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wifes first time shared cont.he next day she was sore and raw from all the fucking she had and said it wouldnt be any time in the near future that she would be doin that again but i knew as much as she had loved it she would want to go again just didnt know when but i hoped soon since she was going to get itagain on her birthday night partyfor the next few days all was quiet until the week before her party she started hinting that we should call up some friends for a get together making sure pat and sam were mentioned but i blkew it off knowing she would be getting anxious and wanting it more and more by the day so i avoided fuckind or even playing around at first she took it as a joke then turned sad then she got upset and said she knew it i thought of her as a slut and vi didnt want to touch her anymore still i ignored her on the friday f her party pulled out a very sexy outfit i had bought her and told her to try it on it was a fire red hot see through teddy with a crotchless g-string pair of panties that was also see through on the sides of her pussyshe looked amazing i had her take it off and handed her a very short pair of shorts that slid up her ass and formed er camel toe beautifully and a tank top that showed much more clevage than it should and told her not to wear a bra when she reach forv a her thing underwear i asked what she thought she was doing confused she said you dont want me to wear it i said did i hand it to you she said no theres your answer i replied so she slpied them on and threw the tank top on and both fit her skin tight i lead her to our car and opened her door as she sat in the car( i noticed that when she spread her legs to get in her entire pussy was visableand thought shes going to love this) she asked were we were going i said you’ll know soon enough well i had een saving to get her a car and finally had the perfct car i had it modified and dressed out to fit a female from the seat to the steering wheel even the peddles were modified i knew the manager from before we got married and we had gotten all our cars from him i always knew he had a thing for my wife but never had the guts to hit on her when we arrived at the dearship i told her she was coming to pick up her new car that was to be her gift shehad no idea it would be a brand new camero with all the trimmings i had called ahead so the manager would be here to greet us and sure enough there he stood by the front glass door waiting for us i pyulled up parked the car and hurried to open her door before he could get there as güvenilir bahis i opened the door he walked up and i stopped to say hi my wife had put one foot out of the car when i stopped blocking her from getting out knowing he would stand right infront of her and he would have to look down to say hi and i knew from that angle there was no way he wouldnt see her cunt from the way her shorts opened at the thigh so i made small talk as long as i could my wife hadnt noticed it yet but she noticed he kept looking down passed her faceand figured it out so she spread her leg out enough that ther wasnt any dought he could see her entire pussy and it wasnt long before he had a hard on when i was sure he was hard i told her to get out as she started to get out he reached out to give her a hand and my wife played it like i had hoped just as she got out she stubbled and fell into him her tits slamming into his chest her hand grabbing out for something landed right on his rock hard dickas her arm landed around his hip and slid down to his upper ass he while trying to catch her ended up with one hand on her tit and the other on her hip after they recomposed themselves we started towards the office she whispered that when she had grabbed for his cock she noticed he was well hung and wanted to now how bit it was because from what she grabbed it was very thick as long i couldnt help but laugh at what she just vsaid once in the office she tried to show her tits as often as possible by standing and bending over at the hips so her tits would hand giving him a birds eye view and he made sure to look everytime she did on one of the times she sat next to me i gave her a nudge and a slight nod then asked where the washroom was he pointed me in the direction just as she had to get up to sign againas i walked out i looked back and her mouth was very close to his ear i walked a few more steps then stopped and wated a few mins when i thught she had him i came back as i walkwed in he was sitting in his chair and it was turned to one side she was rubbing or sroking something when i came in he tried hard to get away but she had him by the bgalls so to speak she was stroking his monster cock and he was enjoying the ell out of it til i came ini put up a and and said no dont do that let her enjoy it after all its her birthday and if you do im sure she’ll invite you to theparty he said i cant do this in here but if she would like to test drive the car i would have to accompany her you know for insurance purposes i said well baby she was already türkçe bahis getting up and heading to the door i told them they couldnt fuck but they could enjoy a bit of