Will You Be My Pirate?

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Marie glanced at the clock for what seemed the millionth time since nine. Her asshole of a boyfriend was late, as usual. After she had waited more than half an hour, she sighed and prepared to leave. As she smoothed her black hair over her shoulders, she glanced in the mirror. The girl that gazed back at her looked the part of a pirate’s sexy wench: tight black skirt with red laces, a low-cut, shoulder baring lace-up, corset-style top, black stiletto boots, and to top it all off, a red bandana tied jauntily around her head.

Marie slipped out the door and locked it, sliding her key into her shirt for safe-keeping. Even though it was dark, there were only two blocks between her house and where the party was. She should be okay. Her good-for-nothing boyfriend would have to find another date. She was leaving now.

The streets here only had a few older trick-or-treaters. It was too late for the little kids that lived in the area. Most of the costumed kids were teenagers, looking to score some free candy. “Good thing it’s a warm night.” Marie said to herself. She was halfway there, walking past a darkened alley, when three guys appeared out of the dark to surround her.

“Hey sexy. How about you swab my deck tonight?” The tallest one leered.

“Yeah, hot stuff. You sure can raise my mast.” The larger one said, grabbing her by the arm. The short skinny one remained silent, looking up and down her body appraisingly.

Marie jerked away. “Leave me alone!” She shrieked, her eyes wide with fear.

“Aww look. The little tease is scared.” The third one spoke up, pulling on the red laces of her top. “Nice tits.” He commented. “How about sharing a little with us?”

“Yeah, we won’t hurt you.” The large one said, unconvincingly.

Marie was pushed up against the wall, as the tall one pressed his mouth sloppily against hers. His lips ground against hers, taking all and giving nothing. She put her arms up to shove him away, but the other two pinned her against the wall. The one kissing her began to slide his hands down her sides to pull up the hem of her skirt.

Marie struggled and tried to fight them off, but she couldn’t move. She let her head hang, ready to give up. The third one pulled her shirt down in the front, admiring her luscious breasts.

“Hey! Get your filthy hands off my girl!” A stranger yelled. Marie’s eyes flew up and she pleaded silently to the man she had never seen before. The man walked over and pulled the tall one off her, shoving him clear across the alley and causing him to stumble facefirst into a dumpster. “Anyone else?” He asked, rolling up his sleeves.

“No, you can take her.” The large one said, as they ran off, shoving her against the wall in an effort to get away.

The man approached Marie slowly. “My name is Alex. I don’t mean to scare you. I’m just here to help.” He said softly, turning his head as she fixed the laces on her top, pulling it back up to adequately cover her breasts.

At his soft words, Marie fell against him, tears of fear streaming down her face. “Th-thank you. I was so scared.” She sobbed. “I was sure they were going to rape me.”

“Shh. Shh. It’s going to be okay. They’re gone now.” He said, wrapping his arms around her somewhat awkwardly, finding it odd but pleasant to be holding this strange girl as she calmed down from her hysteria. Shortly, her sobs diminished into sniffles and she looked up at him.

“Who are you?” She asked, a strange look on her face.

“I told you. My name’s Alex.” He said, wondering why she asked him for his name again.

“No. Beylikdüzü Escort Not your name. Who are you? Why do I feel so safe in your arms? I don’t even know you.” She explained softly.

Alex chuckled. “Well, for tonight. I guess I’m your protector.” He said.

Marie smiled at him, taking a look for the first time at his costume.. She giggled, all signs of panic wiped off her face as she smiled at his full pirate attire. “Will you be my pirate?” She asked.

“Of course I will.” He bowed, with a wicked grin. “Be my wench then?”

“Sure.” She giggled again. “But you can call me Marie.”

“Well, you’re laughing. That’s a good thing.” He said. “I was going to a party a block or so away. Come with me?” He asked. “I was going too. I was only walking alone because my boyfriend flaked on me.” She sighed.

“Don’t worry, lass. I’ll take care of you.” He said.

“Thanks.” She said, putting her arm around his waist.

Alex slid his arm around her lower back and pulled her close to him. “Let’s go.”

They walked in relative silence to the party and Marie saw one of her friends. “Alex, I have to go meet up with Kelly, my friend. Can I meet back up with you later?” She asked.

