What Is to Come

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For you, my Tamer, for what is yet to be.

You walk in my door, right on time, just as we had discussed. I am ready for you, dressed only in beige colored man’s dress shirt. Bare underneath, but you don’t know that for sure. I am conservative in my greeting of you, giving you time to take in your new surroundings. I know that you will need a little adjustment time to just find your way around inside the apartment. It is cool inside and the fans move the air in a way that allows for a slight breeze. I sit with my legs curled up to the side of me, patiently waiting for you to finish the walkthru.

You return to me, sitting down and stretching out your long legs. I look into those blue-grey eyes and wonder what you are thinking. No words have been or will be spoken between us. I only need to make sure that you are real and finally here. No more late night phone calls or online chatting. Here, for real, and in the flesh. I can smell your cologne as I am sure you can smell the dampness between my legs.

Closing my eyes, I carefully reach for your face. Slowly, gently, I move my hands over your face, as if committing each little detail to memory. I keep my eyes closed as my fingertips move over your cheeks, eyebrows, and then down to your lips. Tracing each lip lightly, I give a small gasp as you gently catch one finger between your teeth. I feel your weight shift as you turn towards me to give me better access to all of you. This is what I have waited for what seems forever for. The feel of you.

Your hands rest lightly on my thighs, fingertips gently stroking the skin. My hands move down to your neck, following the line of your jaw and moving to the back. Exploring your earlobes, I feel you suck in your breath, but I don’t stop. You have already Rize Escort told me that your ears are very sensitive. Reaching with just fingertips, I gently trace each ear. I finally reach the back of your neck, and pull your face close enough to mine to kiss you. But I don’t.

Instead, I wait and feel the warm, soft, sweet breath of you on my face. In my mind’s eye I can see the questioning expression on your face. Wondering just what the hell I am doing. Feeling you, my love, feeling you. Thinking on all the conversations that we have had, and of the one time that a misunderstanding nearly killed us both. I felt like my heart was being ripped out by the roots and I know that you felt the same way. I know that you are bone weary and need to rest, but I have need to feel you for now.

My hands wander down to the front of your shirt and begin to unbutton it, one button at a time. Taking the time to explore each new exposed are as I go. Your skin is clean, and very soft. The hair on your chest is soft, and feels like something that I want to rest my head on often. I gently bend and nuzzle your chest lightly. I can feel your breath becoming more rapid, and I can hear your heartbeat speeding up slightly. Your hands are getting a little more insistent on my thighs. Making longer strokes up higher and higher.

I move my hands down your chest and to the waistband of your jeans. Gently running a finger just inside the band. Feeling the intake of your breath and the movement so that you grant me more access to your body. I gently kiss just above your navel. Before you realize what I am doing your pants are undone. My lips trail down your midline to the top of your briefs and my tongue snakes it’s way underneath. I love the taste of you. Rize Escort Bayan You are what I have wanted for so long and now I just want to relish you. To have you, in a way that will leave you sated and yet, hungry for more. Feeling your hips move on their own, I carefully lay a hand on your lower stomach, and stop your movements.

My hand slides in and finds your rigid cock. When I touch it you jump as if shocked. I pull my face back and for the first time since this all started, I open my eyes to look up at you. You look back at me with serious apprehension on your face. Until you see the emerald coloring of my eyes. You know what this means and you finally smile. I can actually watch the tension leave your face and feel your body relax. Placing one of my hands under your hip, I have you raise them so that I can slide the briefs and the jeans down and expose all of you to me. I want what I have waited so long for now.

Your cock, all 10 inches of it, is now exposed to me. I carefully wrap my hand around it and move it to a more favorable position for me. I look up to see your eyes watching me intensely. It must feel a little strange to have someone handling you like this after so long. But you will get used to it, that much I promise. I cradle your balls in one hand and have your cock in the other. Gently I start to roll your balls in my hand and I watch as your head goes back, your eyes close and you relax. When my tongue softly laps the precum from the head, you moan and your whole body twitches.

When I caress the head with my tongue, your hips rise to try for more. I suck just the head into my mouth and watch you make the small, involuntary movements that I know means that you want more. But you are trying to Escort Rize go at my pace. Trying to retain some type of control. I slide you as far into my mouth as can and then slide you back out again. You are leaking precum in copious amounts and I am loving every drop of it. I can feel that little muscle in your stomach starting to twitch, and as much as I want to taste you, I back off.

I raise my body up and move slightly away from you. I straddle your hips and move my shirttails out of the way. I reach for your cock and steady it as I slowly move my body downward. You look at me, with hooded eyes, wild with want and desire. I line your head up with my cunt and slowly, carefully, almost gingerly start moving down the shaft. Once I have you halfway in, I raise up until just the head is inside and then move back down even further on your shaft. Repeating this process, I slowly work all of you inside of me.

Moving carefully, I look into your eyes and feel your hands exploring me as I ride you. Moving a hand down, you start to gently massage my clit, at the same time, you draw my nipple into your mouth. I move more rapidly as I can feel both my own and your orgasms building at the same time. You scrape and gently bite my nipple with your teeth. I move even faster. You look at me, on the edge of a mind blowing orgasm, the likes of one that you have never experienced before. I slam myself down on you, feeling my orgasm flash thru me as you fill me with hot, copious amounts of cum. You draw me close and I feel the bite as you sink your teeth into my shoulder.

I raise up one more time and slam down on you again. My orgasm begins to fade and you are now resting your head on the same shoulder that you sank your teeth into. I move gently, cradling your head against me and turn so that as I lay back on the couch I bring you with me. I look into your eyes, and see the smile that you have on your face. But then why wouldn’t you? As you look into my cocoa colored eyes.

One simple phrase escapes me, “I Love You”.

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