action and i would make sure no one came in my wife turned back and kneeled infront of him she pulled it out and began sucking hiscock rith there as i watched the door after a w mins she stood up turned around pulled down her shorts spread her leg and bent over as she did he buried his face in her ass and startuing eating her pussywhile bent over she reach down and took his cock and was jerting him off she got so turned on she came in just a few mins as she started to stand up he stood up and started to put his cock to her cum soaked cunt but as he srtarted to try to fuck her i said that someone was heading our way and they both got dressed quicklywith allth paperworkn done we weht to get her car when we got home she told me about his cock how thick it was and how longshe said it had to have been at least 13 to 14 inches long and that when she went to blow him the head wouldnt fit until she had her mouth open as wide as she could then the hesad was abouth the only thing she was able to get inside when the door bell rang she answered it to find sam pat and a few others there and invited them in no sooner she closed the door when she felt her clothes being pulled up and down in shock she screamed what are yiou all doing ten realized what was happening and asked them to forgive her and let them continue there wer 5 of them and me made 6 they were kissing grabbing feeling her and she was in heaven i decided to call the manager and see what ime he took lunch he said anytime he wanted i told him my wife wanted to try taking his cock and if he was willing he should come over right then he hung up before i was done i walked down the hall to our room and put a stop to eveything and told her i was gioing to blind fold her so she could enjoy it ti the fullest and turned her around and blidfolded her i had just done so when the door bell rang i told them not to do anything until i came back by the time i did she was in bed with her klegs wide open in the air waiting for some cock when the guys saw what he was packing they all sat down to watch i told her i had a very special gift for her and when he was ready to put his cock in her cunt i took off the blind fold as he thrust the massive head into her tight cuntshe saw him and instantly her eyes rolled back in her head has the cockhead stretched her aparti had my cell phone catching every bit from güvenilir bahis siteleri the tip to the balls as he forced his big head in and she rolled her eyes then as he forced his cock in inch by inch with her screaming in both pain and pleasure she tookin his cock after 4 inches he pumped his cock giving her pussy time to adjust before he forced more and more in her by 8 inches she was begging bhim not to put anymore inside ver but after a few more pumps she asked him for more by ten inches her boidy went limp she let out a low groan and a long sigh ansd he said shes ready for all of me now i had to ask how he knew that he said when she lets out that low groan and goes limp like that her pussy is finally relaxed and can then handle my 15 inch cock with no plroblem but i still inc it in incase im wrong but he wasnt he eased every inch of that monster into her cunt and she just moaned in pleasure as she reached out to hug him after he had been pumping his cock i asked him to pull out so i could see why orv what happened that she was no longer in pain he said her pussy is spread out and allows me to fuck it as he pulled out we watched amazed she could handle a cock that size and when the head came out there was a pop to it from lack of air in her cunt as i opened her pussy lips i couldnt belirve how open she was and cum was oozing out of it he stood up dragged her ass to the edge and turned her belly down and let the head slip into her agasin this time she didnt scream just moaned with pleasure as he pushed in she was humping her ass towards him until it was burried balls deep and she began telling him she wantec to get fucked hard so he did just that pulling out til just ther head was in and slamming against her clit when he rammed it all the way in to watych a cock that size fucking a cunt is something of beauty to see efery 3 pumps she came and every time she did her cunt coated his shaft she had it coated over half way when he pulled out and came around to her face she had her mouth wide open as he shoved his cock in she had trouble with the head but once it was in se took over half of it down her throat before she gaggedhe strated throat fucking her saying he didnt want to cum in her but her mouth he wiuld and he face fuck my wife beforer long she had taken almost 3/4 in and he was still getting it in some more every 4 or 5 pumps i thought theres no way hell get it all in her but i was mistaken because once she had most of it in she began to take in an ince every pump until his balls landed on her chin once she tookmit all he pulled out laid her on her back pulled her to the edge and continued wher he left ff we could see as his cock went threw her throat and watch the bulge in her stomach as his balls landed on her noseto be cont. very soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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