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Subject: Welcome to Gayberry – 24 Welcome to Gayberry � 24 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. His is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 24 “I am so glad to be out of that house” the sheriff said. “Them women is about to drive me nuts. If that Bedford woman don’t go home soon, there may be a killin’. Mark, I’m sure you’re wonderin’ what went on her tonight.” “Sheriff,” he said, “I honestly trust you enough now to just know that you’ll tell me what I need to know. I’ve seen how you and Mr. William treat your boys and I really trust both of you.” “Thank you for your faith, Mark,” the sheriff said. “I ain’t sure I’m deservin’ of it right now. I hope you’ll always know that I try to do what I really believe is best for everbody. It don’t always work out. Tonight, somethin’ happened at your Uncle Ben’s house. Your mama was involved and Betty Jean was there too. Your mama god hit in the head but she appears to be all right. Your Uncle Ben got hit in the head too. Betty Jean was there but the story she tells don’t really add up. Ben ain’t got no memory of what happened after he got slammed in the head and your momma has a tale that I just ain’t sure is believable. That’s it in a nutshell, son.” The boy was quiet for a moment. “Sheriff, I been doin’ a whole lot of thinkin’ in the last few days” he said. “More thinkin’ than I’ve done the rest of my life. One thing I’ve decided is that we have to figure out who we think we can trust. Then we have to stick with it. We may be right and sometimes we may be wrong, but all we can do is our best to figure things out. My momma can’t be trusted. That’s a fact. My dad ain’t been trustworthy either. And he’s drank and he’s had an awful temper. As far as I know my Uncle Ben has always been honest, at least with me and Jeffy. Fact is, he’s tried more times than I can count to try to talk my dad into leaving my momma and bringin’ me and Jeffy to live with him. You don’t know how many times I’ve hoped that would happen. My paw was a different man with Uncle Ben. He never got mad or upset and I never saw him dinkin’ when Uncle Ben was around. I ain’t never told nobody this but I think Uncle Ben loves my paw and, in his own way my paw loves Uncle Ben. My paw’s just too selfish for his own good. But the fact is, when my maw ain’t around, my daddy can be really nice, really funny and he’s very smart. He’s a real good coach and a good teacher. My dad’s far from perfect � you’ve seen that for yourself � but if my momma ain’t around to keep him stirred up, he’s a complete different person altogether.” “I believe that, Mark,” the sheriff said. “I think you’re a smart boy too. I seen how you took care of Dopie tonight. You took care of him without askin’ no questions. I was watchin’ and I liked what I saw. A paw can’t ask no more, son. When we get to Ben’s house, I want to give you a big, long hug, boy.” “I’d really like that, sheriff,” he said. “A lot.” They drove up in front of Ben’s beautiful home and wished William a good night. Mark carried Dopie and Randy had their bags as they went into the house. A piece of plywood had been wedged where the window on the front door had been shattered. When they got inside, all of the blood and glass had been cleaned up and there were no signs of what had happened earlier. Randy was relieved at that as he had feared walking into the home with blood and broken glass might upset Mark and Dopie. “Jeffy and Walter are in the bedroom downstairs so why we don’t we take Dopie down there” Randy said. “That way, when he wakes up in a strange place, he won’t be scared if he has buddies in the bed with him.” The strong boy took Dopie down the stairs and the sheriff opened the door to the bedroom. It was a very large bed in the room and a nightlight cast a pale blue glow. The boys were still sleeping soundly and Mark sat Dopie on the side of the bed and gently removed his bathrobe. The little ginger boy was naked and Randy was surprised at the gentleness with which Mark laid the boy beside Jeffy’snaked body. Randy again noticed that Walter was wearing a pair of white briefs and again he wondered why the boy was so modest when his father seemed almost eager to show his body. Arney was asleep on the big sofa in the television room adjoining the bedroom. Randy shook him awake and told him he could head for home. “It’s been a crazy day” the deputy said. “It sure as hell has” Randy agreed. Something real coincidental happened this afternoon” the deputy said. “After Mr. Littlechurch left the court house, he apparently went to the school.” “You mean after he finished fucking your ass?” the sheriff asked. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, after all that” he said with his hangdog look. “Well he called and said he’d had a burglary in the theatre department” the deputy said. “He said it wasn’t major � probably not more than 3 or 400 dollars in stuff stolen. He just said he thought he ought to report it in case there were other burglaries in the area and in case a report would be needed for the school to file an insurance claim.” “Thanks for mentioning it, deputy ,” the sheriff said. “I’ll take it from here. Will and I have a meeting with Mr. Churchill in the morning regarding the pageant.” “Are you sure I don’t need to go sleep at the jail tonight” he asked. “There is a prisoner there.” “I think this one won’t be a problem” the sheriff said. “Get on home and grab some sleep.” As Arney left, Mark came down the stairs, bringing ham sandwiches and sodas for the two of them. “You’re a lifesaver, kid!” the sheriff said. “We really didn’t finish dinner tonight