Wife’s a slave for a day

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Wife’s a slave for a dayThe CarHe’s been gone a long time. You’re in the car driving the k** to school because even though its over, you still have the daily chores to do. He only got home a couple of days ago and things have been great. Last night he pampered and massaged your body the way you like. Then he slid into you making gentle love and showing how much he missed you. You were in a state of bliss and you would have promised him anything at that moment. And you did. When you uttered the words but you really weren’t thinking. “I’ll give you whatever you want.’ Thinking back on it, it was a silly thing to say but in the moment of passion it’s just what slipped out.“Really?” he had said.“Of course” you moaned.“Will you be my personal slave girl tomorrow?’‘Yes” you panted.Later you both fell asleep together lying there trying to get use to each others presence and not even realizing what you had done.The alarm went off before you knew it. “Damn thing” you muttered as you stumbled across the room and turned it off. “You remember your promise?” came a voice from the bed.sleep still clogging your head you slowly puzzled out what he meant. “Yeah I guess’ you say as you headed to the bathroom to relive yourself. When you come out of the bathroom he lying in bed staring at your still nude form.“Shall we put it to the test?’ he asks.Now its an hour later. You fetched him coffee, rubbed his feet and got the k** ready for school. You half expected him to demand something very sexual from you but he didn’t. All he did that was close is demand you wear no underwear and no coat and wear a button up oxford shirt when you took the k** off to school. It was in the forties last night and today is only expected to reach the low-sixties. Here you are in a cold vehicle, with no underwear and no coat and trying to figure out what the hell he’s up to. The only other instruction he gives you is to call when you get in the driveway and not leave the car until instructed.You drop the k** off and head for home. Your nipples are stiff with the cold air and you’re cursing him for not letting you wear a coat. What has he got up his sleeve you growl as you pull back into the neighborhood and head to the house? Once in the driveway you grab the phone and call the house.“Hello” says the voice on the other end.“I’m back” you say.“Ok, open the center console of the car and tell me what you find.”You open the console with a huff to find the red choke collar he had purchased for you.“What exactly am I suppose to do with this?” you muse out loud.“I’m the master and you’re the little slave girl. I own your ass till this afternoon when its time to go get the k**.” Came the voice at the other end of the phone. “Now stop asking questions or master will have to punish you.” He says with a chuckle. “Here are your instructions, first put on the collar.” You reluctantly place it around your neck deciding to play his game. “Ok, now what?” you question him as you fasten it in to place.“Simple’ he says, “just get out of the car and walk into the house via the front door. Then we can get started.”You slowly inch your way out of the car. “God I hope the neighbors don’t see me’ you think as you stroll up the side walk and into the front door.The HouseHe’s waiting for you just inside the door sitting there in a chair still wearing his pajamas on just like he was when you left. You smile as you look down into his hands and see that he’s holding leash that will attach to the collar.“Now” he says, “we can begin you servitude.”Smiling he points to the door. “Lock it.” There is a definite tone of command in his voice and you find yourself wanting to do as he says.“Ok, first things first. To start off with we need to set the ground rules. Number one,’ he grins “you can’t say no. To say no to master will cause you to be punished. Do you understand?”“Yes’ you say with a grimace. Now he’s just being ridiculous but you decide to play along for now.“Two, you can only speak when spoken to. If you need to ask a question you will refer to me a Sir or Master. Get it?’ You nod solemnly.“Lastly, you can’t wear any clothes today unless I allow it.”You stand there, back against the door and nod slowly. Ready to be defiant but remembering that you promised so you have no choice but to play along with his game for now“Good’ he grins. “Looks like little slave girls know their place. Well we might as well begin from the beginning and get your training under way.”The expression on his face changes to one you’ve seen before and dread. Its that mischievous little boy’s smile that says he’s getting ready to get his way and nothing you can do will stop it. You just hope it won’t get over weird. “All right now let start with rule number three shall we. Get those pants off.”You slowly undo your jeans and slide them down around your ankles. You lean your ass against the front door to make sure you don’t loose you balance and are stung by the cold sensation of the door against it. Your shaved bare pussy is exposed in to him as you slip one foot then the other out of your pants leg. Even though you’ve been married many years you still feel the need to cover yourself as you feel very vulnerable here by the front door.