We Met On The Beach

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We met on the beach. It was a Monday afternoon and it was 31 degrees Celsius. I skipped work because I wasn’t ready for the weekend to end. You did the same. I walked onto the beach with my bag and my towel and my camera and saw you instantly. Normally I’d keep walking, play it cool, look for a more quiet spot on the beach where I could admire from afar. But that day, I went and dropped my things right beside you, knowing that I wasn’t leaving that beach without you. That was months ago.

I’m sitting on the couch, watching you as you cut up some watermelon in the kitchen, half in awe and half wanting to eat you alive. You are sexy. All I think about at work all day is coming home, tearing off your clothes, and fucking you senseless. I like everything about you; the way your skin smells, the way your tongue feels, the way your lips taste, your ass and the sound it makes when I smack it.

I get up cautiously and creep up to the kitchen, not making a sound. Your breathing is interrupted and you subtly shiver as I put my hands on the counter and press my eagerly awakening cock into your ass, pinning you to the counter. Making it known that you that you are mine.

I run my hands gently up and down your arms, enjoying every second of it. I love your arms. I do this slowly as I smell your hair, planting the seed of anticipation inside you. You begin to push your ass against my cock, trying to equal the pressure of my hips, but I’m too strong. You smile, knowing there is no escape, only surrender.

Reaching your hand back to grab my dick, you rub my shaft as it gets longer. It’s almost painful as it’s reached the limits of my jeans and is running out of room to grow. You try to turn around, but I don’t allow it. You want to drop to your knees and suck my cock. I can feel it. But you’re not allowed to yet.

I can feel your body buzz. I can feel your breath deepen. I can feel your soft cheeks cushion my hard dick. I take a deep breathe in, smelling you once more. Pushing your hair Balıkesir Escort to the side I kiss your neck, tasting every bit of it and watching your arousal grow. I can almost taste your sweet pussy as I imagine it soaking your underwear.

I grab your throat with my left hand and feel your tits with the other, breathing on your cheek. Pleased with myself, like a spider whose caught a butterfly in its web. I tighten my grip around your throat. I press you harder into the counter. I give you soft kiss on the cheek.

I let go and turn you around. Grabbing you by your belt I pull you with me as we step back to the other counter. I pull you in close, looking into your eyes and grabbing your ass with both hands, squeezing it hard. I love your ass and because of that I’m going to take real good care of it.

I use my tongue to dampen my lips and give you a slow wet kiss as you wrap one arm around my neck and use the other to swim through my hair. I love it when you play with my hair. You are officially the world’s best kisser. We don’t often kiss long as the urge to fuck is often so strong, but the truth is, I could kiss you for hours. You lustfully lick my tongue with yours and I do the same to you. There is not a spot on you where I wouldn’t put my tongue.

You pull back and smile mischievously as you begin to sink down slowly to your knees, fucking me with your eyes all the way down. You undo my belt and take off my pants. I take off my shirt. My dick pops out desperately as your eyes follow it. I widen my stance a bit, eagerly awaiting your mouth.

With your hands on my thighs, you begin to suck my cock slowly. I inhale eagerly, almost as if I’ve jumped into a cold lake. I’ve been thinking about this all day and it’s finally happening. I smile and watch an artist at work. You grab the base of my cock between your thumb and index finger, bouncing subtly on the balls of your feet as you lovingly take me in and out of your mouth. Looking up at me, Balıkesir Escort Bayan you squeeze my cock, trapping more blood inside it and thickening the veins around it. You use your other hand to stroke it as it’s now spit-soaked and slippery. You stare at it, enjoying your toy.

I’d like to stay here forever I think. I want to stay here until you suck the cum right out of my dick. And knowing you, you gladly would. You love to suck cock and I love watching you at work.

“I love how you suck my cock,” I tell you.

I can see you starting to touch yourself. I can see that you want to fuck. I’m the man for the job. I want to take your body, your mind and your soul to its limit and smash through it. You’ve got a big day tomorrow and I’m going to make sure that you sleep well.

“That’s enough baby, stand up,” I tell you, pulling you up by your hands.

I push you to the other counter, pinning you up against it like before as I undo your belt. I pull down your pants and bend you over, giving you a good hard smack on the ass.


I use my feet to spread your legs apart. I use the towel by the stove to tie your hands behind your back as I pin you chest down. You have to get on your tippy toes and this puts your ass right where I want it.




You half moan with pleasure and half gasp in pain. That last one hurt and it was meant to. Spreading your ass open with my hands I get down on my knees and taste your pussy and asshole before standing up to slide my cock inside you. Starting off slow, I lose myself for a second, marvelling at how good this feels as I watch it go in and out. I love watching it go in and out. I always have. My teachers always said I was a visual learner.

I snap back to reality and start fucking you harder, feeling your pussy squeeze my thick cock. I pull your hair with one hand and hold your wrist tightly with the other. You begin to moan, your mouth opens Escort Balıkesir wider and this smile on my face begins to fade. I can see you starting to lose control and I want to make sure you cum hard.

Tightening up my grip, I really start pounding your pussy. I’m putting hips, by back, everything into it. Your ass jiggles uncontrollably, as I smack my hips against it as hard as I can, slamming my cock inside you, deep, hard and often. Your moaning intensifies and I can feel that you are about to cum. My attention zooms in on your face and I keep fucking.

You moan loudly as you cum. Your body tenses violently as if you’ve been hit by lighting and I like to think that it has. I watch you make all sorts of faces. I love watching you cum.

Letting go of your hair and wrist, I use my hands to get a good grip on your ass, spreading your cheeks. I’m about to cum as well. I take my attention off of you and put it onto to myself, feeling every inch of your warmth, feeling my pubic hair tingle as it slams into your ass, feeling my balls bounce off of your clit and enjoying the sight of it all.

“I’m going to cum,” I say.

Grabbing you by your hair I force you down to your knees, putting my cock to your lips. You start sucking it hard with your lips as you jerk and rotate with your hand at the same time. I can feel my orgasm grow every time your lips and hand pass over my dickhead. This might be the best feeling in the world. I lean back against the counter and tilt my head back as you make me cum repeatedly onto your tongue and into the back of your mouth. My mouth opens wide and I feel a wave of relaxation sweep throughout my body. I cum so hard that the muscle on the bottom of my cock feels like it’s going to explode.

You slow down your sucking, and squeeze my cock hard, milking the last drops of cum out me as I can barely stand. Dazed and confused, you swallow a big mouthful leaving only one drop of cum, which has escaped your mouth to drip down your cheek.

We just stay there for a while catching our breath, remembering where we are. Seeing the watermelon you cut up on the counter, I grab 2 pieces, now starving from our incessant fucking. We sit on the floor up against the counter and eat, staring stupidly, not saying much.

“This is good watermelon.”

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