thanks to miss meddlesome choking on her meatloaf. Although I’da been fine with her choking to death, you were really good in an emergency. “I hope if it ever happens to me you’re close by.” “I hope so too, sheriff” he said quietly. They ate their sandwich as they watched the news on the local Mount Pilot station. When they finished, Mark lay his head on the sheriff’s chest. Randy put his arm around the boy and held him close., savoring his clean teen-boy scent. “Sheriff, you know when I was talkin’ about my family earlier?” he asked. “Yes, son,” he said. “I wasn’t completely honest” he said. “I don’t mean I lied. I’ll never lie to you again. I just didn’t tell the whole truth. I kind of left some stuff out.” “I understand, kiddo,” the sheriff said quietly. “Some things are harder to talk about than others.” “Yes, sir,” he said. “I wasn’t real completely honest about Betty Jean. I hate to talk bad, but she lies more than she tells the truth. She actually enjoys tellin’ stuff that ain’t true. And she’ll do anything my momma tells her to do. It’s like neither one of `em ain’t so bad by theirselves, but together, they’re dangerous. Does that make any sense?” “A lot of sense, boy,” the sheriff said. Randy told Mark the complete story of the events of the night. When he finished, he saw a tear run down the boy’s face. “What’s the matter, son?” he asked, holding him tighter. “My momma and Betty Jean is trying to send him to prison when he ain’t done a thing to deserve it” he said. “I just feel it in my gut. I’d be willin’ to bet you she’s getting’ ready to sell the house we lived in and she’s somehow thinkin’ she’s gonna get her hands on this house too. I guarantee you that her and Betty Jean are plannin’ to sell both houses and get the cash and run. I used to hear them talk about different ways they could use men to get rich. I always thought it was just them talkin’. I never believed they’d do it. Now I really think my momma provoked my dad to get drunk and go on a wild tearin’ bender, hopin’ he’d get locked up and in trouble for the stuff he did. I think momma and Betty Jean broke in here plannin’ to hurt Uncle Ben or maybe even kill him.” ” Son, the truth can be hard to face” Randy said. “I am leanin’ toward the idea that them women tried to frame Ben and take all they could of his possessions. I know this ain’t gonna be easy, but if I need you to trick your momma or Betty Jean into getting’ a confession, could you do it, son?” “I know it wouldn’t be easy but some things we have to do ain’t easy, sheriff,” the boy said. “I’ll do whatever it takes and whatever you need to do to get at the truth. And if there’s any way you can help my paw I sure would appreciate that. I know he did wrong, but if his life could just be a little easier. He has a good heart, sheriff. I know he does.” The boy cried for a while and the sheriff just held him. It wasn’t long before Mark was asleep. And the sheriff wasn’t far behind him. Randy woke just as the sun peeked out. Mark was sleeping soundly, his head against the sheriff’s chest and his warm hand resting in his lap, right on his fat, semi-hard meat. Reluctantly, Randy extricated himself from the boy’s body, gently moving Mark into a lying position on the sofa. He put a pillow under the boy’s head and covered him with a light blanket. The he kissed the boy on the lips and went upstairs where he started a pot of coffee and then went in search of a shower. He found there were four upstairs bedrooms, the rear ones overlooking the pool area. The master was very large and had a very large bathroom about the size of Randy’s dining room. He went back downstairs and poured a cup of coffee. He walked outside on the large redwood deck, where he saw an outdoor shower with hot and cold water. Everyone else asleep in the house, he decided to shower outside. The feeling of stripping nude outside was exciting, even if he was alone. He lathered his body and stretched his muscles. The soreness he woke up with after sleeping in a sitting position went away. He was humming and enjoying the hot water on his body when he heard a voice. “Would you mind if I join you, sheriff?” Mark asked as he walked out onto the deck stark naked, his pretty cut cock fully hard and his bright ginger pubes sparkling in the morning sunshine. “You certainly can, son” Randy answered as he pulled the naked boy under the shower and embrace him. The sheriff felt the boy’s rock hard cock pressing into his groin and the man began to rub his soft, yet muscled butt cheeks. “That’s a very hard cock I saw there, boy” the sheriff said, as he held the boy. Mark kissed him and Randy returned it. “I was soft until I started watching you shower” he said. “It was like I was completely soft until I saw you lathering your big one, then I just went instantly hard. I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry I was spying on you before I let you know I was there.” “That’s fine, son,” the man said. “I like to think that a handsome boy like you would even want to look at me.” “Randy started to feel of the boy’s hard cock as he kissed him again. “That feels awfully good, sheriff, but I think I better tell you that the little boys are already awake. Jeffy and Dopie are in the downstairs shower and Walter went up to his bedroom to shower. I didn’t know whether you’d be comfortable with the boys seeing us doing stuff � as much as I’d like to.” “You’re a smart kid, Mark,” the sheriff said. “I know you and Dopie had some fun last night and I’ve been more open with my boy lately and I know you and Jeffy have done some stuff. But it might mersin escort be a shock to Walter to see us doin’ stuff and the boy’s probably had