When Opportunity Knocks

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Chapter One

Here I was, all suited up for a hot evening, and the ungrateful bitch turned me down she never showed. I had met her on the web a month or so ago and we clicked right off the bat. She was real, not the slinky model type and not adorned in the latest “cant be worn” fashion. This girl has tits and no stupid smile. She was certainly not a tease either, who was all talk and no substance, at least until now when she failed to show at the restaurant. She promised to be an absolute delight in bed and even a fun person to hang out with, blind date or otherwise. But the bitch didn’t show. I waited for two hours after our appointed time, just in case she got lost or some other delay had kept her from being on time, but still no Terry. She had stood me up and I was getting more and more pissed by the moment.

I looked around the place again. There was a bar for patrons to sit at and have a drink before they were seated for their dinner. Two guys were chugging down beers, and a woman, who reminded me of Terry. Terry was supposed to be about 5’7″ tall, heavier than skinny, just the way I like a real woman, long blond hair, though I prefer a little more color in it, and with tits to keep me busy for a long time. She described herself as “anything goes”, wanting to experiment. She was married but with a mind to stray if the right situation presented itself, not all that different from me. She claimed she had green eyes but couldn’t send me a picture because of some fear of it being shown on the net or something. Just another excuse it would seem now. She could change her identity now and I would never find her on the chat room again. I suspected that was exactly what would happen.

I suddenly got angrier. I had traveled six hundred miles, worked out all kinds of excuses for this trip at this time, and now the bitch had the audacity to not show up! Outrageous! It was a good thing she didn’t show up now, for I would probably have just told her off in front of the entire restaurant, no one treats me like that. I was good to her online, earnest, sincere, open, and sharing of just about any thought she asked for. And this is how I am rewarded. Stood up. Shit!

I tossed back the last of my drink and stood up as if to dare the world to fuck with me right now. I am not a violent man, but I was sure upset. I looked again at the lone woman by the bar. Something about her…. Could she be… I wondered if maybe she was really Terry and if she was testing me. I suppose it could happen, but I thought better of that possibility and waved for the check. Hell, I hadn’t even eaten dinner and I was hungry! Hungry and angry and hornier than a rooster in a hen house full of hot chicks. SOMETHING had to give.

I paid the tab and started for the door. The coat rack was beside the woman at the bar. I had already asked her if her name was Terry, but I felt like asking her something else, just to make a little conversation. Then I wondered, why? Was she likely to just go back to the hotel with me, having never set eyes on me before? Not very likely.

I slipped an arm into the appropriate one on my coat, forcing me to turn to my left and directly facing this woman in the chair. “Hi, again,” I blurted out. At this point, anything that started something up was better than not trying at all.

“Hi, again, yourself,” She said, “Couldn’t find your friend?” Something wasn’t right about the way she asked that. It was as if she remembered something about me, from two hours before, and nothing about anyone else in the place. The way she said it too, bothered me. She made the assumption I did not find my date, that I must have waited at the table the whole evening for a “no show,” and that I was now leaving a defeated man. And one more vibe I got from her asking the question the way she did. It was as if she were taunting me, laughing at yet another male ego deflated. She was relishing her gender’s victory over me as if she had some personal stake in the outcome. It pissed me off yet further than I already was. I decided to fight back, if the bitch was willing to take the bait. What did I have to lose!

I stopped what I was doing, one arm in a sleeve and the other half around and vulnerable. I looked her in the eyes, blue as they were and therefore not those of the now infamous Terry, and decided somehow to get up enough nerve to say simply, “You don’t look any happier than I do. Come with me if you have an ounce of courage in you.” It was a bomb bigger than I had ever dropped before. Bold, bodacious, audacious, totally presumptive and bound to get me little more than a slap on the face. But like I said, what did I have to lose. No one in this strange town knew me. No embarrassment if she laid me out. Who cares? Get bold now if I was ever to get bold in my life, I thought.

To my utter amazement, she stood from the bar stool, and took a place directly in front of me. She didn’t say a word. She just rose up, and stood there. I must have been gawking like a dummy for she suddenly said, “Mind if I reach my coat?”

