Wet Spots on My Mind

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Each day, I walk my dog along the causeway beach. It’s a regular thing and I’ve been doing it for years. It’s a long, soft sandy walk along the bay. The causeway is fairly empty this time of year and usually, only a few locals are stretched out along the shore sucking in the rays. Regularly, I meet friends there and together, we walk dogs and have a toke or two but today was not one of those days. Today, however, was different. Today, I walked alone. Today, I had a bit of an adventure.

Parking my car, I leashed up Marco and walked through the mangroves to the beach. Immediately, I bumped into Val, who I hadn’t seen in months. I always loved talking to Val. In her forties, she was quite nuts but she was also a double dose of eye candy. I say “nuts” because she always had some major drama going on that she always quickly divulged. I used to hear about men problems, financial problems, problems with the law, drinking and addiction, et al. All typically redneck stories (which usually involved a truck) and for which I had really had no patience. She’d talk and talk and I’d stand there and glom her body. I knew that she was a big tease but she showed plenty and there was no harm in feeding her vanity.

Since I’d last seen her, Val had put on some weight. No a lot, mind you, just enough to fill out her bikini. It looked good on her and I told her so.

“You really think so? I did put on a few pounds. Where does it show?”

Did I have the nerve to tell her? I hemmed and hawed. “Uh…not that much…you seem to fill out your bra…”

“You think my tits look nice? I do, too. And this is a nice top, isn’t it?” She placed her hands under the meager yellow cloth she called a “top” and cupped her 36Ds, squeezing them into the top and preening at me.

I sighed.

“Where else?”

More ego feed. “Your hips seem…no, it’s your butt. It’s a little fleshier…more to grab.”

She pivoted at showed me her ass. I mean all of her ass inasmuch as the string between her cheeks covered nothing. I sighed again. She turned back to me and thrust out her stomach.

“I’ve got a little belly, too.” Hardly. My eyes were focused on her crotch. The little yellow handkerchief perfectly outlined her camel toe. Obviously shaved, it clung to her skin and displayed her goods. Along her slit, a very noticeable wet spot appeared. Did I say that she was worth the bullshit just for the eye candy alone.

At that moment, Marco pulled me and I lurched to the side. I fell awkwardly and landed splayed on the sand. I was wearing a baggy pair of shorts and no underwear, my usual preference. I looked up from the sand and saw Val staring at my crotch. She was staring into the leg of my shorts and I realized that my cock was exposed to her and on full view. I didn’t move a muscle.

Suddenly, Val was flustered. She turned away as I got up and dusted myself off. “It was good seeing you, Ray, but I have to go,” she said as she gathered her things. “I have to pick up my girlfriend and yada, yada, yada…” She was talking fast and spinning one of her stories.

“It was good seeing you, Val. I always love to look at your body. I’ll see you again.” I turned and walked down the beach. My dick was swinging inside my shorts and I felt great. I knew, of course, that she had been teasing me but I didn’t mind. I let her do her thing and was her audience. Accidentally, by her glimpsing my penis, I had called her bluff. She panicked and fled. Ha, ha. If you can’t play with the big boys, don’t play the game. Ha.

Marco and I walked about two hundred yards down the shore. Ahead of me was another woman and her chihuahua. Marco wanted to get a sniff and pulled me forward. The two dogs got their sniffs and, in a moment, were best of friends.

“Our dogs are buddies already. Look at them.”

“Chico is so excited. Look at their tails going a mile a minute!”

I checked out the owner as she stood up. She was in her thirties, a pretty brunette, about five-two or three, and had a little weight on her. I wouldn’t say that she was fat but perhaps a little Rubenesque. She was wearing a pick knit two-piece that was about a size too small. Her very large, round breasts were hardly contained at all. Her bottoms were tight under her belly and her ass was all there.

“What’s your dog’s name?”

“He’s Marco and I’m Ray.”

“I’m Cat – short for Cathy – and I’m visiting from Michigan. This is Chico.”

“Nice to meet you. Do you like it here?”

“It’s okay. I’m visiting my dad and these two weeks have been so boring and demanding that I’m counting the days – only two left – until I return.” As she told me this, one of her tits was coming out the bottom of the bra cup. And, as she moved her arms, more of it was revealed. She reached up and tucked her tit back in. Neither of us batted an eye. “Let’s walk the dogs a little, Ray.”