enough shock for now. He’s bound to be wonderin’ about why his dad left so suddenly and where he is.” “Yes, sir,” the boy said. “He was already askin me when his paw would be comin’ back and where he went. I put him off as best I could without telling him lies. I don’t want him to think he can’t trust me but there’s stuff that if he knew, it might worry or damage him. It’s hard to know.” “It’s always hard to know, son,” he said. “I’m surprised to say this but I’d shore like to go down on my knees and suck that pretty cock of yours right here, right now, out here in the open in front of God and all the witnesses. But we do need to watch out for the boys and we got to get to breakfast at my house in under an hour. Can I get a rain check?” “Yes, sir,” he said as the sheriff stepped out of the shower and began to dry and as Mark finished showering. “Sheriff, there was somethin’ I found a little strange this mornin'” Mark said as he rinsed his body. “When I went in to wake the little ones up, they was already awake. Dopie and Jeffy was in a sixty-njine, suckin’ each other’s little willies. Both boys were naked but Walter was sitting on the bed just watching them closely. He had his hand in his little briefs. I asked him if he didn’t want to play with the others. He shook his head and said his paw wouldn’t like him doin’ that. Then when I told the boys I hated to interrupt their fun, they were okay with that. I herded them off to shower and thought all three boys would shower in Uncle Ben’s big bathroom. Walt insisted in going in his own bedroom to use his own shower. I got Dopie and Jeffy in the shower and went back to check on Walter but the door to his bedroom was locked.” “That does sound kind of strange” the sheriff said. “But it probably ain’t nothin. Ben said somethin’ to me about his boy being real modest. I think boys usually take after their paws with stuff like that. Seems to me Ben actually likes being naked in front of folks. When Will and me was here, he stripped down and showered right in front of us. I kind of got the feelin’; he enjoyed us lookin’ at him naked. He’s got a pretty little cut cock on him too, but it ain’t nowhere as pretty as the one you got between your legs.” Mark blushed as he finished drying his muscled body. They went inside and back downstairs where both dressed for the morning. As they finished, Dopie and Jeffy came downstairs, both boys wearing only their underwear. Walter followed very shortly behind them, fully dressed and ready to leave for school. Mark went into the bedroom to help the other two dress and Randy guided Walter back upstairs and poured them both some orange juice. They sat at the counter at the island in the kitchen. “Sheriff, I really miss my paw” the boy said. When will he be back?” “Walter, the sheriff said, “I wish I could answer that. I always try to be honest with boy. Dopie can tell you that. He don’t always like the answers I give but I try to be honest. Your paw had some trouble with Jeffy’s mom last night. I ain’t sure what happened but we’re all tryin’ to figure things out. I can promise you your paw is safe and healthy but I can’t tell you just when he’ll be home. I hope it’ll be real soon and I’m doin’ everthang I can to make that happen.” “Thank you, sheriff,” the boy said. “I just miss him a lot. We ain’t spent nights apart that I can remember. I love my paw.” “I’m sure you do, Walter,” the sheriff said. “I don’t know your daddy well, but what I’ve seen of him I like him. He’s a very smart man and I’m told he’s a good coach and a good principal. Now I answered your question, would you answer one for me?” “Sure thing, sheriff,” the boy answered. “I understand when Mark came in to wake you boys up that Dopie and Jeffy were doing some things they do to make them feel good. Some eex stuff. I ain’t upset about that. It’s something every boy does. I done it, Mark done it and I’m sure your paw done it. There ain’t nothin’ wrong with it. But Mark said you weren’t playin’ with the other boys. Did they refuse to let you play? Cause if they did, I may need to have a friendly chat with them boys about includin’ all their friends when they’re playin’.” “No, sir, sheriff,’ the boy said. “It wasn’t like that at all. Jeffy and Dopie asked me if I wanted to play. I told them I didn’t. My paw told me not to do that. He don’t like for me to undress past my underwear with other boys. He’s worried about…” At that moment, their conversation was interrupted by the other three, all dressed with their book bags in tow and ready to head for the sheriff’s for breakfast. Randy found himself more puzzled than ever regarding Walter’s behavior with the other boys. As soon as they got upstairs, William and Billy Paul pulled into the circular driveway in front of the house, ready to take them to breakfast. Jimmy was also with them, sitting up front with William, but he climbed into the back beside Mark as the sheriff got into the front of the car. It was a tight squeeze in the back but with little boys in the laps of the big boys, they made it fine. “We’ve got a really busy day today, my friend!” William said as he reached over and put his hand on the sheriff’s thigh, earning him a big smile from the handsome sheriff in return. “We do indeed!” the sheriff responded. “I’m afraid it’s going to be a whirlwind for the next few days lining up everything for the Founders Day track events and the Miss Gayberry Pageant. I’m glad the mayor is handling the morning parade cause I’m afraid our hands will be full.” You’re right” William said. “After breakfast our first meeting will be with Mr. Churchill at the high school regarding the pageant. After that, we probably need to