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Subject: What I Saw 13 (b) Another installment. Are we enjoying the last episodes?? Please give me feedback it helps with the creative process. Don’t read this if you will be offended. All events are fictionalized-fantasy. I was parking on a side street by the infamous boulevard. There were rumors about this place in school and in the past I had witnessed one of my classmates take on several men under the cover of the bushes. I couldn’t believe that Jason knew about this, but I was dying and had to see this episode through to its conclusion. He was so worked up and frustrated by the teasing of the three teachers that I knew he wasn’t thinking clearly. It was about 7pm and not yet dark I had seen another car parked on the same street as mine and recognized it as the one Jason had sped away in. I crept along the path listening intently for voices. The way it worked here apparently is men parked on the access road to the park and then went into the woods for assignations. I saw some movement up ahead in the clearing and I moved slowly forward. It was Jason. Somewhere along the way he had thrown on a pair of track pants and was standing on a path looking straight ahead at something. I saw that his cock was still visibly erect and couldn’t believe he was being this open. He must be desperate. I moved forward and crouched down behind a fallen tree where I had a good close view of the kid. He stood there staring intently and rubbing one hand over his erection. I saw on the trail ahead of him was a man. He was about 50 years old maybe, grey at the temples but otherwise dark hair and he was wearing sunglasses and a pair of jeans and polo shirt. He looked in pretty good shape. He had thick arm with tattoos on both forearms and a wedding ring on his left hand. I noticed the front of his pants were bulging, fuck he was already hard. He took a step towards the kid. “Hey kid-nice night” he said. “Fuck the pleasantries-you want your dick sucked. ” Jason said harshly. “Fuck you then-on your knees.” The man ordered stepping forward. Jason sank down to the ground before the man. He didn’t look up just stared at the crotch of his jeans. The mound in his pants looked good sized and Jason licked his lips in anticipation. The guy unbuttoned the pants and hastily jerked down the zipper. There was no teasing now he unceremoniously pulled out his thick erect cock. It was about eight inches long and really thick. There was a thick tuft of hair at the base. The head was mushroom shaped and already wet with precum. Jason opened his mouth and leaned in. The guy put one hand on the kid’s forehead, holding him back. “You’re fucking hot for it already aren’t you-you little fucker.” He said. As he talked he was lewdly masturbating his cock over the kid’s extended tongue. “Gimme your cock.” Jason said slapping the hand away. He grabbed the base of the dick and engulfed the head in his mouth. The guy groaned as Jason sucked the precum of the head. “You dirty little fucker!” he moaned Jason wasn’t playing around he began to suck on the cock head, twisting his mouth all around the ridge. I saw him slide his tongue out to lash over the sensitive spot on the underside of the head as sucked. He began to use his hand to slide up and down the thick shaft that was now wet with his spit as he took the head deeper and deeper into his throat. “Ohh…fuck you’re going to make me shoot.’ He whispered, Just then there was the sound of light footsteps coming down the path and another man walked onto the scene. He was younger, maybe in his thirties and looked Hispanic. He was tall and pretty lean and was wearing green cargo pants. He walked right up to the kid on his knees sucking the older guy’s cock and began to rub his crotch. It didn’t take long, the older guys legs began to shake and he groaned `Oh kid-pull off �I’m going to shoot.’ Jason did no such thing, instead he lodged the head deep at the back of his throat and contracted his throat muscles-trying to milk the cum out. “I think this little cunt swallows.” Said the Hispanic guy. “FUUUCk…ahhh” groaned the older guy. Jason backed off the dick keeping just the head in his mouth. The guys knees buckled and he started to shoot. I saw the first shot of cum fly out and land directly on Jason’s tongue. He quickly closed his lips over the shooting head and his Adams apple bobbed as he swallowed. “Fuck yeah …take his jizz you little faggot.” Said the Spanish guy as he unbuttoned his pants. Jason pulled his mouth off the older guys cock and let go of the base. I saw he still had a mouthful