“Okay, Cat.” We starting walking and chatting. The dogs were racing ahead of us, sometimes chasing one another and sometimes just dog play. She explained Antalya Escort that she really hadn’t seen the area and that her father was not in good health and she was tending to him. She was sorry that she seemed to miss a vacation but clearly enjoyed the warm weather. Every so often, she would stop talking because a tit was popping out. She’d just casually scoop her girls into her suit. It was quite a spectacle.

“What would have liked to do? There are plenty of cool places around here.”

“I don’t know…maybe be a little more indulgent. Work on my tan. Hit a few museums. You know, like that. I’d need a guide though as my father is no help.” She said that sarcastically but with no ill will. We both knew that she knew she was doing a good thing.

“I know the perfect beach. Private, quiet, very few people go there because it is not easy to access but it’s well worth it. It’s “Clothing Optional” so you can tan in the nude.”

“Ooh, that sounds like fun,” she sort-of squealed as she adjusted the bikini top again. She took a little too much of an effort doing this and while scooping, her left nipple popped out. “Oops!” She tucked it back in.

“Listen, you have to stop doing that. It’s very distracting.”

“Sorry but I can’t help it. This bathing suit has become a bit too tight, I know. Anyway, I’m sure you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. I’m not sure how to react but I admit, I love seeing your girls! In fact, if you need any help with that…”

We had come to the end of the beach where it rises up to a bridge above us. There was no one about and the dogs sat in the shade.

“I bet you do. Let me see something…” She reached up as if to adjust herself but instead pulled out her large beautiful breasts, her large silver-dollar sized nipples standing at attention. “There. Now they feel better.”

My eyes popped out of my head. How I wanted to stick my face between them.

“They look much better like that, too.”

“Oh, you think so?” She reached over and stroked my evident erection through my shorts. “Yes, you think so! And commando, too.” She then tucked her tits back into the bra and said, “Thank you. I needed that!” I detected the distinct aroma of pheromones. I also noticed that her crotch had one big damp patch along the gusset of her pink knit bathing suit bottoms. She abruptly turned to start walking back but I stood there shocked, totally gobsmacked. Chico ran to her but Marco waited by me standing patiently. She looked back at us and wiggled her ass. “Well, are you two coming?”

We trotted up and joined her. “You took my breath away. I didn’t think I could be shocked but you did it.”

“Well, like I said, ‘I needed that.” She said, matter-of-factly.

“What, flashing me or copping a feel?”

“Both. Thank you. It felt nice.” Big smile.

“Do you always make friends so easily?”

She giggled. “No. I think that was the first time I ever did anything like that. But I feel cooped up, horny and I had to bust loose, no pun intended. I felt impulsive and went with it.”

“I just glad I was the recipient.”

“Thanks! Can I ask you something?”

“What’s that?”

“You wouldn’t happen to have any weed, would you?”

We were approaching near where my car was parked. “Right up there, in the ashtray is my pipe. Would you like a hit?”

“Would I ever! Ray, you are the man. I flash my tits at you, feel your thing and now, you get me high. What luck meeting you.”

I unlocked the car and opened the back doors so that the dogs could climb in. Cat got in the passenger side. I took the pipe and lit it, passing it to her. She hit on it and passed it back. “No, no, you hit on it. You obviously need it more than I,” I said.

“You’re getting me high because you just want to see my tits again.”

“No, that’s not true. But as long as you mentioned it…” She laughed but then I added, “Actually, I’d rather suck on them.” She got quiet, smiled at me and toked up again.

And right then, damn it, her phone rang. “It’s my father. I have to take this.”

She mostly listened on the phone for about a minute and then said, “I’m at the beach. Let me get my stuff and I’ll be right back. Okay? Goodbye.” She seemed annoyed.

“He’s hungry. ” She shook her head. “I’ll be glad when I’m gone.” She sighed. “Listen, I have to go…”

“I know. Wait a minute…” I pulled a pad and pen from the console and wrote down my name, address, phone and email. “Listen, if you need to smooth out, give me a call.” I handed her the note. She opened the car door but leaned in to give me a nice, soft kiss first.

She grabbed Chico and was gone. Just like that. I turned the ignition and headed home. I really didn’t presume that she might call me, it was just a polite gesture with possible benefits. What can I say? That I am an old horn dog? Well, yes. I was feeling pretty cocky having been delighted by two different women on the beach and I rubbed my dick in appreciation. As soon as I got home, Antalya Escort Bayan I rubbed one out.

It was several hours later when the phone rang. “Hi Ray, it’s Cat.”

“Hey Cat, how are you doing? How’s your father?”

