Wife fucks boss (and I loved it!!)

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Wife fucks boss (and I loved it!!)I had been married to Sheryl for a number of years and life had been good to us still very much in love with a good sex life but time takes its toll as it always does the sex although good was getting less and less as we were both busy with the k**s and work, Sheryl especially as she had took on a new job with good prospects and it kind of about this job that this story is about.Sheryl came in from work that day and announced that we were both invited to a staff party at her new bosses house and would it be ok if we went as she was trying to get this new higher position at work so she felt she should show her face,”ok” I said ” is this the same guy errrm mr smith is it? who is always flirting with you” I enquired “er yes” she admitted slightly embarrassed”well if you want this job maybe you should show him how far you are willing to go for it” I smiled at her wondering what answer I would get, I could feel my trouser front bulging at the thought of Sheryl fucking someone else we had often fantasized about it but never done anything about it. “don’t be ridiculous” she said “hes old enough to be my grand dad”I smiled sweetly at her “you’ve got to show you are willing to go the extra mile ” I quipped she punched me playfully on the shoulder “you are a dirty bastard” she said but she smiled playfully as she said it “that’s why you’re still with me ” I said leaning forward to look down her top I was thoroughly turned on by now she bent forward giving me a better look she had a glint in her eye I could see she was turned on by it too.We had a particularly good fuck that night after the k**s had gone to bed I even insisted she called me Mr Smith while I was fucking her she had a massive orgasm screaming out “oh mr smith mmmm yes fuck me fuck me ” completely losing herself in our fantasy.This acting out carried on for a couple of weeks pretending we were different people we both know but most often it was mr smith.Then one day as the party was approaching we were sat at the dinner table the k**s just gone to bed when she said she had something to tell me but I wasn’t to get cross,” ok” I said ” what is it” feeling a bit nervous cos in my experience when some one says ive got something to tell you but dont get cross usually means I end up getting very cross “well” she said “hmmmm I don’t really know what to say ” “errrrrrrm” “come on Shez just spit it out” I encouraged her really nervous by now”ok I was sat next to mr smith today and he put his hand on my leg” she blurted it out “and ” I said feeling trepidation but incredibly horny”well he just rubbed my thigh through my trousers ankara escort then his hand started to move upwards so I made an excuse and left the room” she was looking at me while she said it wondering what my reaction would be, I stood abruptly walked around to her side of the table pulled her to her feet and ripped off her clothes and fucked her hard over the table she came again and again obviously turned on as much as I was.After we had come to our senses I said to her ” this job is a big pay rise isn’t it?” she nodded “and you want nice things like a new car and a two weeks away in the summer stuff like that” she nodded again “well maybe you should take it a bit further” she stared at me her eyes wide “I cant do that” she said ” what about us?” ” I’m ok with it as long as you are and you tell me everything that happens” I smiled at her feeling horny all over again “er ok then, I don’t know if anything will happen I might have scared him off already and I don’t know if I will get the job even if things do go further” she said” look at it like this if you do take it further and don’t get the job at least you will have had a bit of fun and no harm done IF you do get the job as well its a bonus” “ok I will see what happens” she said doubtfully.I stood at the door the next morning to give her a kiss good bye and nodded approvingly at the mini skirt and the top showing some cleavage (Sheryl has the most wonderful pair of tits known to man big and round just like her ass)I spent the next day at work on a high wondering what Sheryl was up to, creating all sorts of scenarios in my head I was so excited by the thought of some one else touching her I could hardly wait to see her.Dinner time came around that night we sat through it chatting to the k**s and Sheryl who was obviously holding something back till the k**s went to bed, my excitement grew and grew.I packed the k**s off to bed at their normal time tucked them in then went back downstairs and said to Sheryl”well what happened??” “are you sure you want to know” she looked at me ” remember you encouraged me to do this” I could see she was excited “yes I remember” I said ” what happened” I said impatiently “well we were in this meeting I was sat next to Mr Smith and he put his hand on my leg only this time I didn’t move away in fact I opened my legs slightly to give him access he moved his hand up slowly rubbing my inner thigh””what like this” I said as I did the same slowly moving up her thigh she nodded jerkily “”his hand continued up till he got to my pussy ” my hand was faithfully echoing mr smiths movement”I didn’t have knickers on ankara escort bayan so he started to rub his fingers up and down my slit pinching my clit” she was a bit