What Would You Think

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Well then, just what would you think?

It’s a hot summer night, you’re two hundred miles from home, your car’s just ground to a halt, your cell phone doesn’t work because there’s no signal, you’ve climbed over three fences and crossed an ankle-deep creek to get to the nearest house… and the beautiful blonde in the bathrobe that answered the door invites you inside. Okay, so you’d pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming, but after that what would you do? Yeah, you’d probably do exactly what I did. I followed her into the house, watching her beautiful ass through the flowing robe she had on.

I was on my way home after a golf weekend with my buddies. Crossing the wild, rural Appalachians, my car’s radiator sprung a leak. I came off the freeway and nursed as many miles as I could out of the ailing vehicle, looking out for some sign of civilization. Then I left it by the road and walked cross country. I was tired and mightily pissed off when I arrived at the only house in sight that Sunday evening. I figured that this far out in the sticks some old timer and his wife would answer the door of this run-down and remote shack. Best I was hoping for was an exchange of pleasantries and the use of a phone to find a local breakdown truck. Instead, a blonde vision in a white bathrobe pulled open the ageing wooden door.

Stunned that such a creature might be my salvation, I mumbled something about my car dying and could she maybe…

“I’m Terri,” She kind of half-smiled, half-laughed, “please come in and we’ll find someone to fix your car.”

I closed the door and followed her through to the kitchen, noticing brown cardboard boxes everywhere. I figured she was either just moving in, or just about to move out.

“You want coffee?” She turned to face me, already holding a pot. Her lip twisted at the corner of her mouth as she eyed my disheveled appearance. “Or maybe something stronger would be better.”

She poured me a cup anyway. “The nearest town is about twenty miles away. I was born and raised there, know everyone. My brother owns a garage, and a tow truck. I’ll call him and get him to take care of your car. It’ll be a few hours, but you can stay here a while.” She handed me the steaming cup.

“I, err… don’t want to put you to any trouble,” I stammered as I took the cup she offered.

“It’s okay.” She smiled at me, lifting the phone, “You can pay me back, I’m sure. It’s been a long time. I could use a man’s touch. How ’bout you make love to me. That’ll be fair exchange.”

I stood there, my tongue paralyzed as she spoke into the phone, arranging for my car to be picked up and towed to her brother’s garage. Had I misheard her? Did this lovely creature actually want me to make love to her, just like that?

“He can get to your car in a few hours. He’s pretty busy this evening.” She replaced the phone and poured herself some coffee. “I’ll drive you out to his garage in the morning; it ought to be ready by then. That sound okay to you?”

I nodded, dumbstruck. She checked out my appearance again, impassively. It obviously wasn’t my dapper appearance that she wanted. I felt terrible. I was sweaty, tousled and one leg was soaking from my battle with the creek.

“You want to take a shower?” she asked, offhandedly indicating a door off the lounge. “I’ll get you some dinner while you get cleaned up.”

Totally off-guard because of her declaration of intent, I decided to take her up on that invitation, rather than stand there, ill-at-ease and wondering how serious she was, while she cooked for me.

She took me through to the bathroom that led off her bedroom, handed me a unisex green toweling robe and leaned into the shower to adjust the shower spray for me. As she did so, I noticed one of her ample breasts trying hard to escape the confines of her robe. She smiled at me, tucked the errant breast back in and said, “Dinner will be ready in half an hour. Enjoy your shower.”

Under the rejuvenating spray of the hot shower I took stock of the situation. Terri was undoubtedly beautiful, with her shoulder length blonde hair (no visible roots) and the lush body of a fifties screen goddess. Her picture-perfect face was dominated by her full lips and startlingly blue eyes that spoke together so sensually.

As real as the vision she created was, there was something I couldn’t quite fathom. She had just invited me, the ultimate Joe Average stuck in the middle of nowhere, to spend the night making love with her. Surprising as it was, I was excited and scared to death at the same time. I stood there wringing my nervous hands under her shower, looking down at the most enormous hard on I’d ever had.

My new-found granite hard-on was still with me when I finished my shower. I tried to hide it in the folds of the extra-large robe as I tied the belt, but had only limited success in accomplishing that. Walking carefully back to the kitchen I was greeted by the welcome aroma for garlic bread and pasta, reminding me it was several hours Beylikdüzü Escort since I last ate.

