Watching Jessie (part 8)

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Watching Jessie (part 8)Watching Jessie (part 8)Frank was in the bedroom with Jessie when I got home from work on Friday. He hadn’t been over since last week. Now that he had Jessie pregnant I wondered if he was working on getting someone else pregnant. I was happy knowing that his wife Terry had given me an awesome blow job in the very same room at lunch time. Even though I didn’t get to fuck Terry I knew it was only a matter of time. I felt my cock getting hard as I thought about Terry’s beautiful black body and tasty pussy.I sent Amy a text to see how she was doing. She was getting scared that she might be pregnant. Amy wanted a baby but not a black one. The only sex she’d had in the past 3 months was with Frank. It was two weeks ago when Amy was extremely drunk that Frank intentionally tried to get her pregnant. If her period didn’t start by Monday she was going to take a pregnancy test. I decide to go in the bedroom and watch Frank and Jessie. Frank was standing by the bed. Jessie was on all fours on the bed rocking back and forth on his cock. The contrast of her white ass sliding back against his black body was awesome. Frank’s thick cock was shining from Jessie’s wet pussy as she rode slowly back and forth on it. Jessie picked up her pace when Frank smacked her ass. He slapped her ass again. Jessie was riding his cock for all she was worth. Frank slapped her ass several more times. Jessie gasped with each slap. Frank finally pushed forward grabbing her hips as he let out a low growl. Jessie was howling her body trembling, hands gripping the bed with Frank’s monster cock orgasming fully inside of her.I didn’t see Jessie ever giving up the sexual high Frank could give her. Jessie and Frank were both motionless except for Frank’s hands which were rubbing her reddened ass cheeks. Turned on I left the apartment and called Terry. She was surprised that I called and wondered what was up. I explained that I just wanted to tell her how much I had enjoyed earlier, and looked forward to seeing her again. She assured me that the feeling was mutual and she looked forward to giving herself to me totally. Then she added I hope you don’t take that the wrong way.Thanks to my new cameras I had hidden in our apartment I knew the name of the guy fucking Jessie. He had been with Jessie Tuesday and Thursday morning the previous week and at least once before that. This week he had come over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning’s as soon as I left for work. His name was Rex. He was the first guy Jessie had fucked at the glory hole.I felt a bit better knowing how she hooked up with him. I just wished that she didn’t keep it from me. From Jessie and Rex’s conversations I gathered that he was single and worked nights. Evidently Jessie had told him that she was pregnant. Rex was happy he didn’t need a condom and she loved feeling his cum shooting inside of her. Rex also really liked playing and sucking with Jessie’s breasts. For what ever reason I wanted more guys to fuck Jessie. I guess I just wanted her to be a total slut. Or I didn’t want her to become to attached to any one guy. I knew Darin and Tyson would like to fuck her. On Saturday I decided to tell Jessie that we should have them over for dinner for helping us move. Jessie agreed that we should do something for them but wasn’t sure she’d be comfortable having them over for dinner. I suggested that we could have them over for pizza and watch some football. Jessie supposed that would be good. Monday morning Amy texted me asking if I could talk. I sent back that I’d call her in a few minutes. When I called I could tell right away that she was really upset. Her period hadn’t started and she was sure she was pregnant. She couldn’t have the baby. I said that I would do whatever I could to help her. She was sobbing when she said she was going to have an abortion. Amy asked if I could go with her. Of course if that’s what she needed me to do. I saw Darin and Tyson shortly before lunch. They started harassing me about keeping Jessie all to myself. I stopped them telling them that Jessie and I wanted to have them over Sunday to watch football drink some beer and eat pizza, to thank them for helping us move. At first they thought I was just messing with them. Darin said “why do you want to hang out with a couple of brothers?” “because we are grateful for your help”, I said. Tyson added “you know we’re going to be checking her out”. “Well she likes attention” I said. They looked at each other and me then Darin said “well alright we’ll be there. They were laughing and smiling. Tuesday morning I had just gotten to work and Amy called. She was in a much better mood. She had just taken a home pregnancy test