What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas &ndas

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What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas &ndasWell it was a great four days. Went to Las Vegas to see NKOTB and did I get a surprise. My first night there I went to the Excalibur to the Fun Dungeon arcade before going to see Thunder From Down Under. While at the Fun Dungeon I felt someone right up behind me and I realized a man was pressing his enormous hard on up into my ass. Suddenly he said “Hello Iamawatcher”. Right then and there I knew that whoever was behind me was an Xhamster friend & I also realized that I would be in for it. Alone in Vegas and a man with a hard cock behind me who knows me from a porn site and knows what a horny little whore I am. I moaned as his cock pressed harder into me. Then he said turn around. I did. He was quite good looking. He said I think we should go to my place and get acquainted. His voice was so hypnotic I agreed without question. When we reached his place he took me into a room in the back of the house. As I looked around I saw all sorts of devices meant to restrain a person. I asked him if it was his intention to put me into bondage. He came closer, took me in his arms and kissed me passionately on the lips. His tongue parted my lips as he invaded my mouth. His hands were grabbing my ass and squeezing my buttocks. As we parted our kiss he told me to undress. I did so obediently.As I stood there naked except for my türbanlı eskişehir escort high heels he took my cell phone from my purse and took pictures of me. I asked him what he was doing He said he was texting the pictures to some friends telling them who I was and that I was at his house and welcomed them to “CUM OVER” and use me. He then instructed me to go stand in the wooden stock in the middle of the floor. As I put my feet, hands & head in the proper places he locked the wooden restrainers in place so I was totally in bondage without a way to free myself. Then as he was waiting for his friends he started to feed his enormous cock into my mouth. I was almost choking on it as he told me to stop resisting it and relax and breathe through my nose. While he held my head by both ears he shoved it further and further in as it finally started to go down my throat. When his balls were slapping against my chin he laughed telling me that he knew I would be the perfect fit for his cock. Then he began to shove it in and out like a battering ram. I lost track of time as he continued to skull fuck me. Suddenly I felt his hot semen shooting into my belly. I thought I would choke but I didn’t. It was amazing how much cum he had in one single load. As much as I was shocked I knew I wanted him to do it again, but türbanlı eskişehir escort bayan not only into my belly but also up my butt and especially into my pussy. I thought a cock as big as his would reach deep into my womb and reach my ovaries and when he let loose all that hot sperm would seed, fertilize & impregnate every baby making egg I had in me.As I stood there bent over and with cum dripping out of my mouth the door to the room opened and five guys walked in. Not one of them was shorter than six foot. As I was introduced to them as Kimmie the whore from Xhamster they were all stripping down. I was staring at a total of six very large cocks that went anywhere from nine inches to twelve inches in length. And the thickness of some scared me. I could only imagine what a three to four inch cock would do to my pussy and butt let alone if two of then tried to get into the same hole at the same time. Then the party began. They took turns using my mouth, my butt or my pussy. After they had all taken me while in the stocks I was released and laid down on a king size bed. One guy laid there and I was lifted to straddle him and let down slowly as his big cockhead penetrated my pussy then another was shoved up my ass and finally a third in my mouth. As the guy I straddled played with my tits squeezing türbanlı escort eskişehir my nipple till the pleasure and pain were unbearable the fellow in my ass pulled my hair in both hands & head back towards him as he rammed his shaft into my ass like a battering ram. The fellow in my mouth held my head as he shoved his shaft down my throat, all the while their host was urging them on to totally destroy me. Telling them and me that I was a helpless, dumb, stupid, will powerless, horny, cum slut, slave whore that needed and wanted what I was getting.The fucking went on all night. These guys didn’t seem to get tired. But I was slipping in and out of consciousness. When I tried to open my eyes I realized that while I was u*********sness that they had cum all over my face and eyes and that their dried semen not had glues my eyes shut. So all I was left with was hearing, touch and taste. I’ve been fucked many times in many ways by many men but these guys worked as one precision machine in working me over.This went on for three days. Then my host said it was time for me to go. They showered me. Had me dress myself, then he took me back to my hotel to collect my luggage and check out. Then he drove me to the airport. Before I got out of the car he reminded me that he knew who I was, where I lived & worked and that I could expect to see him again. And perhaps his friends too. He also asked me to let him know when I would be having a big family get together again for he would like to CUM and have fun humiliating me. I agreed to letting him know when we planned to get together, actually I was looking forward to seeing him again and didn’t mind what he planned to do to me, I was looking forward to it. We kissed and then I was on my way home.

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