When I finally Knew

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When I finally KnewLife is strange, a saying used quite often and one I agree with in many ways.For me life was normal, a great partner, great sex and a very open relationship, we could both talk to each other about anything and everything.There was one thing though that I never mentioned for fear of feeling foolish. My desire to suck another guys cock. I often found myself turned on, watching a porn movie, not at the scenes where the typical blonde porn star was exposing her breasts or playing with her shaven pussy, or even watching her getting fucked by some hot well hung guy, yes it was pleasant but I always got very turned on watching a woman go down on a guy, taking his hard cock in her mouth.I found myself thinking about it while driving home from work, or sitting in the office looking out a window, day dreaming wondering what would it be like, what would it taste like, would it be warm, hard, would I choke, would I swallow if he came. Many questions unanswered over the years. Then one evening my partner, lets call her Dawn for this story came home from work with a surprise.Hi honey guess what I got today, she smiled as she opened the shopping bag and took out a box. From where I was standing in the kitchen I could see a picture of a lady standing, in a leather catsuit wearing a strap on.My mind started racing, I couldn’t believe it when Dawn took it out of the box, a leather harness with an 8 inch realistic looking cock, while it was solid and hard it was pliable to touch, Dawn ran her fingers up and down its length, she was smiling as she suggested that we would try it out later on that evening.The rest of the day ankara escort past in a blur and after we had the house to ourselves she told me to join her in the bedroom in five minutes time. I watched the clock on the wall getting turned on thinking of what lay ahead. After a few minutes of waiting I headed up to the bedroom. I opened the door and Dawn was laying back on the bed naked, she was wearing the strap on.Come here lover, she said beckoning me to the bed.I want to show you what its like to get fucked, I want to share with you the feelings I have when you fuck me with your hard cock.Now get naked and get in here.I didn’t need telling twice. I got undressed as quickly as I could and joined her on the bed.We kissed each other, me on top but she rolled over till she was on top.Tonight I’m in charge and you are going to do everything I say to please me. Is that clear honey?.I said yes,Ok then lets start with this I want you to suck on my hard cock get it nice and wet for me.She was kneeling over me and moved herself up on the bed till the strap on was inches from my mouth. I reached around behind her, my hands on her ass I lifted my head and opened my mouth and placed my tongue on the tip of the head. It was cold and didn’t taste that nice but I was in heaven.I started to lick it pulling her closer to me.My my, you look like your enjoying that said Dawn as she started to thrust herself in time to my head bobbing back and forth. My mind was racing my cock was as hard as its ever been. Dawn reached behind her and placed her hand around my cock.Oh what have we here, she said as she squeezed my cock.You must really ankara escort bayan like this. Do you like sucking on my cock?. Dawn looked down on me and I decided to tell her the truth,Oh my God Dawn I love it. Its an amazing feeling, laying her trapped under you sucking on your hard cock.She smiled and then pulled back from me.Ok then if you like that, lets see how you like this next part, turn over, get on all fours and raise your ass up for me.I did as I was told. I was a little afraid wondering was this going to hurt much, would I be able to take it. Dawn then reached out and with her fingers started exploring my ass, she must have put some lube on her hand as her fingers slipped easily into me. She then placed the cock head against me and gently pushed forward. I was trying to push back onto it, I felt the head going in before I started to feel a burning sensation,Oh my God I moaned and I stopped pushing backwards and started to move away, but Dawn held my hips tight and said to relax.Its ok I wont force it give it some time dear.I tried to relax and we stayed like that for a few minutes, I was getting used to the feeling of this cock in my ass, then Dawn gently pulled back and pushed forward I could feel it sliding in a little further each time until eventually I felt her body against mine. I could not believe it I had taken it all in.Mmmmh I groaned as Dawn started to fuck me from behind, I felt her hand reaching down under my body and she started to wank my cock.It seems that you have been holding out on my my dear, do you like being fucked by my hard cock, do you? she said as she speeded up.Oh yes. I replied, escort ankara as her thrusting and wanking of my cock started to build up. Oh yes, fuck me , fuck me harder. I cried pushing back in time with her thrusting. then I started to lose control I could feel the intense wave of pleasure building up inside me.Oh my God. I screamed as I started to cum. Dawn didn’t stop her hand was working faster on my cock and she had her cock buried deep in side me.I came and came I didn’t think it would ever stop. then when I finished cumming and Dawn had stopped wanking me she started to pull her cock out of me slowly. This was almost too much for me as the pleasure continued until at last she was out of me completely. I collapsed on the bed not caring that i was laying on top of the cum soaked sheets.Dawn rolled me over and lent down and kissed me full on the mouth, she was smiling as she whisperedMy, my, my, that was something new, you really liked that didn’t you.Yes I replied not only did I like it , I have to say it was amazing intense and fuck, I never came like that before.Well I only hope you can make up for it because its now your turn to make me cum. We spent the rest of the night without the strap on but we made love several times before we feel asleep.The following morning over breakfast we discussed the previous nights fun.So is there something you have not told me, asked Dawn as she poured another cup of tea for us both.Well not really I replied, She smiled and saidYour saying one thing but your body was saying something different last night. Ok, I replied I have this fantasy about being fucked, and going down on a real guys cock.Dawn laughed. I know that silly, I always did, I was just wondering if you did,I think its time we started exploring a little more on that side of things. She smiled as she addedI have always wanted to see you with another guy…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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