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WELL HUNG BETRAYAL – THE ULTIMATE ACTTo fully enjoy this story please read well hung betrayal the sequal at the link below. Thanks and happy readinghttps://xhamster.com/stories/well-hung-betrayal-the-sequal-9691243I saw Neil at the pool the following morning after my wife Sarah had sucked his cock in our room He was all smiles as he said “No Sarah? is she ok”I told him she was but she was feeling a bit embarrassed as she had never sucked another mans cock, I lied, and she had never given a blow job where she couldn’t swallow the cum. He told me to tell her not to worry about it as he had really enjoyed the whole experience. He also said he would say nothing to her about the event so she needn’t worry. I thanked him for that and told him that she had enjoyed it especially his size. he said “ wow if she is impressed by mine she should see my friends, Kenny, his is really big”I went back to our room and told Sarah I had chatted to Neil, and he was totally happy and had really enjoyed himself wouldn’t bring up the events of last night, she seemed relieved and told me that she would venture down to the pool after lunch. She had cracked open a bottle of fizz and put a bit of a dent in it so I decided to help her out so she didn’t get too tipsy so early. She laughed, “Dutch courage” she said.So we lay on the bed, her still naked and I had a little fondle of her breasts and a suck on her nipples i said , “I really enjoyed watching you yesterday too, it made me so horny and jealous all at the same time. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was” She crooned slightly and her nipples hardened, his size was obviously something that aroused her. I told her that i mentioned to Neil you loved his big cock and he had told me his friends was even bigger. “No way!”she said” and i saw a glint in her eye.After lunch we went down to the pool and sure enough Neil had our beds ready, like he was expecting us. He chatted to Sarah and behaved as he had done before the event, still the same little pat of the shoulder, same chat about if you need anything etc. “See” I said to her, “I told you he was all okay with it, are you ok with it all now?” She smiled, sipped her drink and lay back on her bed. After about half an hour I was sure Sarah was asleep. I had been mulling things over in my head and I called Neil over, he nodded and arrived a couple of minutes later with a fresh beer. “So Neil” i said looking around “Does Ken work here?”Neil looked at Sarah and then looked at me and told me that Ken worked in the water sports centre. “OK” I said, “do you think he would be interested in having some fun with Sarah?” He told me he thought he would as he was a fun guy and loved sex, especially with the tourist ladies. I asked him if he could find out for me and let me know. “Sure” he said. About half an hour later i saw Neil talking to a guy who was probably in his mid 20’s and had a very athletic looking body. They were looking over towards our beds, then had a little walk past us, God I thought, please don’t say anything. As they walked past they both smiled at us and Neil gave me a thumbs up. Sarah asked me what was that about. I just shrugged my shoulders and said “Probably didn’t want to break the conversation with his mate” . She looked at me “Get me another drink” she said.Later I told Sarah i was going for a walk down to the water sports centre, not unusual as I’m into sailing, to find out the booking process for the sail boats. I told her I would send Neil over with a top up on my way past. She said,with a chuckle “Well tell him thats the only thing he will be giving me that goes down my throat” I laughed, you may be right I thought, about Neil anyway. “Enjoy your drink” I said, “You may need it” and walked off before she could ask me what that meant.I walked down to the water istanbul escort sport centre and saw Ken sorting out the sail on one of the Hobie catamarans, perfect I thought. I wandered over and said hello “I’m Ted, Sarah’s husband, you saw us together by the pool when you were with Neil. Im guessing he has filled you in.”He confirmed Neil had indeed told him about last nights events and that Sarah was a sexy lady. So asked him if he would like to show her his cock as she liked a big one and Neil had told me his was big. “Oh for sure man” he said. I asked him if he could do it the next day as I wanted to have a chat with Neil first and he was fine with it telling me he’d be there all day so just come say hi. I went back to the pool and sat at the bar, Neil got me a beer and I asked him what he had told Ken. He basically said everything and that it was great and Sarah had fantastic breasts and all he had was a blow job nothing else. I asked him how big was Kens cock and he told me he had only seen it once in the showers and it was bigger than his. I told him that i was going to invite Ken round the next day so could you let him know that I will be asking him and its just for a blow job. He told me he would. I told him if all went well i may invite him back for a thank you towards the end of our holiday. He smiled