Alex’s face fell slightly. He had just met her, now she wanted to get away from him. “Yeah, sure. No problem” He said.

Marie smiled and leaned in to brush her lips against his cheek. “Save a dance for me, pirate.” She whispered into his ear, before strolling away to meet her friend.

“Who’s the hottie with the nice body?” Kelly asked Marie. “I’ve never seen him around before. He’s yours?” She asked, with a pointed look. “Too bad I’m not straight.” She joked.

Marie laughed. “More or less.” She leaned forward and cupped her hands to Kelly’s ear. “He saved me from being raped.” She whispered to her best friend.

“What?!” Kelly exploded.

“Keep it down.” She said, clapping a hand over her friend’s mouth. “I was walking here alone because Sean didn’t show up and then these three shady looking guys grabbed me. Then he showed up and pulled them off me.”

“That douche! Wait ’til I get at him.” Kelly said, looking around for Sean. “He’s always been a flake.” Her fists clenched. “I’ve been looking for a good reason to deck him. Now I have one.”

“No, it’s okay. I want to deal with him myself.” Marie looked around. “I doubt he even shows up. It doesn’t matter anymore, I’m done with him. I have Alex now.”

“Oh-oh. So he is yours. Alex…that’s a nice name…nice body…for a guy at least…can’t keep his eyes off you. He’s a keeper.” Kelly glanced over Marie’s shoulder. “Go dance with your man. I’ll keep a look out for your ex.” She said.

“Thanks. You’re so awesome.” She said distractedly as she turned around to go over to Alex.

“Ahoy there my pirate.” She said, as she came up next to him and rested her forehead against his chest. His arms came around her, molding to her body as if they belonged there.

“Ahoy there, my little wench.” He murmured against her hair. “Up for a dance?”

Marie nodded as he swept her out to the dance floor. A fast song started and they began to dance together. Mostly it was Marie dancing and Alex watching. Marie had a natural grace of movement, and it didn’t hurt that her breasts bounced gently as she danced.

Alex was only moving slightly, until she grabbed his hand and made him dance more. “I’m not that good.” He said.

“C’mon. You were the one who asked me to dance.” She said, pulling him against her as she Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan ground her hips against him with a grin.

He put his arms around her. “Whatever you say, babe.” He said as the song changed to a slow song. “Now, here’s something I can dance to.” He whispered to her.

Marie slipped her arms around his neck and could just barely rest her head on his shoulder. “You’re too tall. It’s not fair.” She pouted. “And I’m wearing heels, too.”

Alex smiled, kissing the top of her head and smelling her hair.

The two were so into the dance that they didn’t hear a disturbance until a masculine voice broke through. “Let go of my girlfriend.” The newcomer slurred drunkenly.

Marie took a step back, her eyes wide. “Sean…I…”

Alex pulled her back against him, laying his hand over hers possessively. “No, she’s mine.” Alex saw someone else approaching from the corner of his eye. “Now, get away from her or else.”

“Who’s going to make me? You?” He snarled.

“No, I am!” A strong feminine voice made him turn around. The sight that met him was Kelly’s fist flying towards his face. The force sent him reeling back as blood poured from his nose. “Now go!” She yelled.

“Crazy dyke.” Sean yelled, as he backed up amid laughter, and then yelped as she took a step towards him. He broke into a run and left the party.

Marie looked up at Alex. “Since when have I been your girlfriend?” She asked, as the crowd went back to dancing.

Alex tilted her face towards his. “Since now.” He murmured, pressing his lips to hers for their first kiss.

Marie tightened her arms around him and allowed his tongue to slide into her hot mouth. Her tongue slipped out to meet his and after a few moments, she pulled away. “Can we go somewhere else?” She asked, looking up at his face. Alex nodded, seeing the lust in her eyed, and he led her across the room to the back door and they went out into the warm, dark night. He led her out further onto the property, which included an almond orchard, and stopped behind a tree not too far from the house. He pulled her back against him, his lips meeting hers for the second time. This time he let his hands wander down her body, down to the part of her back that her shirt bared. Marie sighed softly into his mouth at the touch of his warm hand on her, and she pulled his arm lower, so he was caressing her ass through the skirt. He pulled her towards him, and Marie felt the signs of his arousal pressing against her stomach. She felt her knees grew weak and she leaned heavily on him. “My feet are hurting from these shoes.” She whispered to him.