get to the field house and try to make some sense of the schedule for the track events. I don’t know how much the coach had done before he went on his bender. I went ahead and booked the suite at the hotel for the governor and Mr. Levin. They call it the `governor’s suite’ but I’m not sure any governor has stayed there since the civil war. We probably need to eyeball it as well.” “We’ll get everything done that we need to” the sheriff said. “I was thinkin’ about asking Jimmy and Mark if they might be willing to stay out of school until Monday. I think they could be of immense help to us. I’m amazed at what a smart boy Mark is and how fast he learns. Of course, if they’d rather get on back to class, that’s fine too, but I think it wouldn’t hurt for them to have a few more days for the Gayberry gossip machine to wind down. That and the fact that we might be able to do a little damage control on their reputations by havin’ them participate in the festivities.” “I think they’ll go for that” William said. “Jimmy is just one of the smartest boys I’ve ever met and I’ve got two pretty sharp kids under my own roof. I know Jimmy would love to compete in at least one of the track events. He’s a great kid. He’s so smart and he’s incredibly sexy. Billy Paul slept between us last night. All of us were naked as jaybirds and Jimmy helped Billy Paul get his tinglies. I introduced the boy to a very small butt plug last night too. After his shower this morning, I had planned to leave it out for the day but he asked me very politely to put it back in so he could feel it all day.” “Oh my God!” the sheriff said. “It’s a good thing I’m not behind the wheel or we’d just have cleaned out a ditch.” They arrived safely at Randy’s house. The younger boys went running in while Randy and William lagged behind. Randy shared the information about Walter not wanting to participate in the sex games with Dopie and Jeffy, as well as his modesty when it came time to shower and his discussion with the sheriff about his father being the reason he was so modest and afraid to expose his body. “That’s really strange” William remarked. “When we went by to see him at his house, he seemed to have no hesitation about showing off his own smooth, shaved showering in front of both of us although we were both clothed and we had just met the man.” “That is strange” the sheriff said as Mark and Jimmy came to summon them to the table. “William shared with me about the good night you guys had at the Walker house” the sheriff quietly told Jimmy. “I hope things will calm down so that Mark and me can have some private times like that too.” Each of the men put his arm around his boy as they went into the house through the front door. “It’s about time you got here, sheriff” Mrs. Bedford said in her high, irritating voice. “If I were Flea I’d have already thrown your breakfast in the garbage.” “If you were Flea, I’d already have cut your fucking throat” the sheriff said under his breath so that only William heard it. “So you stayed here another night, Mrs. Bedford?” the sheriff asked. “I didn’t hear your house had burned down.” “My house is fine” she said. “I can assure you that my house is in perfect order, unlike the pigsty you expect your aunt to clean everyday. I would never have done that for my boys. They and Mr. Bedford knew to pick up after themselves. I always taught them that everything had its place. She headed back to the kitchen as the Colonel bounded down the stairs, his usual, energetic self. This morning he was neatly dressed and groomed with not a single hair out of place. “Good morning, gentlemen!” he greeted them as they all took their places at the big dining room table. Aunt Flea had replaced the chairs on one side of the long table with a bench for all the younger boys. She brought them glasses of juice and milk and then served coffee to the men. After the food was brought to the table and Dopie said grace, the morning conversation began. “Mrs. Bedford, have you fully recovered from the unfortunate incident at dinner last evening?” the Colonel asked. “Oh yes, Colonel” she said sweetly. “How very considerate of you to ask. You are a true gentlemen, something that is in short supply in this town since my husband departed this life and my three charming sons moved away. I am so thrilled. I had planned to keep it a secret but I told Flea last night. My son who is the costume designer for broadway shows has designed and made my gown for the crowning of Miss Gayberry. It is an absolute original in sparkling robin’s egg blue tissue lame, the color I was wearing when I was crowned Miss Gayberry a few years ago. He says I shall float down the runway like a goddess. I expect it will be delivered any time and I simply cannot wait to try it on. Robin’s egg blue is the color of my evening gown I wore when I was crowned as the first Miss Gayberry.” “Yeah, yeah, you already told us that once” Randy said. Didn’t you win the title the same year Noah built his ark? Mrs. Bedford glared at the sheriff as the boys continued scarfing down their breakfast. “I’m sure it will be beautiful, Tara,” Aunt Flea said. “I am simply dying with anticipation at the thought of seeing you in it. “As are we all” Randy said sarcastically as he got up to get the coffee pot. “I’m so sorry, Randy,” Aunt Flea apologized. “I didn’t realize you needed more coffee.” “It’s all right Aunt Flea,” the sheriff said. “If I listen to much more of this shit I may vomit on the breakfast table.” “Language, Randy,” Aunt Flea escort mersin said as all the boys and men tried to suppress their laughter. When Randy came back into the dining room, instead of his coffee cup, he had a plate in his