Who You Calling Disabled? Ch. 04

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This account is based on a real case and, of course, most of the personal details have been changed. The young lady is still living in special accommodation, with a full-time carer and still awaiting a life-partner.


It is important to remember that my visits to Kira were based on her insurance claim and assessment. As a professional, I needed to keep separate the two reasons for my calls.

Accordingly, my assessment was coming to an end and I was in a real quandary over the final report. To be frank and honest, it was quite true that she was incapable of working or probably of being a satisfactory parent if she became pregnant, as the doctors said was possible.

On the other hand, her life was no longer in danger although I was convinced by the medics that she would need constant nursing attention, probably further surgery, and there would be a risk of heart problems because of her sedentary existence.

I delayed as long as possible in making my report but didn’t invite a second opinion for the simple selfish reason that I wanted this young woman all to myself. In fact, I had to resist my company’s suggestion of assistance on the basis that Kira’s case was without precedent in our records.

And so I came to visit Kira again, maybe eight days later.

After the usual business meeting, I went with Alice to Kira’s room and quietly locked myself in.

“Where have you been? I’ve missed you. I need you,” Kira spoke from her horizontal framework.

I went straight to her and leaned over to kissed her as she held my hands close to her breasts. Her eyes were damp with tears but she avoided crying openly.

She sniffed and looked up at me and smiled through her tears, “Now, please. Don’t keep me waiting.”

I undressed quickly and moved over to her. First we kissed again and then, without her asking, I tilted the frame back and downwards so that she could throat me, which seemed to becoming our starting routine. On this occasion, I noticed that she was wearing long stockings, reaching over her knees. They looked to be ridged as if compression stockings. But my mind was on other things.

She made a little “Mmmm” sound to show she agreed with the adjustment of the frame, and opened her mouth wide before the it was in its lowered position, and closed her eyes.

My erection was ready and she mouthed me beautifully before swallowing me into her throat for our usual in-out routine as she breathed and sucked on me, and squeezed me with her lips and teeth. Again, this time also, she reached back and squeezed my testicles and scrotum into her mouth behind her teeth. Although this was not the first time, it was still a revelation to me, and a new experience that I wanted it from her whenever she throated me.

I reached to the vibrator and gave her an orgasm on the two plugs that were visible and reachable as I plunged rhythmically in and out of her throat. Her orgasm came quickly as always, within a few seconds, and I withdrew from her mouth to let almanbahis giriş her breathe and cry out Then she relaxed and was ready for more.

She reached back and took my hand and held it down to her face, “I’ve really missed you. Missed these feelings. You are good for me. Make me tighter now, like we both like.”

I stoked her inverted face and kissed her and then swivelled the frame so that she was vertical again and I tightened the corset on her figure. It took a few minutes as usual but she was tight and tiny at her waist when it closed. I held her from behind with my fingers and thumbs, and pushed my naked body against her, with my erection pressing into her twisted displace pelvic area. I could feel the hard plugs with my erection and she responded to the pressure with a tip of her head and the little sound I’d come to recognize.

Obviously, it was time for another orgasm. So I reached the vibrator and held it against the plugs in front of my erection; while still gripping the front of her waist with one hand.

Yet again her orgasm shook through her body ad she pushed her head back with open mouth and closed eyes as she uttered her kitten-sound. Then came the relaxation with her “Mmmm” sound.

What an amazing woman. Two full orgasms within five minutes and I knew that wasn’t her limit.

I realized that our time together was in danger of becoming too routine. Too predictable, and I had another plan for my pleasure.

The frame was tilted slightly forward, so that her deformed pelvis was easily accessible to me, behind her. I hugged her waist and then wrapped my arms round her to hold her breasts from behind; cupping them in my palms and squeezed gently. I pressed my erection against the plugs and stretched myself forward to kiss he neck and whispered to her,

“Now something new. Tell me if it goes wrong.”

She replied in her post-orgasmic state, “I told you. Anything. I can take anything. Just do me. As you want.”

I was more and more inflamed by her words and reached down to pull out the front plug, for the first time in my visits. It came slowly away from her and I placed it on the little table. I made sure that the vibrator was within reach for her, because both my hands would be busy.

Then I lifted the lube pump-bottle and gave a squirt on my right hand.

I pressed it against her labia, made a duck-bill shape and pressed upwards into her body. The location of her pelvis and the twist in her spine made her vagina easily accessible and my hand slipped in with just a little resistance against my knuckles. I had fisted a number of women-friends over the years but Kira was open and smooth and ready for my whole hand and wrist; in a new way I’d never seen. My erection responded immediately.

As my hand finally slipped into her, she gave a little shudder in her shoulder and made a small noise in her threat. Not a pain-sound, I didn’t think, and realized she was on the verge of another orgasm.