Terri nodded for me to sit as she placed a huge bowl of pasta to the table. She indicated that I should help myself to the food as she poured me a glass of wine. I thanked her and laughed nervously as I loaded up my plate and she sat down across from me. Then she began to talk.

She was a local girl, owned a shoe store in town and was recently divorced. I watched her smile often as she told me about herself. I was glad that she did most of the talking and gradually became a little more at ease with the situation. She had married ten ears earlier, but her husband was a loser, never holding down a job, living off her and seldom moving from the sofa and whatever ball game was on at the time. She’d put up with a lot, but when he started to lose interest in her sexually… that was it for her. Three years and a very messy divorce later she’d been taken to the cleaners financially and moved into this—her quiet home in the middle of nowhere, cheap and ready to fix up.

She finished her story by telling me that while going through the divorce she herself had lost interest in sex, but now it was over and the stress was disappearing… my appearance was at just the right time!

Taking her wine glass in one hand and grabbing the bottle by the neck with the other, she looked over to me and simply said, “Ready?”

Well, what would you do? Yeah, right, you throw back your wine, suck it up and do what you need to.

I stood up to follow her. I was a little surprised that she moved to the lounge area and started throwing lots of scatter cushions onto the floor in front of the log fire. I was expecting her to lead me through to the bedroom.

Finished piling up the cushions, she turned and smiled seductively at me. Reaching out for the belt of my robe, she said, “One of the reasons I bought the house was the fireplace. It’s a fantasy of mine to make love in front of the fire… and here you are on my second night here!”

Having neither the will nor desire to resist, I stood there while she opened my robe and slid it off my shoulders. It fell from my body and left me standing naked in front of her with nothing but a huge hard on for protection.

“That’ll work beautifully.” Terri nodded as she gently caressed my cock for the first time before reaching to undo the belt on her own robe. It slid easily from her silken shoulders and fell away from her.

It was like heaven’s gate had opened and was inviting me in. However sexy she looked in that robe, it had hidden a body that was even more incredible than I could have imagined. Terri had the prettiest breasts that I had ever seen—large, firm, full, with the smallest, darkest, nipples I’d ever set eyes on. Propelled by gravity and primeval forces, my eye eased downwards past her slim-but-not-skinny waist, over her curvy hips and down to what, if I wasn’t mistaken, was an already glistening, shaved, pussy.

Terri didn’t seem to have a self-conscious bone in her body as she threw off her own robe and turned away to switch off the large lamp in the corner of the room. This had the twin effects of giving me a wonderful view of her ample but beautifully shaped bottom, and leaving the flickering of the roaring logs to provide the only light in the room. As she turned back and moved towards me in the half-light I watched as this graceful, cultured and beautiful woman slowly eased towards my throbbing erection. I wondered again if maybe I was dreaming but doubted I could dream something quite as full of promise as this situation.

“I hope you’re not nervous.” Terri smiled, put her arms around me and pulled me close enough to start burning a patch in the softness of her belly with my swollen cock.

“No,” I lied as I lifted my own arms up to run my hands over the sweet-scented, silken skin that suddenly seemed to surround me. “I guess I just can’t believe this is happening to me. You’re beautiful Terri. You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen”

“Thank you.” She smiled and gently brought her lips to sample mine. “You have such a pretty cock. I think we’re both lucky. I’m glad your car died near my house.”

There was no arguing with that sentiment, and no arguing with the tongue that was now pushing through my lips. She tasted of warm wine and felt like a comfortable blanket lulling me to relax and enjoy the hands that had found their way to hold my buttocks and pull me into her, close enough to feel her heat. I responded by helping myself to a handful of Terri’s ass and bringing my other hand up to hold against her cheek while we continued a slow, deep, we’re-going-to-fuck kiss.

I felt her start to slip beneath me as we kissed and I followed her until we were on our knees, still embracing and caressing each other. I couldn’t resist one moment longer and slowly let my hand trace down from her cheek, across her shoulder and down to press my palm press firmly against her breast. Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan As I cupped the fullness of her, I broke away from her lips and started to nibble and suck her tiny but very hard nipple.