Damn, I thought. She was not going to hit me, just run away. Oh well, nothing almanbahis giriş ventured, nothing gained. I stepped aside and let her reach for her coat while I finished putting my own on. I got a whiff of her and smelled the woman more than perfume and knew instantly this lady was hot. She was wet for sure and though I could not see any signs of that fact, I could smell her juices as sure as I was blocking her way to the door. As I was about to turn and let her by, she said, “Where are you taking me?”

“Wow!” I thought. What the hell had I said? “Come with me?” That was the all time winning best pickup line? Or was it the dare of courage? Sheesh! I had no idea but I sure wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste either.

“I have a car. Follow me.” It was so callous, and yet I sensed a twitch of appreciation, or was it obedience. I couldn’t figure it out yet, but I was sure willing to go along for the ride. I turned the rest of the way toward the door and stepped out, holding the door for this mystery lady to join me. And she did, waiting almost slave-like outside the door for me.

I stepped around her and started toward my car. It was only twenty yards or so away, but I could not resist turning my head about halfway to see if she was following. What the hell was going on here? Then I got a chill. Was I being set up? Was there a holdup about to take place with me as the guest of honor? I looked all around to see what I could see and that turned up only cars and one couple going toward the restaurant. We were alone, or the accomplice was very good at concealment. Then I thought maybe this woman was able to pull a gun or knife and rob me herself. Or maybe she was a prostitute and did this kind of thing for a living. I was suddenly in a very difficult mindset and having second, third and even fourth thoughts about what I had started.

How could I be so timid!!!! I chastised myself. This was a mid-America town. Not New York where the kind of behavior I feared was common. Hell, for all I knew, this woman was scarred shitless of me and wondering with just as much trepidation if she was doing something stupid. And yet… I had to find out more about her before I opened the door.

“Why are you coming with me?” I demanded, doing an abrupt about face at the car door. I looked her straight in the eyes, with no expression on my face, stern if anything, and waited for her answer.

“Because you told me to.” She didn’t even blink. It was a factual answer. Perhaps it was overstating my command a bit, since truly I had challenged her, not instructed her, but maybe that was the very answer I was looking for. I told her to. She was giving me control. Was she a sub? Her behavior was leading me to think that way, but somehow I could see her in the opposite roll too, on top so to speak, reeling off orders and expecting them to be obeyed.

I suddenly realized that I was so entranced in all this mystery and maneuvering I had lost my perspective of the basic situation – this beautiful woman had simply answered my questions and followed my instructions. It was that simple. Why was I farting around and not acting on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

I smiled slightly, and brought back my stern look. “Get in,” I instructed in only the slightest semblance of command. To my amazement, she didn’t hesitate to obey. I closed the door behind her and began thinking about the delicious package that had just stepped right into my car, simply because I had “told her to.”

She was wearing a red skirt, that much I remembered. It was riding high up her thighs while she sat in the stool at the bar, but let down only to just above her knees when she stood up. Her blouse was a silky affair, pink and with a bit of lace someplace on it I could not remember, and open down the front row of buttons far enough for me to get a good idea of the size of her breasts. This woman had a great ass I could see on the stool, and a great chest for me to spend lots of time with. What else could I ask for? On top of all that, it was like I had found the perfect drug to have her follow my every command! Drive on! I told myself.

We backed out of the lot and said nothing. I wondered if she would be as quiet and obedient when we arrived at the hotel I was staying at. The drive was about ten minutes, and the silence was about an hour. It was just too rare a circumstance to say anything at all. She was either as dumbfounded as I was at allowing herself to get into this situation, or playing me for the total dummy I was trying to deny I was. We would know soon enough.

The Marriott Courtyard was a three-story building, like all the others I had stayed in on business. It had a single line of parking places in front, and more space to the sides. It was lit up outside clear around so any guests wishing to enter doors closer to their rooms would be comfortable doing so.

I parked the rental directly in front of such a side door and got us both out of the car. The mystery woman had not moved when I got out myself, and I had to walk around to her side and open the door before I realized, almanbahis giriş when she still did not move, that I had to command her to get out.

