté, a libertine/naturist/swinger resort in France near Lyon. The booking was at 9 am for a couple of hours and they wanted to have a good breakfast beforehand and a good gastro-colic response. The thing about scat play is that it isn’t entirely predictable but there are things that can be done, like eating a good meal, to help things along

Pam and Anne had slept together in the double room and Laura was in the room with twin beds. Laura was up first and knocked and was invited in to Pam and Anne’s room. They were just getting up.

“What time are we going to breakfast?” asked Laura.

“As soon as we’ve washed and cleaned our teeth,” said Pam. Anne agreed. “Give us ten minutes.”

“I am going to put some make-up on, give me 20,” said Laura. “What are we doing for footwear? I don’t want to get my shoes dirty.”

“I think we can just leave them at the door and go barefoot inside,” said Anne, “we need shoes to walk over there.”

“And no pooping ladies. We need to save up what we’ve got for our adventures,” affirmed Pam.

“I could do one now,” said Laura.

“Well, hold it in. Put a butt plug in, that should help,” said Pam.

They all decided to put their plugs in. Laura still had her painted bikini top. The other two decided to go completely naked apart from footwear for the walk over to the main reception area where the dining room was and also La Merde. The bar and dance hall and BDSM dungeon called ‘Le Cachot’ was there too. None of the three were into BDSM although the previous evening in their conversation with Harry and Olivia and Dot and Helen it was mentioned. Harry and Olivia had used it a few times, but not recently. Dot and Helen, the Lesbian newlyweds did say that they might use it sometime – they were clearly horrified by La Merde. Harry and Olivia implied that they might join Pam and Anne and Laura though.

Before they set off for the dining room for breakfast they packed a bag for the things they would need in La Merde . They put in a selection of different butt plugs and dildos that Pam and Anne had between them and Laura packed white leggings and a pink tutu that matched her body paint bra.


They sat down in the dining room for breakfast around 7.45, which gave them an hour before they had to report at reception for entry to La Merde. The breakfast was in a buffet but there was a waiter coming round with coffee and tea. He was a rather camp tall young man with a big dick and a neat arse. Both Anne and Laura were quite fascinated but Pam didn’t really pay much attention to him at all. She was looking at a gorgeous tall blonde woman who kept getting up and walking over to the buffet. Because she was tall, maybe six foot, she had to bend low for the buffet. As she bent forward her gold butt plug just peaked out from between her buttocks. She never got much from the buffet each time so she was probably just walking around looking for admiration which she was getting from both men and some of the women like Pam, who love women.

Pam and Anne and Laura ate a large breakfast hoping to stimulate their lower bowel into action later. Laura didn’t need much stimulation and was starting to get quite uncomfortable but she was going to stick it out.

Just before they were due to report to reception at 8.45 Harry and Olivia appeared. A very striking couple in their early 60s. They kept themselves very fit. The previous night, after talking to them in the bar they saw them do their dance routine in the dance hall. They had made no concessions to the animal theme, unlike many others, including Pam and Anne who wore their tail plugs, but they did an amazing skipping rope dance with a special skipping rope that had butt plugs for handles and was inserted in their two arses. The routine involved them skipping over the rope between them in sequence. They could easily have hurt themselves if they got it wrong but their performance was flawless. They had been ballroom dancing champions when they were younger but now they were using their skills to do erotic dancing and artistic sex before an audience. They had won the ‘Sex Olympics’ at La Liberté several times, not because they were the most acrobatic but because they moved the most sensually. Harry was a retired structural engineer and Olivia was a retired consultant surgeon.

“We are going to join you if that’s OK?” asked Harry. Not really asked, more announced.

“My arse is full and I am just aching to have Harry’s dick inside me,” said Olivia, “we can’t do it in Le Jardin d’Amour, it’ll be messy and if we do it in the apartment we’ll have a mess to clear up, which is tedious.”

