What Happens in Oahu… Ch. 02

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Thank you to all the readers who checked part one of this story as a favorite. It means a lot to me. Thank you also to the people who commented with kind words and/or constructive feedback. I’m still learning the ropes of writing erotic literature but I hope you like the stories that I am trying to develop.


That Friday was a very busy one for Rachel. Eight months earlier, her wedding consultant business snagged a very big client. The daughter of one of their state senators. This was a huge deal from the get go and it meant a tremendous amount of money for Rachel. She didn’t miss a single detail. So she was up very early and out of the house before Jim had even awoke for the day. She kissed him on the cheek before she walked out of the house and told him she’d be home late tonight. The wedding was scheduled for 6 p.m. and it was an hour away. Jim barely heard a word she’d said as he rolled over in bed and fell back to sleep.

Around ten a.m. Ashley pulled into the driveway from school. She’d left after her first class. She told a tiny little lie to her next professor. She told him that her little brother was sick and she was going home to tend to him because both of her parents worked. Obviously, this wasn’t true. Kyle and Dylan were both fine and at school at that moment. Ashley also knew that her mother, Rachel, wasn’t going to be home pretty much all day. She’d been talking about this wedding for months on end and how much money it meant. Ashley really didn’t care either way. She had been giddy all week. They had just gotten back from a family vacation in Oahu a week earlier and something beyond Ashley’s wildest dream had come to pass during that time and since. And that reason was why she had told a lie to come home early.

She opened the front door and walked in the house. Closing the door behind her, she turned the alarm on. She came into the kitchen thinking her dad might be in there, but he wasn’t. She actually looked all over the first floor and didn’t see any sign of him, not even in his office. She went upstairs and noticed that her parent’s bedroom door was cracked open. She peeked in the door and smiled to herself. Her dad was still sleeping. He never slept in this late. He must be really tired.

It had been three days since she and Jim slept together for the first time. They actually did it twice that day and Ashley couldn’t stop thinking about it. She walked into her bedroom and quickly got out of her clothes. She let her hair down and then surveyed herself in the mirror. She knew her body looked awesome and even more importantly, she knew it drove her dad mad with desire. She gave a quick smile in the mirror and then naked walked down the hall, into her parent’s room. She eased herself into the bed on her mother’s side. Her dad was laying on his stomach with one leg cocked out to his side. She couldn’t get as close to him as she wanted to because of his leg. She lifted the cover slightly to see that Jim was wearing boxer briefs. She lay there watching him as he slept. She felt quite brazen laying in her parent’s bed. She didn’t know if her dad had had sex with her mom since last with her. She hoped not.

Jim began to stir and his leg bumped against Ashley which caused him to open his eyes. He wasn’t expecting Rachel to still be in bed. He thought he remembered her saying something about being home late. When he opened his eyes he saw that it wasn’t Rachel at all, it was Ashley. He also noticed she wasn’t wearing anything. He closed his eyes as his mind thought, what a wonderful sight to wake up to. He opened them again and reached his hand out for Ashley’s, “Good morning sweetheart. Why aren’t you at school?”

Ashley nudged his leg over, and he moved it for her. She snuggled in close to him, “I wanted to be with you today.”

Jim pulled her in close to him, her back to his front. Nestling his face in her neck he said, “Oh you did, did you?”

Ashley turned herself around to face him and then kissed him squarely on the mouth. Jim felt his body beginning to react to Ashley’s closeness. It was early, but he wanted her again. He’d been thinking about really nothing else since Tuesday. But he told himself, he had to be patient. He kissed her gently on her mouth as he sat up in bed and said, “C’mon and take a bath with your old man.”

Ashley quickly got up out of the bed and followed him into her parent’s bathroom. They had a large shower as well as a spacious garden tub. Jim turned the water on in the tub, got it just the right temperature and then pulled the plug up. Ashley dashed to her room and quickly returned with a bottle of bubble bath which she began to pour very liberally under the running water.

Jim rolled his eyes as he said, “Bubbles? Really?”

Ashley came up close to him and wrapped her arms up around his neck. Kissing him again she smiled and said, “Yes, bubbles.”