hand. He quickly set it down in front of Mrs. Bedford, swiftly removing her plate of breakfast food. The plate contained a large, cold greasy piece of the meatloaf she had gotten strangled on at dinner the previous evening. “Why don’t you try a little of that” Randy said. “Maybe the second time will be the charm!” “Well, I never,” Mrs. Bedford huffed as Aunt Flea moved swiftly to remove the meat loaf from in front of her and replace it with her breakfast plate. “Flea, I’ll never know how you live with such heathens” she said. “But yes, Colonel Watkins, to answer your question, I am back to normal. I slept well in spite of the noises I heard coming from your bedroom into the early hours.” Randy felt panicked at the idea that the old nosy bitch had heard the sounds of the Colonel making crazy wild love to the wife of the mayor. The Colonel was completely cool. “Yes, Mrs. Bedford,” he said calmly and with his charming smile, “I have a rather extensive exercise program I perform at least three times weekly to keep my body and my mind in peak physical condition. I would invite all of the gentlemen to join me in the activity. I find it keeps me sharp and healthy.” Randy and William knew exactly what activity the Colonel was referring to and could barely suppress their laughter as they recalled watching the man bouncing off the mayor’s wife while the mayor sat in the floor outside the bedroom watching and beating his meat. “Wouldn’t such activities be helpful for ladies like Mrs. Bedford and my Aunt Flea” Randy asked with a smile. “It is not a regimen for everyone” he said. “I would not recommend it for the faint of heart as it could potentially be fatal if not embarked upon gradually.” “I would love to know more about your activity, Colonel,” Mrs. Bedford said. “I heard you vocalizing this morning as well.” “That is a carryover from my days in radio, Mrs. Bedford” he said, flashing his gleaming white teeth. “I like to keep my voice strong and clear and in shape in the event a need may arise for me to use it.” “I understand completely, Colonel, “Mrs. Bedford replied. “I’m afraid I am not as faithful in my vocal exercises as you are. I have been trying to get back into the habit as I do every year at this time.” “Why is it at this time of year, dear lady?” the Colonel asked. “I try to do it as I prepare the script” she said. “I have been writing the script for the pageant every year since the year I won. I was, you will recall, the very first Miss Gayberry.” “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” the sheriff said. “We all recall because you will never allow us not to forget! You keep crowing about that shit constantly. What was it? A hundred years ago that you won? Was it before the civil war or during reconstruction?” “Randy, little ears” Aunt Flea said as Mrs. Bedford glared at the sheriff. “I guess it’s time to give you some news, Mrs. Tara Bedford, the original fucking Miss Gayberry,” the sheriff said. “You ain’t writin’ the script for this year’s pageant. You ain’t crownin’ the new Miss Gayberry. You ain’t emceeing the pageant this year, you ain’t singin’ for the crownin’ and first official walk, and you ain’t directin’ the pageant this year. If you don’t like it, you can take it up with the mayor or the goddamned governor!” “What in the world are you talking about” she asked angrily as she jumped up from her chair which fell backward onto the floor. “I’m talkin’ about the fact that the governor of North Carolina will be here for Gayberry Founders Day and that Mr. Churchill, the drama director at Gayberry High School will be directing the pageant and that Velma Sue will be doin’ the crownin’ and that the honorable Colonel Randall Watkins will be emceein’ the motherfuckin’ event. You will also not be singing the crowning song as we are all sick of hearing you croak “All Hail to Thee, Miss Gayberry” year after year after year after year. Homer File will be singing at the crowning and will also be a featured entertainer at the pageant. It is a new day in Gayberry, Mrs. Bedford. She stood, glaring angrily at the sheriff, not believing a word from his mouth. She slowly sat back down, but her chair had turned over and she sat squarely in the floor. The men and boys could no longer suppress their raucous laughter as Flea helped her get out of the floor and put her arm around the woman, guiding her into the kitchen. “Boys, that was not good behavior on my part” the sheriff said, once the laughter had calmed. “Sometimes there are things that need to be said, but they need to be said at the appropriate time. I lost my temper and said things in front of all of you I should not have. I hope you will not follow my example. I will admit I lost my tempter and I should not have. I will also be honest and say that it felt fanfuckin’tastic to say those things to the meddlesome old bitch.” All the men were laughing as were the boys. Boys love to hear men say nasty words and they all really were having a ball. “I hope you boys know not to use some of the words I used” Randy . They can get you in a lot of trouble and I wouldn’t want my example to do that for any of you. You guys understand?” All the boys nodded as the Colonel and William exploded in another fit of laughter. “Did you see the old bitch just sit down in the floor” William asked. “Funniest damned thing I ever saw!” The table again exploded in laughter. Randy suggested the boys run upstairs to wash up and brush their teeth before leaving for school. “Do you think she’ll pull out of the pageant now, sheriff?” the Colonel asked. “Absolutely not, Colonel” he said. “Within two hours, three tops, it will be all over town that these were her