I could feel the smooth almanbahis yeni giriş ridged lining of her vagina and the hard ring of her cervix, pressing against my finger tips. My middle finger located into the opening and I was glad that I’d cut my nails the previous day. Because of the orientation of her pelvis, and the direction of her vulva, there was little need for me to flex my wrist and I could feel her body closing round my hand after the plug had been removed for a few minutes.

Then came the real plan I had in mind. I took hold of the anal plug and pulled on it so that it eased out of her. Soon she was completely open to me. One hand was in her cunt and her rectum was available for whatever I had in mind.

Of course, I pressed my erection into her bowels and manhandled the rest of my package in there also, behind the outside muscles. And again those muscles started to tighten and close around me. I realized at that point that I needed something to hold all my equipment together and standing out from my groin. I resolved to buy something that would stretch me out in that way and make a controlled package. And then there would be little risk of my slipping out of her. But for that moment, I pressed myself into her.

This position would have been impossible with an able-bodied woman, whose pelvis rested downwards. But with Kira, the twist in her spine and pelvis presented me with an open target – literally. And reaching under to her vagina was easy.

I also reached round her tiny waist with my left hand and squeezed her towards me so that my erection would stay in her and press up against her colon if I could make it so far.

Then I started shagging in her rectum and a rhythmic pressing up her vagina. I could feel my own hand with my erection at the back and also my erection with my hand up her front.

Kira reached for her vibrator and applied it to her clitoral region, sending vibrations through my right hand. She was on the point of orgasm within a few seconds and so was I. Her breath became ragged, her head arched back, I could feel her vagina getting slippery with her own lubrication; and then came the grunting-mew sound as she went “over the top” with her climax. And her shoulders became rigid.

I stayed in her for some seconds more until my own orgasm shuddered through me and I emptied myself into her rectum. All the while, my hand was moving in her vagina and my other hand gripping around her tight waist. Even as I came and felt my juices surging through my erection, she came to another orgasm. After only 20 seconds or so.

I withdrew my relaxing erection from her bottom and then my hand from her dripping vagina. All this time, Kira had lapsed into a sort-of sleepy dreamy state of mind after her quick multiple orgasms. I wiped around us both and washed my hand. Carefully, she directing me, I inserted both of the plugs whilst the frame was upright, and realized how open she was inside her body but also how elastic and tight almanbahis her outer muscles had remained. Her body closed round the plugs neatly and smoothly.

And then I laid down the frame so that she was relaxing in a horizontal position, with the pillow under her head.

I’d been there for over an hour, so I quickly put on my boxers and trousers; in case nurse Alice came back. But she didn’t and I went back to Kira and cuddled her. Holding her inside the frame, adjusting her clothes, kissing her face and her throat and her shoulders.

She recovered and made her little pleasure noise before reaching up and holding my face next to hers.

Even then, after all the activity and pleasure, Kira took my right hand and guided it down her torso so that I could wrap my fingers underneath, pressing on the plugs. I continued kissing her, and my left hand moved to her breasts as I started vibrating between her distorted thighs. Within only a few seconds, her breath came in gulps behind my kisses and I moved my face away, to concentrate on her breasts and the plugs.

This amazing young woman moved so quickly into her orgasm so that, within one minute, she shrieked her little noise, her face contorted and her shoulders shuddered. The climax raged through her damaged body and I could feel it as the plugs plunged, as if by muscle movements, and her breasts hardened under my touch.

And so she relaxed again in my arms as I stood over her. I stroked her hair and her face and kissed her gently.

Always it took Kira longer to recover from orgasm than it took to achieve her orgasm in the first place. Eventually, she opened her eyes and smiled up at me,

“That was beautiful. Thank you. I long for you to visit me. Come soon. Please. You treat me like a real woman. I know they are calling me disabled. My life is not full but you make me feel different.”

At that point, Alice knocked on the door and I let her in. She did a quick look round and saw only one unusual thing: my shirt, tie and jacket were still on the chair. My chest was bare but she didn’t even lift an eyebrow.

Kira spoke to her, “He’s a lovely man. You know that don’t you, Alice? Please make sure he can come any time he wants.”

We kissed and enjoyed each other’s mouths and throats again, as my hands wandered over her body.

Alice smiled and spoke to me outside the room as I left, “You’ve changed her. She’s much better in her mind and spirit since you’ve been visiting. But I must prepare you: there is something wrong in her legs. She’ll need further surgery and I’m not sure how radical it will be.”

“Does she know this?” I asked.

“Oh, yes. She’s a clever young woman. Did you notice the compression stockings? She knows what they are and she’s seen the discolouration in her lower legs. I’m telling you in case she has serious surgery and it may affect her wish to see you. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Thank you for telling me,” I replied, “can someone keep me informed?”

“Of course. I’ll call you when I know. It’ll only be a few days. This week I think.”

And that is how I left Kira that time. Pleased and relaxed in my sexual body but perturbed in my head and in my emotions.

What would I find next time I came to her? If there was to be a next time.

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