“Hmph,” Jim grumbled, “Well then, I have to bring something to the table too.” He quickly disappeared from the bathroom and Ashley heard him go downstairs. When illegal bahis he returned he was holding a bottle of wine and not one, but two wineglasses. Ashley’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Do you mean it? Are you for real?”

“I wouldn’t have brought two glasses if I wasn’t,” Jim said as he set them down on the bathroom counter. He reached over and turned the water off. He then opened the wine bottle and poured each glass half full. He set the glasses on the side of the tub. He motioned his hand for Ashley to get in, “After you my lady,” he said bowing slightly.

Ashley was taken aback by how romantic her father was. She stepped into the warm bubble bath and Jim followed behind her. He sat down and Ashley sat down beside him. He reached over and handed her a wine glass as he took his own. Ashley smiled but didn’t sip it just yet. She set it on the side of the tub beside her. Reaching over she kissed Jim on the cheek.

Ashley wasn’t sure what she and Jim had going on and she was too afraid to ask. She was afraid that his moral sense would overtake him and he’d regret everything they’d done. She didn’t want that. She liked that he wanted her. She liked that her body pleased him.

Jim noticed how quiet Ashley was, “Where’s your mind at sweetheart?”

Ashley smiled quickly not revealing where it actually was. “It was on you.”

Jim cocked his eyebrow, “Is that so? Well, what would you say if I told you I had an idea?”

Now it was Ashley’s turn to be curious. “What idea?” She asked anxiously.

“Well,” Jim started, “I have a week long business trip to Aruba next week. You, my darling, are out for Spring Break next week. I was wondering if you might be interested in coming along.”

Ashley’s eyes widened. “Aruba? For a week? Just you and me or the whole family?”

Jim smiled as he sipped his wine, leaning over, he kissed her on the tip of her nose, “Just you and me kiddo.”

Ashley clasped her hands together in excitement, “I would love to go!”

Reaching over and grabbing her wine glass, she tinked it against Jim’s glass and said, “Here’s to a week together in Aruba. Woot woot!”

“Now hold on a second sweetheart,” Jim paused, “You have to come up with some idea of where you tell your mom you are going for Spring Break. Your mom would flip a gasket for a number of reasons if I took you and no one else. So, this needs to be our little secret.”

Ashley sat there quietly for a moment. “I will come up with a plan and make sure that I make mom aware of it.”

“That’s my good girl. Now come kiss your old man.”

Ashley pulled herself up in the water and straddled Jim’s lap. Leaning in close to him she gently placed her lips against his. Both of their mouths opened as their tongues tenderly sought out one another. They sat there kissing for several minutes. When Jim’s hands began to wander and he was fully erect they both knew it was time to get out of the tub.

Jim got out first and handed Ashley a plush towel that she dried herself off with partially and then wrapped around herself. Jim did the same as he wrapped his towel around his waist. His desire for her very evident as it poked through the towel like a tent.

They walked into him and Rachel’s bedroom. Jim thought about it for a moment. Was he going to make love to his daughter in him and Rachel’s bed? Before he could mentally answer the question, Ashley answered it for him when she crawled to the middle of their bed and removed her towel. Jim stood at the foot of the bed looking at this beautiful creature laying in his bed. He kept wondering just how he got so lucky.

Removing his towel he walked over to the side of the bed. He climbed on the bed and positioned himself over Ashley. He gently pressed his weight against her. He didn’t want anything to be rushed about this. There was so much raw passion in what they did Tuesday that he wanted to just take the time and enjoy Ashley’s body and let her enjoy his. Her hair splayed across the pillow underneath her, Jim looked into her brown eyes as his knee nudged her legs apart just enough. Reaching down with his hand, he adjusted himself so that the tip of his cock was just at her entrance. She was wet and warm already. He could feel it.

Leaning his face towards hers he began to tenderly kiss Ashley as his hips slowly eased his thick cock into her. A guttural sound came from his throat as the silky warmness of her sweet pussy began to envelop him. She felt so good to him. Once he was fully inside her he raised his hips and began to slowly undulate them back and forth inside her until he’d developed a nice rhythm.

Ashley arched her head back as Jim brought his face to her neck and began to suck on it. Ashley’s mind was spinning from everything she was feeling. Jim’s cock was methodically teasing her pussy and it was driving her wild. A week ago she would never have dreamed of sleeping with her dad, but that was exactly what she was doing now and enjoying it. Jim’s hips began to press harder against her as she heard him groan in illegal bahis siteleri pleasure. He brought his face back to hers kissing her with passion as she ran her hands through his hair.