and told me he’d be over in a minute with a fresh beer and a drink for Sarah.I went and joined Sarah on our beds, she told me Neil had sat and spoken to her for a bit while id been away and had been a real gent. I said, “thats nice, maybe we will have to give him an extra special tip at the end of the holiday” She looked at me and said, “ well maybe you should try swallowing it” Just then Neil arrived and said “I have something special for you to drink Sarah” We both laughed as he put a cocktail down on her table.Next day while by the pool, I wandered off down to see Ken. I asked him if he could come down to our room about 6. He was fine with that and he told me Neil had told him what was in store and that he would respect our boundaries. He told me that Sarah was a good looking lady and he felt lucky to be getting to see her although he did ask if he would get to play with her breasts as Neil had said they were awesome. I laughed and told him, breasts were well within boundaries.Whilst at the pool I told Sarah I fancied a night on the terrace with room service so we didn’t have to dress for dinner, it was the norm for us to have a couple of nights like that. I told her I would get Neil to top our fridge right up with bubbly so we’d be set. She said, “Great, can you get him to top me up right now” “Of course” I said. I wanted her well loosened up for later anyway.We went back to our room about 4.30. I asked Sarah if she fancied a warm bath with oil as she’d had 5 days in the sun. “Oooh, lovely” she said, so I set it up for her and got a bottle of bubbly on the side, and discussed food order with her. She said, “whatever you like, just make sure we don’t run out of this” and took a big gulp of fizz. “Don’t worry” i said, “Plenty to drink tonight” we bathed and finished the bottle, mostly her. I said “here lay on the bed and I’ll massage some cream in for you.I ran my hands all over her back and legs and buttocks, lingering every so often by her pussy. We chatted as i did so and I brought up the subject of Neil saying his friends cock was bigger than his. She said, “well it must be fucking huge then” i said, “ Do you reckon you could handle a bigger one?”She said “No idea” got up on her knees, downed half a glass of fizz and lay down on her back and said, “front now please, particularly my boobs, they haven’t seen this much sun for a while. I said’ “your’e feeling horny thinking avcılar escort about big cocks aren’t you?” She smiled and said “shut up and get rubbing”I massaged her and went to town on her boobs and gave her pussy a bit of a tickle and then went down on her, she was already dripping wet. I looked across at the clock, 17.58. She said, “you just planned to seduce me tonight didn’t you?” Before i answered. there was a knock at the door. She asked me what time i ordered the food, i told her later on but it might be concierge or housekeeping, she sat up and put a towel around her and sat on the edge bed and picked up her drink. I answered the door, it was Ken. I shouted to Sarah, “Its concierge with a Special cocktail they are trying out, close your eyes because it looks quite a spectacle” I got Ken to follow me in and looked around the corner to the bed, she was sitting on it with her eyes closed. I whispered to ken to strip and walk over and stand in front of her. I walked across to the bed and knelt down, when I turned around Ken was there about a foot away from Sarah, his cock hanging there, jesus I thought, it was as almost as big as Neil’s flaccid although his balls weren’t half as big. I whispered in her ear you can open your eyes now. She gasped and sat there open mouthed. I said “I thought we should see if Neil was telling the truth. She just looked at it, then at me, then at it, then back at me. I said, “you’ll have to give her a helping hand Ken” He started to stroke his cock with his right hand and took her hand with his left and put it on his cock. I knelt behind her and whispered in her ear, “ I promised him a play with your boobs” and removed the towel, went to hang it up and by the time i returned Ken was fully erect in both Sarah’s hands.His cock was perhaps a little longer than Neil’s but it was a lot thicker. He had a firm grip on Sarah’s boobs, massaging them and thumbing her nipples. I walked back and said to him, “tell her what you want her to do” Suck it for me” he said and “don’t worry, I wont do a Neil on you, i don”t cum anywhere as much as him” and chuckled.Sarah looked at me and smiled then leaned forward and started to devour Kens monster. It seemed to take her a while just to get his bell end in which looked like a black avocado, then she took him deeper and deeper then so deep she gagged then again, she coughed and a lot of saliva spilled out of her mouth onto his shaft which she rubbed along the length of it, it seemed to make it easier to get in.Sarah was going back and forth on Kens cock, stopping periodically and sucking just the helmet while she wanked him with her hand, Ken was enjoying playing with her tits and winked at me, I was busy taking a few nice photos of the event, she seemed to be going for ages by this time the