Watching My Loving Parents Ch. 02

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On Sunday morning, I awoke to the sun’s rays peeking through some openings in the wooden walls of my room. I looked at my bed-side clock and it was 8:40. I was about to get out of my room to use the toilet, but stopped when I heard voices outside my room (from the dining area). My room door was slightly open, so I could clearly here the conversation.

“You look radiant this morning, Rani-ma,” Aayahmah complimented Mom, “such a happy and satisfied look. Your face and eyes tells a story of so much love.”

“Ohh you! Don’t tease me-lah, Sundari. A week away from the man I love. What did you expect apart from a passionate night of love-making?” laughed Mom.

“Yes, I would have expected that. Annan (translates as big brother in Tamil) would have missed you too and wanted you so much,” said Aayahmah. “You two are truly made for each other” she continued.

“Yes, I am so lucky to have him,” said Mom. I nodded in agreement.

“And he, you” replied Aayahmah. Again I nodded. “Here’s your coffee, Rani-ma.”

It was an interesting conversation between Mom and Aayahmah. They were so open with each other.

“I wish you could also enjoy the same womanly pleasures as I do, Sundari,” said Mom. “You know that you are like my sister. And you know that I did try some years ago after your hubby died, to persuade my hubby to take you as his second wife and satisfy you as a woman, but he’s not the least interested. He’s never raised that issue again. Not that it’s you – he’s just not interested in any other woman. Says he’s got more than enough woman in me,” explained Mom further.

“I can believe that Rani-ma. He finds total satisfaction in you” said Aayahmah. “You two are the perfect couple — blessed from the heavens. Long may you live as Man and Wife” she said in a truly sincere tone. “Not once in the last 27 years that I have been working for you has Annan ever tried to flirt with me, he only has you in his eyes” continued Aayahmah.

“I may have been unlucky to have lost my husband early and not be able to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh anymore, but in another sense I am really blessed to be a part of your wonderful family. The way you and Anna have treated Mala and me, what more could I ask for. I am truly happy here with you all” said Aayahmah.

There was silence for some seconds — I assumed that they were just hugging and comforting each other. Then Mom said “I’ll take his coffee up to him and after that we are going to the market. Anything else needed besides the shopping list we made yesterday?” asked Mom.

“No, I think we got everything noted” replied Aayahmah.

I waited for a while, till I heard Dad’s car driving away. Then I came out of my room and went to use the toilet, after which I headed for the kitchen to have my morning mug of coffee. Aayahmah was making it for me and handed it over to me.

“Good Morning, Aayahmah,” I wished. “Have Mom and Dad left for the market?” I asked.

“Good Morning, Mohan. Yes, they just left and should be back before 11:00. You know how crowded the market is on Sundays” replied Aayahmah.

“Did you have a good sleep?” she asked.

“Yes, a wonderful sleep,” I said. “May I ask you something, Aayahmah?” I muttered.

“Sure, Chellam” she replied.

“How long have you known Mom and Dad?” I asked.

“More than 27 years, since your Mum was pregnant with Sheela” she replied. “We have shared a lot together. She’s like my sister and your Dad like my brother” she continued.

Aayahmah was wearing a sari — she always wore a sari around the house. Only when she did gardening, she used slacks and a shirt or t-shirt – she had a nice garden patch at the back, where she grew some green vegetables, as well as flowering plants like jasmine, hibiscus and daisies. She was around the same height as Mum, though she had a bigger frame, but she wasn’t fat.

After the events of last night and the conversation I overheard this morning, I was seeing her in a different perspective — as a woman. She was darker than Mum but beautiful, with sharp, lovely facial features and hardly any wrinkles. She had really nice, round eyes and sensual, thick lips and a pretty nose, adorned with a gold stud. Her hair was as long as Mom’s and she always tied it into a bun at the back. Her sari was well draped around her body and didn’t show any flesh. All I could make out was her wide, well-rounded buttocks.

“Do you miss your husband, Aayahmah?” I asked.

“As a husband, NO!” she replied with bitterness. “It was an arranged marriage and he seemed a good man when we were first married. But when I was pregnant with Mala, he lost his job as an attendant in the hospital, due to his drinking habit. Your parents advised him many times, but he never changed. Your Dad even found for him jobs as a gardener in the post-office, but his drinking destroyed everything. Life for Mala and me was hell. I never found any satisfaction from him as a husband and Mala never as a father. Only your parents kept relaxbet güvenilirmi us alive and well” she said with tears in her eyes.

