Weekend With mom : True Story

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Weekend With mom : True StoryPre- I just graduated 2 years of college, and I’ve always had a thing for my mother. She is in her early 50s now, about 5’6 5’7, 150? She has large breasts and a thick ass and nice thick thighs. Anyway, My family has a house up on a lake a couple hours away. I go up there whenever I want and so does my family. So this is how it went, my friends were busy for the weekend so I decided to take a ride up to the lake house to get away for the weekend, not knowing if anyone was there. I get up there and see my mothers car, figuring maybe my parents are up…Here it goes.I pull up, take my bags out and walk into the house. I walk in to see my mother sitting on the couch reading. “Hi sweety, I didn’t know you were coming up this weekend?””Yea, I figured I’d get away for a few days, not much going on at home.””Oh that’s nice. Well put your things away and relax.””Ok mom, see you in a bit.”(Nothing sexual at this point, or atleast I wasn’t thinking it.)I put my things away, changed and came out and turned the t.v on. The house is rather small its a few bedrooms, open living room and kitchen. So this is how it all started. A little time passed and I fell asleep istanbul escort on the couch watching tv. My mother had gotten up and went for a nature walk. When she walked in she had woken me.”I’m sorry sweetie did I wake you?””Yes but it’s ok I needed to get up. Uhh my back is shot.””Aww sweetheart, come sit down let me see if I can help.””Ok.”(I do construction so my mother knows my back is always aching)So I go sit next to her on the couch and she starts massaging my back. At this point I wasn’t thinking anything sexual. “Hows that?” She asked.”That’s great mom.”She continued to rub my back and shoulders, and I felt her start going lower on my back, and also up over my shoulders and touching my chest. I noticed her getting closer to my and I could feel her breathing on me. This is when the thoughts started coming to my head.I felt her getting closer to me and I felt her breast touching my back. I started thinking of my mother naked and her soft hands touching me. I started to get hard, but I was afraid to let her see it so I tried to keep my distance but It felt like she kept getting closer. Now I was avcılar escort going crazy.”You like that sweetie?””Yes it feels so good mom.””Yea? Take this shirt off.”I took my shirt off and she kept massaging me slowly, and she kept going over my chest and shed go over my nipples and itd turn me on more.Now the interesting thing about this whole story, My mother and I never said a word to eachother like what are we doing or what are you thinking, we just went for it and even after this the few times weve had sex weve never said anything to one another about it.I guess I gave her the signal because she went over my nipples and a let out a moan”Uhhh that feels good””Yesss.”She started slowly kissing the back of my neck. breathing really heavy. After a Minute of this I turned around and just looked at my mother. We just had a connection and came close and started kissing. Right away our mouths opened up and our toungues touched. We rubbed our hands up and down eachothers bodies.”Yes baby.” when she said that I was rock solid.I started kissing her down, I took her shirt off un did her bra and saw her breasts for the first time. She has şirinevler escort large breasts with large, erect nipples. I licked and sucked them and that turned her on so much. I slowly made my way down to her pussy, which wasnt shaved but it was neatly trimmed, but it was soaking wet! It smelt sweet and tasted sweet. I couldnt believe I was eatting my mom out. Eventually I made her cum. She then pulled me up and grabbed my crotch. “mmm I want you baby.””I want to feel you mom.””Baby give it to your mom.”I pulled my pants down and just as they hit the floor my cock was in my mothers mouth! It felt so good, she made it so wet. After sucking my cock for a bit, she looked up at me.”Fill me up. Give me that young stuff.”I laid my mother back on the couch and slid my cock into her pussy. Her pussy was so wet it felt so good. I can usually last a while but I can only remember fucking her for maybe 5 to 10 minutes before I came.As I was fucking her she was moaning. It was so fucking hot. She grabbed my head and pulled it closer…She then grabbed her breast and put it to my mouth. I started sucking it and she went wild. The moaning was crazy”BABY! Fuck!””Yea mom, I’m going to cum so much!””Yes Baby I want you! I want you so bad!”I blew my load in my mom. It felt so good. We layed on the couch kissing, my dick staying in her softening up, but filled with my cum. She grabbed my hand and said lets go clean up. She lead me to the shower and then….(I will post the shower and rest of the weekend next. And yes this is a true story)

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