Alex smiled, and eased himself down, with her sitting on his lap. He slid his hands down her legs to unfasten her shoes, then back up her legs to rest on her inner thighs right under the hem of her skirt.

Marie turned in his lap, kissing his neck softly then biting it.

“Such a wench.” Alex whispered, his lips grazing her ear. Marie shivered with pleasure and pressed her hand to his chest, letting it fall to his lap for a brief moment. She glanced up at him with a smirk.

“I want you, my pirate.” She said boldly into his ear, nipping at it softly. “Touch me.” She said, slightly softer.

Alex groaned with need and slid his hand up her skirt, to the heat of her center. He felt warm, damp silky fabric and pulled it to the side to slide a finger deep inside her. “Like this?” He asked, knowing it was exactly what she wanted.

“More.” She said, thrusting her hips up against him.

“Yes, Escort Beylikdüzü my wench, but not here. Not this close to the house.” He said, standing up and picking her up. “Now, I carry to off to ravish you.” He said, only half joking as he put her over his shoulder.

Marie giggled softly. “Please hurry up.” She pleaded.

Alex watched the ground, being careful not to trip in the dark. He set her down once he got to a smallish clearing.

Marie could hear the sound of water rushing nearby and she could no longer hear the sounds of the party. It was as if they were alone in their own little world. She turned to Alex and pulled him down on top of her. “Now.” She moaned in his ear.

Alex slipped his hand down her body as he kissed her deeply, his tongue invading her hot mouth. His hand found the edge of her skirt and pulled it up to her waist. His hand roamed up and down her hips, just barely brushing her.

Marie thrust her hips against his hand. “Don’t tease me.” She begged, her words barely audible against his mouth. She slid her hand down his chest, sliding it into his pants and wrapping it around his manhood. She squeezed slightly and it jumped in her hand as Alex let out a groan. She broke off the kiss to whisper into his ear. “I want this….to have this in me.”

Alex almost lost control with those words and pulled himself off her to tear off her thong. He felt her delicate hand pulling his pants off and moaned with the sensation. He pulled her hand away. “If you do that, I won’t be able to last any longer.” He said, undressing himself from the waist down.

Marie looked in awe at his hardness. “Alex…” She whispered.

“What is it darling?” He asked, as he tossed his pants to the side.

“I’ve never done this before.” She blushed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. As gentle as I can.” He murmured as he positioned himself at her entrance. “It will hurt, but the pleasure will take the pain away. I promise.” He looked down at her. “Are you sure?” He asked, looking at her slightly fearful expression.

“Yes! Oh God yes!” She moaned, bumping her hips against him.

Alex took this opportunity and Marie gasped at his size as he slid inside of her and tensed up. “No, let me in babe. Relax.” He whispered, as he stroked her hair. He slid in to her barrier and with one quick thrust broke through. His mouth covered her squeal of pain as he kissed her and held still to let her adjust to his size.

It seemed like hours before Marie let herself relax and began to feel the pleasure. She bucked her hips up against his, the friction amazing. “More.” She whispered. “I’m ready.” She put her hands on his ass and pulled him deeper.

Alex began to thrust harder. “Oh yeah. Take that deep inside of you wench.” He grunted, his hands pulling at her top to expose her breasts. They bounced out of her top and he bent down to take one into his mouth, sucking gently.

“Unh! Alex!” She moaned his name between other indistinguishable words. She let her hips meet his with each thrust. She felt herself rising to her climax. “Alex.” She gasped.

“I feel it too babe.” He moaned, fighting for each inch inside her tight wetness. “Come with me.” He said, as he felt himself ready to explode inside her.

Marie screamed his name as she came, her tightness clenching around him. She felt him explode inside her as she collapsed back and he fell on top of her, his head on her chest. “Oh baby that was awesome.” He whispered, after he regained his breath.

“Mmm-hmm.” She responded, barely able to speak. She wrapped her arms around him, held him close and whispered something in his ear.

“What was that?” He asked, raising his head to look into her eyes.

“Is it too soon to say I love you, pirate?” She asked him.

“No, my wench, unless it’s too soon for me to love you in return.” He replied with a kiss.

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