of cum. He stuck out his coated tongue and let the head fire off a couple of heavy shots straight onto his tongue. The older guy was spent and fell back a step as Jason closed his mouth and slowly swallowed all the semen. The Spanish guy had pulled out a big, thick 9 incher at this point and was stroking it watching this teenager on his knees eating another guy’s load. His dick was long and straight with a nice round head. The skin was dark and the head was a reddish brown color. Jason wiped some stray semen off his chin with the back of his hand and turned towards the erect cock bobbing in front of him. The Spanish guy grabbed two handfuls of Jason’s spiky hair and said. “I’m going to ride that cummy throat cunt!” He lined the engorged head up with the kid’s lips and waved thee head in front of them. Jason flicked his tongue out and licked at the slit. “Ohh fuck..’ the guy moaned. The older guy at this point zipped up and made quick retreat but I heard more footsteps coming down the path. Two guys came walking up. They looked like construction workers. They were wearing brown coveralls and one has a baseball cap on backwards. He was about 35 or so with a few days of dark stubble on his square jaw. He was tall and looked in decent shape. The other guy was a bit older maybe 40 and was thicker with big rounded shoulders and maybe 6 ft tall. He had salt and pepper hair and a goatee. By the time they made it over to the pair the Spanish guy had rammed his cock into Jason’s throat and was drawing it out over his spitty lips in one long stroke, letting the head bob out and then impaling his face again. “Where’d you find this little hot fucker?” the bigger guy asked. “He was eating a guys’ load when I walked up and seems like he’ll take all comers.” Replied the guy through panting breaths. He had his pants down pretty low and his balls were slapping against the kid’s chin with each long thrust. Jason offered no resistance and the cock simply glided straight down his throat. I could see his neck expand as the head hit bottom and then see the bulge along the column of his throat as the engorged crown was retracted. The guy with stubble was starting to get excited and I could see a considerable bulge showing in his coveralls. He reached down and squeezed the rock hard cock between the kid’s splayed knees. “This little queer is all horned up-his dick feels like a railroad spike.” He said “The bigger guy was watching the throat fuck intently. “You getting close?” he asked “FUUUCKK…yeah-it feels better then a pussy.” He said his head back and eyes squeezed shut. “Pull out and shoot on his face” the big guy said as he started undoing his coveralls. He pulled his arms out of the sleeves and they were heavily muscled. He was wearing a green t-shirt that said City DPW. He pushed the coveralls low on his hips and undid hid tight jeans. Once the button was undone the weight of his already hard cock pushed the zipper down. He clearly didn’t have on underwear and now his cock jutted out in front of him. It was fucking huge, maybe ten inches long with an enormous cock head. He reached in and scooped out two big churning balls, and began to cup them as he watched the blow job. The other guy was also getting out of the coveralls. He lowered the top and also revealed a DPW shirt. He was lean with nicely toned arms with a couple of tattoos on his biceps. He pulled up the t-shirt and undid a pair of tan work pants. “Yeah spray the fuckers face” he said in a low voice. This was too much for the Spanish guy he pushed the cock head in deeper and his balls snapped up to his body. “Ohh.. Fuuuuckk…” he said. Jason choked a bit as the first shot fired right into his throat. The big guy pulled the Hispanic guy back by his shoulders and his cock popped out of the kid’s mouth. A jet of cum shot out of the open piss slit and landed across the bridge of Jason’s nose and forehead. The stubbly guy grabbed the long cock by the base and steadied it as big shots of semen flew out hitting the kid on the lips, cheeks and into his spiky hair. Jason leaned up and trapped the head in his mouth catching a thick shot of cum and convulsively swallowing. “Fucking cum pig.” Said the big guy. Jason groaned and looked down at his tented track pants. I saw his dick spasam and a thick wet stain began to spread across the front. Cum oozed between the weave of the fabric as his dick shot into his pants. Another couple of shots had hit Jason in the hair as he watched his own orgasm and he looked up in time to see the cock head dribble out one last glop of cum. He reached up and caught it on his palm and brought it to his mouth. Licking the cum Giresun Escort off and moaning. “Came in your pants, didn’t ya �whore?” asked the guy in the baseball cap. The Hispanic guy was zipping up and stepping back as the other two men moved in. Jason stayed on his knees and looked up at the two men as they stood side by side. The big guy’s cock was bobbing in front of his face and he stared at it hypnotized. “You want more cock, kid? “asked the older guy. “Yeah…I’m still fucking horney as hell.’ Jason said. And indeed his cock was still tenting out the front of his cum soaked track pants. “We can fix that.” Baseball cap said laughing. “Why don’t you see what he’s got in those pants.” Said the big guy taking a step closer. “While I feed him my dick.” Jason reached out and grabbed the base of the super-thick ten inch cock in front of his face. He pulled it down, away from the older guy’s body and began to lick the big swollen head. The guy in the cap walked behind Jason and bent down and lifted up the back of Jason’s t-shirt. He moaned slightly when he saw the round swell of his ass encased tightly in the shiny nylon of the track pants. He crouched down behind the kid and began to run his hands up his back inside the t-shirt. Jason was continuing to lick the big cock head in front of him. His efforts were definitely producing some results as the slit was now dripping a steady stream of clear pre cum as he swirled his hot tongue around the ridge of the head. “Suck it you little fucker.’ The big guy said in a low voice. Jason angled the head down and engulfed it entirely in his mouth, his cheeks puffing out with the size of the engorged crown. The guy behind him was now slowly lowering the back of the nylon pants. He was talking as more and more of the kid’s ass was exposed. “Holy Fuck! Hank , you gotta see this kids ass-it is fucking sweet. He’s not stopping me-I think he’ll let me fuck him right here in the open.’ He said incredulously. Hank could barely respond as Jason was now deep throating his entire rigid erection. He had his lips tightly clasped around the root of the shaft and his throat was extended with the thickness of the dick imbedded in it. “Fuck! He’s got me down to the balls-it feels incredible, his fucking slut throat is slick with jizz.” He groaned. The guy in the cap had maneuvered Jason so that he was now standing up, with his legs spread, bent over. He looked over the kid’s shoulder watching as he pulled up off the cock and began licking the head again. “This kid is too much.” He breathed and began lowering the kid’s pants. He slid the track pants down and Jason stood there in his sneakers and t-shirt pants around his ankles, his ass sticking out and looking amazing, glowing white in the dusk. The guy dropped down on his knees behind the kid and began to eat out his ass. He was deeply tonguing the hole, grinding the stubble from his chin into the crack and actually biting and chewing on the tight ass lips. Jason’s own cock was rock hard and pulled up tight along his body, it was about 8 inches long and a thin string of cum hung off it. Jason was groaning at the sensations as he continued his wicked deep throat blow job. He would slide the entire cock all the way in until the head was deeply lodged beyond his tonsils and then pull up slowly and let it bob free from his mouth and torturously lick the head. The guy behind him stood up and undid the front of his pants, he roughly pulled down the front of his white briefs and whipped out his cock. It was rock hard and about 9 inches long. It was perfectly proportioned and had a beautiful pink head. Jason pulled off the cock and looked back over his shoulder. “You going to fuck me?” he asked. “Yeah…fuck yeah.’ The guy said staring at the kid’s ass. “C’mon do it-I need it bad-I need to feel a big dick up inside me.” Jason moaned. The guy grasped Jason around his narrow hips and lined his cock up. He slowly pushed his hips forward and the head pressed against Jason’s spit soaked hole. I heard more footsteps on the path and looked beyond the trio to see another man approaching. A guy wearing a security guard uniform, maybe 25 or so walked up. He was pretty tall maybe 6 feet or so with a blond crew cut and looked really built. “What the fuck!” he exclaimed. “This kid letting you do him?” “Yeah, I’m just about to blow into this little cum pig…ohhhh” groaned the bigger guy. Jason was back to flicking his tongue over the dark red cock head and then pursing his lips and slurping the precum out of the gaping slit. “Holy fuck look at him” the security guard said and started rubbing his crotch