Why Thomas loves Saturday

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The doorbell rings and Thomas jumps up from the sofa. That can only be Hannah. It HAS to be Hannah. She hadn’t come last week, his weekend ruined.

He opens the apartment door. It is Hannah. A hot surge runs through him, his senses sharpen in a flash. Like a balloon that sees the needle coming.

She doesn’t dignify him with a glance as she walks past him toward the kitchen. Of course she doesn’t. He must first prove himself worthy of her. He will.

He quickly closes the door and follows her. Her presence has already erased everything else in him, the daily routine, the work. With her appearance, a new world opens up. A world in which he is no longer boss. And that’s exactly what he wants.

Hannah stops in front of the kitchen table. Did he wipe it down? He’s not sure any more. She is wearing a long summer coat, standing with her back to him. Slowly and theatrically, she lets the coat slide off her shoulder. Underneath, she is naked.

Thomas gasps. No matter how many times she shows herself to him, he can’t get enough of the sight of her. He estimates Hanna to be in her mid-forties. He can see that in her body, too. But what counts is not the body’s appearance, but what you can do with the body. And Hannah knows exactly what she wants. That makes him absolutely horny.

“Get on your knees!” she commands, her gaze fixed on the window front.

For Thomas, there’s nothing better than that: just following her orders. Not having to think anything else. Not being able to think anything Çanakkale Escort else. To belong to her. To be at her service. Completely and totally. THAT is heaven on earth for him.

“Now come closer slowly, but so I can hear you!” Hannah’s tone is imperious, he loves that. An expectant shiver runs down his spine.

Slowly he moves forward on all fours, his hands slapping the tile floor as he does so. His gaze is fixed on her ass. He knows him inside and out.

“Stop!” she commands, and Thomas stops tensely.

She bends over the kitchen table emphatically slowly and spreads her legs so that her feet come to rest against the table legs.

From his position, Thomas can now see her labia. The light from the kitchen window makes their contours glow. The sight is breathtaking. He would die for it.

“Now lick my ass. Your fingers stay with you!”. Another shiver runs through Thomas. He thinks for a moment: normally he would now slowly work his way from her buttocks to her anus. But it’s been two weeks since their last meeting. He wants it all. Now. And thrusts his tongue directly into her anus. Hannah flinches, but doesn’t back away. On the contrary she leans a little bit towards him. He has surprised her, he feels it. And she seems to like that. Good job.

He circles her anus, drilling into her after each round. He loves her rosette. For him, she is perfect. A little work of art.

“Keep going!” Hannah’s voice is slightly busy. He feels her follow Çanakkale Escort Bayan his tongue movement with her hips. There’s a sense of pride alongside his lust.

Without warning, she reaches into his hair and pushes him away: “Enough!”

She finally looks directly at him. He holds her gaze, eager for another command.

“Take off your clothes.”

He feels Hannah’s gaze lock on his stiff cock. He’s absolutely horny, and that’s exactly what he wants to stay, for as long as he can.

“Now you’re going to stick your tongue in my pussy and lick it out until it’s dry, got it!”

Hannah has sat down on the edge of the chair. Thomas gets on his knees and greedily approaches her vulva. Although he has licked her pussy so many times, he is overwhelmed each time by the pleasure it gives him.

Her vulva shines with moisture and he can smell her scent. There is a slightly stern note to it today. This means that she is just at the end of her monthly cycle. Hannah has been coming to him for almost half a year now, every Saturday with a few exceptions. By now he can tell exactly at what point Hannah is in her cycle.

He begins to lick with delight.

“Harder, not so tentative. And suck. My pussy juice has to go. Come on!”

He doesn’t take two words for that. He licks and sucks and licks and sucks. Doesn’t want to stop and Hannah claws his hair every few minutes and moans. She comes, again and again, he feels that clearly, and to his horniness Escort Çanakkale mixes again pride and self-confidence: HE makes Hannah happy!

At some point she detaches herself from him. He sees her slightly glazed eyes, and knows that he has done everything right, has licked Hannah into another world.

She gestures him to take her from behind. For a split second, disappointment wells up inside him. Not already! For him, it could go on forever. The endless lust. But command is command.

With his fingers he stimulates her clit and then pushes his penis into her.

Not long and he feels himself coming. A good orgasm. But just an orgasm. Now it’s all over.

“Well done, little one.” says Hanna, undoing herself from him.

“Now you clean me up, but thoroughly.”

Did he hear right? Thomas balks: she’s never wanted that before. And although he has just had an orgasm, his lust immediately surges again fiercely.

He bends down, sees his sperm dripping from her vulva, catches it with his tongue.

He takes his time. Is thorough. Enjoys his new task with every fiber. And he feels Hannah come violently once again. Her whole body is trembling. And he is happy, completely.

Hannah breaks away from him, obviously needing a brief moment to find her footing.

“My coat!”. Her voice sounds low now, she is completely relaxed.

Thomas helps her into the coat. His hands very gently graze her back as he does so. It is the only confidential gesture he takes the liberty of making.

“That was pretty good before. Not bad for a beginner.”

Hannah gives him a look of praise, which he returns with a bright smile. She motions for him to open the apartment door. Like a queen, she strides down the hall. And Thomas thinks: this is my work. I make her shine. A worthy servant.

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