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Wife setup her Husband GayIt’s not every day that I get a call from a woman, asking me to fuck her heterosexual husband. So as you can imagine, this call was a surprise. My co-worker’s husband Dave, desperately wanted to see her have sex with another woman. Suzie wasn’t going to go along with it that easily, so she made him a bet. It ended up being decided with a simple coin toss. If he won, she was his slave for 3 months. But if she won, he was her slave and he had to do whatever she wanted for 3 months. She’d won the bet and that was why she was calling me. Only a couple of select people know that I am bi, and she was one of those few. She called me because she wanted to see her husband get fucked. In fact, if I ‘helped’ her out, she said that she’d loan me the use of her husband whenever I wanted. I had met him several times and thought he was good looking. Plus, I’d never had a slave before but I’ve always wanted to have one. So hell yes, I agreed to go along with it. She was going to bring him over to my house on Saturday around noon just make sure you have him shave all his hair down there and give him and enema so he’s fresh and clean. I was pretty excited. When they drove up, I was already opening the door for them. She’s a tall blonde that I’d always thought about fucking. When she came in the door she hugged me and gave me a great big French kiss. When her husband starting protesting she told him “shut up slave,” and he did. He just stood there in silence as she rubbed my cock through my pants. He was shocked when she opened up my pants and took out my cock but he still said nothing, not even when she started giving me head. She looked me in the eyes, licked slowly from the base of my cock to the tip, and sucked it in her mouth for a moment. Then with a mischievous look on her face she turned her head and said, “Slave, take off your clothes.” Dave looked at me, hesitating.”I said take them off NOW, SLAVE! She yelled, stepping up and slapping him hard in the face.His face showed his surprise for just a moment, and then he took off his jacket and slid down his pants. Those were the only clothes that he had on, and he was naked that quick.Suzie bahis siteleri gave me a look that said, your turn. “On your knees, bitch,” I told him. And he dropped to his knees, already knowing what plans I had for him. I walked up to him and started rubbing my cock all over his face. “Do you want to suck this bitch?” I told him. He looked at his wife.”Don’t look at me bitch. He’s your master now and you will do what he wants. Beg him to let you suck his cock.””Beg me bitch,” I yelled at him, again slapping him in the face.”I….I…want to suck your cock,” he said quietly.”Master,” I said, slapping him harder. “And make me believe it.””I want to suck your cock Master” he said, much louder and with enough emotion that it sounded like he really wanted to.I guided my cock towards his lips and pushed. “Suck it, slave.” I let him suck on the head for a little bit and then I slowly started fucking his face. I grabbed the sides of his head and held him still. A minute or two of that and I ordered him to lick up and down my cock like it was a popsicle. At the same time, I asked Suzie to pull the collar and leash out of the bag and I strapped it around his neck. I wrapped the leash around my hand and pulled his face tight against my crotch. “Lick my balls, slave.” I French kissed his wife again and played with her tits while he sucked my cock. I could get used to this.I had him get on his hands and knees while I dug through the bag again. I made a great show of pulling out the butt plug and the KY jelly. I never saw anyone more ready to jump up and run then Dave did at that moment. While I had Dave lick and suck me, Suzie KY’d his ass and slid the butt plug home. He stiffened up but didn’t say a word. I was impressed.He stayed on his hands and knees beside the bed, his leash tied to one of the posts, while I fucked his wife. Not only did I want to exercise my power over him by fucking his wife in front of him, but a couple of orgasms ensured me that he got a hefty taste of his wife’s come when I ordered him up on the bed to lick my cock and balls clean. I really got off on having my slave lick his wife’s come off me. “That’s enough slave,” canlı bahis siteleri I told him. I slid out and stood beside the bed. “On your hands and knees slave” I ordered him. And then his wife took out his butt plug. “Stay” I told him, like he was a dog. “Don’t move!” Suzie and I went to get the video camera and set it up. We took our time to make Dave really sweat it out. When we returned five minutes later, he hadn’t moved.I couldn’t have imagined it possible but Dave started looking even more scared when we started setting up the camera beside the bed. What a priceless moment! After coaching Dave a little bit, I had Suzie turn on the camera. Dave began talking about how much he liked getting fucked by a man and starting begging me to fuck him. It was then that I made my first camera appearance as I climbed onto the bed behind him. I positioned myself between his legs and put the head of my cock at the entrance to his greased asshole. “Do you want it bitch?” I asked him.”Oh yes master, please fuck me with your beautiful cock.”I grabbed his hips and slowly ground the head of my cock into his tight little ass. Knowing he was a virgin, I took my time. I was hoping that he would enjoy the experience, in spite of himself. I finally worked my cock all the way in and laid across his back. I waited until he relaxed a little bit, enjoying my feeling of dominance. I began slowly worked my cock in and out of him, my arms wrapped around his chest. I sucked on his neck, bit his earlobes. My breath was heavy in his ears and I noticed a slight movement of his hips as he moved with me, still not quite acknowledging any pleasure he might have been feeling. I made him turn his head so that I could French kiss him, thrusting my tongue past his teeth, fucking his mouth like I was fucking his ass. He stiffened a little bit but then loosened up as he got used to the feeling of kissing a man for the first time.After working on his ass for a few minutes, I reached around and grabbed his cock. A quick intake of breath and his arching back told me that he was starting to get into it. When I started stroking his cock while I fucked him, that’s when his hips canlı bahis really started moving. He started breathing heavy. A sigh escaping now and then. I saw him look sideways towards the mirror, watching me fuck him. His wife was sitting in a chair in the corner, masturbating furiously.I had only been fucking him for about ten minutes, but all of the earlier action and the sexual tension from everyone in the room had really gotten to me. I knew I was going to shoot my load soon. “Would you like me to come in your ass slave.” I whispered in his ear”Yes master, come in my ass. I want to feel your come in me.” Either he was a damn good actor, or he was enjoying being dominated, being fucked, by another man.I wanted him to come too, so I started fisting his cock harder while I fucked him harder and faster. I was surprised when his cock started jerking even before mine did. He body spasmed and jerked. His grunts came between his ragged breaths. He started shooting his come and his asshole starting contracted around my cock. He ass got tighter but I just drove through, trying to keep my rhythm even while I was starting to come. I lost any timing I had and just starting banging his ass as hard as I could while shooting wads of come into his ass. He collapsed on the bed and I fell on top of him. My cock stays hard after I come and I continued to take slow leisurely strokes in him, causing his still impaled body to react in small jerks. I licked some of his come off my hand and rubbed the rest of it across his face.Suzie came back with a towel and cleaned us both off. Since I had either her or Dave stroke me the whole time, my cock stayed hard and I was soon enjoying a long slow screw of Suzie. After I came, I had slave Dave lick me clean. And then he licked and sucked his wife’s pussy, with orders to get out any come that I might have left in there.They both stayed for the entire weekend. During that time Suzie fucked him with the strap on that she had bought at my instruction. I fucked him a few more times, and Dave learned to suck my cock pretty good. We definitely turned a devoted heterosexual on to men. Next weekend Suzie’s going to drop Dave off and I’ll have him alone for the whole weekend. I’ve got an on call slave for just about 3 more months, so I’m going to make the most of it. I’ve already called a few of my friends with large cocks to come over for a gangbang.

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