and it showed that she wasn’t pregnant. That’s good news I said. Amy responded that it was but she would feel a whole lot better it if her period would start.Rex came to fuck Jessie every morning as soon as I left for work. Although Monday mornings session was a little under an hour. The rest of the week were two to three hour marathons. He spent a good deal of time devoted to sucking on Jessie’s tits.Terry stopped by to say hi Wednesday when she came to pick up Monica. She was friendly and looked sexy as usual. She was very well behaved which was a bit disappointing. We scheduled lunch tomorrow, and just lunch. Thursday Terry waited for me in her car. I rode with her to lunch. The place she took me to seemed kind of seedy and I wouldn’t have gone there myself. It was down in a basement. So although it was noon it felt like night time inside. Artificial light made the bar bright. The pool tables were also fairly well lit. We sat down at a table in relative darkness away from the bar and pool tables. Terry asked what I wanted to drink then went to the bar. As my eyes began to adjust to the darkness at the far end of the room I made out what looked like a jukebox and a dance floor. I was uneasy as the two tattooed niğde escort black men, who had been playing pool, starred at me. Terry came back to the table. She took my hand and led me to the jukebox. I rubbed up against Terry from behind as she picked songs on the jukebox. Then the music began playing she turned around and started grinding against me. My cock was getting hard and she turned around. Terry ground her ass on my cock. When the song changed she wrapped her arms around my neck and we swayed to the music. We locked in a kiss for most of the song. Before the song was over though she whispered in my ear “you can come home with me next Wednesday”.What did Terry mean? I needed to know, she had been teasing me a lot for weeks. Why wait I thought. Terry explained that when her and Frank had agreed to see other people 5 years ago Wednesday was the day that whatever one of them did the other couldn’t ask them about. Of course Frank has since took to philandering 7 days a week. She had stuck to only Wednesday. With the exception of last Friday. She doesn’t want this part of her life spilled into her family and her girls find out. And Monica is going to be out of town next week. It was all making sense now. I was excited for next Wednesday. At the same time it hit me that Jessie and my family life could never be kept separate. In about 7 months everyone would know that I hadn’t fathered her half black baby. We agreed that Terry would pick me up outside of work next Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.I confirmed with Darin and Tyson on Friday that they were for sure coming over on Sunday. Tyson asked if there were any ground rules for Sunday. I had an inkling what he was asking but didn’t want to suggest too much. “What are you talking about ground rules?” I asked. Darin chimed in “is it ok if we fuck your wife” . “What makes you think that’ll happen?” I asked. Tyson answered “nothing, but is it cool if it does? Or are you scared?” I wasn’t scared. I was confident now that they’d both be fucking Jessie by Sunday evening. Darin and Tyson showed up at Jessie and my apartment shortly before 1 on Sunday. Jessie was wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans that use to be loose on her. Jessie had gained a bit of weight over the past two months. Tyson hugged Jessie hello and thanked her for inviting him into her home. Darin reiterated the thanks as he took his turn giving her a hug. Darin and myself took a beer. Tyson wanted to know what liquors we had. Jessie began pulling bottles from an upper cupboard. With her short height she had trouble reaching. Tyson moved behind her and reached the rest of the bottles down. Tyson apologized as he stepped back from Jessie having had her pinned between himself and the counter.The football game had kicked off. Darin and I gravitated to the livingroom. Tyson had Jessie getting out the possible mixers to go with the alcohol. Darin shared that Tyson always did this when he sees someone that he wants, she’ll be giving him whatever he wants. I thought that was a lot of crap. Darin insisted that it’s always been this way. Tyson was his cousin 3 years his junior. Ever since he was a teenager he’s had way more than his share of pussy. I realized Darin was probably right. Tyson finally came into the livingroom with a drink in his hand. Jessie was behind him, she looked at me and fanned her face with her hand. Jessie asked us to decide what pizzas we wanted then went in the bedroom. She returned having changed clothes a much more revealing outfit. Tyson and Darin couldn’t seem to take their eyes off Jessie. I knew that they