What Price Passion? Ch. 02

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Ashley moaned as Billy thrusted up into her, pushing her up against the wall of the bathroom stall of the club they were in. She bit into his shoulder to keep from screaming out as she came for the second time. His thrusts were becoming more intense & rapid, a sign he was close to cumming. Since their first time together a week ago on the beach they had been acting like horny teenagers, having sex whenever, & wherever, they could.

Her legs wrapped around his waist, she pulled Billy as deeply as she could into her. Ashley moaned as he nibbled her ear as he slid into her again. She couldn’t believe she was having sex in the bathroom of a dance club. It had been her idea but she never thought he would go through with it. She was glad he did, though.

Billy felt Ashley cum around his cock again & almost couldn’t hold back. Well, the pain from the bite on his shoulder did help him hold back. But not for much longer.

The last week had been heaven. They made love every chance they could. Some times long & slow, like that first night on the beach. Other times, fast & furious.

Like tonight.

Ashley wanted to go out dancing. Billy hated clubs, having worked in then for so long, but he relented. He just wanted to spend every waking moment with her, no matter where it was.

He went to her house & was amazed at what he saw when he walked through the door. She was wearing a black skin tight dress with a scalloped neckline that showed off her wonderful cleavage & a the hemline that barely covered her ass. Her long auburn hair cascaded down to her shoulders. She looked simply ravishing. He was instantly aroused.

Billy helped Ashley get into the car. He got into the car & started to race to the club. He wanted to get there, dance a bit, & leave as soon as he could. Her beauty intoxicated him.

They held hands as they drove but then Ashley pulled his hand onto her thigh & started to pull it up her dress.” I have a surprise for you,” she said.

Billy’s hand went up her thigh. No panties. That wasn’t really a surprise. Both had forgone underwear this whole week. Then he noticed what the real surprise was.”You shaved for me.”

Even in the dark of the car he could he the blush rise across her face. “Yes,” she whispered.

Billy’s excitement grew. Screw the dancing. He had to have her now. He turned to go into the parking lot of a hotel.

“No. Let’s go dancing first. They’ll be plenty of time for that later.”

Saying he was disappointed was an understatement. But he relented. “OK. But I don’t know how I’ll be able to dance with this goddamn hard on.”

Ashley undid her seat belt & slid closer to him, her hand resting on his thigh. “I can take care of that for you,” she whispered as she unzipped him & pulled his cock out into the open.

Billy smiled as he watched Ashley’s head go down into his lap. This was going to be a great night, he thought to himself.

Ashley slowly ran her almanbahis tongue around the head of Billy’s cock, causing it to twitch in pleasure. Her hand stroked him as she continued to lick around the head. She heard Billy groan in pleasure as took his cock into her mouth.

Billy raised his hips up as Ashley took him deep into her mouth. The pleasure was so intense he could barely concentrate on his driving. How do you explain THAT to your insurance company?

“You better stop, Ash, before I get into a wreck.”

She answered by taking him all the way into her mouth, her lips touching the base of his cock. Then she moaned around it & cupped his balls in her hand. The sensation was too much for Billy. He shot his load deep into her throat. And swerved into oncoming traffic.

“Oh, Shit!”, he yelled as he got the car back under control. “Damn, that was close!”

He looked down at Ashley, who just smiled up at him & said,”That was fun. Lets do it again.”

All he could do was laugh. How he loved this girl.

Ashley finished zipping Billy up just as they pulled into the parking lot of the club.”Now we can go have fun!”, she laughed as the car came to a stop.

“I thought the fun already started,” Billy whispered as he pulled her up & kissed her.

She pulled away from him & said mischievously,”Oh, the fun has only begun!”

As she got out of the car her skirt rode up & Billy could see her bare ass. Mmmm, that looks so hot, he thought to himself.

They went up to the door hand & hand. The head bouncer was a high school friend of Billy’s so they got in ahead of the crowd & free. A double bonus.

Right away Billy hated it. The crowd, the throbbing base, the lights. It was not his scene. Give him a nice quite shot & beer place he could shoot pool in. But this was what Ashley wanted.

Ashley was in her element, She felt so alive with the music. She was soon gyrating to the music against Billy.

Feeling Ashley rubbing up against him was almost too much to bear but he was soon getting into it. The touch of her body against his was something he could never get enough of.

Ashley could feel Billy get hard as they danced. It was time to spring her next surprise. It was something she had always wanted to do but was hoping secretly Billy would not go through with. She whisper/yelled into his ear,”Meet me in the bathroom.” Then turned & walked away.

She was scared/excited when she saw Billy following her in the clubs mirrored wall.

As she opened the door to the restroom, Ashley looked back & saw that Billy was still slowly making his way towards her. Well, looks like you have to finish what you started, girl, she thought to herself.

Billy was wondering if she really wanted to go through with it. Sure, they had had sex in public places before, but they were deserted places with no one around. This was a crowded club where anyone could walk in. Was she willing to risk almanbahis adres that?