decisions. She will take credit for selecting you to emcee, Homer to sing, Mr. Churchill to direct � everything will be her decision once she tells it. I guarantee that. I’m willing to bet she’ll manage to convince the mayor to make sure she has the most coveted spot of the past queens to be presented in the morning parade and in the parade of queens at the pageant. I have known and despised this woman for many years.” “The mayor’s wife told me she did a pretty good job of eating her puss” the Colonel shared. “Of course she also shared that her husband knew nothing about the art of cunnilingus and almost bit off her clitoris. I’m sorry, gentlemen, but I probably shouldn’t have shared that information in front of young Jimmy and Mark. Please accept my apology.” “It’s fine, Colonel” William said. “The sheriff and I have come to trust and respect these two young men. We have accepted them into our circle of trust. There will be no more secrets among us. I shared with Jimmy the fact the Colonel will be inseminating my wife after he finishes inseminating the mayor’s wife. And the reasons that decision was made.” Mark’s eyebrows raised t that revelation, but the sheriff winked at him and the boy smiled back. “I plan to start on that project today, William”, the Colonel confided. “I am reasonably certain I was successful in planting Franklin Delano Dykes the Second in the tummy of the mayor’s wife last evening. I’ve always had a spidey sense about such thing and I have rarely been wrong. She confirmed for me last evening that she was at the peak of her cycle and the time when s he was most susceptible yesterday. She insisted I use rubbers each time we did it.” “Each time?” Mark asked. “Yes, son,’ he said. “All three times. I made it a point of demonstrating I had the rubber intact on my member when we began. Once she was excited, it was a cinch to slip it off and put it in the floor beside the bed. I loaded her three times at her peak fertility. I am reasonably certain a new citizen for Gayberry and a male heir for the mayor is growing in the tummy of your mayor’s wife. I will continue to be sure, but that does not prevent me from beginning on William’s wife.” “You guys are getting a lot of information” Will said to Jimmy and Mark. “We count on you to tell us if this is an overload. We have also decided that you may both return to school at any time.” “Will and I would like very much for the two of you to help us prepare for the events of this weekend and the visit from the governor” the sheriff said. “There is a lot to be done and we can certainly use the assistance of two smart, energetic guys like you two. We can see to it that you are excused from classes with no penalties or you can return to classes as of this morning and help us out in the afternoons. It is completely up to you two guys and we are good with whatever you decide.” “I’d love to not go back to classes until Monday” Jimmy said. “I know there’s been a lot of talk and gossip and I think, with all the stuff going on this weekend, all of that could kind of get covered up with the excitement of the weekend.” “I agree 100%” Mark said. “These are very smart boys” the Colonel said. “And very handsome as well.” The little boys came back down the stairs with their book bags, excited at heading for school. “We’d like to walk to school if it’s okay, paw,” Dopie said. “We got plenty of time and Arney will be there to help us cross” Walter added. “And Dopie wants to hold Susan Ketcham’s hand” Billy Paul said. “He’s been makin’ googoo eyes at her!” The men told them to take off and they headed out. Once they were gone, the house was suddenly silent. “Gawd, I love havin’ boys in this house, but listen to the quiet” the sheriff said. The house was almost eerily quiet after the boys left until they heard the telephone ring and a shrill cackle of laughter was heard from the kitchen. “Why, of course, Mr. Mayor,” she shrieked. “I will be glad to provide them with the script we have used for all these years. I have always welcomed input on revisions. Anything to make our pageant better. And I had suggested to Flea that having a man emcee and sing for a change might be nice and I think Colonel Watkins is an exceptional choice. And yes, of course, I will ride in the first convertible in the parade and will lead off the parade of former queens since I was, after all the first Miss Gayberry. And thank you, Mr. Mayor, for all you do.” “What did I tell you?” Randy asked them all. “Our conversation just reminded me that I think I left those three empty, used condoms beside my bed in the guest room.” The Colonel said. “It wouldn’t do for Aunt Flea to find those.” He bolted up the stairs and returned in seconds, holding up three empty condoms. “May I have those?” Randy asked. The Colonel looked puzzled but handed them to the sheriff who wadded them up in one of his fists. Why don’t we all get cups of coffee for the road, gentlemen?” the sheriff asked. They followed him into the kitchen where Mrs. Bedford was acting as if she had made all the decisions regarding the pageant. Randy poured coffee into styrofoam cups for himself, the Colonel and Will. He then asked Mrs. Befrod if he might see one of the pies they had baked the previous night. All the others were puzzled until Aunt Flea and Mrs. Bedford stepped out onto the screened-in porch to retrieve pies to show him.As soon as they were gone, he dropped the three rubbers into Mrs. Bedford’s cup. mersin escort bayan They guys all were laughing out loud when the women returned. “What in the world is so funny?” Aunt Flea asked. “Oh nothinga t all” said the sheriff. “We’re all just giddy about the exciting events of the