weren’t thinking about pizza when she asked them what they wanted for pizzas. Jessie placed the order. When she was about to leave Tyson sprang up and volunteered to go with her. Jessie was worried that he’d miss the game but Tyson insisted that he didn’t mind. Jessie and Tyson had been gone for several minutes when I got another beer for Darin and I. Darin commented when I handed him the beer that Tyson was probably in the backseat claiming Jessie’s pussy. I wasn’t sure how long they’d been gone but I took note of the time now.Jessie and Tyson finally got back but it had taken them much longer than it should have to pick up the pizza. Darin immediately asked Tyson what took so long. Tyson smiling replied that they didn’t take that long. As he proudly displayed a huge bulge in his pants.Jessie didn’t say anything but headed into our bedroom. I followed her, she went in the bathroom and was washing her hands. I asked her what happened. Instead of answering she asked me what did I want to happen. I didn’t want anything to happen when I wasn’t around. Jessie had a strange look. I asked her again what had happened. Jessie explained that she thought that I wanted her to have sex with them, so when Tyson touched her ass she didn’t discourage him. In fact Jessie pushed her ass toward Tyson. He had cupped her breasts. She ran her hand across his cock before she finally got in the car. Tyson stared at Jessie as she drove. He told her how hot she was and how horny he got thinking about her. She parked the car on the far end of the parking lot away from the rest of the cars. She had been watching his bulge growing in his pants and wanted to see it.Jessie reached over and with Tyson’s help pulled his pants down to reveal his marvelous cock. He told her to go ahead and play with it. She was stroking his long black cock. When Tyson told her she needed to get it wet. He pulled her over pushing his cock in her face. Jessie was certain he was about to cum when he made her stop. Jessie had started to unfasten her jeans but Tyson had pulled his pants back up. Tyson told her that he knew that she wanted him to fuck her now with his big black cock but she was going to have to wait. He wanted witnesses of her asking for his cock. Then he was going to fuck her good. I had a hard ordu escort on now. Jessie reminded me that we had guests and I should be getting back to them now. She was going to change and be out shortly. Tyson and Darin were eating pizza sitting in the livingroom. I grabbed myself a couple of slices from the kitchen. Tyson smirking as I sat down on the couch asked if everything was alright. “yeah seems to be” I said. Tyson replied “it’s gonna be epic”. Darin looked a bit puzzled but neither Tyson or myself said anything to him. A few minutes later I thought Darin’s eyes were going to pop out of his head. I was surprised too as Jessie came out wearing a baby doll nightie. It was lace down the front between her breasts. Her nipples, which were hard and erect all the time now, protruded the fabric. It was sheer enough that I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath it. Jessie completed her ensemble with a pair of 4 inch heeled fuck me shoes. Tyson commented that she looked like the halftime entertainment. Jessie sheepishly smiled as she sat down on the couch next to me. When our home town team scored a touchdown, Jessie poked my arm to get my attention. When I looked at her to see what she wanted she pulled her nightie up enough to show me that she wasn’t wearing anything under it. Jessie whispered in my ear that she was soaking wet. There was less than a minute left in the half when Tyson said “let’s start the halftime entertainment”. Jessie wasn’t sure what to do. Tyson said to her “show Darin what took us so long to get the pizza”. Jessie looked at Tyson a little shocked, then at me. I figured she wasn’t sure if she should so I nodded my approval. Jessie got up and walked over to Darin. She leaned down and kissed him and he kissed her back. I could see Tyson leaning forward in his chair to see up Jessie’s short nightie. Jessie was running her hand up and down Darin’s thigh. Darin had his hands on the side of Jessie’s breasts. Jessie moved her hand to his cock and began massaging it through his clothes. Darin moved his hands from Jessie to pull his pants down to expose his cock. Jessie “oh my God” at the time I didn’t know why until I saw Darin’s cock later. It was extremely thick though only about 7 inches long. Jessie worked Darin’s cock with her hands. He was now rubbing her breasts. Jessie asked “do you want me to get it wet?”