He pushed open the door & was disappointed to see that the room was full of women fixing their make-up. So much for that idea Billy thought.

Ashley was standing at a mirror in a sitting/smoking lounge just off the sink area of the restroom. Seeing her leaning over the counter, her long auburn hair flowing down her shoulders, her tight black dress accentuating her wonderful ass. It was too much for him. He thought to himself, well, lets see if she wants an audience.

Billy walked into the restroom.”Evening, ladies.”

Few of them even batted an eyelash at the thought of a man coming in there. It happened all the time, the restrooms were co-ed after all. But most of them watched Billy as he entered the room. He was 6 foot tall, 200 lbs., & muscular. He wore a black Henley shirt & black jeans, which accentuated his muscular chest & legs. Blackish brown hair touched just above his shoulder blades. He had the patented “Jersey Strut” as he walked across the floor, saying excuse me every few seconds to the women who seemed determined to bump into him. He finally made it to the sitting lounge & walked up behind Ashley.

She couldn’t believe he was still coming in hear. When she first walked into the restroom, she blew a mental sigh of relief. No way would he come in here now, she thought to herself. Well, here he was, making his way across the crowded room.

Ashley tried to apply her lip sick with a shaky hand. He was getting closer & she had no idea what he was going to do. Maybe he’s just bluffing.

Oh how wrong she was. Billy came in close behind her & started to kiss the nape of her neck as his hands wrapped around her waist. They then started to work their way up to her chest as Billy started to nibble on her ear. She looked over to see that the 2 other women in the lounge had stopped what they were doing & were watching them. She didn’t care, it felt so good.

Billy saw Ashley look over at their audience & wondered if that would cause her to break off their fun. And there was the 5 other ladies at the sinks. “If you ladies are done with your make-up & wouldn’t mind going back to the dance floor, me & my friend have some things we would like to talk about in private.”

This snapped them out of their daze & amongst a bunch of “Uh, yeah, sure”‘s they left the room. Billy could have sworn he heard at least one “Lucky bitch” muttered as they left. It made him smile & want her even more but he thought he ws the lucky one.

Ashley stood in amazement as the ladies left without protest. She also caught the lucky bitch comment & thought, you ain’t kidding sister. He was definitely something else.

As the last woman was leaving, Billy turned Ashley around & kissed her deeply. He ran his fingers through her beautiful hair then slid them down the sides of her body, feeling every luscious curve. Cupping her almanbahis giriş ass in his hands he pulled her up & set her on the counter top. Pushing her against the mirror he started to kiss his way down to her neck. Then he continued kissing & slightly sucking her flesh as he made his way down her chest. Popping one of her breast out of her dress, kissing & sucking is way toward her areola. He kissed his way around her nipple, never touching it. When Ashley grabbed his head & pulled him tighter to her, he knew it was time. He hungrily sucked her nipple into his mouth. Ashley arched her back & pulled him even closer. She murmured please don’t stop as he pulled his mouth away. But he had other plans.

Billy suddenly stopped his wonderful ministrations on her breast. “Please don’t stop,” she muttered. She was soon rewarded with something better.

She felt his lips kissing her inner thigh. Mmmmm, yes, she thought. He was very good at this. Soon his lips were kissing around her mound. Then his tongue slowly traced the outline of her lips. She let out a moan of pleasure.

Billy heard the moan & was glad she was enjoying this. He knew he was. He spread her lips with his fingers & ran the tip of his tongue across her clit. He felt her tense up at the sensation. He kept caressing her clit with his tongue for a while before sucking it into his mouth.

The moment Billy sucked her clit between his lips Ashley came. She wrapped her legs around his head & pulled him closer to her as he continued to lick & suck her very wet pussy. But she wanted more.

Ashley’s legs unwrapped themselves around his head & he felt her hands start to pull his head up towards her. He knew what she wanted & he undid his pants as he rose.

“We got company.”

Billy looked over & saw four woman standing just inside the door to the restroom, looks of awe on there faces. Shit, he thought to himself. That ends that.

What happened next took Billy by surprise. Ashley hopped off the counter top & took Billy by the hand. “I guess were going to have to finish this in the stall,” she said.

Billy couldn’t believe his ears. The next thing he knew Ashley was pushing him into the handicap stall & giggling,”Bye , girls.” It was amazing.

Ashley pushed him against the wall & stuck her hand into his open fly. “I need you bad,” she said as she kissed & bit his neck as she fished his now hard cock out of his jeans.

Billy reversed their positions & pinned Ashley against the wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he held onto her thighs. His cock brushed against her wet lips. She gyrated her hips trying to get him to enter her. Billy reached down to guide himself into her. He slid in all the way with one thrust.

It felt so good to have him inside her again. She didn’t care if the whole club was watching now. She was lost in the feeling of having him deep inside her.

He bit & sucked on her ear & neck as he thrust up into her. She could feel the tingling sensation start. She would come very soon.

Billy felt her legs tighten around him. She was close. He picked up his pace & lunged up into her as hard as he could. He wanted her to cum around his cock. It felt so good when she did.

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