Warm Full of Him

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The sunlight was the first to greet the day.

Shining into the horizon with its soft light as it stretches over the land, thus waking up the humankind who had spent their idyllic days in a dreamless state. Alarms began ringing and reluctantly, they started their day. Soft, yellow sunlight shines into the bedroom of one Sebastian Drake who’s dick is securely fixed inside a dreamy-looking Michael Quentin.

Michael opens his eyes as he feels the warmth of the sun on his face. He blinked a few times, trying to remember where he was as the room he was in looked unfamiliar. His sleepy mind was telling him that it was not his room. Confused, he looked around, and then he was greeted with a beautiful sight.


Sebastian Drake.

Sleeping soundly behind him, with an arm wrapped around his waist as he keeps him to his chest. Michael tried not to coo at the serene sight and he took the peaceful moments to stare shamelessly at the man who fucked him all night, and whose dick Michael realized he was warming for.

He tried to move, to make himself comfortable so he could watch how the sunlight illuminated against his soft, supple skin. The way the golden rays cast intricate shadows that fanned against his cheeks but he couldn’t see all the beauty up close because he didn’t want to feel empty yet.

Sebastian moved suddenly, tightening his hold around his waist and he let out a little gasp as he felt his dick hardening. Michael was even fuller now. He tried his hardest not to whimper as he grew excited, are they about to indulge in one of his fantasies today?

“Stop moving, baby.”

His deep morning voice made the hairs on his neck rise in salute and he stiffened suddenly as he felt a hot breath against his ear. Sebastian was beginning to wake up. His voice has gotten even deeper and raspier in the morning. Michael could feel his dick hardening at that swoon of a voice.

Sebastian stretched his aching body, making a sound as he felt resistance and then he remembered that his dick is inside Michael. He turned back around and gave a peck on his shoulder, nuzzling his face into the crook of his neck. Michael shifted, and Sebastian began kissing down his throat, innocently at first.

His breath hitched at the sweet spot, Sebastian knew it was right underneath his ear and his smile grew as he started licking in soft circles hearing Michael’s breath hitch involuntarily. “Daddy,” he whined under his breath as he pushed his head back even further, to give him better access to his throat.

Sebastian pulled Michael closer, pressing his chest against his back as his hand wandered down his torso – hearing the sharp intake of breath as his hand ghosted down his navel, down to the raging hard-on in between his opened legs. He pressed a kiss on his shoulder, nipping on the skin before he brought his mouth to his ear.

Smirking like the sexy devil he was, he asked “Fancy some morning sex, babe?”

“Mmm, I won’t say no to that, daddy.”

Chuckling at his statement, Sebastian kissed his ear as he squeezed his dick, rubbing his thumb across the slit – a moan rippled out of his lips as he melted against his hold. Michael was panting hard in anticipation and he was eager to know what his daddy was about to do. Sebastian hummed and bit his ear, nibbling his soft earlobe while Michael squirmed in his grip.


“Hmm?” he asked. “Does it feel good?”

“Yes. Yes. Daddy, I want to try something.”

He let Michael take over, and released his hold on his dick as Michael moved in such a way that they were seated on the bed. Sebastian holds Michael’s hips as he righted himself comfortably – rubbing soothing circles with his thumb. In this position, Sebastian’s dick was deeper in him and he could feel it growing against his stomach.

Michael was unsure of the current position he was in but he was eager to try out even though he felt at a loss because he wasn’t facing him. His thighs were trembling as he shifted his legs, the sensation was overwhelming and he loved feeling full. Sebastian’s dick was growing steadily and his head spun as he lifted himself and lowered down again, this angle was going to drive him crazy he knew.

Sebastian pressed a kiss on his shoulder blade and began dragging his tongue down his smooth back, which earned a shiver from the younger. He caressed his hands over his chest, feeling his smooth skin underneath his hands, and ran his fingers over his nipples which made him stiffen in surprise.

“Daddy,” he whined.

“Sorry, baby.”

He kissed his shoulder as an apology and let Michael move. He adjusted his legs, folding them onto the bed so he could propel himself in an upward movement. He let out a shiver of delight as he moved, sighing in bliss as he controlled the thrusting now – adjusting each movement ever slightly so he hits his prostate every time.

Sebastian watches his baby work, a little smile playing at the edge of his lips as he encourages him softly – reminding him that he was beautiful and that he wanted to hear him moan prettily. istanbul travesti Soon, Michael was desperate to release but his thighs were too exhausted to support his weight so he sank there, whining.