Ashley wrapped her legs around Jim’s waist as he began to grind against her clit as he pushed himself deeper into her. Both were breathing in long ragged breaths as Jim increased his intensity. They both could feel each other’s hearts racing. Pulling himself up on to his knees and pushing Ashley’s legs wide open and apart he began to pump his cock in long quick strokes. He was lost in the moment. Gone was the guilt and doubt about what he was doing. He loved it as he stroked harder into her. Watching the way her face twisted and her mouth contorted with each thrust ensured him that they were meant to do this.

“Yes, baby!” Jim growled as he his cock slammed into the back of her vagina. “Do you like what your daddy is doing? Who’s daddy’s baby?”

Ashley seductively whimpered as she answered, “I’m your baby daddy. You’re my daddy. Only you can do this to me.”

“Is this my pussy?” Jim growled.

“Yes, daddy” Ashley squealed as his cock crashed hard against the back of her vagina and simultaneously bringing on her wicked orgasm.

Ashley let out a loud and shrill scream as it hit her. Her body began to twist as her orgasm began to make her body erratically spasm, Jim watched in sheer lust as he saw the effect he had on his baby girl. As if her orgasm was the trigger for his, Jim froze as he slid into her one more time and his orgasm took over. Still gripping her legs, his body jerked and his head thrust back as he moaned loudly. “God yes, baby! Yes!” His body involuntarily shook and shuddered as his cum shot deep into her filling her with a warm sensation. Ashley’s body tremored as Jim once again filled her with his seed.

Once his body began to regain control Jim inhaled deeply and watched as he slowly eased himself out of Ashley. Their mingled cum began to gradually trickle out of Ashley and onto the bed cover. It turned him on watching it. He looked up at Ashley. Her face was covered in dewy sweat and her hair was a matted mess all over the pillow. Her brown eyes staring intently at him. She was gorgeous. Even more so now.

He lay down on the bed beside her.

“I love you daddy,” Ashley whispered almost breathlessly.

It was strange to Jim to hear her still call him daddy after what they’d done. Although strange, he liked it. He was her daddy, but now he was her daddy in a different way as well. It was something he found he could get used to.

He wrapped his arm around Ashley as she cuddled up beside him and lay her head on his chest. They lay there together quietly, in him and Rachel’s bed.


Ashley spent the rest of the day coming up with a plan to tell Rachel as to what she would be doing and where she was going for Spring Break the following week. She called up her good friend Meghan and told her she needed her help with something. She didn’t tell her that she was going to Aruba with her dad. What she did tell her though was that she was going to Aruba with a friend that her mom and dad might have reservations about. She asked Meghan to cover for her and say that the two of them were going to Cabo San Lucas for Spring Break. Meghan was curious as to who the mystery person Ashley was going there with and Ashley lied and said it was a guy she’d known a few months and was very interested in. She just wasn’t ready to tell her parents about him. This seemed to satisfy Meghan and so the plan was set.

Now to pack. Jim had explained to her what all she would definitely need to pack for this trip. Because it was a business trip and he would be meeting with clients for dinner a few nights, he expected her to bring some proper evening dinner clothes. Of course she could bring whatever else she felt appropriate for Aruba, but just make sure she had dinner clothes.

Ashley couldn’t believe the turn of events and how quickly things had happened. She and her dad were having a sexual relationship. Now they were planning on going to Aruba together. Well, the trip was already planned for Jim but he’d invited her since the change in their relationship. A week alone with her dad. She and Jim already had a good relationship. She’d always been daddy’s girl. But as she thought about it, she wondered, in Aruba would he treat her like his daughter or like his lady? She knew what their private moments together would be like already and it excited her.

Jim was holed up in his office taking care of travel plans. He already had his, he was just making some changes to his seating choice on the plane as well as noting that there would be two for his hotel accommodations. As he thought about the business he would be conducting, he couldn’t help but to be a bit excited about Ashley being with him. He didn’t know what was happening with them. Was it just sex? He found himself addicted canlı bahis siteleri to having Ashley. Her breasts were so soft and supple. He loved savoring her nipples with his tongue and gently tugging on them with his teeth. It turned him on feeling Ashley’s reaction to it. Her beautifully tanned skin was intoxicating to him. As his mind made its way down her body he caught his breath when he visualized the honeyed luscious lips of her pussy and the sweet heaven they held between them. He felt himself have to shift in his office chair as his body was reacting accordingly to his thoughts.

