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My wife and I have been married for 20 plus years. Kids are not home for the weekend. We have not had a weekend to ourselves for a very long time.

We both have had very busy week at work. We decided to meet up for dinner. Heading to our favorite restaurant I walk up and open her car door then reached out to grab her hand. She is getting out of her car as I kiss her hand.

She slides up my body and kisses me deeply. She is looking so beautiful with her make up and tight black dress, smooth black nylons and high heels. We hold each other’s hand and walk in together. We order our drinks while holding each other’s hands.

During supper I feel her rubbing my leg up and down with her foot. I smile imagining her sexy feet touching me. I reach down and rub her nylon covered leg as her foot finds my crotch. I am looking around making sure nobody is looking.

We finish dinner and dessert as we make small talk and ordering more drinks. She looks at me and says ‘”Let’s go dancing!” I reply “Let’s go!”

Walking her to the car and open the door to let her in saying “We will grab my truck later!”

We head to the casino. I get out and walk over and open her door and grab her hand and kiss it again. Then we start walking inside holding hands as we walk in to dance hall.

We order our drinks and sat down holding hands waiting for the right song to get up and dance to. We look at each other’s eyes showing our passionate love when a slow song comes on. We walk out and start dancing holding her in my arms. Feeling her hands rub me up and down my muscular arms.

We kiss so deeply. Feeling her hands rubbing on my chest I grab her head ever so lightly and hold her tight as we kiss more. We part lips as I start sing the song to her. A black gentleman comes up and asks her for a dance and she replies “No thanks. I appreciate it but I am already taken!”

She smiles at me and whispers “I am so happy to be with you and I love you very much!” I reply “I love you more! Let’s go home!”

We grab a cab and head home. Walking in the house still buzzing from drinks. She sits me down in the living room chair. She heads to the bedroom. She comes out wearing a long silky nightie tee shirt and her nylons still.

She turns the music on and start dancing in front of me. Rubbing herself all over her body feeling so good about herself. Swaying her hips to the music. Sliding closer to me as I stare into her eyes. Watching her enjoy teasing herself in front of me. She motions her finger for me to come to her.

Standing up I walk towards her and Rize Escort kissed her deeply holding her head. She starts undressing me. First my shirt rubbing my arms and chest turning, herself on even more as I hear her moaning.

Pulling my pants down to my ankles. My cock springs out. I feel her hands wrap tight around my cock. She keeps moaning even louder and then starts stroking and rubbing it still swaying to the music.

She puts her hands on my shoulder pushing me to my knees. I notice her hand rubbing her wet pussy in front of my face. Putting my head under her nightie. She starts pulling my head towards her pussy. Making me smell her beautiful pussy. I notice how wet she is getting. I reach up and rip a big hole in her nylons then I stick my wet warm tongue deep into her pussy.

She starts to moan louder. She pushes me back and starts dancing once again. With a little more touching of her body swaying to the music. Then she motions me to stand back up. I stood up as she sinks to her knees and starts rubbing my cock teasing the very tip with her finger tips.

She is looking up into my eyes sticking her tongue out and starts flicking the very end of my cock. Then she smiles at me and takes my cock deep in to her mouth. Looking up at me teasing me with her tongue even more.

Slowly she keeps sucking and stroking me. I then feel her licking my balls. With her mouth working my shaft up and down, over and over. I am moaning and my eyes rolled back of my head.

After a while she leans back on the floor and spread her legs smiling at me. Watching her lightly rub her pussy. Spreading her pussy lips apart and says “Fuck me right now!”

So I dropped to my knees and crawled between her legs. Pushed my cock deep inside her warm, wet pussy. She wraps her legs around me and pulls me deep inside. I feel her fingernails digging deep in to my back as she screams.

I start picking up the pace. She starts moaning louder and louder. When I lean up and start kissing her neck moving my lips up to her ear and whisper “I love you.”

She starts to scream so loud. Arching her back as she cums. Her legs start to shake while she tries to catch her breath. Grabbing hand full of my hair and pushes my head down making me lick her sweet juices.

Feeling my warm tongue as I slide my finger in to her warm wet pussy and start teasing her spot. I start licking her clit. Feeling her body stiffen up. Her toes start to curl and finger nails dig deep into my skull making her cum again.

