Weekend at Claire’s Ch. 03

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Lydia returned to her room to dress, clean and satisfied. She rifled through her overnight bag, knowing that the plan for the day was a walk and a picnic.

Lydia selected a small pair of denim shorts and a white vest top- out of consideration for the hot weather. Out of practicality she also threw a cardigan in her handbag. She put on her white bra from the day before, and a pair of pink cotton knickers, and slipped on some sandals.

Having swiftly run a brush through her hair, Lydia joined David and Claire.

As the trio breakfasted together Claire was solicitous of their guest.

‘Did you sleep ok? I’m afraid that guest bedroom can get a little stuffy’.

‘Oh, it was fine thanks. Much rather be too warm than too cold!’

David and Lydia exchanged brief eye contact.

‘At least you didn’t have to share it with one of those pinstriped auditors you’re so fond of’ David quipped.

This was a reference to a previous boyfriend, a Deloitte accountant that Claire had introduced Lydia to. He had not lasted long in her affections.

‘Haha. Very funny, David’. Lydia enunciated every word, with sing-song sarcasm.

‘Oh stop flirting with her, you horrible man’, Claire interjected. ‘Let’s get going, it’s lovely outside’.

David parked the car, and picked up the picnic basket from the boot. After vaulting the fence, the three ambled up the gentle slope of the hill, Claire and Lydia chatting as they went. They spread out their rug in shade of a small copse.

The view was perfect, not a soul to be seen for miles around. Claire settled down in the shade, whilst Lydia lay in the sun. She put on a large pair of sunglasses, and rolled up her top to just below her boobs.

‘Any opportunity!’ she called out.

David surreptitiously admired the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri flat, tanned expanse of her stomach at every opportunity, and her seemingly endless legs. Naturally, Lydia was completely aware of this. Claire whispered into her husband’s ear.

‘I do apologise for my exhibitionist friend’.

After a while, Claire’s resolve broke. ‘Right, picnic time!’

This was enough to summon Lydia from her horizontal posture.

The trio ate, drank and chatted. The food was excellent, ‘from a darling little deli in Amersham’ as Claire put it, and the sun warm.

Lydia was horribly frustrated. There was no way that she and David would have a chance to sneak away from Claire for long enough to fuck. She decided to take alternative action.

‘Do excuse me, nature calls’ she trilled, and sashayed into the small stand of thick foliage. David managed a sneaky glance at her wiggling behind.

Lydia knelt in the thick undergrowth, just yards from her friends. She could hear their conversation clearly. Some nonsense about olives, she pro, him vaguely anti. Usual married couples’ rubbish she thought to herself.

Lydia undid her shorts. Thrusting a hand into her knickers, she closed her eyes and once more imagined David taking her in the bushes. This time her fantasy involved being fucked face down, a fistful of her hair in his grip. Mud and dirt soiling her pretty skin.

Yes that was it.

Lydia imagined David screwing her like a cheap tart, forcing her head into the soil. Calling her a whore, a cunt, every name under the sun. His strong hands squeezing her tits. His cock up to its hilt inside her.

Her short, sharp gasps were just quiet enough that Claire and David wouldn’t hear. She came with a shudder, flooding her knickers with güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri juices. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she bit her lip, as an exquisite glow filled her.

As she returned to Claire and David, she sat back down on the rug and curled her legs underneath herself. Furtively, she wiped her cunt-wet fingers on the back of David’s shirt.

After lunch, Claire joined her for more sunbathing, whilst David buried himself in his copy of the Times. Claire removed her t-shirt, displaying her full breasts in a yellow, floral patterned bra.

‘Hope you don’t mind!’ she said. ‘Trying to keep the white marks down to a minimum. Nothing you haven’t seen before I’m sure.’

Lydia giggled, and lay back. ‘I’ll keep mine on to save poor David’s blushes’.

When they returned home, Claire announced that she felt unwell. ‘Probably just the heat, but I think I could do with a lie down’.

David was immediately sympathetic.

‘That’s fine darling, have a decent sleep. Don’t hurry back. I’m sure Lyds and I will find something to do’.

He flashed a meaningful look at Lydia.

Doing her best to look equally sympathetic, Lydia offered to bring her friend tea, but Claire insisted that all she needed was a rest. She left, closing the living room door behind her.

Desperately horny from their failed attempt at an outdoor shag, Lydia and David were in each others arms before Claire had even reached the top of the stairs. They kissed hard. Lydia’s sharp little teeth nibbled at David’s lip. They sank to the soft carpet together.

Lydia straddled her lover’s lap, kissing him insistently, as he unbuttoned her shorts and thrust a hand into her knickers. She ground herself against him, soaking his fingers. Her breasts pressed güvenilir bahis şirketleri against his chest as she rocked back and forth. He managed to curl two fingers inside her, despite her restrictingly tight knickers.

‘Hurry up David’ she murmured into his ear, ‘She can’t sleep forever’.

Taking this advice to heart, David yanked down her shorts, and Lydia wriggled out of them. He unzipped his trousers , and pulled down his white boxers, cock springing free from the elastic. Kneeling awkwardly astride him, Lydia pulled her panties to one side, and lowered herself onto his cock.

In this semi-clad seated position, Lydia began to slowly rock against David, and he thrust to match her rhythm. She rode his cock faster and faster, his hands gripping her cotton-clad bum. Her neck flushed red as he fucked her.

A thumping noise from upstairs stopped them both in their tracks.

‘What the fuck was that?’ David hissed. They froze, his cock still deep inside her.

Another pause, and a creak of bedsprings.

‘Fuck it, come on!’

Lydia smothered his protests with kisses as she began to fuck him again, building back up to the frantic speed of before. David felt every contour of her tight cunt against his dick, and was spurred on by every gasp and moan from his receptive young lover.

She whispered filthy come-ons into into his ear.

‘Go on, go on, fuck yes, so good. Fuck me like her, pretend I’m Claire. Come on, fuck me like you do your wife’.

This was the last straw for David. He exploded inside her with a deep groan, filling her with his seed. As he twitched inside her, Lydia climaxed simultaneously, throwing her head back in wordless ecstacy, and arching her back.

She fell forward onto him, her long hair covering her face. They kissed.

‘You just get better and better, darling’, he said.

Lydia rolled off him and adjusted her knickers, lying next to him on the carpet. In an act of mock obeisance, she kissed her way up his thigh and took his shrinking penis in her mouth.

Gently, her tongue cleaned it of his cum and her juices.

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