He also couldn’t shake the thought that had been nagging him. The more he found himself sexually desiring Ashley, the less he was desiring relations with Rachel. He would have to somehow compensate for that lest Rachel grow suspicious. He’d already turned her down twice since he and Ashley slept together. He would have to make fervent love to her before he left to quell any doubts that she may be harboring.

He looked at the clock and realized he’d have to go get Kyle and Dylan in about an hour and a half. Right about then Ashley tapped on his office door as she walked in. “Hi daddy,” she said ever so sweetly.

Jim turned around in his chair and took in the sight before him. Ashley was wearing nothing but a skimpy thong. Her curvaceous figure accentuated by those scrumptious tits of hers called out to him. He looked at the clock again. Smiling at her he got up out of his chair and made his way over to her. He pulled her close to him and brought his mouth down to hers. Her mouth was ready and waiting as his tongue plunged into her mouth and hungrily began to kiss her. He reached his hands around and grabbed two plump handfuls of her ass as he pushed her harder into him so that she could feel what he had waiting for her. As their breathing became more ragged, Jim stopped and said, “Come here baby.”

He walked her over to the couch in his office. He told her to get on her knees and bend over the couch. Ashley slid her thong off and obediently did what he said. Jim removed his pants and knelt down behind her. He gripped his hands on both sides of her hips. God her ass was so delicious. He licked his lips. He lined the tip of his swollen shaft at her opening and then plunged hard into her pussy. Her pussy was so luxurious and silky as it quickly wrapped him in a tight embrace. His hips slammed hard against her ass again as he began to drive himself into her repeatedly. Her tits bounced beneath her. Jim was so excited. She made him so fucking hard. He just couldn’t get over how beautiful her ass was. Continuing to fuck her pussy Jim let himself wonder, just for the moment, just how wicked they could get with one another in Aruba. The thought excited him even more as he slammed himself so hard into her that she cried out. He liked fucking her from behind. “Oh yeah,” he groaned as his cock throbbed inside her.

From the intensity with which he was pounding her inside, Jim didn’t last long. Between how good he was feeling and Ashley’s delicious moans filling his ears, he couldn’t help himself as his orgasm over took him. “Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh! He cried out. His hips thrust in a jerky motion as his semen squirted out in spurts into Ashley. “God yes, baby,” he whimpered. His hips still jerkily moving back in and forth inside of Ashley as his orgasm subsided. He rested his hands on her ass cheeks as a shiver ran down his body one more time. He watched as he slowly pulled out of her and sat down on the floor with his back to the couch. Ashley sat down on his lap with her legs sitting sideways. Wrapping her arms around Jim’s neck she smiled at him and then kissed him softly on the mouth.

“If we have time,” Jim started, “after your brothers go to sleep tonight and before your mom gets home, I’ll take care of you.”

Ashley smiled as she looked forward to the thought.


By ten-thirty that night, Kyle and Dylan were engrossed in their games on their X-Box that they were paying no mind to their dad or sister. Ashley was in her room and dad was in his office…or so they thought.

True to his word, Jim made a point to take care of Ashley before Rachel got home. He first text Rachel to see how her night was going. She replied to his text and said that the wedding had been a success and the reception was still going on. She anticipated being home in about 3 hours or so. There would still be clean up after the reception and the drive home. She asked him if he would be up still. He told her that he might be, he wasn’t sure yet. After he confirmed that he had time, he came into the family room to check on the boys. They were so absorbed in their games they didn’t even see him stand behind them.

He made his way upstairs and very quietly tapped on Ashley’s door as he opened it at the same time. She was sitting on her bed looking at something on her iPad. She smiled when she saw Jim walk in and quietly close and lock her door behind him. She was wearing an oversized t-shirt. Because she had her legs pulled up and was using her thighs as a rest for the iPad, Jim could see she had on a pair of sheer panties. He came and sat down on her bed.

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