“And, why are you so curious this morning, my son?” asked Aayahmah.

“Nothing really, I was just wondering. Why didn’t you re-marry?” I asked.

“What? Who would want to marry me?” she asked. “And, in our society, it’s unthinkable” she continued.

“Why not? I have a Tamil friend in campus whose Mom married a second husband at 55,” I answered as I kept admiring her pretty face. “And, hey, I would marry you if I was a little older,” I joked.

She stared at me, laughed and then hugged me. “You always knew how to melt my heart, even when you were a baby” she said, holding my head to her bosom. “Now go take your bath” she ordered.

Our bathroom downstairs was really large. Water from a tap was collected in a large porcelain tub, which helped make the water chill. We then used a plastic container (with a handle) to take the water from the tub and pour it over ourselves — a manual shower, you can say. I loved having a shower like that.

Within the bathroom, there was also a square block of concrete, about waist height, on which there was a granite stone cemented. This was where Aayahmah used to wash all our clothes on (no washing machine in those days or at least, we couldn’t afford one). Mom had however instilled discipline in my sisters that their panties and bras should be washed by themselves and not left around in the bathroom or laundry pail for someone else to wash.

After a shower and change of clothes, I went to grab a small breakfast of cream crackers with coffee. And, then I went upstairs to read the morning newspapers. Call it boredom or curiosity I decided to look into my parents’ bedroom. Spick and span, windows open to air the room and their bed was done — Mom was a perfect housekeeper. I sat on their bed and looked at the wall where the peepholes were. They were not clearly visible from the bed but when I went closer to the wall, I could make them out. Were my parents aware, I wondered.

Finding nothing more of interest there, I came downstairs again. Aayahmah was in the bathroom washing clothes. I saw her standing there with a pile of clothes on the floor. She had removed her sari and stood there with her long under-skirt (called pavadai in Tamil), which she had folded, so it only came to her knees, and her blouse — she did this to prevent her sari and pavadai from getting wet. I stood at the door to the bathroom and on the pretext of starting a conversation I began to admire her body. Many a time I had seen her in that same clothes, but today she appeared different to me….as a truly desirable woman.

“Do you feel lonely sometimes, Aayahmah?” I started. I took in her body. Her blouse held back what seemed a large pair of tits, tightly packed in her bra. Her cleavage indicated some juicy melons in there, waiting to be freed. Her legs tapered off from her fleshy thighs and rounded buttocks to her slender feet and toes. I’d never noticed the hair on her legs before and my mind wondered.

“What’s with your questions today?” she asked and then replied my question, “Not when you all are around. When it’s only your parents and me here, yes, sometimes I do get lonely. But I keep myself occupied — reading, sewing, gardening” she said, as she scrubbed my jeans on the stone.

“Don’t you have friends in the neighbourhood here?” I asked, admiring her nice mid-section – a slight tummy with a nice navel showing. The outline of her panties was evident against her pavadai and yes, she had a nice round ass.

“I do, but I keep my distance” she replied. “I don’t like gossiping and there are quite a few bitches in the neighbourhood” she continued.

As she kept scrubbing the clothes one after the other, I was getting turned on by her movements. Her breasts were jiggling as she bent over a little to scrub, her body moving in rhythm. It looked so erotic to watch and a flash of Mom riding Dad last night came to my mind. I felt my cock stirring.

“Do you have a girlfriend now, Mohan?” asked Aayahmah.

“No” I replied.

“But, you do like girls, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, but I haven’t found anyone to my liking” I replied. “Anyway, I don’t want to get settled now. I want to enjoy myself first” I said.

“You mean you want to fool around, break many girls’ hearts and then settle down. All boys are the same” she laughed.

“No, I won’t break any woman’s heart. I will adore them with respect” I replied.

Just then we heard Mom calling from the front. Aayahmah told me to go help carry the stuff from the car while she quickly draped and tied her sari. I made two trips to carry the stuff from the car to the kitchen, with Mom and Dad helping. Aayahmah in the meantime was putting the washed clothes out to dry under the sun.