“Daddy,” he whined again.


“I can’t – can’t move,” he whined. “I wanna … I wanna cum.”

“Do you want me to help you?”

“Yes, daddy,” he whined as he shimmied, trying to feel some friction. His body was trembling. He desperately wanted release. He wanted to feel ecstasy. He wanted to feel paradise. “Please help me cum, daddy.”

“Don’t mind if I do, darling.”

Eager to please, Sebastian made himself comfortable and thrust upwards while Michael rose a foot in the air due to how light he was. Trying to keep his giggles down and soothing Michael’s whines, he changed their position – with Michael on all fours now before he resumed their morning lovemaking.

They were both sensitive from yesterday night’s long escapades and Michael climaxed pretty quickly but the brat wanted more. He let out the lewdest moan he could manage and begged his daddy to fill his hole full of his cum – just for him. Sebastian – not one to disappoint his baby – set off in doing so, continuing until he orgasmed – he could feel his dick shooting out loads of cum, filling little Michael steadily and surely.

“You’re so good, Daddy,” he panted. “So good. I love your dick, daddy. It’s perfect for me.”

“I’m glad it is,” Sebastian replied. “Now, let’s get washed up.”

Michael Quentin is in a dilemma right now.

It has been two weeks since he has last seen his daddy. He is currently away for work and he won’t be back any time soon. He missed him and he wanted to get fucked. He was feeling frisky and hot. He wanted to feel full of his daddy’s dick but he wasn’t there right now and he’s getting frustrated and desperate.

He was fucking horny and he knew it won’t be the same without Sebastian’s dick deep inside him.

But he doesn’t want to feel empty anymore so he made himself pretty. He pulled on a black lace lingerie set he had gotten which accentuates his curves and showed off his pretty snow-white skin which he knew would drive his daddy insane. Michael stared at himself in the full-length mirror, admiring how the lace looked on him and took many provocative photos of himself posing in front of the mirror.

Giggling to himself, he went to grab his toy and lube from a hidden corner of his cabinet before traipsing towards his daddy’s room. He didn’t keep the door locked and he went to switch the air-conditioning on before he padded his way towards his bed, throwing the covers aside as he crawled his way in the middle.

He sat down on the enormous bed and laid down, simply staring up at the ceiling before he laid on his belly – taking in a deep breath of his daddy’s scent. It was heady, woody and it reminded him of the sex they had on this very bed. He closed his eyes as he imagined Daddy’s hands roaming all over him, his deep yet assuring voice telling him that he was doing good and the way he fills him up with his dick and cum.

Michael let out a groan and a whine, feeling horny again. He wanted to get fucked, he wanted to get obliterated on this very bed but his daddy is not around. He was desperate so he grabbed the lube and turned around, lathering his fingers with it. Panting, he spread his legs wide and let his hand travel down.

Past his navel, dick, and down to his asshole where it was waiting eagerly to be filled. This time without Daddy’s dick. His fingers and the toy would have to do for now.

Sticking his tongue out, he rubbed a middle finger along the puckered hole. He felt the skin against his fingertip and let out a shaky breath as he tentatively pushed his fingertip into the hole – feeling a hot cavern enveloping his finger. It feels hot and wet, he surmised and he wiggled the finger around, gasping at the feeling it invoked.

Mimicking what his daddy did before, he pushed in up till the third knuckle and pulled out. He repeated the same movement a few times, he sucked in a sharp breath and remembered to breathe – letting it out shakily. He inserted a second finger, slowly pushing both digits in and letting out a cry as he felt his hole stretching to allow them in.

It was mind-blowing how his hole managed to accommodate his daddy’s girth and he began to move his fingers – recalling what daddy did before. To prepare him. To make him fit. Scissoring his fingers and curling them up to find where he thinks his prostate was. He combined three movements simultaneously, his breathing was harsh and pretty sounds left his lips.

He had his eyes shut as he focused, slightly changing angles as he tested waters – learning his body best. He wanted to know what his body wanted. He wanted to know which position, which spot would make him unravel. His dick was hard by the time he pulled his fingers out and grabbed the toy, eager to be used.

Lathering the toy with a generous amount of lube, he pressed the tip onto his hole and he relaxed before pushing it in istanbul travestileri him. He threw his head back as he let out a cry. It was cold, he cursed and tried to relax as he pushed it in until he could feel the tip pressing against his prostate.