“Ok, now the shirt’ he smiles. Moving deliberately to each button you try to take as much time as possible. You look into his eyes and see how he’s soaking it all in watching you as you undress there. Once done you let the shirt slide down your arms and land in a heap by the door.“Good.’ he exclaims as he reaches down to adjust himself. Now come over here and let complete you ensemble. You walk to him and stand there before him as he looks you up and down. Your only hope is that no one walking by the house at this moment can see in the front windows to your nakedness.He reaches down behind him and pulls out two pair of black restraints. He had purchased them several years earlier and used them on you once. You wonder where the ties that go to the restraints are as he methodically places one around each ankle and wrist. Then he reaches behind him once more and produces the long red leash. Reaching up he attaches the leash to the collar you wear.“Now your outfit is complete. Why don’t you go back over there by the door and model it for me.” You turn and walk back to your place by the door thankful that it now shields you from any pedestrians happening by. However, you’re shocked when you turn around to find that he has also retrieved a digital camera from behind him and is now pointing it right at you.You gulp and begin to shake your head in a defiant manner.“If you refuse me I will punish you” he says very matter of factly. “Now model for me!” he demands. Ever so slowly you begin to pose for him. You Place the leash over your shoulder, wrapped it around your waist, then through your legs and on and on. The camera clicks, clicks, clicks, as he continues to take pictures of you.“Very good” he says as he rises and beckons you to come over to him. When you get to where he is standing he spins you around and pull you hands behind you back when you hear a sudden click and realize that your hands are now bound behind you. He takes you by the leash and begins to lead you through the house. When you reach the living room, you’re mortified to see that the large sliding glass doors leading to the patio have had their blinds pulled back and anyone one who happened to be wondering through the conservation lot would have seen the entire episode at the door.You follow him into the bedroom thankful that your exposure to the outside world is over and hoping this will end soon.He unfastens your restraints and points to the bed. “Be a good little slave and hop up on the bed but make sure you remain on your knees.’ he orders.As you climb up on top of the bed he demands “Now bend over on all fours.’ There is no mistaking that fact that he is using a very commanding voice that you’ve never heard outside of him being angry. You want this to stop but you are now intrigued by that voice and the need to follow this through. All of a sudden it hits you ankara escort that your allowing yourself to submit to this man’s domination and your pussy starts to moisten and your nipples harden at the thought.As you bend over on to all fours he barks another command. “Show me your pussy. Now!” You reach back with one hand through your legs and slowly spread your moist lips apart. Your fingers rub your lips and slide barely into your cunt then out again spreading your lips wide so he can see your hole. While you’re doing this he has now gotten down behind you so as to get a better view and you realize that he still has the camera and his taking pictures of you exposing your pussy to the world.“Now I want to see your asshole.”You slowly lower your face down onto the bed and reach back with both hands to pull your ass cheeks apart. You can feel the rosebud of your ass pulse as you spread your cheeks and hear the camera once again go click, click, click.Then you feel it, a wet, rough sensation slide down the crack of your ass, across your asshole, and down to your pussy.“That tasted great” he exclaims after taking several more swirls across you nether regions. “I know I’m going to fuck you in both places before the day is out. Hope your up for it.” You hear him almost giggle with glee. He walks around to the side of the bed where he pulls free the straps for your restraints and begins to tie your hands to the bed. Pulling both arms tight to where you feel as if you’re being pulled in two directions, he nods to himself as if saying good job. “I don’t think I’m going to tie your legs.’ he states. “ I want to have unobstructed access to your holes”.Then you hear the pop of the bottle and you know he is now opening a lubricant bottle. You have no idea what he’s going to do. He’s promised to fuck you in two wholes, and he hasn’t even demanded that you suck his cock. This crazy you think to yourself as you feel the lube poured across you ass and you feel it ooze its way down you crack and to your pussy.You can hear him humming to himself as you suddenly feel something penetrate your ass. OH!, he using your anal dildo on you. You stifle a moan as it slips effortlessly into your anus. The he turns on the control and you feel the slow vibrating of the toy as it hums inside you. A slow audible moan slips through your lips as the pulsing toy fills you with wanting.Again you hear the click, click, click of the camera and you think to yourself he’s taking pictures of me with a dildo in my ass and I just don’t care because this feels wonderful. Another moan follows.You now realize that you hear something else in the room. It’s another vibrating hum from another toy. Slowly you begin to feel a tingle as he begins to tease and probe your pussy with another of you play toys. In and out of you pussy he pushes it making you wetter and more aroused with each stroke. Then with one quick motion he pushes the entire toy deep into you wanting cunt.