Checking in

“OK, let’s go,” said Pam authoritatively and they went to the Reception desk. Miss Foxy from the travesti istanbul day before no longer had her foxtail plug in. She gave Pam, as the lead guest, a form to sign about using La Merde. The usual stuff about not being responsible for injuries or infections etc. After Pam signed it Foxy took them round to the room – suite of rooms really. The door had a lock which required a key card which Miss “not so Foxy today” wore on a lanyard around her neck. In fact the card had her actual name on it – Brigitte. The five of them walked in. Just inside the door was a control panel and to the right and left were two generous sized shower rooms. Brigitte reminded them that they must shower completely before leaving at the end and going into the main part of the resort. Brigitte turned to the control panel which had a number of light switches and dimmers and also controlled a blackout shutter for the large window and patio doors. There were controls for the air circulation – at maximum, Brigitte told them, the air would be completely replaced by air from outside every ten minutes. It could be turned down but not completely off. The nozzles that both provided and removed air were widely spread throughout the facility so despite the volume of air being exchanged there was very little draught. The temperature of air coming in could be controlled from the panel too from 16 to 28 degrees C. There was also a number of fragrances. The five opted for high flow and ‘pine forest’ and to start out at 24 degrees C. Brigitte stressed that they must use a clean hand to operate the control panel and to help with that there was a sink with soap and a nail brush next to the control panel. Also a hot air dryer. Further inside there were lockers and two vending machines that operated using the key card from the apartment – no money required. One vending machine, called ‘Top’ contained various soft drinks and snacks and the other one called ‘Tail’ contained disposable enemas of different sizes. The floor was a non-slip washable surface that you get in clinical areas and wet rooms. There were plastic chairs that clearly could be easily washed and there were two sofas with removable washable covers. The main room was a big room so there was plenty of space to move around. There was a table on one wall and on it were several glove dispensers with three sizes of non-latex glove. There was also a big roll of plastic sheeting where sheets of about two metres by three could be torn off. There was another sink, larger this time. There were two red emergency buttons on opposites sides of the room and an also an amber coloured knob to call for assistance. Hot drinks and could be ordered. In the far corner there were two toilets next to each other. Close enough that two people sitting on them could embrace, Anne thought. There was no toilet roll holder. They were operated automatically when the person stood up.

“There will be a deep clean by staff when you leave and the charge for the service will relate to how much time they take,” said Brigitte. You can reduce the cost by using the plastic sheeting rather than just shitting on the floor and seats but you don’t have to use it.

Action starts – Laura’s panty poop.

Whilst Brigitte was talking Laura was standing at the back removing her butt plug, which she stood up on the shelf next to the sink – it was quite shitty but she decided not to clean it yet. She put on her white leggings and tutu. As soon as she had the clothes on she started to poop because she was feeling very full. As she was relieving herself she walked nonchalantly back over to where the others were and asked Brigitte about where the sound system was. Brigitte pointed out where there was a shelf up on the wall about 2 and a half metres above floor level and on it was a smart speaker. There was a switch on the control panel inside the door to be switched on which Brigitte did. Anne then asked about the cameras and Brigitte pointed them out. Pam asked again for reassurance that it wouldn’t be streamed on the internet and the recordings would be destroyed at the end of the session. Brigitte said that they would but would be downloaded onto a memory stick first which would be given to Pam as the lead guest in the party. Harry asked about them as they were a different party. Brigitte said that they would have to sort that out with Pam.

Laura, now with leggings that were very full in the behind, walked over to where the smart speaker was and asked for a piece from Swan Lake. It didn’t respond. Brigitte pointed out that she needed to give it a command in French to load its English language software. But before she did that she wanted to show them the patio. She opened the patio doors and they all walked out into the patio which was concreted over. There was a drain hole in the middle, as there was in the main room. There were decorative ceramics on the wall depicting various erotic and frankly pornographic poses. In fact in the main room there were photographs on the wall in black and white istanbul travestileri of beautiful men and women in different poses having a shit.

Before she left Brigitte asked if they wanted hot drinks, which they did and gave their orders in. She also pointed out that there was a pole dancing pole which could be lowered from the ceiling electrically and the control was on the control panel. She asked if they wanted it. They said not right away but maybe later.

Laura reminded Brigitte to tell the smart speaker in French to load the English language software. She apologised and did that straight away.