“He’s asleep now. Out cold. All the beer he drank before dinner, during dinner and after dinner helped. And me, I’m feeling spunky. Are you busy? You wanna hang?”

About fifteen minutes later she was at my door. Five minutes later, she was sitting in my lanai drinking a glass of red wine and smoking up. And five minutes after that we were loosy-goosy and laughing about our introduction.

“When I flashed you, it was fun to see your eyes pop out of your head!”

“No one ever did that to me before. I mean, here we were, perfect strangers… it was like a reverse #metoo. I was plenty surprised.”

“Back home, I’m so straight and tightly wound but down here I feel like I’m free of all that. I’m sorry if I blew your mind but I’m really not really sorry. I felt so bold, so empowered when I grabbed you by the dick…I’m stoned. This stuff works.”

“You hungry? I’ll get some snacks.”

“No, not yet. You know, it’s great out here…warm…I’ll miss the weather, that’s for sure… Hey, you wanna go swimming?”

“Sure. The pool is plenty warm. Jump in.”

“Okay.” She stood up a little wobbly and pulled off her tee shirt. She wore a blue bra which she deftly unsnapped. Um-um, did she have big beauties. Next the shorts fell and them her matching blue panties. She had a freshly trimmed snatch with pudgy lips all fleshy and inviting. “Are you coming or do I have to grab you by the dick again?”

I didn’t move. I just smiled as she reached over, grabbed my cock and pulled. I got up quickly, believe me. I quickly shed my clothes and jumped into the pool.

This woman was way horny. We were swimming around and playing touchy-feely. Her assertive fondling seemed more demanding. Her body and her actions seemed to be yelling, “I need to be fucked NOW!”

We were leaning against the coping. Her tits were mashed into my chest and she was slowly humping my leg. Even in the pool I could tell that she was sopping wet. “When was the last time you had sex? I ask you because I’m going to make you cum buckets. Are you ready for that?”

“Oh, yes, Ray. It’s been too long for me and I want to go wild on you, too. Will you let me?”

We exited the pool and went directly to my bedroom. I got some big towels and we began to dry each other off. I stood behind her and as I dried off the usual body parts, I moved closer until her boobs filled my arms and my cock slid into her damp ass crack. I was drying her breasts and there was a lot of breast to dry. Her amazing nipples were erect, stiff and eminently flickable. She squeezed her ass cheeks and gave me a thrill. As I traveled down her belly, I paid special interest to her navel down to her pubic bone and was rewarded by a moan and another ass squeeze.

I separated and turned her around. Immediately, her fingers closed around my lumber. I gently pulled her away and sank to my knees. I placed my hands on her ass and pulled her into my face where my tongue lined up to her love canal. She had freshly shaved herself clean; her vagina was a soft face full. I slurped up her self-lubrication and was amazed to find her much different she was from any woman I ever went down on, her pussy was sweet! While every other joybox has a large degree of the muskiness of an animal in heat, there was only a trace of that. No, this pussy was literally sweet as sugar. Her pudgy vaginal lips seemed to suck me in and I hadn’t even looked for her clit yet.

“Put it in me, Ray. I need it in me.”

Far be it from me to leave a lady waiting, I slowly got up and led her on to the bed. “How do you want it? Missionary, doggie, cowgirl?”

“Yeah, lay on your back and let me ride you.” I spread myself in the center of the bed. She slowly mounted me and began to sink slowly onto my modest missile. “Oh, that’s so good. That’s just what I needed. Yesssssssss.” She sank down until my pubes met hers and then she sank even lower, pushing me higher up. She rose back up about half way and began to develop a rhythm. I was feeling a little bit like a set prop until she bent over and smothered me with her tits. Now these, I could handle.

As I kneaded, suckled, nibbled, pulled, twisted and even gently caressed her, she picked up speed. Within a moment or two, she was rocking and moaning and pulling me ever deeper. The moaning picked up as she straightened up holding my cock straight up. That was good because I take longer cumming like that and I wanted to last through this woman’s peak. I didn’t count on her next move. She ran two fingers into her slit and began to squeeze her clit. As she did that, her pussy squeezed my root. And with each rapid stroke, she did it again. She began to squeal and I felt my entire crotch enveloped in a warm liquid bath that smelled something like potpourri. Escort Antalya Amazing. She was grinding on my root and luxuriating in ecstacy; a long, orgasmic ride. I felt that sensation of my cum rising up within me, preparing to launch into her hitherto unknown parts. I began to rock her and bounce her up and down. I pushed her down on her back and began to pump her hard. She put her fingers down around her clit again. My cum was preparing to make its grand debut and I plunged into her harder and deeper. My seedless goop began to spray her walls in several pulses, it was a good thing that I adjusted my shower head!) and she began to convulse again. And again. We settled in that frozen position for a few minutes until I withdrew, followed by several loud queefs.