“Hold both those in or I’ll punish you” he states and he takes his hand away. You squeeze your thighs and anus muscles as hard as possible not wanting to let either fall from you. He’s taking the very seriously, you think to yourself as you try to concentrate on holding the devices in. I don’t want to drop these because I can’t imaging what he has thought up as a punishment. While you’ve been concentrating on not being punished, you missed the fact that he has now removed his clothes. It’s not until he climbs up on the bed behind you that you realize this. He hovers over you from behind when he quickly grabs you by the leash and pulls your head back and you strain to rise up on all fours your throat being constricted by the taught leash.“Now I’m going to mount you and fuck you like my bitch” he says with an evil laugh.You can feel his hard prick as it’s head rubs against you slick pussy. Reaching down he begins to pry your lips apart while at the same time forcing his raging hard on into the sopping wet whole. Wait, you cry silently when you realize that the toy is still inside you but its to late to be stopped and you feel a pinch as he slides himself into your whole next to the toy. My God, you think, I’m being double penetrated by this man. Then you realize that there is also still a dildo deep in your ass. You shudder in ecstasy and your arm strength gives way as you start to collapse forward only to be restrained by the leash and collar around your throat. Choking you struggle to remain upright.He’s fucking you harder now. Every thrust goes deeper and deeper inside. You can feel yourself rising to climax. The heat from your pussy is rising to your face and you begin to feel that your having trouble breathing as the collar is now restricting your ability to gasp for air. He reaches down and takes a breast in his hand and begins to knead it like raw bread dough. As he slowly rolls the nipple in his fingers pinching it increasingly harder, the pain is exquisite and you’re going to cum. Your breathing is now labored and you feel the rush of orgasm over take you.Then without warning he slams his whole body against you. You can feel his hot jism as it pulsates into your pussy. His grunts and cries are a****listic has he continues to pump himself harder and harder into your womb.Finally he’s done. He slides his cock from you and you can feel his spunk as it oozes from you down your legs and across the bed. Then he removes the dildo in your pussy and lastly slides the toy from you ass. Gasping you simply lay face down on the bed.He unties your restraints and smiles. “I think I want to take a bath. Be a good little slave and run the tube for me.”Bath and PunishmentSlowly, painfully, you get yourself up off the bed and walk to the bathroom. You begin to run the hot water in the tub and pour some bubble bath in to make it even better. That’s when you realize he’s standing in the door way to the bathroom watching you.“I need to take a pee. Come and hold my cock for me.”“No” the word escapes you mouth before you even know what you said.He sighs and looks at the floor. “Very well then turn off the bath water”You comply almost immediately. “Here I thought you were going to be a good little slave and not break any of the rules. What happens when the little slave girl breaks one of my rules?” He asks maliciously. “The slave must be punished Master.”“Exactly.” he says and points to the bed. “Get back up there and assume the position you were just in” this is definitely a command and you know that there is something in his voice that tells you this is no loner just a game and you should take him very seriously.When you are back on all fours, he pulls one arm out and ties the restraint back to you wrist. He does the same to the second. You fall face first in to the bed. He then pulls each leg out from underneath attaching restraints to each ankle as he ties you spread eagle to the bed. With a surprisingly rough manner, he pries open your mouth and forces a ball gag in. Your can feel him tighten the strap around your head.He walks to the edge on the bed where you can no longer see him. Then WHACK! The pain on your ass is intense and sudden. He’s hit you something, a paddle you think. It hurts so bad that it brings tears to you eyes.“Little slaves” WHACK “must” WHACK “learn’ WHACK “to obey!” WHACK!!!Tears roll down you check and on to the bed. “Do you understand?” he asks as he starts to untie your restraints.You nod yes through your tears. “Will you obey without question?” You nod again.“Good now go and start my bath again. And” he says with a smile “I still need to piss so make it quick.” The tone in his voice means business and you hop to obey.After you begin the tub running again he grabs hold of you leash and pulls you to him. “I think we’ll leave this ball gag in till I’ve finished my bath. That should help you to remember to keep that mouth shut. Now come with me.He enters the water closet first and stands before the toilet as he pulls you into the tiny room with him.“Kneel” he commands. “There has definitely been a lack of cock worship in ankara escort bayan the house and it’s my intent to change that.’ Slowly you kneel down beside him next to the toilet. He grabs you by the wrist and places your hand on his cock. His cock is all wet as you feel the slime from your pussy juices that have now mingled with his cum. You try your best to aim his prick at the toilet as he begins to pee. The yellow golden stream shots down into the toilet.When he’s finished he signals you to stand and he walks you over to the tub.“Kneel’ he says and forces you down on you knees beside the tub. Casually he steps of the rim and into the seeming pool of water. With an audible sigh he settles in and begins to splash water over his body.“Well, what are you waiting for over there?” He asks suddenly. “Get you little ass over here and wash me. I shouldn’t have to tell you this.”You lean forward taking the wash rag from beside the tub and begin to gently caress his body. Delicately you slide the cloth down his back and then across his chest moving in rhythmic circles as you go. Then you reach down and slowly begin to stroke his cock, then down between his legs and across his balls you wash as you head don his legs and finally reach the toes. “MMMMM” he sighs as you finish. “That was very good.” He lifts himself out of the tub and faces you smiling. “Now you need to dry me.” Once again you repeat the ritual of rubbing his back, down to his ass, then around the front and down his chest to his semi erect cock then his legs and feet.When you’re done he pulls you to your feet and you stand facing him. “Good slaves deserve a reward for good work.’ he smiles as he reaches behind your head and unfastens the ball gag that is still lodged in your throat. Then he plants a kiss on your forehead.“Now” he says “I’m hungry. I want you to go off to the kitchen and make me a scrambled omelet while I finish getting ready in here.”BrunchWhen you’re done cooking his meal you carefully place it on a plate and pour a cup of coffee for him. You heard him enter the living room a few minutes ago and so you walk around the bar that separates the kitchen from the living room to find him sitting on the couch wearing a teary cloth white bathrobe. His feet are propped up on the coffee table and he’s staring at you with a wolfish grin. You walk over to where he sits and hand him the plate of eggs and coffee.“Thanks” he says as he takes the plate and scoops a bite into his mouth. “MMMMMMM, that’s good just the way I like them prepared. But you know what?’ he asks slyly. “What this meal is really missing is a show. Why don’t you come over here and sit on the table in front of me.’Hesitantly you sit down in front of him wondering what he has on his mind this time.“Now, get comfortable,’ he intones. As you sit you can see up the hem of the robe he wears and his cock is laying limply against his leg “and put your feet up here on the couch on either side of me.’ You raise your legs and place them to either side of where he is sitting. In this position your bald pussy is fully exposed to him as he looks you over hungrily. “Now,’ he commands. “I want to watch you masturbate.’ Both your eye brows shoot up at once as he says this. “Go on, do as master bids.’ and he scoops another fork full of food into his mouth. You begin by leaning as far back as you can. Your hands find the edge of the table and you gather a tight grip. Once you have a firm grip on the table, you take you left hand and slowly inch you way down you body. You stop first at each breast pinching and squeezing the nipples, rolling them around in your hand. You make a very dramatic showing of this act even going so far as to moan while you play. From you breasts your hand then moves down to your shaved pussy which is still slick from the fucking you received nor more and 30-minutes before. You start with your clit and pull and pinch it as you try and make it grow between you fingers. Looking down between his legs you suddenly realize that this cock has started to stiffen and he watches you play with yourself. After a period of clit play, you move your hand to your hole and spread your lips wide for him to see you. Then push you two of your fingers deep inside your cunt only to pull them back out again and stick them in your mouth where you proceed to lick the fresh spunk and pussy juice from them.“MMMMM” you moan around your fingers. Then you place your fingers on your pussy and begin to play in earnest. He has finished his eggs and sits there staring at you smiling, the stiffness in his cock has now pushed back the folds of the robe and it stands there erect for you. You alternate between massaging you clit and fingering your pussy. The clock ticks by as you slowly begin to feel the orgasmic pressure deep inside you begin to rise. Then with a sudden burst of energy, you cum. Your fingers work franticly at you pussy as you feel the juices inside you spill out onto the table.He sits there with a large purple erection and a broad smile on his face. “That was quite an excellent show.” he says as he bend over his face almost to you pussy. You are shocked by what he does next. As you look down to the messy pool made from your own juices and his jism, he suddenly bends over and slurps it up and swallows. He then just as quickly puts his tongue deep inside you snatch and licks vigorously.“Nothing like a light snack after a good breakfast. Don’t you agree?’ he says playfully. With that he stands and drops the robe to the floor. His cock drifts in the air in front of you purple and stiff with lust.