breathless by now whether it was because of recounting the story or my fingering im not sure, but probably both.”then he started to push his fingers into me, my cunt was sopping” I believed her as it still was!! my cock was rock hard by now straining for release.”he didnt stop just kept fingering me untill I came but I had to keep it quiet cos we were surrounded by people” she was really breathless by now her breath sobbing in and out as she was brought closer to her second orgasm that day, I couldn’t stand any more I bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her hard slamming into her wet cunt calling her a slut and making her repeat it back to me until we both came together and I filled her with my spunk.I kissed her at the front door again the next day wondering what revelations tonight would bring. As usual we waited till the k**s went to bed and then talked about her day ” so did anything happen today?” I asked “yes” she said with a grin ” I was called to his office at 10 oclock to discuss “my future” as he put it “and” I asked with a rising sense of anticipation “well as soon as I went in he sat me down opposite him at his big desk and he started to talk about my new job and how it was already in the bag as he put it and he thought I should show a bit of appreciation” “in what way” I asked with a grin”well that’s what I said” she replied ” anyway he gestured at my boobs and smiled and said how he loved big boobs and could I show them to him he thought it was the very least I could do” “so what did you do” I asked my cock twitching ” I will show you” she said and took me by the hand and led me to the desk in our back room she sat me down behind it then walked round to the front and stripped off her blouse and bra letting her big tits just swing out she then crawled under the desk and undid my trouser front and pulled out my cock looked up at me and said “this is what I did to mr smith” and she put her big boobs on ether side of my cock and titfucked me letting the tip enter her mouth on every down stroke of her tits,god I was in heaven my wife acting out what she had done to another man earlier in the day,her mouth was red hot, my cock was surrounded by her soft boob flesh, eventually she grabbed my cock with one hand and just licked and sucked me from the top to the bottom while her other hand was busy with her pussy squelching in and out with her fingers,”did he cum in your mouth ” I asked “mmmm yes” she said, well escort ankara that was it for me I orgasmed straight away sending wet rope after wet rope of cum into her mouth I could hear her muffled moans as she came as well on her own fingers.We carried on like this for the next week or so her playing at work then us acting it out again when she came in, eventually the night of the party came round and we got ready to go she wore a short red dress that emphasized her curves god she looked good enough to eat.We turned up at Mr Smiths house and there was quite a crowd there already we got ourselves a drink and stood by the bar we saw mr smith across the room talking to some of his cronies as soon as he noticed my wife he made a bee line straight for us he was a lot older than us and quite fat with grey hair “hello” he said to me “im mr smith” we all said our hellos and chatted for a bit then Mr smith said “do you mind if I steal your wife away and introduce her to some of my friends” “no of course not” I said thinking to myself I knew what he would be introducing her to,so he put an arm around her and led her away to a group of men his age and started to introduce her with his arm still round her, I watched from a distance and after short time he was massaging her ass unashamedly as his friends watched she was giggling and enjoying all the attention making sure she bent over regularly giving all these grinning men a good view of her tits and ass.I turned round to get a drink at the bar which took me about 5 minutes when I turned back they had gone I searched the room but no sign of them I started searching the house until I came to this corridor and I could here my wifes voice as I got closer I could here she was panting and exclaiming in ecstasy I got to the end of this corridor which looked down into a games room and there in the centre of the room was Sheryl lying on a table with her dress hiked up to her waist and her legs wrapped around one of mr Smiths friends as he sank his cock in and out of her, her head was twisted to one side as she sucked off another of his friends another guy was rubbing her big tits while he pulled himself off, she had one hand wrapped around mr smiths cock then she turned her head and started sucking him giving rough justice with her hand to the other guy, then they all swapped around and it was someone else’s turn in her pussy, my cock was rock hard I couldnt wait for my turn as soon as they all left I was gonna give her the fucking of her life. One after the other they all came in her some in her mouth some in her pussy or all over her tits as they finished they all left one at a time untill there was only Mr smith left as he was about to return to the party he said”Sheryl you have got the job ….. to be fair you were always going to get it you are by far the best candidate” he grinned at her “see you on Monday”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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