other day Neil was on the brink of shooting. Sarah stopped and stood up, she said “ God my neck hurts, here lay down on the bed” Ken lay down and she knelt on the bed with her knees either side of his legs and grabbed his cock and started to bob up and down on it. I was watching and the sight of her arse in the air was too much to resist so I got a hold of it, spread her cheeks and worked my thumbs into her pussy, god she was really wet, I knelt down and tasted her juice and gave her pussy a good licking whilst rubbing her clit with my thumbs, despite the fact Kens cock was filling her mouth she was groaning every time my thumb rubbed over her clit which was visibly swelling. Sarah started to rock back and forth while i was licking her. I heard Ken say, “wow, look at those tits swinging man, I’d love to suck on those nipples” Sarah stopped sucking him and shuffled up the bed a bit so her knees were either side of his waist, she told him to lift his head up and as he şirinevler escort did she grabbed 2 pillows and stuck them under his head and shoulders, he lay back and she dangled her breasts over his face, he reached up and squeezed them and sucked on her nipples, she loved her nipples sucked.As he sucked away I wondered how Sarah was going to finish sucking his cock from this position, as I was thinking this she asked me to finger her pussy which I started to do, then she lowered her pelvis down so her pubic mound was right on Kens shaft which was lay flat on his belly. She started to literally slide back and forth along his cock and I saw her juices leaving it all glistening. Ken was loving it all, she was groaning and I was thinking hell we are getting a bit off plan here but fuck it was horny. Then she stopped. She said. “ come here” I moved around to the front of her and she asked me to kiss her which I did. She held me by the back of the neck and looked into my eyes. She said “My god his cock is rock hard against my clit, I want him in me” i didn’t know what to do or say, I was so turned on, I just thought, fuck it, how often does any woman get to ride a cock like that.I looked at her and said ”So do I” and got off the bed. She said “ I want you to fuck me Ken! will you?” He looked at her and nodded.She lifted herself up and Ken put his hands on her hips, Sarah took hold of his cock and rubbed his helmet against her pussy lips then she pressed it against her and it popped into her lussy making her gasp. I went and stood behind her so I could take an awesome picture of her perched on his shaft, with about 8 inches of it still to go. She started to rock up and down on it getting lower each time, taking more of his cock into her. she must have had about 8 inches in her and she let out a long groan and gasped for breath several times, not moving. I moved back in front of her and could see her face grimacing, she opened her eyes and looked at me then lifted herself up slightly and took a deep breath the lowered herself and let out an almighty shriek as her pubic bone touched town on Kens abdomen. She had him all the way inside her. Sarah sat there for a few seconds then she started, rocking back and forth, her hands planted on Kens chest grunting with each movement, Ken put his hands on her hips and helped with her rocking, they began to get quicker and then a little quicker still, I cupped her breasts from behind, then all of a sudden Ken let out the first gasp I had heard from him he was starting to breathe heavily and rock his head from side to side. Soon they were in sync with their rocking and breathing both getting quicker and deeper, Sarah screamed “Oh fuck yes!! fill me with your cum” It was like she had pulled the pin on a grenade as Ken began to thrust his hips up as if trying to get deeper into her, then he screamed “ Oh yes” and started to twitch and Jerk, Sarah ground her mound into him and her fingers dug in his chest. I pinched her hard nipples and she shrieked as her orgasm thundered through her. They were both gasping and motionless. I looked at Sarah’s face and a single tear rolled down her cheek. I asked her if she had finished and she nodded. I helped her roll off Ken and she lay on the bed beside him, her pussy was still gaping open and Ken’s cum was flowing out of her, he may not have cum as much as Neil but it was a big load.Ken lay there spent, his cock all flaccid amid a pool of juice on his abdomen. He rolled onto his side facing Sarah, and said “ That was amazing, thank you” kissed her forehead. got up off the bed and whispered “iI will leave you two alone, and he slipped away, after after a few seconds I heard the door open and close.I lay next to Sarah, She looked at me and said’ Im so sorry, I don’t know what came over me” I said, “its ok I cant really say I blame you and kissed her, I said, “ I think you could use another bath” I got up and ran the bath, then took a bottle of fizz out of the fridge. “Come on” I said. “ For now lets just bathe” we got into the bath and i passed her a glass, she took a sip and put her head on my chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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