“Ok, he says, why don’t you turn around and get up on all fours.” You quickly do as you told but instead of being hesitant, this time you begin to wiggle you ass in front of him. It’s only with a little surprise that you feel a warm wet sensation drip upon you asshole and realize that he is spiting on you getting you ready for you next task. You moan in anticipation as the head of his cock pushes down and into your anis. He goes slowly at first pushing his hard shaft deep inside until you can feel he has gone all the way in. He then pulls his cock back and just before the head frees itself from you hole, he pushes it back again. Thus begins the pattern and you are in ecstasy as he rhythmically fucks your ass. As the orgasm builds again you begin to grind and push back against him harder and harder. Finally neither of you can take it anymore and as you feel yourself cum again he grunts loudly as you feel his spunk pulsate deep inside you. He stands there for a minute or two before pulling his deflating cock from you. Smacking you hard on the ass he laughs softly to himself and says “you know what I’d like to do now? I’d like to go for a walk.”The Walk Kneeling there on all fours you start as you hear his announcement. It has been one thing for him to humiliate you and turn you into this slave while here inside the safe confines of the house, but its quite another to take it outside. It’s been many years since you let him talk you into fooling around outside and you don’t think that you’re young enough, or drunk enough for that matter, to go outside with this little game. You’re about to voice you objection and submit to any punishment he can dream up when he demands “Go on over to the front door and put you clothes back on. Oh and by the way, you can take off the wrist and ankle restraints when you do. We won’t be needing them anymore. Meet me back here in a minute or two.”When you arrive back in the living room, you find him dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He reaches up and unhooks the leash from you collar.“Master’ you state. He raises an eye brow but says nothing. “Before we go, I need to pee.”“I don’t think so.” he says nonchalantly. “Follow me” he demands and heads for the back door. He crosses the yard and through the back gate where he then heads for the winding paths in the conservation area behind your house.The conservation property is a densely wooded area where teenagers sometimes hang out to smoke their weed or play hooky from school. escort ankara It is crisscrossed with many small sandy trails that eventually lead to no where.Your excursion takes you down the first major path you come to and back into the wooded area. When you are finally out of sight of your and the neighbors houses, he turns to you and smiles that damnable smile again.“Time to put rule number 3 back in place.” he says.Your eyes widen in terror that you know he can see written on your face.“Come on” he states. “Off with your clothes.” Reluctantly you begin to obey unsure why you’re letting him do this. You think to yourself that you are not sure if you are more afraid of saying no at this point or getting caught. However, there is something deep inside you that is thrilled and wants to be nude and free in the sun.As you strip off your clothes you realize that he has once again produced his little digital camera. This time instead of being shy you decide to make a grand show of taking off you clothes. You tease and play with yourself as you remove ever stitch of clothing slowly and deliberately until you are standing there, hands on hips, wearing only you red slave collar. Your nipples stiffen in the cool winter air of Florida. You look him up and down as he stands there smiling. You smile to yourself realizing that he once again is hard and that’s when you realize that being a slave has as much power as being a master if you play it right.“Now walk toward me” he commands still filming you. Seductively as possible, you make your way towards him. “Lets go further back in the woods. Shall we?”He reaches up and places the leash back on your collar. Then he guides you deeper in to the woods. You love the feeling of being free and walking with nothing but the sand softly pushing up between you toes.After about ten minutes or more of exploring the woods with your master, he stops at what appears to be a cross roads for several different paths.He turns and faces you asking. “Remember what I said earlier about cock worship?”“Yes master” you replyHe reaches up to his jeans and unbuttons them pulling his budging cock from its hiding place. “Good’ he states “so get on your knees and worship mine.’You fall to your knees and stare and the large purple head of his manhood. Pre-cum moistens it as you reach out to take hold of it.“Tell it how much you love it.’ he demands“I love you.’ comes your reply your eyes transfixed on his pole.“Now kiss it and tell it you love it”You lean forward and gently place a kiss directly against the whole the stares back at you. “I love you” you whisper.