It wasn’t as full as he felt with daddy’s dick in him but it would have to do for now. Panting, he grabbed the remote and pressed a button. He jolted in shock at the first buzz and the vibration spread across his body as the toy in him started vibrating. He let out a confused sound, it was his first time using it and it felt strange.

It was definitely different than the real thing but the toy was hitting his prostate so he was feeling it. But he wanted his Daddy’s dick in him. He let out a whine and began to test out the different speed settings it has, from the first speed to a higher speed and then to a different buzzing speed until he settled on one that he feels the best.

But it’s not near enough, damn it.

Michael whined in frustration and buried his face into the pillow, breathing in his familiar scent. He was desperate. He was desperate. He wanted more! Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck –

The door to the bedroom swung open suddenly and Michael snapped his eyes open to see his daddy standing by the door, eyes wide with surprise as he stared at his baby, who was dressed in black lace with a buzzing toy stuffed up his beautiful ass. He didn’t think he’d be greeted by a beautiful sight.


“Daddy!” he gasped, feeling his face burning bright with embarrassment for being caught in such a compromising situation. “What are you – why are you here so early?”

Sebastian dropped the bag he was carrying and let go of his luggage as he strode into his bedroom, climbing onto the bed. His face was a mask and even Michael got nervous at how mechanical he moved. Sebastian yanked the covers aside, revealing the strawberry lube and the remote he was holding.

“Can’t wait for me, baby?” he asked softly as he grabbed the remote.

“Daddy, why are you home so early?” he asked shakily, nervous and a little apprehensive. He hadn’t seen this side of Sebastian before. “I thought you’d be back later this week.”

“Work got canceled and I wanted to surprise you,” he said as he cranked up the speed of the toy, hearing a squeak from the younger boy. “But I got the surprise instead. You look pretty, baby. I love black lace.”

“You’re not angry, daddy?”

“Hmm? Why would I be angry?”

“I … I don’t know.”

Sebastian glanced down at his raging hard-on. “Do you want me to take care of that for you, bunny?” he asked, his voice going an octave deeper which pulled Michael deeper into the abyss. “It looks painful.”

“Daddy, please I want you in me,” he whined. “I wanna be stuffed full of you.”

Something took over Sebastian as he captured Michael’s lips and he deepened their kiss – tongues, and lips fighting with each other. Michael let out a yelp as he was pressed onto the bed, seeing his daddy’s eyes glowing with lust and a smirk as he mounted Michael, rutting his hips slightly.

Biting back a groan, Michael watched as Sebastian held the remote in his hand and began playing around with it – adjusting the speed of the toy. There were eight speeds on the toy, he remembered and he shut his eyes as a cry left his lips, his hands wandering up Sebastian’s thighs and squeezed them hard.

“Like it, bunny?”

Michael could barely reply when he played with the speed again, cranking up to the highest and then switching to the pulsing speed. The type that meant to drive him crazy. Sebastian loved watching him writhe beneath him, he was surprised to see the younger in his bed with an anal toy up his ass but he was pleased to know that he couldn’t do without him.

“How is it, baby?” Sebastian asked.

“Daddy, please!”

“Use your words, baby.”

Michael let out a whine as he thrashed around the bed, shaking his legs in frustration. Sebastian watched his baby for a few more seconds before he changed the speed again and watched him throw his head back as his body was wracked with the tumultuous speed the toy was hitting his prostate.

“Daddy, I don’t want to use the toy anymore,” he whined with a pout as tears formed in his eyes at how frustrated he felt. “I want you in me. Please? Please? I want your dick in me. Please, Daddy. Please?”

“Okay baby,” Sebastian replied and switched off the toy, got off his hips to gently pull out the toy from inside him. “But you have to get me hard, baby. Can you do that?”

Michael was teary-eyed in relief when he felt the toy being pulled out from him and he felt soft kisses on his face. He stares at Sebastian who wiped away his tears, a frown on his handsome face and he held his face with his large hands – speaking to him softly as he tried to get the younger boy to focus on him.

“Are you alright, Michael?” he asked. “Do you want to stop for today?”

He whined in reply, so Sebastian brought him close, lifting the boy to his lap and he curled into him like he was travesti istanbul meant to be there. This place right here was his home.

“I want you to fuck me until I cry, daddy,” he said.

