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Katie and Jeff went to the restaurant albeit in separate cars and tried to be as secretive as possible in regards to their exploits. It was difficult for Jeff considering that he had a shit eating grin most of the time due to the fun he had with Katie and her roommate a few days earlier. As they sat at the table with the VP Katie worked for and the President of the firm, the topics were more geared toward Jeff’s numbers as well as ideas on where the other three yes men in attendance were headed. Dinner was a two hour affair and by the time the President pulled out his black Amex card, everyone at the table was relatively stuffed and ready to head out. As Jeff followed, he received a text on his cell. A brief moment later while the big executives went to the washroom, Jeff was checking his phone and noticing that Katie sent a message from her Blackberry.

“The VP wants to share me with the Prez. Wanna watch? Nod if you want to.”

This caused Jeff to let loose another shit eating grin as he nodded up and down still looking at his cell. He looked at the two yes men on either side of him and started making polite conversation while Katie typed into her Blackberry. As all four employees escorted the two execs down to their cars, Jeff checked his phone again. There was a new message.

“He changed his mind. Wants to go to our usual place, follow, but be careful.”

Jeff watched as Katie entered into the VP’s car and they drove off. Jeff then bade the other two employees his good bye and hurriedly got into his car. Jeff based on an earlier conversation knew where the usual place was. It was a secluded park in Bellevue not far from the restaurant they ate at that night that had different styles of shelters. A short while later, he was parked in a space away from where he saw the VP’s car. Not thinking that the VP knew his car, he carefully listened as he got out until he heard the VP moan out loud. This narrowed down where they were.

He stayed in the brush and moved as carefully as he could til he was close enough to watch Katie’s head bobbing up and down on the VP’s pole. Katie put her hair up in pigtails and the VP had his hands on them as her mouth moved up and down his dick. Jeff then realized what she meant by him wanting it done quickly. It looked like to him that he was in essence throat fucking her and that Balıkesir Escort she was just there to get him off. Jeff watched for another five minutes before he saw the tell tale signs of her swallowing his load. Then Jeff carefully snuck back to his car to drive off. As he drove back to his house, Jeff received a text from Candy. He pulled over to read her text.

“Slave girl needs a good fucking tonight, but bf is here. Can she hang with you tonight?”

Jeff texted back that he would be glad to and made it back home in time to pull out a bottle of wine and do a quick check around his apartment to make sure it was relatively clean. He then went into his room and changed out of his formals since there was a little dirt on it from sneaking around that park. As he found a nice pair of jeans to put on, the doorbell rang. He quickly slid the jeans on, ran to the door and opened it. Katie stood there with her pigtails in place still in the pants suit she wore to the dinner.

Jeff bade her to enter before he closed the door and wrapped his arms around her. The hug was a shock to Katie since she was expecting him to be already pushing her onto her knees so he could fuck her mouth as well. She felt herself melt in his arms before Jeff asked her if she wanted some wine. The gestures were too much for Katie as she felt herself accepting the offer as they walked to the living room. Both sat on the couch as Jeff helped Katie remove her shoes and began to rub her feet. His fingers were lightly rubbing her feet before she began to giggle. Jeff took the opportunity to tickle her feet more as she begged him to stop. As he placed her feet back on the coffee table, she looked at him.

“So did you like the show?” Jeff looked at her.

“No.” This caught Katie by surprise before Jeff continued.

“It should have been me and I would have had you naked so I could have fucked you afterwards.” Katie looked at him with her eyebrows cocked before she slid closer and planted a kiss on Jeff’s lips. He began to return it before his arms wrapped around her and both sets of lips parted. Jeff didn’t even notice the tell tale taste of cum on her tongue since it tasted like she gargled with mouthwash before she made it to his apartment. As she slinked on top of him straddling his waist, they continued to kiss Balıkesir Escort Bayan like two lovers reunited. Jeff’s hands immediately went to Katie’s jacket as it fell to the floor behind her. Her hands reached down and began to pull at Jeff’s white undershirt and began to pull it up and over his head. The shirt went flying towards the television as they continued to kiss.