She pushes me back with her feet to catch Rize Escort Bayan her breath. She starts rubbing her feet on my chest and face. Smiling looking up at me with love in her eyes and a smile that would light up a dark knight. She uses her feet to push me to my back.

Crawling up between my legs kissing my pelvis working her way up my stomach then kissing my chest as she straddles my waist reaching down grabbing my cock lining it up to her pussy.

I feel the heat from her pussy. Grabbing her ass and pushing my cock deep inside. She gasps for air. Then I start fucking her nice and slow with long smooth strokes. She leans down and start nibbling on my neck moaning even more. I take one finger and reach around to rub her puckered hole. Making her moan even louder. Digging her nails in my chest. Leans back and lets out a scream from another intense orgasm.

Rolling her over onto her belly while catching her breath. Grabbing her ankles sliding her knees to the edge of the bed. Raising her ass in to the air. I start licking from her clit working up to her ass. Making her pussy quiver.

I reach over and grab a toy plug out of the drawer. Then I stick my cock in her wet pussy making her moan. I lube the plug up with my own spit. Then I start teasing her ass with it. Moving my hips making my cock move with nice long slow strokes, in and out of her beautiful pussy. Almost pulling it out then going all the way back deep inside her.

Then I push the toy plug in her. I feel the plug rubbing on the head of my cock every time I slide in and out of her pussy. She moans louder and louder as I grab her hair pulling her head way back. Screaming as she cums so hard, her body starts shaking. I keep going as she tries to pull away from me, but I hold her hips tight as I go faster and faster.

She starts to feel my cock swelling up as I push deep explode in her pussy. I pull out the plug as she lets out a whimper from her lips. Watching her ass grinding in the air begging for more. I then decided to take the toy plug and tease her hole a little more, but not giving in.

She looks over her shoulder and say “Please lick my pussy, but please be gentle its very sensitive!”

I lean down and start kissing her beautifully fucked pussy lips. I watch her body quiver with every touch of my lips and tongue.

She gets to her knees and turns around and put my cock in her mouth. Putting it in her mouth and starts sucking it and tease the head. It’s so sensitive. I started gasping for air and my body starts shaking as she Escort Rize looks into my eyes smiling and laughing. Then she leans up, arms around my shoulders kissing me ever so deeply.

She lays down on her back giving me a big smile and that look of fulfillment saying “Take off my nylons for me please!”

I stand up beside the bed grabbing the top of her nylons and pull them down and off. Then she places each foot in front of my face rubbing them together curling her toes knowing it turns me on. With one foot I watch her start rubbing my soft cock and with that feeling of warm smooth skin on my cock it was making my cock go erect again.

Grabbing both her feet with one hand holding them up in the air. I start rubbing her pussy. She flinches giving me that pain look in her eyes. So I reach over and grab her toy plug. I start rubbing and teasing her ass with it again, but I am not pushing it in.

Watching her grinding her ass up and down begging me to push it in. Knowing I am not as big as I was earlier I decide to push the head of my cock in her hole, nice and slow. I watch her hungry ass pulling my cock deep inside her.

I slowly wait till she nice and comfortable and I start fucking her nice and slow. She starts moaning louder and louder and feeling how tight her ass is I start picking up the pace. She rests her feet on my shoulders. I reach down and start rubbing her clit even knowing it’s sore.

She just keeps riding my cock. I look down at her seeing her arching her back. I can’t take it anymore. Her ass is so tight and warm. My body stiffens up. I start cumming deep inside her. She feels my cock throbbing inside her and it sends her over the edge as she squirts all over my chest while I am rubbing her clit.

I pull out with a plop and lay down next to her as I kiss her forehead and whisper “I love you!”

She grabs my face kissed me on the lips and whispered “I love you too and I love your cock deep inside my holes!” Then we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Next morning I wake up feeling something warm on my cock. I look down between my legs when I see her mouth on my cock sucking, licking, stroking my cock. Making me hard again.

It is so sensitive that I can’t even take it no more. When I start screaming and my legs stiffened up as I start to cum. She is holding my cock deep in her mouth knowing I came so much last night and I didn’t have much in m. My cock starts throbbing as she swallows my load.

She leans up and kisses me saying “Good morning honey thank you for last night! NOW go make me breakfast so you can take me golfing!”

I smile at her and said “Anything after what you just done for me!”

With that I kiss her on the forehead and grabbed her hand and kissed her ring. I smiled and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast for my beautiful wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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