. Darin nodded and Jessie leaned over further to get her mouth on his cock. Jessie’s nightie pulled up exposing part of her ass as she did. I stared at her pussy for a minute as she sucked on Darin. When I finally looked at Tyson. He had his cock out and was stroking it. It was the longest cock I’d ever seen although not very thick or maybe it was just the length of it that made it look slender. Tyson then softly asked if it was okay to fuck her bareback. I knew that Jessie was already pregnant with Frank’s baby but to see what Tyson would do I said “she’s not on birth control”. Tyson didn’t seem to care about what I’d just told him, as he walked behind Jessie. Tyson slid his extra long black cock between her legs as she continued to suck on Darin’s cock. Tyson was holding his cock with one hand rubbing it against Jessie’s pussy. His other hand pushed her nightie up her back and massaged her ass. Tyson then asked Jessie if she wanted his cock. She didn’t answer. Tyson flexed his hips pushing her forward as she gasped and grabbed the chair. Tyson pulled back removing his cock from her pussy. Tyson then said “you need me to fuck you”. Jessie said “yes…please fuck me”. Tyson grabbed Jessie’s hips and pulled her back so she could resume sucking Darin’s cock. He then guided his cock into her pussy. He pushed gently several inches of his long black sausage into her pussy. Tyson then gripped Jessie’s hips with both hands and worked his cock back and forth slowly going deeper and deeper into her. Jessie moaned loudly as she climaxed. Tyson held still as she came on his cock. When Jessie finished Tyson started fucking her again faster than before. Jessie tried to suck on Darin’s cock some more. It was only a couple of minutes when Jessie began moaning again. Tyson held still as she orgasmed again. Suddenly he pulled his cock out saying “fuck….that pussy is trying to pull my seed out”.Jessie cried out pleading for Tyson to put his cock back in her. Tyson said “okay but I’m going to cum”. Tyson eased his cock back into her pussy. Jessie moaned “oh yeah,…give it to me”. Tyson obliged grabbing her hips once again and slamming his long cock fully into her over and over. In no time Tyson plunged fully into Jessie and stayed there moaning his balls contracting. Jessie hooted and howled in pleasure as Tyson blasted his seed deep inside her.It was several minutes before Tyson before pulled his long black cum coated cock out of Jessie’s pussy. Jessie collapsed, sexually spent, across Darin’s lap. Tyson encouraged me to come fuck her pussy. I was ready to explode having watched Jessie fucked so well. I pulled my cock out as I stepped behind her. I slid my cock into Jessie’s soaked pussy and pumped a few times my cock was coated with froth from Jessie’s pussy and Tyson’s cum. I came quickly adding my cum to Tyson’s. After I pulled my cock out, Darin pulled Jessie up and kissed her. Jessie kissed him back and they kissed passionately for a while. Darin lifted her nightie up to expose her breasts. Once he had exposed Jessie’s breasts and large nipples Darin dropped his mouth down and feasted on her nipples. Jessie rubbed his thick cock while he did. Jessie after sometime whispered in Darin’s ear. Darin raised his mouth from her breasts and nodded and kissed her. Jessie swung her leg across straddling Darin and pushed her pussy against his thick black cock. Jessie groaned then bit her lip as the thick head of Darin’s cock entered her pussy. Jessie stayed motionless. Darin pulled osmaniye escort her nightie off over her head. He began kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples. Jessie was still motionless with Darin’s thick cock head stretching her pussy open. Darin was rubbing his hands on her hips. He then grabbed her ass close to her crotch and pulled her cheeks apart. Jessie shrieked as another inch of his thick monster disappeared into her pussy. Jessie raised up pulling Darin’s cock part of the way out. He pushed his hips upwards grabbing her hips keeping the head of his cock in her pussy. He eased back down into the chair bringing Jessie with him. As I stared at Darin’s freakishly thick cock, Tyson said towards me “he’s the pussy destroyer”. Jessie was wiggling on the thick head of Darin’s cock. Darin began lifting Jessie up and pulling her down onto his cock trying to force it deeper into her. She grunted the first 2 or 3 times then let out a oww as he pulled harder. Jessie jumped up after another forceful thrust. Darin’s nearly tennis ball sized head popped out of her pussy. Tyson teasing said “bro you done”. “I’m just getting started” Darin replied. He then told Jessie that she needed to clean the mess off him. His thick black cock was coated with Tyson’s and my cum. She knelt in front of Darin and began licking and sucking the cum off his cock and balls. Jessie had cleaned all the cum from Darin’s thick rock hard cock. Darin stood up and pulled Jessie to her feet and motioned for me to get off the couch. He sat Jessie