Sebastian let out a breathless laugh as he kissed him, taken aback at his direct words, and Michael’s hand wrapped around the back of his neck so they could deepen their kiss. He could discern the hint of a smirk from the baby boy. Breathless, moaning, and lips smacking were the only sounds that filled the bedroom.

This was their paradise.

Slowly, Sebastian pushed Michael on the bed as he began to undress. He could feel eyes on him as he took off his shirt, shameless eyes spectating him and hungry lips kissing his stomach. It made him breathless as he tried to unzip his pants but Michael got to it faster. He made a sound of wonder as he watched his daddy’s dick flop out as he pulled both the pants and boxers down.

“I have never seen such a delicious and pretty dick before.”

“Why thank you, baby.”

“Put it in me,” he said. “Put it in me, quickly.”

Sebastian chuckled as he hoisted his dainty legs up with his arms, hooking them over his waist so Michael could wrap his legs behind him. He shimmied his way closer, getting ready to enter him but Michael was impatient and wrapped his legs tightly, almost imprisoning Sebastian to his ass.

“Relax, baby,” he assured as he presses his tip against his hole, eyeing the boy below him who had his eyes glued to their navel. “Don’t rush this. I don’t want to accidentally tear you.”

“I’ve prepared myself already,” he answered.

“Did you?”

“Yeah, I followed what you did,” he added. “With the scissoring and everything.”

Sebastian presses down on Michael, pushing his legs up so he could reach his face, and pressed a kiss on his lips, earning a whine from the baby. He brushed aside his hair and began pushing his dick in, his hole opening up to allow him in, swallowing his cries of pleasure by deepening his kisses.

He took his time – slowly pushing in until he was balls deep. Michael was panting hard, his body was trembling from the overstimulation and his dick was weeping with pre-cum. Two weeks away from his baby had driven him crazy and he threw himself into work to ensure he could complete it quickly.

Finally, he’s deep inside him.

Michael swore he was seeing stars and he almost cummed at how good his daddy’s dick was. He had forgotten how satisfying and full it made him feel. He was about to scream from the pleasure that was building inside him. He couldn’t contain the moans from escaping his lips and the look on his daddy’s face was enough to drive him mad.


“Move, daddy. Please?”

Sebastian began rocking his hips, thrusting in the angle that he knew Michael loves, and judging from the cries beneath him, he knew it was working well. He had grabbed the nearest pillow with a death grip on it and he had pulled it over his chest which obscured his face. Tutting at him, he yanked it and threw it aside – wanting to see his face as he fucked him into oblivion.

Michael was beside himself as he allowed himself to loosen up, lets his mind roam free and he simply enjoyed the sensation of being fucked. Sebastian could sense when Michael wasn’t thinking too much and he bent low to kiss him on the cheeks, brushing aside his hair before he wrapped a hand around his throat.

He fastened his pace as he squeezed his throat, taking care not to press with his palm and he watched as Michael’s eyes rolled back as he let out muffled cries before he let go – watched as he took in a deep breath, coughing slightly as he giggled. He loved being choked, Sebastian knew and he didn’t think Michael could get any kinkier than that.

“Do that again, daddy,” he said. “I wanna cum with your hand on my neck.”

Sebastian obliged, dragging him closer to him so he could hit his prostate with every thrust he was making and Michael let out a scream as he tried to hold on to something, anything that would keep him grounded into this world. He was floating on ecstasy right now, and he was about to burst from the pleasure he was feeling.

“Daddy,” he whined. “Yes, right there! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Yes yes yes yes yes -“

Sebastian wrapped a hand around his throat as soon as Michael started screaming, pressing him into the bed as he quickened his pace, grunting with effort as he chased his high – eager to see him orgasm and scream his name. His focus was on his baby right now, and nothing will interrupt them.

Michael sucked in a sharp breath and his body stiffened as the dam finally broke. A scream leaving his lips as he orgasmed almost violently, strings of off-white cum leaving his dick and pooling on his stomach and navel. Sebastian continued with his pace, watching distractedly as Michael orgasmed continuously, his body trembling.

Seeing him unraveling with his mind faraway was something Sebastian knew was for his eyes only.

Seeing that faraway look in his eyes, a smile of bliss whose lips just happened to scream his name and his only, the beautiful torso twisted prettily and skin so soft and supple it was an envy of everyone who looked at him now riddled with old bite marks courtesy of him. This body trembling beneath him was all his to own.

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