through the blue uniform pants. “Fuck my cock head is in him and he’s so incredibly tight…ahhh!” moaned the guy in the baseball cap. He adjusted his grip on the kid’s hips with trembling hands and pushed more of his cock in. Jason craned his head over his shoulder. “Uhhh…go slow, dude, your cock is big.” Hearing this was too much for the guy at Jason’s head and he said. “I’m going to cum…ohhhh.” Jason grabbed the thick shaft and sucked the fat head into his mouth. In one fluid motion took the head down his throat as it started to shoot. “Fuck he’s eating your shit?” the security guard asked. “Fuuuuckk …I’m cumming right into his throat…ahhhh” the big guy groaned his eyes locked onto the kid swallowing his ejaculate. The man in the cap took this opportunity to force the rest of his 9 inches into the kid. Jason groaned around the cock lodged in his throat. “You got it all now kid-how’s it feel?” he asked breathlessly his balls pressed tight against those big round cheeks. Jason slid off the cock and swallowed. He gripped the guy’s shaft tight in his fist as more cum ran over his fingers. He looked back at the guy. “Feels fucking amazing-fuck me” he said his eyes clouded with lust. His cock seemed to agree as it pulsed, pulling up tighter against his t-shirt and a thick bead of precum was forced out the tip. As Jason began to lick the cum from his fingers and the still dribbling cock, the guy in the baseball hat began to pull his long cock back. He did it slowly letting Jason feel every ridge and vein on his sensitive ass lips. He stopped when just the head remained lodged in the tight hole. He bent his knees slightly pushed the kid’s ass down with his tight gripped hands and began to long dick the kid; sliding in all the way to the base and then pulling out to the head. “Holy, fucking, shit!” said the security guard, eyes wide in amazement. “Step in-take a turn.” Said the big guy pulling his semi hard dick out of the kid’s grasp. The security guard moved over to stand in front of Jason’s face as he jerked and grunted with the force of the cock being shoved into him. The guard unzipped his pants and fiddled inside his boxers and pulled out a huge hard cock. It was over 10 inches long and the weight of it made it bob perpendicular to the ground. The head was uncircumcised and covered in a thick sheath of skin. Jason opened his eyes and moaned when he saw the size of the erection in front of him. He took a hand off his knee that he had placed there to brace himself and wrapped his fist around the skin covered head. He gently rolled the foreskin back exposing a round purplish cock head. It was wet and sticky looking and a clear drop of precum glistened on the tip. Jason moaned and caught the bead on his tongue. He closed his eyes in ecstasy as he tasted the thick droplet. The big guy stood to the side and began to masturbate his big cock back to full hardness as he watched the hot scene. The guy in the cap strokes began to get uneven. His legs would tremble on the out stroke and his rhythm was getting erratic and jerky. “I’m close kid-you want me to pull out?” he asked. Jason removed his lips from the wet cock head and looked back into the guy’s sweaty face. “Cum inside me…ahhh…please.” he groaned as the cock bottomed out in his again. This sent the guy in the cap over the edge, he grabbed spasmodically onto Jason’s waist and began to shoot deep in his ass. “OHHH FUUUCKK!” Jason gasped as he pumped the security guards foreskin back and forth over the slick head. The guy pulled his shooting cock back and the head popped free splashing a heavy shot across the back of the kid’s sweaty t-shirt. He quickly gripped the base of his cock and shoved it back into the asshole as it continued to shoot. “Ohhh…Fuck I can feel your cum shooting inside me…ohhh..it’s so hot.” Jason moaned and then engulfed the cock head in front of him in his open mouth. He had barely begun to suck on the head and had just slid down, his lips reaching for the base when the security guard began to moan and his legs began to shake. “This is too fucking much…I’m gonna cum-ohhh you fucking dirty faggot-stick out your tongue!” he moaned. Jason released the cock and extended his tongue in front of the bloated head. Without even touching it the cock exploded and a thick shot of cum flew out and coated Jason’s tongue. He tried to wrap his hand around the shaft to take the head in his mouth but the guard stopped him. “NO…ohh.. let me..” as he aimed his cock with his hand and continued to shoot cum directly into the Giresun Escort Bayan kid’s open mouth. Cum coated Jason’s tongue and