coming weekend. Tara Bedford was enjoying her coffee and smiling like the Cheshire cat as the men they left the house. “We are running early” the sheriff said. “Mr. Churchill doesn’t have a homeroom class so he usually doesn’t even get to school until around nine. That leaves us an hour and a half. I’d really like to run by the hospital and check on Mrs. Thomas if no one minds.” “I think that’s a great idea” William said. “Would you like for me to go in with you?” Mark asked. “I don’t care a whit about seeing her but I’ll go if you think I might be able to help out.” “Thanks, buddy, but that isn’t necessary for now” the sheriff said. “You keep the colonel and Jimmy company. And you guys try to behave yourselves.” “I’m not making any promises with boys as handsome as these two” the Colonel chuckled. After learning Peggy Thomas’s room number, the two men knocked and entered the hospital room where the patient was putting on her makeup. She looked none the worse for wear, her only visible injury being a small bruise on her face and a small knot on the side of her head. “You certainly seem to be healing well, Mrs. Thomas,” the sheriff said. “I have always had amazing recuperative powers” she said. “I guess it comes from a life of clean living and a healthy lifestyle.” The sheriff chuckled. “What did you mean by that, Sheriff Gaylor” she asked with a snarl. The sheriff ignored the comment. He moved closer, taking a close look at her head injury. “There don’t appear to be any stitches where you were struck, Mrs. Thomas ,” he said. “I don’t know about that” she said. “I leave all medical decisions to the doctors.” “The amount of blood was amazing for so little visible wounding” he said. “I would’ve expected it to be much worse. I can’t even see where the skin was broken. Everything appears intact.” “If you’re doubting what I said happened, you can go fuck yourself, sheriff and you too, whoever the fuck you are” she said, indicating William. “Why, Mrs. Thomas, I am the sheriff’s new investigative assistant” William said. “I was there last night and I saw the condition you were in. I am grateful that you are alive after what I saw. I feared you might have been killed. I think the world is a better place today for not having lost such a beautiful woman as yourself.” “Why thank you, sir,” she said, extending her hand to him. “And what was your name?” “I am William Waker, ma’am, and I am at your service” he said. “I was most distressed by the sight of your beautiful daughter and yourself in such distress last evening. She is beautiful but how could she not be? Like mother, like daughter, I always say.” She held William’s hand in hers, pulling him closer and indicating a place for him to sit beside her on the bed. “Please understand that the sheriff was not in any way doubting what you told us last evening, ma’am” William said in his deep, sexy voice. “The sheriff has been up all night investigating the vicious attack on you and your daughter and he may have seemed a tad snippy. But he really is a fine man and he only wants to help.” “Okay, she said, flashing a flirty smile at the handsome sheriff. Look at this knot on my head, Will,” she said in her sexiest voice and taking his hand and guiding it to the small bump on her forehead. She held his fingers to the bump and began to scream. “Oh my God, my God, that is the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life!” she screamed out. She appeared to be sobbing, but Will felt no wetness on her face. “Oh, you poor, beautiful dear,” he said. “Please calm down. I won’t touch you. You’ve been through so much.” “I really have” she said pitifully. “I have bruises all over my body” She again took his hand and guided it to her chest and under her gown, putting it on her full breast, almost touching her nipple. She then lifted her gown, exposing her large right breast and rubbed her nipple, which became hard instantly. “Feel of that” she said, rubbing his hand over her nipple. The breast did appear purple. “I thought he might cut my nipple off” she said. “He was just going crazy!” “So Mr. Whaley had a knife?” Will asked. “You thought he was going to cut your nipple off? I will have to check my notes but I don’t remember you mentioning a knife. I may have missed it in my notes.” “I’m almost sure I remember him having a knife although I may not have told you last night” she said. “I am almost sure I remember seeing him making stabbing motions with a knife. I remember a gleaming object in his hand. I think I remember him saying I’d given birth to my last child cause he would cut my womb out of me! Yes, I’m sure he said that. And then he was punching me. Look! I have bruises all over my tummy!” She pulled up her gown totally exposing her lower body. She had a very firm tummy and her bush had been neatly trimmed into just a tiny landing strip. There were purple streaks on the area. “He said I’d never , ever have another bastard. He was so angry and I was terrified. I’ve never been so scared in all my life.” She was getting louder by the minute until a nurse rushed in, hearing the commotion. “What is it now, Mrs. Thomas?” the nurse asked exasperatedly. “I think I need another sedative” she whined. “These detectives have been asking me questions about my ordeal and I started reliving it and I was so scared and frightened.” She now had Will’s hand clutched to her almost-fully exposed breast. “No more pills for you of any kind” the nurse said. “The doctor said to discharge you as soon as we can get the paperwork done. He actually said you were taking up a bed that could be used by a sick person and for us to get you out as soon as possible.” As the nurse started to