on the couch then pushed her onto her back as he moved between her legs. Darin put her legs on his shoulders. He pushed the huge black head of his cock against her pussy. Jessie moaned loudly as Darin’s cock entered her pussy. He gripped her hips and pushed his cock steadily further into her. Jessie began groaning saying fuck fuck… as she pushed her hands against his stomach. It didn’t stop him from continuing to push all of his thick cock into her. Jessie was panting there were tears in her eyes. Darin’s black balls were pressed against her ass. He held his cock there completely buried stretching Jessie’s pussy. Jessie’s panting slowed down after several minutes. Darin began pulling back and shoving his cock hard back into her. Jessie began cursing again as Darin slowly fucked her. Jessie’s cursing turned into moans and she grabbed her legs pulling them up farther. Darin’s pace quickened. He began to moan. When Darin shoved hard into her exploding his seed into her. Jessie cried out as he did. Darin stayed on top of Jessie caressing and kissing her his cock buried inside of her. It was ten minutes or more before He pulled his cock out. Cum poured out of Jessie’s stretched pussy onto the couch. I got her a towel. Jessie stuck it under her ass. She said she should go to the bathroom but couldn’t move yet.The football game was over before Jessie had me help her to the bathroom. She had some difficulty walking. Once I got her in the bathroom she insisted that I go hang out with the guys. They were watching another game eating and drinking. They were smiling at me. Tyson asked if I liked stretched out pussy and that he loved it. Darin added that she won’t be able to cross her legs for a while. Tyson after along while stood up said “since you don’t mind I’m going to go check on her”. He walked into our bedroom. I could see that his cock was at least semi hard. I wanted to follow but thought it would be weird. Thankfully Darin got up and headed to the bedroom. Darin walked slowly through the door. I then was able to see Jessie was lying on the bed naked. Tyson was caressing and kissing her breasts. She was holding his head and rubbing his chest and arms. Darin got on the bed on her other side. They each worked on a breast. Tyson removed his clothes and knelt by her side. Jessie stroked his long black pole.Tyson stroked her pussy with his hand working farther down. Jessie was moaning softly. Tyson pushed a finger into her ass and Jessie moaned louder. Tyson said something to her. Jessie replied “No”. Tyson said “I had to ask”. Tyson moved between her legs and slapped his cock against her pussy before burying in her pussy. Darin stripped off his clothes and laid next to Jessie. Jessie stroked Darin’s fat cock while Tyson pounded her pussy. Tyson was soaked with sweat as he fucked her for over 10 minutes before he finally came. Once Tyson finished Darin had Jessie stand up and lean over the bed. Darin pounded his cock into her for over 5 minutes. Jessie must have orgasm 5 or 6 times as Darin fucked her. She cried out “oh my fucking God” when Darin came in her.We eventually all returned to the livingroom. Jessie, Tyson and Darin all remained naked. They fondled her and she played with there cocks for hours. Darin fucked her about once an hour. Each time she had intense orgasms. Tyson kept sliding his cock into her several times every hour but would pull out without cumming. He seemed to be fucking Jessie just enough to keep his cock hard.Darin finished fucking Jessie for the seventh time shortly before 11 pm. He was exhausted and said he couldn’t do anymore. Tyson stroked his cock into her soaked stretched pussy. He then agreed it was time he put her to bed. Tyson picked Jessie up and carried her into the bedroom. He put her on the bed and had her get on her hands and knees. Tyson knelt behind her and sank his long black cock to the hilt in one stroke. He got to his feet crouched behind her. Jessie groaned as he started to fuck her that way and dropped to her elbows. Tyson grabbed her hair and pulled her back up as he power fucked her. Jessie groaned in surprise as be handled so roughly. She soon started to moan as she got accustomed to the position. It didn’t take Tyson long before he started moaning as well. He suddenly slowed down and began swearing for well over a minute as he flooded her pussy. Jessie climaxed too from heat of the large volume of cum he shot into her. It was running out of her even though it had been deposited a good 12 inches deep inside her. Jessie sat on the edge of the bed her pussy gapped open pooling jism. Darin and Tyson stood by her. She kissed and sucked on their cocks before they got dressed and left

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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