Mom sat down at the dining table with a glass of cold lemonade and asked me if I’d had breakfast which relaxbet yeni giriş I confirmed. She was wearing slacks and a blouse. I sat across from her and admired her. Around her neck, she wore a thin gold chain and a thicker chain carrying her thali (the thali is tied on a yellow string around a woman’s neck by her husband on their wedding day; Tamil, women swear by it and it is only removed when the husband dies). She had a pair of lovely earrings and a matching nose ring too. She looked beautiful, a living goddess — rich facial features with high cheek bones, lovely eyes, sharp nose and beautiful inviting lips. An image of those enticing lips wrapped around Dad’s thick cock last night flashed across my mind.

Aayahmah interrupted my thoughts. “What shall we cook for lunch?” she asked Mom.

“What would you like Mohan? Anything special that you yearn for?” asked Mum.

“A woman like you, Mum” I thought. “What about chicken korma, Mom?” I muttered.

“Ok, it’s been some time since we cooked chicken anyway. Let’s make some korma plus some stir-fried chicken with briyani rice, and tomato-cucumber salad plus stir-fried cabbage. That should be enough” said Mum. “For dinner, we could have chapatti with the left over korma, ok?” Mum said to Aayahmah who nodded in agreement.

We had lunch around 2pm. Delicious home-cooked food. Both Mom and Aayahmah were great cooks. After lunch, Dad had his usual Sunday afternoon nap on his easy-chair in the veranda while Mom was on the sewing machine for a while before taking a nap on her easy chair in the hall. “Resting after their extended love-making last night” I thought. They looked so peaceful in their sleep — both Mom and Dad. Maybe that’s why I had been so ignorant — their gentle, peaceful and pure outer images did not equate with the erotic scenes I witnessed the night before. In the privacy of their room, they unleashed their love, passion and eroticism to the fullest.

I admired both Mom and Dad for a while longer before heading downstairs. Aayahmah was having her nap too, so I just lay on my bed and read a book for an hour or so. My room door was open. It was around 4:30pm when I heard a door being shut upstairs. I quietly looked to see who it was and not seeing anybody, I went upstairs to check. Both Mom and Dad were missing and their bedroom door was closed. I quickly went into my sisters’ room to check what they were up to. I heard someone having a shower as I took a peek to one of the holes.

Mum was sitting on a mat on the floor doing some yoga and stretching exercises. She had nothing on but her blue panties. Her hair was tied to a bun on the top of her head. She was sitting sideways to my view. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on her breathing, using her stomach muscles. Her softball-sized breasts followed the movement of her breathing. I really think that her yoga helped her maintain her youthfulness and her frame. God, what a woman! I could see sweat dripping down her face and body which indicated that she had been doing that for some minutes already.

The bathroom door opened and Dad came out wearing a towel which did little to hide his swinging prick — it was semi-hard. He looked at Mom and asked “Finished?”

“Yes, just about” she replied. “The short nap and the yoga did me good and I need just one more thing to do before going for my shower” she continued, as she got up and moved towards him. She tilted her face upwards towards Dad as her hand went under his towel, grabbing his cock roughly. Dad kissed her as she took out his now hardening cock, his hands squeezing her ass.

She gently broke off the kiss, while pushing back the foreskin of his love tool and asked “I need my special honey after that workout — will you feed me, Athan?”

Dad just nodded, kissed the pottu on her forehead and gently guided her down to his massive tool. It looked gigantic, peeking out from under the towel. Mum looked up at him, smiled and put her tongue out to lick the swollen cock head. She said “Yum, yum” before engulfing the whole prick into her mouth in one swift action.

It was bright daylight and here were my parents locked in their room, Mom orally pleasuring Dad’s cock. It was as if that was the most natural thing for her to do, so real and at ease with each other’s body. I quickly looked out of the window to check if Aayahmah was still in her room and after being sure, I partially closed the door of my sister’s room and continued with my viewing of this wonderful love act.

Mom was on her knees now and had her hands on Dad’s buttock, pulling him. Dad held his hands behind Mom’s head and fucked her mouth with a steady rhythm. His fingers were stroking Mom’s silky hair. Her back was towards me and I admired her body.

“Ohhh God, Rani….I love your mouth around my cock. It’s as tight as your pussy” he whispered, probably being aware that their window was open.

“Mmmmm…” was all Mom could reply.

“Did they do this every relaxbet giriş Sunday? Did Mom always do her yoga in the nude? How often does she suck Dad’s cock?” I wondered, staring in awe at my Dad’s truly magnificent prick, sliding in and out of Mom’s mouth.