“Very good,’ he compliments. “Now suck it dry.”You lean forward again placing the cock in your mouth taking it as far back as you can go, slightly gagging, before closing you lips around its shaft. Tightly you pull your lips back towards the head and then again impale your mouth on it. The cock tastes of bitter sweet sex and something else and it’s at that moment that you remember where he had his cock no more than 20 minutes before. Your gag reflex kicks in and you force it back down. It’s too late. This cock that has recently fucked your own ass is now in your mouth. You know he’s tricked you into ass-to-mouth several times before with his fingers, but you’ve never had it done to this scale. Soon the taste blends with his pre-cum and you begin to pace your head movements up and down his shaft.Finally you take it out of your mouth and begin to stroke it with your hand as you lick up and down the shaft concentrating on the tender and sensitive ridge along the bottom. You then take his ball sack into you mouth gently caressing each testicle with your tongue and then lightly sucking on them like a hard piece of candy. Once finished you begin to rhythmically suck his cock while simultaneously stroking it with your hand. Harder and faster your mouth works its magic until at last he stiffens his back, garbs ou by the back of the head, and thrusts his hips forward. The first squirt of cum catches you in the back of the throat and you have no choice but to swallow as you feel it roll down. You manage to pull the cock free of your mouth just in time for the second squirt to hit you chin. What is left of his jism flows quickly out and down across you breasts. You smile and look up at him and he smiles back down at you. “Little slave girls make good cock suckers” he says in a breathless tone.You begin to reach up to clear the cum away from your chin when his hand darts out and stops you. “I don’t think so” he sates. “I want you to walk back to the house wearing the results of that most excellent blow job.” He almost laughs with excitement.“Come lets go back to your clothes then we can head back to the house.” He takes you by the leash and leads you back the way you came. It’s at that moment that you realize that you still need to pee.“Master’ you say softly. “Can we please hurry because I need to pee real bad.”He stops and stares at you for a moment as if contemplating something.“I’m sorry my dear, I had completely forgotten.” you look down and realize that he still has not replaced hi cock into his pants.‘I’ll tell you what” he states. “Why don’t you turn around.’You do as you’re told and turn you back to him.‘Now spread you legs apart.” you spread you legs shoulder width apart. “No I think a little further.” he says.You comply quickly.“There that’s better.’ he states “now bend you knees slightly and then put your hands on you knees.’What is he up to you wonder. You hear him take several steps back and pull the leash tight making the collar tighten around your throat.‘Ok,’ he exclaims “now go ahead and pee for me so I can watch.”Well this is just humiliating you think to yourself. The desire to pee is too strong and it is no longer possible for you to argue with this man who has dominated you for the better part of two hours now. You relax your hips and let loose with a stream of piss that spatters on the ground between your feet. You can’t believe that this is happening but you can’t stop it either. That’s when you feel it. A warm jet of liquid catches you in the small of you back and begins to move upward. You turn you head slightly and catch site of what you already know is happening. His cock has erupted in a geyser of warm urine and its spraying all over your back, and running down over your sides against your breasts. He then moves the stream down your back and you feel it as it covers your ass and pussy spraying piss directly into your exposed holes. By now you both have finished and he quickly buttons up his pants and pulls at the leash in a gesture to follow. When you reach your clothes he signals to get dressed and you quickly don your pants and shirt which now cling to you because of the penal hosing down you have just received. The cum on your chin has also dripped and now a long sticky line of jism hangs from it. When you reach the house, he takes you immediately to the bath room and to a spot in front of the shower. With great care he unbuttons your jeans and helps you remove the soaking garment. Then, delicately and deliberately he unbuttons your shirt and lets it fall to the ground. He turns his back to you and reaches in the shower to turns on the water. Turning back around he steps up very close to you and removes the collar from you neck. He then embraces you and plants a long slow kiss on your lips.“You are no longer my slave” he simply states. He quickly undresses himself and then taking you by the hand he leads you into the shower.Kneeling before you with a washcloth in his had he begins to wash your body while you let the hot water of the shower flow over you. With delicate and simple massaging motions he moves carefully up and down each leg washing a caring for them as if they were a priceless artifact. He then rises and washed you pussy and reaches behind to ensure that the same is done for you ass. Moving further up he washes your stomach and then spends time on each breast. He even washes you hair for you massaging your scalp and with graceful care. Once he has completed his careful cleaning of your body he embraces you again and plants a deep tender kiss on your lips. His tongue licking hungrily at you lips. “I love you very much” he exclaims. “Next time I’ll be your slave”. He smiles and kisses you again.The End

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