“I haven’t felt that for so long,” she breathed heavily in my ear. “Oh, God, that feels so good.”

I was just about to stop and ask her if this was totally a one-way thing, when her hand found the base of my shaft and she started to drag her fingertips up and down me. It might have been a while for her, but she had a wonderful touch and each small tracing movement sent shivers through my entire body. I felt my balls tighten instantly and scream to be touched. Terri’s hand obliged, gently running down off the base of my cock and down to where she could cup my balls in her hand. She squeezed gently, like she was sizing me up.

While I enjoyed the growing sensation of her one hand playing with my balls and her other pulling at my ass cheeks, I switched my attention to her other nipple and eagerly closed my mouth over it. As it swelled and hardened like the first one I brought my hand down the side of her torso and across towards her pubic area, pausing only to tease. I felt her ease her body away from mine, inviting me, giving my hand space. She was hot and very wet. When I touched her pussy for the first time I was gentle and looking to explore her, but she was so wet my finger literally fell into her. I smiled as I felt her gasp at the sensual intrusion of my touch.

I couldn’t wait to taste her. Leaving her kneeling while I fingered her, I eased away to lie down on my back under her. I pulled a cushion for the back of my head and positioned my mouth right under her, licking my lips as my tongue prepared to take over from my finger. She stayed there for me, kneeling, while I started to lick at her pussy and brought my hands up to caress her full, round ass.

She tasted so sweet. However much I’d loved pussy juice in the past, this was a new standard. And she was so wet. Her juices were almost running down my tongue into my mouth. I brought my lips up to hers and sucked at her. As I gently nibbled on her swollen lips I felt her body tip over mine and she came down to rest over my chest. Almost magically her mouth found the end of my cock, first offering a kiss, then sucking hard on the head as she took some more in.

As she settled into her new position I let my mouth leave her pussy and took a moment to look up at the glorious sopping sight in front of my nose. Not a hair to be seen, just a beautiful cleft of skin with twin protruding lips, proud, wet and glowing pink in their excitement. I raised a hand so I could pull her lips apart and delve a little deeper with my tongue, then I slowly withdrew and wandered up between her lips to seek out her clit.

By now Terri had a strong hold of my cock and was hungrily licking up and down me, sliding her hand along my length and sucking the head in her mouth. As my tongue found her clit I felt her movements on me pause momentarily as she caught her breath. Then she took me deeper into her mouth while she cupped my balls and squeezed. It was my turn to gasp as I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat. As I licked at her, pulled at her pussy lips with one hand and reached out for her dangling breast with the other, I knew I had to start being cautious. Much more of Terri’s attentions to my cock and I was going to explode.

As nice as that would’ve been, I wanted to make sure she was closer to me, so I used both hands to pull her pussy wide open and allow me to concentrate some long slow licks at her now very excited clit. I felt her coming almost immediately, her body tensing as my tongue worked and her pelvis moved up and down to meet me. I held on to her ass cheeks as she got closer and I flicked at her clit with the lightest possible touch of my pussy-drenched tongue.

We both lost control together. As I tried to continue to lick her, Terri’s body arched up and away, leaving her hand to pump me as I roared closer to my own orgasm. I felt her thighs close around my cheeks as her body shook and my own hips rose up to her hand and I started to come. I slapped her playfully on the ass as she shuddered again and again. In retaliation she held onto me tightly, even though she knew I was coming. I felt a rush as she finally released her hold and my come blew from me in several long and high spurts.

Terri fell onto me then, spent from her orgasm and almost laughing with pleasure. I slowly caught my breath and opened my eyes to see a beautiful pair of legs next to me, open and showing off a gloriously soaked and swollen pussy. She still had the lightest touch on my cock and I could feel a distinct movement as she milked the last of my juice from me.

“Oh my, that was so good. I haven’t come like that for years.” Her voice was giddy with our shared high.

I looked down to see Terri’s face looking up at me, come dripping from her cheek and her tongue Escort Beylikdüzü flicking to clean it up. She finally let go of my cock and crawled up to lie next to me, her breasts pressing into my skin and her still burning pubic area clamped to the side of my pelvis.