overflowed onto his lips and rand won his chin. The guy in the baseball cap had stopped cumming and now slowly pulled his still erect cock out. Cum oozed out the hole as it snapped shut once the thick head slid out. The man still gripped the kid’s hips and his shaft stood up straight and was covered in cum as it throbbed over the rounded ass. The security guard milked the last few drops out of his cock onto the kid’s tongue and tucked his spent cock back into his pants. Jason wiped his chin with his hand and sucked the semen off his fingers. The big guy stripped off his t-shirt exposing his buff hairy chest. He dropped the shirt to the ground and sat down on it, legs as wide apart as the pants at his ankles would allow. His 10 inch cock was standing up fully engorged. “Make the little fucker sit on my dick” he said. “Shit he’s going to take another cock up there?” Asked the security guard. The guy in the baseball cap grabbed Jason’s chin and looked into his heavy lidded eyes. “You want us to stop?” he asked Jason moaned. “NO-look” He nodded his head down to his own cock. It was throbbing tight against his soaked t-shirt and looked painfully hard. He dragged the kid backwards with his back to the big guy sitting on the ground jerking his cock. He pulled the t-shirt over the kids head and threw it to the side. He ran his hands up and down the lean muscles torso and began playing with the pierced nipple, looking into the kid’s eyes. Jason moaned and his breathing sped up. The security guard looked like he was about to leave but now stood to the side, clearly curios to see what was going to happen. The guy on the ground was staring at the rounded ass in front of him. “Fuck, sit this kid on my cock.” He leaned back and steadied his huge cock. The man in the cap gripped Jason under the arms and lowered him down. Jason crouched, poised over the huge head. His track pants still around his ankles. The guy in the baseball cap reached behind the kid’s and rubbed three thick fingers in his cummy hole. Jason moaned. He pulled the fingers free, they were slick with his own semen and reached for his buddies fat round cock head. He smeared the cum all around it. His friend gasped, “Take it easy- don’t make me shoot before I even get in.” The guy’s hand left the head and gripped the shaft and lowered Jason down. Jason threw his head back as the head touched his hole. He moaned as he continued to sink down. The head parted his ass lips and as I watched he sank lower and lower until he was sitting with 10 inches inside him. Jason let out a cry and looked down, his dick slapped hard against his abs and then a thick shot of cum flew out and splashed against his neck and chest. Baseball cap didn’t let this interrupt the action and raised the kid up by his armpit until the big guys cock almost slipped out and then let go. The kid slid back down the thick pole his cock shooting the whole time. Cum splashed out against his chest as his dick jerked in orgasm. Cum ran down the shaft and over his tight balls and began to coat the big bloated balls of the hairy older man who was buried to the hilt in his ass. “Fuck yourself, whore. ” he said Jason threw his head back and groaned as he braced his hands on the ground in front of him, leaned slightly forward, and began to raise his ass up and down on the thick cock. His dick dribbled out more cum and stayed rock hard, he was breathing heavy as he really went to work. The security guard had stepped in closer and had taken out his now once again fully hard cock. Jason braced himself and got onto the balls of his feet and began to use his thick thigh muscles to slide up until he was almost standing, the cock head still tightly encased in his hole and then squat down until he felt the man’s big hairy balls against his smooth ass. When the big cock bottomed out in his ass Jason’s dick would jerk and fluid would be forced out the wet open slit. The guy in the baseball cap now stood on the other side of the kid and he and the security guard on the other side, began to aim their bloated cock heads at the kid’s open mouth. First one then the other would shove the head in. Jason would suck on it and moan when it was removed only to be replaced by the other man’s engorged glans. Jason now leaned back against the big man’s hairy chest angling the cock in him to batter against his prostate as he impaled himself up and down the long shaft, sucking on the as much of the two huge cocks at his face as he could. The big guy was moaning and I could make out words. “This is too fucking hot-my cock head is squeezed in so tight and…ohhh…the strokes are so long and…ahhh …hard…I can’t last.’ He huffed. The guy in the cap said. “Open your mouth, cum whore.” And the two men began to jerk off, aiming their cock heads at the kids open gasping mouth. Just then I heard more footsteps on the path. I saw the shadow of a man approach. The big guy let out a loud cry and Jason stood his thighs trembling as just the cock head remained in his ass as the guy started to shoot. As the first shots entered him he moaned and sank down letting the cock fire off the rest of it’s load deep, coating his prostate in hot semen. The two men at his mouth lost it and began to aim their shooting cock heads at his face. As cum rained down coating his face, hair and neck, Jason opened his mouth catching as much as he could on his tongue. The new comer chose this moment to make his presence known. “I’m next.” He said in a familiar voice. Jason’s eyes flew open and saw Mr. Kazlowski standing before him. His chinos were already bulging with his erection and he was slipping the polo shirt up exposing his 6 pack abs. “Get off me you little queer.” Said the big guy. Jason stood up slowly the cock sliding out of him and flopping back against the guy’s hairy stomach. The security guard was hastily doing up his pants and his face was flushed. More footsteps were coming down the path and the security guard quickly fled as two more men entered the area. Mr. K looked at the guy in the baseball cap and the big guy standing up pulling his pants up. “How many loads has the little pig taken?” he asked. The big guy stopped a minute and counted on his hand. “eight…I think.’ He said. The two guys who had joined them gasped in amazement. I could see one was black and looked young, maybe in his twenties, he was thin and wearing baggy jeans low in his hips and a big t-shirt. The other one looked older maybe late thirties and looked Spanish or bi-racial. He was big, maybe 5’11” with thick tattooed arms in a wife beater and low baggy jeans also. Jason stood there looking dazed. His pants were around his ankles and his dick bobbed in front of him fully erect. Mr. K was undoing his pants and looked crazed. He moved forward and said. ” I get his ass first- do whatever you want while I fuck him-I need to cum up inside this little whore -NOW!” he said. I could see his rock hard cock jerk inside his pants and a wet spot appeared on khaki fabric.. He walked over to the kid. He grabbed him and crushed his mouth over Jason’s cummy lips. He pulled away and looked at the four men standing around and said. “This little whore was teasing me with his ass earlier back at the high school. My dick hasn’t gone soft since-I need to fuck him so bad.” “He’s in fucking High school?” said the big light skinned guy in a thick voice. The black guy shucked his jeans low and pulled out a thick 9 inch cock and began to stroke it until it was vibrating and rigid. “I don’t care if he’s in high school-he just fucking took eight loads of jizz in him-he’s a fucking whore.” He said. MR. K tried to walk behind Jason and made a grab for those full ass cheeks, the big light skinned guy stepped between them and said “Wait”. The younger black guy was still jerking his long erection while the two DPW workers. Stood to the side with their semi hard dicks hanging out of the front of their opened pants. Jason still in a frenzy saw an exposed cock and moved forward he bent over and opened his mouth for the black guy’s cock. The other guy unzipped his pants and hauled out a thick 11 inch erection and began to rub the apple sized head all over Jason’s pierced nipple. The metal barbell would catch in the piss slit and the guy would gasp and continue on fucking the head against the erect nipple. Soon Jason’s pec was slick with precum. Jason wasted no time and was easily deep throating the black guy’s cock and squeezing and pulling on his heavy balls. MR. K was moaning standing off to the side his eyes were glazed over watching the object of his lust suck on the big cock of random stranger right out in the open. He made a move forward and the big guy pulled his huge cock away from Jason’s tight chest and said to the two DPW guys, “Hey hold him back and make him watch-it’ll be fun. ” he leered as he said it evily. He walked behind the kid as he sucked on his companion. He looked down at his naked ass and roughly grabbed the soft flesh and spread the cheeks. He used a couple of fingers to run up and down the hole, smearing Escort Giresun some of the leaking cum around the ring. Jason took his mouth off the dick in front of him and looked back over his shoulder, “Go slow-you’re cock