His hands found the buttons to her blouse as he began to unbutton them. She reached down and started to unhook the belt around her slacks before she stood up and allowed her pants to drop. By this time, her blouse was undone and her bra was visible to Jeff. It was a white bra, but it was lacey and Jeff admired the way the cups grasped onto her breasts. He then looked down and saw the familiar NFL logo on her thong. Before Jeff could say a word, Katie already had her arms behind her back to unclasp the bra before dropping it beside them. Her hands began to play with her nipples while Jeff reached in front of him and lowered her underwear til she was completely naked.

Jeff pulled her back down onto him and started kissing her again as his hands found the cheeks of her ass and grasped them firmly while they kissed. He then rolled over until she was sitting on the couch before his head dove down between her legs and began to lick onto her exposed lips. His tongue was quick to find her spots as she spread her legs apart and watched the way he was licking on her. She thought to herself how much she loved having Jeff’s rough style licking her almost as much as Candy’s feminine touch. Soon, Jeff was tongue fucking her box and Katie had her hands on his head pushing him into her. Jeff looked up at Katie before he slid a finger inside her to feel her squirm.

Katie began to beg him to stop, but Jeff continued to work on her pussy as he alternated between his tongue and his finger. It was as if Jeff knew how close Katie was to cumming and he was instinctively attempting to drive her as close as he could before he pulled back again. Jeff then proceeded to slide in two fingers as his tongue began to lick over the right spot before Katie moaned loudly. As she started to climax, her hands found her nipples and pulled on them while Jeff began to lick deeper.

Jeff rose up and began to pull own his jeans as Katie sat there Escort Balıkesir quietly for a moment. Her recovery time was enough for Jeff to have his dick poised at the entrance to her pussy. He sat there for a second, his dick sliding over her pussy lips before she begged him to fuck her. He slid his dick along her slit a few times before he pushed it in and started slowly torturing her. In her mind, she was struggling to discover why Jeff wasn’t being more aggressive. As the full length of his cock slid into place, her thoughts were replaced by pleasure as she moaned loudly.

The moan was Jeff’s music as he continued sliding in, slowly and deeply inside his cock sucking slut. The knowledge that she sucked off the VP as part of her job told him in his mind that she was in need of fucking. He stayed the pace as slow and deliberate as possible. He could see Katie struggling under him to discover a way for him to move faster. In his mind, he was in total control of her as he raised her ankles until they rested on his shoulders before pushing in a little more firmly.

“Faster, please,” she whispered pleadingly.

Jeff maintained his pace until her started moving faster as he felt the semen churning inside of him. He mentally tried to hold himself off until he saw the right time to explode inside her. Her fingers grabbed where his arms held up his weight and started to lightly scratch as she squirmed before her mouth opened fully and a deep seated cry escaped the chasm of her soul. Only then did Jeff mentally let himself off the hook and a torrent of his essence flooded her sugar walls and the machine came to a slow stop. Jeff leaned down towards beautiful Katie’s face and looked at her with a sly smirk before his lips touched hers again as his member slid out of her pussy.

He rose up after the kiss and walked to where the wine stood neglected. A fresh glass was grabbed as the burgundy thick liquid filled it halfway before being offered to the nude maiden on the couch. She raised herself up and accepted the offering, taking a swig before looking at Jeff who filled his own glass. Her lips opened once without sound before she opened them again.

“So, where do we go from here?”

It was a question Jeff was pondering for a while after the initial football game. Before Candy and the Vice President came into the picture, he was curious about the administrative assistant before him who made the bet and changed the wager. A question on his mind, he wasn’t sure how to answer until that moment.

“Does it have to be where do we go?”

Katie smiled. She knew all would be well and her way of life was safe.

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