leave, the woman grabbed a bedpan from the table near the bed, flinging it at the nurse. She caught her on the side of the head. “You crazy bitch!” the nurse said. “We’ve all had enough of your bullshit. You need to call somebody to take your ass home. The sooner, the fucking better!” “Oh William, “Peg cried,” do you see how they’ve treated me? They’ve ignored my pain and my pleas for help. Now they’re tossing me out on the streets.” She grabbed William’s arm and pulled him to her, cradling his head tightly on her breast. She was stroking his head sensuously. “I need someone to help me” she said. “I will get a lawyer and sue this godforsaken shithole. They can’t treat me like this and nobody can treat me like this.” “Mrs. Thomas, I’d like it if you could come by the court house as soon as you’re discharged. I’ll have your statement all written up and ready for you to look over it and sign it” the sheriff said. “Oh, I can’t possibly get there today” she said. “I am in horrible, intractable pain and I probably can’t make it for several days. I’m so terribly sorry, sheriff, but I just can’t do that.” “Okay, Mrs. Thomas,” the sheriff said. “That means I will have to release Ben Whaley” he said. “I can’t hold him without a statement from a witness as to what happened last night. I guess I’ll have to let him go.” She was silent for a moment, then she reached out and again Pulled Will in to sit by her on the bed. “Could I possibly ask a favor of you?” she asked. “Will you go over the statement before I get there so that all I have to do is sign it? I don’t think I can be out of bed for a moment longer than I absolutely have to be. Can I count on you to do that, please?” As she spoke in her most sultry voice, she again pulled his hand to her chest, this time making sure his fingers went inside her gown and touched her firm nipple. “Of course you can, ma’am” he said. “I could never deny a request from such a beautiful woman who has been so grievously injured.” “Thank you, darling,” she said. “Please know that I will make this kindness up to you a hundred times over once I am healed. That, sir, is a promise.” She brazenly pulled him to her and kissed him on the lips. Then they made their exit, both men barely suppressing their laughter before getting into the elevator. “I talked to that nurse while you were letting her flirt with you” the sheriff said. “The nurse said the woman is a complete idiot, a complete fake, and the worst actor any of them have ever seen. She said the blood was almost certainly fake. She said it was a high quality fake because it certainly looked real. When they started cleaning the wound, they were expecting to find a very deep gash which could even have been life threatening. But once the blood was cleaned off, there was not even an area of broken skin. They are certain it was fake blood or animal blood, although they did send it out for testing. The knot was barely a bump and the woman showed absolutely no neurological deficits on examination. She kept requesting Valium and managed to get several of the tablets before the doctor attending her recognized her as a repeat customer in the ER, always trying to get medications. Bottom line, that bitch faked it all and even involved her own daughter.” “How will you prove it?” Will asked. “She seems determined to file charges.” “I have a strong idea I can flip that evil bitch daughter of hers pretty easily” the sheriff said. “If not I may have to send in my special investigative assistant to fuck her and get her to spill the truth.” “I’d be willing to try that” Will said. “She is a hot piece, but she’s all kinds of crazy. I think if she needs a high quality fucking to obtain facts, we may want to send in the colonel.” Both men were laughing as they got to the car. As they got into the car, they noticed the Colonel had his shirt off and had one arm around each of the boys, who had also removed their shirts. Each boy had one of the colonel’s hairy tits in his mouth and was sucking on it like a kitten wanting milk. “Uh-oh, they’ve been up to somethin'” the sheriff chuckled. “Did you fuck our boys while was gone for under thirty minutes?”the sheriff asked playfully. “Would that it were true” he said. “Both these boys did share with me that they are virgins and neither has much experience in kissing a man or a woman” the colonel said, as William cranked the car and headed for the high school. “Perhaps I should have said neither boy had much experience in kissing. I hope I have shared with both a few useful tips. Both boys are thinking they might want to hold on to their cherries for a certain older man in their life, which I think is very sweet. Those men are very lucky, that is undeniable. I have also discovered a very sexy device on one of the boy’s large uncut cocks and a very hard and very pretty cut pecker on the other. In addition, I have also taught both boys how to relax and have their titties eaten and I hope I have given them both useful tips on how to treat the breast of another male. These are two handsome and passionate boys and I envy whomever will be getting them into their beds. I believe that, had you gentlemen just remained a way for a bit longer, I might very well have wedged my hard pecker into at least one of their virgin holes.” “One thing I know” William said, “is that I wouldn’t want to be in line behind you at a gangbang. Not after I saw you throwing that masterful fuck into the mayor’s wife last night. I wonder if you may not even breathe some life into that frigid, drunken bitch I’m married to. All I really care about is getting another boy child in my wife’s belly!”

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