“Come with me,” I said. She turned and put one graceful leg out of the car. She gave me a hand, and I helped her up and out. She was beautiful, even if I had not seen a glimpse of the whiteness in her crotch. I surmised she was wearing pantyhose and probably a pair of white panties under or over them. It was just to dark to see more than a glimpse as her legs separated and closed again when she stood.

I held her hand, rather than letting it go, and walked her to the door. I didn’t want this dream to end. Foolish as it sounded, I felt that holding her hand would somehow affect any thoughts of running and keep her reassured and there. Apparently there was some credence in this for she smiled for the first time.

I opened the night lock with my room key and led her into the hallway. After getting my bearings, I turned to her, smiled and started leading her up the flight of stairs to the second floor. We merged from the stairway only three doors from my room and crossed the distance still intact.

Fumbling a little more with excitement, I managed to open the door with the third pass of the plastic card key and pushed the door in. We entered and I closed the door, switching hands with the one that was holding hers till now.

When the door closed, I looked back at her in the faint light of a lamp on somewhere deeper into the room. She was hot. I just knew it. How could I have gotten so lucky? How did I travel so far, only to be stood up by someone I had chatted up a mutually rewarding storm with, to suddenly find myself in my hotel room with the gorgeous dirty blonde with tits like melons and hips like they were meant for me? How did all this happen?

“Well,” She spoke. She broke the silence and asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Though her words meant what they said, her voiced carried the real message, a message beyond the obvious. She was telling me something, and I thought I was finally beginning to get it. She wanted to be pushed around, to be captured, harnessed, tamed and made to do whatever made me totally happy. She really was giving me control, even asking me to take it. I was sure of it now, and was not about to miss this chance.

“Sit down,” I said. “Sit on the bottom of the bed and leave your knees a foot apart for me. I want to get a good look at you.” Funny how there are little things in life that mean so much more than many of the bigger things. Making enough money to live on is important as can be, but how it pales in comparison to the momentary gratification of seeing a woman in an out of character pose. The thought of positioning her with her knees apart came from deep within me at that moment, automatically, and was a brilliant thought, even if I didn’t consciously have it myself! The little adjustment to the standard sitting position of knees instinctively and tightly together made all the difference in her presentation to me. So much could be read into such a pose, probably more than even the poser herself could realize. She was open, unconcerned with her exposure. She could also be uncomfortable in this exposure, and yet deliberately so since she obligingly came here in the first place. This woman was revealing herself to me more every second that we were together. At least for tonight, she wanted to be a slut, my slut, and I was not going to disappoint her.

As she proceeded to follow my commands, I moved around the room turning on the lights.

Chapter Two

Having turned on all the lights so I could get a good look at her, I asked her what her name was.

She responded somewhat coolly with a name I’d never heard before, sounding something like “Earette.”

“Earette,” I repeated, “Interesting.” I walked over to the closet where I had placed my bag earlier and made sure it was open and ready if I got a chance to use any of the play things I had brought along for my scheduled date. The way this replacement was going; it could end up being a far greater thing that I get to do tonight anyway! Things were looking up.

“Stand up Earette, take off your coat.” She did as she was told almost robotically, though there was just a hint of flare in her movements to betray her eagerness to comply. She threw the coat to me as if her feet were permanently affixed to the floor where she stood, her ankles still about a foot apart. I hung her coat, and then my own on the hangers provided in the closet and closed the mirrored doors. At the last second I pulled my bag from the closet and placed it on the valet stand beside the credenza holding the obligatory TV. Noticing that device for the first time, I walked back toward it and looked at its front, and then at its rear side to determine if the necessary connections were there – they were. I turned back to the still standing woman and casually placed a hand in the center of her chest and pushed her just enough to make her legs buckle against the bed. She sat back where she had been involuntarily.