“I really love your cock, Athan. I love your taste…mmmm” said Mom as she trailed her tongue along the underside of his shaft to the base, then licking it all the way back to the head. Her tongue swirled around the swollen, mushroom head. She now pulled the towel completely away from Dad. She lifted his hairy sac and then took his balls, one after the other, into her mouth before sucking them both into her mouth.

“Raniiii…” groaned Dad, his hands tightening behind her head. Mom was nibbling on the underside of his cock. Dad’s fingers undid Mom’s hair bun and let her hair fell down over her body. He stroked her silky straight hair as Mom held his mighty tool with both hands.

“I want your honey, Athan. I want you to explode in my mouth. I need it now, please” pleaded Mom before taking his cock deep into her mouth. She had his full length completely in her mouth.

“How can she manage that size in her petite mouth?” I wondered. By now, my cock was out, throbbing, my right hand stroking it, spellbound by the sight.

She then started sucking hard as Dad began to really screw her mouth. In and out went his rod, like a piston, and I started to wank my hard tool in tandem. Mom had her eyes open and she looked at Dad lovingly, while he continued his assault of her mouth. There was so much love in her eyes, as if they were urging him to empty his cum into her hungry mouth.

Dad started to stiffen and then groaned “YESSSS, Rani…SUCK MEeeeee…..I am going to explode now” holding Mom’s head steady.

Just at that moment, Mom pulled away her mouth from his rod and pointed his cock head to her open mouth, stroking it with such authority, her eyes glued to his. She then sat in a squatting position with both her soles flat on the floor, her legs obscenely open wide.

“Shoot it into my mouth, Athan. I want to see your love spurting out of your cock. Cum all over my face. Shower it over my breasts. Cover me with your love juice, Athan. Explode, darling…” pleaded Mom.

At that moment, Dad took hold of his mighty cock with his fingers and with a stroke of his hand, shot his load into Mom’s open mouth. “Raniiii, cummmiiiinnngggg my love, yessss….” groaned Dad. His ass tightened and his body shuddered as he erupted — his thick love stick throbbing and shooting stream after stream of white honey into Mom’s wide open mouth, which hungrily swallowed the nectar of love. Further streams splashed on her forehead and chin and the last strong squirts from his cock head landed on her tits and thali. Dad’s legs were shaking from his powerful release.

My cock exploded at that very instant — thick boy cum shot onto the wall, as I muffled my cry of pleasure, while increasing the power of my strokes. I aimed my shots on the wall like Dad was doing. I felt my whole body shivering with the powerful release.

“Yes, Athan, keep cumming. Cream all over me” cried Mom, as Dad’s fingers squeezed out more cum out of his fabulous lingam over her breasts. I stood spellbound at the amount of thick white semen that Dad had shot — it was dripping down Mom’s face and body and she used her tongue to lick it off. She then used her hands to rub the remainder all over her face, her red pottu now smeared with all that love juice. She proceeded to massage his cum all over her breasts, her nipples now hard. She then held her thali up against his cock and kissed his cock and thali, before taking the pleasure rod again into her mouth to fully clean it.

What a sight that was — Dad standing naked, holding his huge cock. Mom squatting there in nothing but her blue panties, her body glistening with Dad’s cum, licking her lips like a satisfied cat. It was so erotic, so beautiful to watch — there was so much love and desire, so much want in what they did, my loving parents.

Mom rubbed her lips all over Dad’s cock before sucking it one more quick time, gave his cock head a gentle kiss then got up and kissed Dad and said “I’ve got my special body and facial cream. I’m going for a shower now. Save the rest for tonight. I want you to screw me silly.”

Dad hugged her and trailed his right hand to her crotch. He put his fingers inside her panties and touched her hairy pussy. He then brought the finger to his mouth and sucked it. “Mmm…nice. I want that tonight darling.” He squeezed her bums and let her go.

As Mum turned her front towards me, I took her in — God, she was truly beautiful. A woman made for pleasure — a goddess of love. Her thali hung around her neck, her beautiful breasts showing no signs of sag despite three children and her panties could hardly cover her hairy pussy. No wonder Dad had no interest or need for any other woman.

She waited while Dad quickly went to the bathroom to wash (his cock probably) and went in, after Dad came out wiping his cock dry with the towel. I looked at Dad’s cock in admiration as he started to wear his clothes. It was a beautiful tool alright and enough cock to satisfy any woman. No wonder Mom’s crazy about it.

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