After Brigitte left Laura again asked the smart speaker for some music from Swan Lake which she started dancing to. As she danced around the big brown lump in her leggings could be glimpsed as the tutu, which was quite long flapped up and down. She did a cartwheel so that everyone could see it. Pam and Anne were quite impressed. Harry and Olivia not so much!

After she had been dancing for about five minutes Laura decided to remove the leggings. She went over to where the toilets were because there was a large bin next to them. She was able to pull the leggings down without removing the tutu and with the leggings she was able to dispose of most of the shit just leaving her with shit smeared buttocks. She put the leggings in the bin – she wouldn’t need them again. She thought that now she would try the pole – she had tried pole dancing once and had some idea how to do it. She asked one of the others to lower the pole and Pam went over to the control panel and pressed the appropriate buttons. There was a beep beep beep as it came down from the ceiling. It stopped about a couple of feet from the floor and it required a different control to complete the task. That was obviously a safety feature. The set up of La Merde was really quite impressive, a lot of thought, and expense had gone into it.

At this point there was a knock on the door and the hot drinks arrived. They were brought by the young male waiter from breakfast. Anne and Laura thought he was quite dishy. Just as he was leaving he said that La Merde was his favourite part of La Liberté and he came there with friends whenever he had the opportunity but that work meant that wasn’t very often. Work rules said that he had to wear gloves which was a pain because he quite liked getting really mucky all over but he understood that as a waiter it was important that his hands remained clean.

As he was leaving he stuck out his arse and let rip with a long noisy fart to the applause of Anne and Laura. “I’m off at 10,” he said, “I can come and supply you with more than hot drinks if you ladies would like – apologies to Mr?”

“Harry – no that’s OK. Be my guest. It looks like you have a couple of fans.”

“Before I do the pole I need to take the tutu off,” said Laura looking at Pam, “but could you take some photos of me with it on please? There’s an SD card in my little handbag which is in the holdall we brought over, if you could get it out. I’ll just go and wash my hands while you’re getting it if you don’t mind.”

Pam went over to the holdall and got out Laura’s handbag and found the SD card. She got her camera out as well and swapped the SD card over. Clearly Laura didn’t entirely trust her to store the photos on her own media. Meanwhile Laura was washing her hands. She would need clean hands for the pole and some powder which she was looking round for and found in a drawer.

“What photos do you want?” asked Pam.

“Firstly, in the tutu. Some shots from the front that don’t reveal my dirty arse. Then from the back with it covered by the tutu – you’ll need to find the angle for that to work. Then I’ll lift the tutu and finally take it of and I’ll do some classic glamour poses as directed by you.”

“OK,” said Pam and started taking photos once Laura was in position. Meanwhile, Harry and Olivia had been joined by Anne holding hands in a ring. The music was still going from the smart speaker and they were moving rhythmically to it. Then Olivia let out a fart. Long and noisy.

“Sorry about that folks – or maybe you liked it, you strange people! I’m way past the time I normally shit in a morning and I’m very full. In fact I think that I’m going to shit myself if we don’t get on with it soon. “

Pam and Anne still had butt plugs in.

Olivia decided to go over to one of the two toilets in the corner of the room and loose off one turd to reduce the pressure in her bowel and this she did after producing another long fart made sonorous by the toilet bowl. Then she asked where the toilet paper was – there was none next to the toilets.

“There aren’t any in here. It’s a scat room. I’m surprised they even supply toilets. We do get to shower at the end. Laura’s arse is covered in shit. Come and join us with your dirty arsehole you filthy person,” said Anne with a smile on her face.

“OK then,” said Olivia and walked back to the ring of three.

As she walked over Olivia rubbed istanbul travesti her buttocks together. “That feels much better now.”

