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Disclaimer: A short ode to secretsxywriter’s ‘Homecoming’. Somewhat of a follow-up story, though not directly related. Enjoy!


You’re up earlier than I remember from eighteen months ago, but then again I’ve been gone a long time, and besides, you have a job to attend to. I groan at the thought of having to burn a month’s leave when you’ll be away each day working.

You peek into the bedroom from the bathroom, tossing a sly wink my way clad only in my oil-wicking desert tan t-shirt with a toothbrush jutting out of your mouth; I grin at you and you disappear back into the bathroom to get ready.

I can feel the energy still clinging to the air from the sexual rendezvous experienced the night prior; its evident in the way you incessantly hum as you go about your hygiene routine, and in the way I throw myself to the floor to knockout a couple sets of naked push-ups.

Your laughter sounding from the doorway lets me know you’re watching me exercise and I put on a show for you, pressing on until my muscles are sore, dog tags jangling playfully as they swing about my neck. You tell me how sexy and strong I am and I offer a grin in return, coming to my knees.

I can see the desire in your eyes as we hold a stare, your teeth chewing upon your lower lip in the fashion that I find infinitely cute; you distract yourself from my naked body by drawing the blinds, allowing sunshine to pour into the room unfiltered.

You ask me if I could put some coffee on and I oblige, boldly leaving the room in all my nude glory.

I busy myself in the kitchen, setting the coffee maker up to brew a full pot; who knows, maybe this time I’ll try a cup. From the kitchen I hear the shower cut on and I stop what I’m doing, devious thoughts racing through my head.

You are oblivious to what I’m scheming, even as I rap upon the bathroom door to tell you that I have to go now, I got a call and something came up; your disappointed voice sounds off over the noise of the running water, telling me you love me; Beylikdüzü Escort I return the heartfelt one-liner and make my way back to the kitchen.

I fix the cup of coffee just the way you like it, but I doubt you’ll be getting to it in time to consume it hot.

Your shower is cut short, presumably because you’re running low on time and need to head to work. A smile comes to my face as I bide my time in the kitchen, watching the sun rise higher into the sky through the far off window.

I listen to you hustle and bustle about the bedroom in a fit to get dressed quicker, and I envision the articles of clothing you toss aside in disgust in an attempt to find the perfect outfit. Women.

Moments later, the clacking of heels meets my ears and I assume you’re ready to leave. Seconds later, you round the corner, head lowered as you check the contents of your purse making sure you have everything.

You don’t see me yet, as you’re busy fishing something out of your purse; it’s a cell phone, which you put to your ear as you stroll away from me, your back turned. I’m amazed you didn’t see me, but it only plays into my hand.

You converse with whom I assume is your boss, telling him you’re running late and that you’ll be in as soon as possible.

I approach you from behind and waste no time in placing my hands on your hips, feeling your body convulse reflexively; I calm you with a gentle whisper placed directly into your ear, and your body relaxes within my grasp, though you remain on the phone.

Your boss is not happy and he intends to tell you exactly why.

I ignore the phone and push your hair aside, placing kisses on your neck; you are torn between gasping for more and telling me off, but you can’t since you’re entertaining an agitated superior.

I slide my hands inside your skirt slowly, feeling the soft fabric of your underwear upon my fingertips. You recline against me as you stutter an answer to your boss, my lips devouring one of your helpless Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan earlobes.

You attempt to put a word in edgewise with your boss but he yells at you and places you on hold; I seize the opportunity to spin you around, placing a kiss on your lips before you have a chance to protest.

I back you into a wall, my hands groping your breasts through your blouse as I assault your neck with lips. You gasp my name and half-heartedly tell me ‘not now’; I ignore your feeble attempt to sway my decision.

Your boss comes back on the line to give you a bit more of his mind.

I capitalize once more on your predicament, dropping to a squat whilst deftly sliding the skirt down over your hips and down your legs, until it ended up in a puddle of fabric around your heels. You shoot me an accusing look and try to cover yourself up with a free hand, but I pay no attention to it.

I attack your panties next, curling them down your legs until they join your skirt are your heels, and then I position myself before your exposed sex, eyeing it curiously.

You are excited and it clearly shows; I return the accusing stare you offered me only seconds earlier and a blush spreads across your face.

I shake my head and place my hands upon your thighs, spreading them to reveal your womanhood in its entirety; your lips are slightly swollen and begging for attention, so I opt to give it to them.

I peel your lips apart with two fingers and slowly trail my tongue over your opening; you moan, loudly, enough to where your boss asks you just what the hell that was; you hurriedly assure him it was nothing, tossing your head back to rest it on the wall.

Your legs tremble as I dive my tongue within you, returning the favor you so graciously bestowed upon me the night before; it’s the least that I can do.

Your hand is raking through my hair, encouraging me now, abandoning your earlier vigil; I accept the reinforcement and show my loyalty by plundering your pussy Escort Beylikdüzü with my middle finger, raking it upon your anterior wall, deftly pressing upon your most sensitive flesh.

You gasp and nearly drop the phone.

I stroke your insides while licking your outside, my tongue alternating between your moist lips and your engorged clitoris; your fingers twist within my hair, but I ignore the slight pain it causes.

I reach up awkwardly from my position and snatch the phone away, bringing it to my own ear; I calmly tell your boss that you won’t be able to make it into work today, official military business, I hope he can understand.

I hang up and you waste no time in issuing a throaty moan that makes my cock stiffen.

You gyrate your hips upon my face as I eat you out, my tongue swirling lewdly about your womanly folds. You take to removing the rest of your clothing as I toss the phone aside, concentrating solely on you now.

Your shirt hits the floor and your bra quickly follows. I look up to see your head tossed back, your hands gripping your breasts, nipples pinched.

You tell me ‘don’t stop’; I have no intention to.

I introduce to you my index finger and it drives you literally up the wall; the combined effort of my two fingers brings about an immediate reaction and you cum swiftly.

You moan loudly, wailing toward the ceiling, but I show no reprieve.

I stand up now, my fingers still toying with your tight pussy, and I place a kiss on your lips, allowing you to taste yourself upon me; you greedily accept and our tongues tango.

I wrap an arm around your waist, feeling you react instinctively with your legs going about my hips. I lift you from the floor and replace my fingers with the head of my erect penis and it drives the breath from your lungs.

We both moan when I lower you down onto my cock. Your breasts begin to sway as you bounce up and down upon my phallus.

I can see the question in your eyes. You want to know why I went to this length. I smile and tilt my head, offering a coy shrug.

You close your eyes and lean your head back once again, your hands gripping my shoulders as I take control.

I try to tell you how glad I am that I’m back, but my words get lost in your familiar cries of ecstasy. I think you know, anyway.

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