“You’re the first man I’ve had for almost five years,” she whispered. “You can’t know how felt it to have you eat me. But I hope you’ve got something left, because I need that cock inside me too.” She nibbled at my ear lobe as she finished, ensuring that my semi-hard cock wasn’t ever going to fully deflate.

Letting her hand find its way back to my groin, Terri felt my increasing size, and then moved down to squeeze my balls, sizing them up. “Feels like you’re doing okay.” As she started to grind on the edge of my pelvic bone I figured she was doing okay herself.

I laughed lightly as I felt the ecstasy of her touch elevate my status and with absolutely no recovery time I was ready to get back on the job. “You need some of this?” I started to ease Terri over onto her back, climbing on top of her, my cock and balls dangling in mid air as I looked down to see if I might be able watch myself enter her.

“Yes,” she said, wriggling out from under me, “but I want it hard. I have missed a good fucking so much. Give me all you’ve got boy.” With that, she got onto all fours, spread her knees wide apart, and urged me to slip into her inviting sex.

It’s not like I had any choice, or wanted one. Few times in my life have I ever encountered such powerful behavior by a woman, purposeful, wanton and incredibly hot. I took my cock in hand, giving it a few long strokes of encouragement and positioned myself behind her, looking down at her wonderful ass and feeling again how wet she was with my other hand. Still holding my cock, I pointed it straight at her pussy opening and thrust into her—harder than I had ever entered a woman before, one quick, full, thrust.

I felt her lean back into me and heard an audible sigh before she exclaimed, “Oh man! Finally, a cock inside me again.” She reached back and tested that my balls were tight against her ass before leaning forward again, creating her own strokes while impaled on me. I reached out for her hips and pulled her back inside me, feeling her red hot sheath cover me again and again in wonderful waves of slick, molten, woman. Terri began driving herself on and off me harder and harder while I held on and found her rhythm.

I eased one of my legs off my knee and onto my foot to gain purchase and tried to keep up with the machine that was now working herself into a frenzy on my cock. I looked over to see her, head down, hair doused in sweat and dangling down, breasts moving every which way with her motions and breathing getting heavier.

When I reached down and let my fingers rub against her clit as she pounded on and off me I knew what would happen. Immediately she eased her body up a little, brought a hand up and clamped it against mine, forcing my fingers firmer onto the top of her dripping pussy. I could feel the shaft of my cock pounding away, slamming into my fingertips only a few times before her tummy started to tighten and she gasped, “Oh God. Oh God.” repeatedly.

I slammed into her again and again, taking over the initiative of the strokes as she neared climax. “Oh God.” She almost cried, “Fuck me. Please, fuck me.” Again and again I plunged into her and tried to oblige. She went silent for a moment as her body’s tension reached its height, then she started to relax, easing herself down to rest on my cock. “You fucked me,” she whispered as her head fell forward in exhaustion.

She was still breathing heavily as she crawled off me and sat on the edge of the sofa. Shaking back her sweat-matted hair, she opened her arms and beckoned me to move over to her. I stood up, my cock still hard and wobbling with the movement. Once in front of her face Terri smiled up at me and caressed the length of me with both of her hands. “You’re so hard.” She looked up from watching me twitch. “I like that a lot in a man. But I think you need to come again now, don’t you?”

I nodded, a little more at ease with the situation.

“Come down here.” She indicated between her legs. “Put your cock in there and come again for me Baby.”

As I knelt down in front of her, she kept hold of my cock the whole time and immediately pulled me to the opening of her pussy. I looked up into her smiling face and eased myself forward, letting her guide me safely into her burning hole. As I moved inside her I picked up one of her breasts and clamped my mouth around it, purely for my own pleasure this time, enjoying that she was so beautiful and so wanton.

“Are you glad your car stopped now?” she whispered as I sighed and the pleasure started to swell around my body again with the sensations created by her pussy on my cock.

I semi-nodded, semi-moaned, and found myself in an increasingly intoxicating rhythm. I reached behind Terri, closed my hands around her ass and pulled myself into her tighter than ever, feeling the tip of my cock push hard against her with each thrust. I looked up and kissed her deeply as I moved another stage closer to my orgasm. Her tongue was long, hungry and seemed to urge me on, encouraging me to have pleasure with her body.

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