Pole Dance

The three carried on dancing to the music whilst Pam and Laura finished the photoshoot. Laura was now naked revealing her brown shitty arse. She needed different music for the pole dance and asked the smart speaker for some slow sexy music. She danced around the pole to start with swinging her arse from side to side and moving in a serpentine manner. Then she climbed the pole a little way up. She spread her legs apart and then together and started to swing them from side to side. All the while she was doing this Harry and Olivia started dancing together, very close together and began kissing passionately. Slowly Olivia lowered herself down Harry’s body till she got to his quite impressive erect penis. Anne looked on in admiration. Olivia then put Harry’s dick in her mouth. Initially making slow sensuous movements then increasing gradually in pace until Harry stopped her. He didn’t want to cum too soon.

Olivia went over to where Laura was still on the pole. “Let’s dance together,” Olivia suggested. So Laura came off the pole and the two women started dancing closely together to the slow sensuous music.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman?” asked Olivia.

“No, I haven’t, never really occurred to me,” said Laura, “I do have a lovely man who can’t be here.”

“And I have a lovely man who is right over there and we are going to have sex in a short while and you can all watch us but meanwhile I would like you to tickle my clitoris with your tongue if you wouldn’t mind and I want to look at that dirty arse of yours more closely. I think it needs my professional opinion.”

“I thought that you were rather put off by me pooping in my leggings,” Laura observed.

“Initially I was a bit taken aback but seeing you dancing with your dirty arse has turned me on to the idea of looking more closely. I used to do colonoscopies so I am not squeamish about shit.”

So Laura got into the 69 position so that she could lick Olivia’s clitoris and her arse was stuck up in the air about a foot from Olivia’s face. Olivia started to rub Laura’s buttocks.

Anne gives Harry a Blow job

Meanwhile Anne had moved over to Harry and kneeled down to give him a blowjob on his still very erect penis, one of the biggest that Anne, the former porn model, had seen. Pam was reaching with her cupped right hand to be ready to catch some turds from her own butt after pulling out her plug. These she pushed out with ease. They were very dark in colour because of her recent beetroot diet. They were still round and quite hard. There were five altogether. She had already laid out a paper towel on the side where the boxes of gloves were and put the turds on there for use later. She had a plan. Anne’s arse would be too full right now to take them and they wouldn’t stay inside very long.

Pam went over to where Anne was giving Harry a blow job. She put her hands under Anne’s buttocks gently pushing her arse upwards so that she could could get her mouth to Anne’s neat anus that she had come to love licking. She pulled out the butt plug with her teeth. There was a big dollop of shit on the end of it. Using that as lubrication she put it into her own arse. She returned to Anne’s butt and just as her tongue made contact with Anne’s hole Anne pushed down a little and the ring opened up, first releasing some gas and then a turd emerged. Pam played with it with her tongue. Anne squeezed her sphincter tight again and swallowed the turd back in but a little poop was extruded. Pam licked this off and took it into her mouth. She mixed the shit with her saliva and went over to where Olivia and Laura were. They had rolled over and Olivia was on the top and licking Laura’s clit, her nose close to Laura’s shitty buttocks. In turn Laura was still licking Olivia’s clitoris and Pam moved in towards the surgeon’s arse which was quite dirty around her anus. Pam had a mouthful of Anne’s shit mixed with saliva which she squirted onto Olivia’s arse at the top of the cleft so that it ran down between her buttocks and over her sphincter and then into Laura’s mouth. Then she started licking Olivia’s arsehole.

“Oh my god, that’s wonderful,” announced Olivia, “I have never had my arsehole and clit licked at the same time before. Harry – did you hear that?”

Anne had had to stop giving Harry a blow job because he was getting close to orgasm again and he wasn’t ready. Now Harry was licking Anne’s clitoris but looked up when Olivia called out.

After a few minutes Olivia announced, “Harry, I’m ready for you to fuck me!”

Harry went over to the small bag that he and Olivia had brought in with them and took out a condom to put on. And then squirted it with some lube. Olivia and Anne knelt next to each other, arses in the air. Harry pressed his well lubed dick onto Olivia’s anus which quickly yielded. At the same time he put a hand on Anne’s buttock and searched out her anus with his middle finger. It felt a bit sticky with shit. Anne pushed down and her anus opened up letting out a fart. Harry was able to get two fingers into Anne’s arse whilst smoothly entering Olivia’s anal canal.

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