“Oh Ray, that was great.” But I had other ideas. I spun around so that my head was over her pussy. “What are you doing? I came twice already and I’m full of cum.” I didn’t say a word. I grabbed her ass cheeks as my dripping cock was over her head and flipped her over. Now, I could burrow deep and really clean her up. I circled her clit and made her flex. I ran my tongue up to her little star-picker and began to rim her. She sighed, spread her cheeks and pushed back onto my tongue. I licked back to her vagina and began to probe her canal. I put a finger in to rub her inner nub with I licked circles and flicked her clit back and forth. I felt her clench and the first blob of our combined juices, her’s was sticky and sweet while mine was salty and viscous, a not entirely unpleasant combination, began to flow.

Meanwhile, she was doing a journeyman’s job on me. She’s sucked me back to hardness and with a bit of admiration, polished my knob. She throated me a few times but she was distracted by her vagina. She began to buck. My nose, against her clit, was getting beat up. And her pussy continued to empty it’s load into my mouth. She began to moan and thrash her thighs. It became hard to hang on but with everything I had, I held on, enjoying her cumming. Finally, she growled, and wiggled her pussy over my face while humping it. She squealed, arched and flooded my face with that sweet nectar I’d enjoyed before. She slowly settled down, falling into a peaceful, satisfied nap.

We slept for just a few minutes. I noticed that I was lying in soaked sheets. Damn, I realized, my whole bed was soaked. And it smelled of sex. Hell, it was one huge wet spot! I felt clammy. I got out of bed and dried myself. I also got another sheet and placed it up under her butt. I lit a joint and sat down on the bed cross-legged to smoke it.

She was watching me with half-closed eyes and a cat-ate-the-canary smile. “Wow. That was a good fuck. That’s all I can say.” She sat up and I passed her the jay. “I think the only time I ever came that fast was with my magic wand.” She passed the jay back. I inhaled and then leaned over to kiss her. As I filled her mouth with smoke, I also let her taste the traces of our combined cum. “Whooooo,” she exhaled, “that tasted good!”

“It was. I’ve never tasted a woman with such sweet pussy juice. You should bottle it.”

“I’ve had lovers tell me that. I’ve never had a man eat his cum, let alone, from my vagina. That was a mega-orgasm. Do you often eat your cum?”

“When I feel like it.”

“Have you ever gone, say, directly to the source?”

“When I feel like it.”

“Oooh, you are the man!” She smiled and said, “I feel great now. It’s been too long. I really needed your cock. I’m so glad we hooked up at the beach.” She was mumbling and rambling, next she’d probably get the munchies. “Oh man, that last cum was sooooo good. Only an old girlfriend ever made me cum that good. You eat pussy as well as a lesbian, I swear.”

“I’ve had lovers tell me that.”

Her phone rang. “I’m not answering that.” He probably wants to ask me where I am. I’ll tell him that I went to the movies.” A moment later, a text appeared. “He says, ‘pick up a 12pk of Bud Lite at the 7-11.’ Oh God, what am I going to do with him. Can you drink yourself to death on Bud Lights?”

“Why not? You just have to drink twice as much. Can you get bloated to death? I don’t know.”

We smoked some more and I could see she was feeling anxious. “I really should go soon but can I ask you a favor?”


“Can I suck you and get you hard and then you fuck me again hard?”

“Well, I don’t know…”

“Uh huh” was all she said as she began to lick my limp lollipop back to life. She hummed on it and it felt great. But what really felt great was when she sucked and hummed on my balls. What a sensation. In no time, I was rigid. She moved first and got on her hands and knees. “Doggie,” she ordered.

I stood behind her and lined up my helmet with her inviting asshole. I slipped the head in and she yelped. “No, not there. I need my cunt filled. Please.”

I pushed my length into her pussy. She grunted. She was well-lubricated and I slid in and she pushed back. I reached around and diddled her. She reached down and intertwined fingers. “I love to make myself cum. Don’t you.”

“Sure, but I’ll take a hole anytime. Preferably one that suctions.”

She giggled. “I’d let you fuck me in the ass but I really like your cock in my cunt. I’d also like to swallow your cum.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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