I looked at her almanbahis yeni giriş for several seconds. The pink silk blouse was drawing my attention like a magnet. It was loose, lackadaisically lounging around her shoulders, hanging open to expose deep cleavage, and without a wrinkle. The top buttons were open and the first one that was buttoned was all the way down to a level about even with her nipples, which were already poking through a bra of some sort and the blouse. This enabled me to see the center point of the bra and a great deal of the breast flesh of one breast. The bra was of the sheer and mostly transparent variety I like so much, doing its utmost to enable her own flesh rather than some lacey pattern to imprint the silky blouse. The effect verged on hypnotic.

I managed to pull myself away from the stare I had fallen into and walked around in front of her. There were about six feet of distance between the foot of the bed where she was sitting and the credenza. I stood back until my butt touched the TV screen and gazed once again at this gorgeous and mysterious woman who had somehow taken my expectedly exciting evening to a whole new level of adventure.

She was magnificent. Her legs were drawing me now, lush in their captivity in her skirt, open, as I had commanded, unflinching in their obedience. Her skirt had necessarily ridden up her thighs to enable their spread for me and I could just make out the hint of the white panties she was wearing OVER the hose. This woman was out looking this night, intending to have a good time, and was probably just as glad she had found her mark, as I was glad to have found her.

“Spread your knees further,” I commanded. She slid a hand to either side of her skirt and pulled the hemline up to accommodate a deliberate and accentuated spreading of her legs. She rose up slightly to let the skirt ride up to her ass underneath, while moving her knees apart until they touched the bed on their back sides. The new view was so exciting I had trouble controlling my body. I could have kneeled down and ripped her panties and hose and eaten her alive at that very moment, but I knew she wanted more than that, and so did I.

Instead, I stepped forward until my belt was nearly touching her nose. She didn’t move at first, and I simply looked straight down at her. Finally, she tilted her head up without leaning it back. Her chin as a result, brushed the buckle of my belt. Her eyes were defiant, yet yielding, difficult to describe but in no way fearful or worried. She didn’t say a word, but she told me a lot. She wasn’t going to do shit unless I told her to, and that was how it was going to be. She was a perfectly willing, even eager participant in just about whatever depravity I had in mind, but I had to make her do it. For whatever personal reasons she had, she wanted to be dominated and driven into this sexual encounter and in fact wasn’t going unless “forced” to do so. It was getting clearer to me all the time what an absolutely unbelievable opportunity I had stumbled onto.

“Drop that zipper and lick my balls, Woman, gently.” I ordered. Her eyes lingered on mine as her hands rose and maneuvered my pants zipper. I heard it fall as we continued to gaze deeply into each other’s minds. Her lips formed a smile as she pulled my underwear down and slipped her fingers around my rock hard shaft for the first time. Simultaneously, I raised my chest in a long, slow draw of breath at her touch.

She dropped her head then and began to fulfill my wildest dreams. With one hand holding my cock, she used her other to drop the elastic of my briefs and cup my balls. She brought them forward for her inspection, and then to place them one at a time between her lips. She must have worked up a salivary lather in her mouth for I could feel the wetness of her lips caressing my balls, one at a time. She would get one surrounded and then suck it into her mouth to just the point of pain but not quite there. Then she would pull her head back minutely, taking the ball with it. The effect was nearly enough for me to shoot my first load right up her face.

Earette was no dummy though and she knew how far she could go. After a few minutes, she left her hands on my glands but raised her head up toward mine again as if to seek my approval. “Very nice, Earette, you do that very well. You are a very good ball sucker indeed.” I was starting to get into the roll and each time I struck a nerve that she was obviously asking me to strike, I was emboldened to go to the next step. “Now lick my shaft, and lick only, until I tell you different.” She dropped her head back to her duties. This was going to be more fun than I had ever had before!

Her lips felt like velvet on my cock shaft. She licked it like a lollipop from underneath to the tip. While continuing to cup my balls in one hand, she used her other hand to hold and maneuver my cock to get her tongue over every spec of its overly sensitive skin. The sensations were electric, but the scenario of this gorgeous but totally obedient woman acting out my every wish was nearly more than I could handle. It was all too good to be true. This was exactly what I was hoping to encounter, and yet I never expected to get so lucky. It’s always better when you dream about it, even when you talk about it, but to have it actually come true was beyond all expectancy. I was in heaven and moving up!

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