is huge.” “You’re going to love it, fucking queer.” The guy responded still playing with his open slick ass. Mr. K attempted to approach again and the two other men grabbed his arms and pinned them behind his back. “C’mon you assholes-let me fuck him-I’m in agony!.” He moaned looking down at his hugely tented pants. The light skinned guy just chuckled and began to wave his huge pole back and forth, letting the head brush and bump against Jason’s ass. Jason closed his eyes and turned back to the cock in front of him. He seemed determined to get this guy off fast and began to suck powerfully on the head, squeezing the balls with one hand while using the other to give the shaft a slick hand job. The guy was groaning at this full on treatment and soon began to mutter words between his sharp breaths, “Fuck…you’re going to make me cum…oh feels so good…ohhh.” He took one hand and put it under Jason’s chin forcing eye contact as he continued to nurse on the fat head. “You want to swallow more cum…little whore?” he asked. Jason just nodded, never letting the head leave his mouth. “Show your teacher how good you eat jizz…ahhhh…fucker..” he groaned and with shaking hands grasped Jason’s shoulders. Jason choked as his mouth was flooded with semen. He pulled off the head and let the cock shoot into his open, cum filled mouth. He kept up the slick hand job milking more thick, heavy shots out onto his extended tongue. Mr. K was watching wide eyed being restrained by the two city workers. His dick seemed to jump in his pants and he moaned. The black guy gave a narration for Mr. K’s benefit, “Oh …fuck…fells so good to unload in this little queers mouth…so hot and wet…he’s sucking the cum right out of my cock head…ohhh…he’s draining my balls…ohhh fucckkk!!” he yelled. The guy behind Jason had now stopped playing and had a serious look on his face and he rapidly stroked his huge cock right behind the head. It was monstorously hard and he seemed to be pumping it up to even greater lengths. He placed one large hand on Jason’s lower back and used his other hand around the base to steady his erection. He placed the huge head against the slick asshole. “Shit boy, this asshole feels sopping wet…I can’t wait to get my dick in you.” Though the guy was talking to Jason he was looking directly at Mr. K He slowly pushed forward and Jason’s ass lips slipped around the thick head. “Ohhh..ohh..fuck…it’s so big.’ Jason moaned. Now that the head was firmly lodged at the entrance, the light skinned guy took his hand off his dick and reached around the kid and began to flick and pull lightly at the pierced nipple as he slid another inch in. As Jason panted and moaned, more and more of that huge cock invaded his body. Soon he had all but 2 or 3 inches in. He was groaning and his cock was jerking. I could tell he was moments away from shooting again. The guy behind him began talking, “Ohh yeah…your ass is so tight…the hole is so small…and…ohh…fucking wet…your squeezing my head so …ahh…fucking tight.” He slowly pulled his hips back and backed the dick almost all the way out. He steadied himself by grabbing the kid’s hips and began to relentlessly fuck his full eleven inches into the kid. His strokes were long and fluid and as he extracted his impossibly long cock I could see a slick coating of the other men’s semen lubricating the fuck. Mr. K watched in rapt horror. His own hips were unconsciously jerking in rhythm with the man’s strokes. Jason seemed beyond works, his mouth hung open and a thin line of drool spilled over his bottom lip. “How’s it feel, cunt?” asked the guy. “Ohhh…my fucking God!..every stroke feels like it’s going to make me …ohhh…cummm..ahhh…” Jason moaned, stepping out of the pants around his ankles and spreading his legs further apart now totally naked. The other men watched in silent lust as the fuck seemed to go on forever. The guy’s staying power was incredible. He just kept up a steady thrusting rhythm fully impaling the kid on every stroke. Jason’s ass lips were extending on the back stroke and he was panting like a locomotive. The guy began to really force the head in deeper and Jason lost it. He screamed and looked down at his cock as it trembled and shook. It seemed to vibrate for minutes as the cock just kept fucking into him and then on one particularly hard thrust a thick stream of cum was forced out the tip in a white arc. It hit the ground with a splash and the big guy fucking him just stayed still and left his cock head jammed hard against the kid’s prostate. “I can feel…ohh… his tight hole…ahh…fuck… gripping my cock as he shoots.’ He moaned looking directly into Mr. K’s eyes “Teach…I’m close…you want to help..ohh me fill up your little whore?” he asked as Jason continued to shoot onto the dirt in front of him. “Let him go.” He ordered the two guys holding the teacher. “Teach…awww…get on your knees and warm the cum load in my …ohh..balls with your mouth.” He ordered. Mr. K fell forward. He looked lost and his eyes were heavy lidded. A large wet spot stained the front of his pants as he stared at the juncture of the tight teenage ass and the huge man cock firmly sheathed. The guy pulled back and began his steady rhythm again as Mr. K tipped his head under the huge swinging balls and began to slash his tongue all around them. “Yeah that’s it man…heat up that cum with your hot mouth…let’s burn this kid’s insides..ahhh..” the light skinned man moaned. Mr. K trapped first one huge orb in his mouth then both, his cheeks distended by their size. He sucked on them swirling his tongue all around the tender flesh. He let them pop from his mouth and began to mouth and licked up the stalk as it fucked into the kid’s unresisting ass. He began to flick his tongue over the kid’s ass lips as they slid up and down the thick shaft. “That’s it teach…ohh..I’m there…I’m gonna fill him up…ahhhhhh.” He pushed the entire cock in until his balls were pressed up tight to the kids taint and they began to jump. The teacher ran his tongue around the churning testicles as the guy began to shoot deep in the kid’s tight ass. Jason groaned, “OHHH…fuck…so much hot…fucking cummm…it’s flooding my guts…ahhhh!!!” The guy pulled his shooting dick back, leaving the head in as the teacher ran his mouth along the thick cum tube on the bottom of the thick shaft. He was moaning and I looked down to see he had undone his own pants and freed his now deep red, almost purple cock. The guy staggered back and his cock flopped out, cum still dribbling from the huge head. “Stand up Teach.” He said. Mr. K stood �let the kid use his mouth to get you off �but shoot it in his ass-let’s really fill him.’ He said. Mr. K walked the few shaky steps to Jason’s bent over head. Jason looked up and his eyes locked on the almost 10 inch distended penis pulsing in front of him. He flicked his tongue out and lashed it against the piss slit. Mr. K gasped. Jason began to lick around the head with his thick wet tongue. Mr. K moaned, “Slow…oh…I’ve been on the edge since tasting your ass in the …ohh..gym.” This seemed to spur the kid on, he arched his neck and captured the vibrating head in his mouth, he twisted his head sucking around the thick crown. He leaned forward and took the head straight down his throat. That was it for the teacher. With a shaking hand he felt the thickness of his cock through the underside of the kid’s neck and then trembling pulled the kid off his cock by the spiky hair. “FUUUCCKKKK…he screamed and grasped the shaking base of his cock and lurched to the kid’s ass as cum boiled over his clenched fist. He let go of the shooting cock long enough to grab the kids hips and then in one lunge buried his shooting cock to the hilt in the kid’s hot slick ass. He screamed and gasped, clutching handfuls of flesh on the kid’s hips as he came for over a minute deep in the kid’s ass. Jason’s dick twitched, lengthened again and shot another thin load of cum onto the ground. His legs were involuntarily trembling and he was almost crying with the strength of his orgasm. “Nice…” Said the black guy standing with the other two men. “Teacher…?One more job for you.” Said the light skinned guy. “Pull out and suck all that cum out of the kid’s ass.” He ordered in a brittle voice. Mr. K groaned and slipped back, landing on his knees behind the kid. His cock was still hard and leaking thick droplets of cum. He breathed deeply, knelt up and pulled those tight ass cheeks apart and began to slurp cum from Jason’s abused hole. Jason was weeping and moaning and all the other guys were getting dressed. I had shot a huge load in my own pants and was still sporting a full erection as the four men left the teacher feasting on the kid’s ass. I started to move back to head towards my car when I saw another man coming down the path. By now it was almost dark but I saw him approach and heard a deep voice mutter, “Fuck yeah” I strained my eyes and heard a zipper lower and saw Jason lean up and take another cock into his waiting mouth. “”Suck me off, cum whore.” The stranger said over the slurps of the teacher. I barely made it to my car and collapsed in the driver’s seat unable to drive for several minutes.

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