Window Shopping Ch. 01

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This is the first chapter of a several part story; comments and critiques are always appreciated! This is my first attempt at a 3rd person story—enjoy! All characters are over 18.

Window Shopping
Two Sugars, Extra Cream

James was like most twenty somethings in suburbia, and he knew it. In fact he banked on it.

He drove his silver Honda Accord out of the neighborhood streets and set for the highway, lazily heading for the city. James took the time to signal and merge appropriately while consulting his GPS frequently. He knew the area well but wanted to seem like every other lost Joe in a car—out for a weekend drive and oblivious to the world rushing around his sensible car. Except he wasn’t oblivious.

Some might call it OCD, but his meticulous nature is what suited him best for his job as a building inspector. At least that’s what he told himself and anyone who asked. On the agenda today was a large upscale mall—Crowne Plaza—five stories of modern steel trusses, high density “glass” and concrete with ample public space. A large atrium and fountain occupied the center of the mall; movie theaters, an opera hall and a 5-star hotel dotted the perimeter. Everything was connected by elevated walkways, escalators, and elevators with see through bottoms; a mezzanine overlooked the bay and Crowne Yacht Club. All in all, Crowne Plaza was a marvel of engineering and construction expertise.

Today’s visit would be unofficial though. James liked to take in the sights before getting to work, and nothing got him ready for work like a day of window shopping. Today he was just another face in the Saturday shopping crowd, minding his Smartphone and Cinnabun more than where he was walking.

The mall was packed with back to school shoppers and teenagers enjoying the last few days of summer. The stores were gearing up for the prime shopping season that was just around the corner—new clerks, new layouts, and new policies. Extra security guards had been added for the upcoming seasonal rush and were being put through their paces by the full time staff. James took the time to notice them all.

He saw every couple and flirty girl, newbie clerk and guard, every seasonal vendor and every janitor. That was his gift, being able to see everything and process it at once. James made a point to leisurely walk each wing, noting each store’s orientation to the service halls, before ducking into the Barnes and Noble magazine rack. It was always easier to people watch from behind a magazine. So, after selecting the latest edition of Popular Science, he backed into a corner of the Starbucks. There he sipped his hot chocolate and pretended to be too engrossed in the latest generation of turbine technology to notice his surroundings.

But he did notice them. In particular he noticed that only one guard came through the store in over an hour. She was a compact woman dressed in a sharp officer’s uniform. Her olive skin complimented her jet black hair, which was pulled into a taut ponytail. She moved briskly around the exterior of the store, scanning the shelves systematically, but not seeming to look for anything in particular.

After her rounds she walked past James’ corner to the cute barista behind the counter. The guard was noticeably trim and athletic with a hint of muscle bristling beneath her soft skin. Her utility belt and tactical pants did little to hide her round ass from view and before he knew it, she was departing with her coffee. James made a mental note to introduce himself to the guard at some point during his business stay. Now that she had left, James found himself making eye contact with the barista who flashed him a warm smile.

“Hey there, do you need a refill?” the young barista asked while approaching James.

She appeared college age, or perhaps just out of college; a petite blonde with her hair in a sloppy bun and sporting a slightly too large Starbucks polo beneath her black apron. She looked a bit frazzled from a long day at work, but her blue eyes still sparkled and her cute face was well framed with a small nose and a dash of freckles.

“Sure, that’d be great,” James responded, standing to hand her the cup—”gah!” James staggered Ataşehir Escort off balance, knocking the packets of sweeteners to the floor and making a general mess of his cocoa.

“Oh, are you ok?” the barista asked.

“Yea—uh, I’m fine. I’m so sorry—I’m very clumsy,” James explained as he stooped down with the barista to begin picking up the mess.

“It’s ok, I am too,” she stated, as the clumsy pair knelt on the floor.

“Well not quite fine, I spilled my drink all over my pants,” James feigned a sheepish smile. “Is there a place I could wash up?” he asked as the last of the packets were put back in place.

“Oh, you DID make a mess didn’t you?” The barista blushed, looking down at the cocoa covered slacks and noticing a bulge in his crotch, “Yeah, right this way.”

“Thanks, I’m James,” he stated, extending his hand for a firm shake that was neither wimpy nor overbearing.

“Sandi. No problem,” she replied while eyeing her dashing customer. James was a lean 5’11” with a strong jaw-line and a well groomed, clean cut look. His black hair matched his dark brown eyes and light unshaven stubble that rounded out his dominant, but friendly image. Sandi’s mind flashed again to his tented pants and she wondered just how big his cock was while trying to avoid staring.

It occurred to her this was his sly attempt at a pickup—and a fairly good attempt thus far. Sandi wrestled with ways to innocently tear his pants off or politely excuse herself from the situation. Her petite figure led the way and she gave a little extra wiggle to her ass, taunting James as the two went into the service entrance.

She quelled the butterflies in her stomach attempting to remind her how many policies she was breaking for this stranger—theleastof which was a desire to straddle his cock. He followed her past the prep and storage areas to a small bathroom adjacent to an office.

“Customers aren’t supposed to be back here,” Sandi whispered cautiously, “so you’ll have to be quick.”

“No problem,” James replied courteously.

Sandi went out on a limb, “I’m going to wait in the bathroom with you. In case someone comes back I mean. I can pretend like I’m the only one here.”

“That’s clever. But are you sure? I’ll be… you know… undressed.” James played coy in his concern.

“I’m ok with it if you are.” Sandi responded, doubly sure of herself after seeing his reluctance.

James stripped down to his boxers and began washing his clothes in the sink. Sandi stood by the door and admired his toned physique from behind, using the mirror to check out his front. James looked up and made eye contact through the mirror and gave her a quick wink.

“Like what you see?” James enquired.

Sandi blushed and looked away, “Well you’re not ugly, that’s for sure.”

“Neither are you. You’re very beautiful, actually.”

James turned around to face Sandi, giving her a complete view of his clothed package, “It’s going to be a minute for my clothes to dry. Did you get any on yourself?”

James slowly approached the young girl. His stiffening member poked a soft outline in his boxers.

“Well, yeah a little. I guess I should rinse mine too, huh?”

James simply shrugged and continued closing the distance between them.

“I don’t usually undress in front of strange men…” Sandi trailed off.

“Me either,” James responded.

With a soft chuckle Sandi stepped closer to James and spun away; looking over her shoulder she asked, “Would you mind helping?” Sandi’s words rolled off her tongue recklessly and she immediately wished she had kept silent.

James pulled the petite girl into his muscular frame and slid his hands to her waist. Sandi nervously pressed back into his solid figure and grasped his hands as they undid her apron tie. He held her securely until her heart stopped fluttering; then, in one fluid motion, James slid his hands under her polo and traced her soft skin up each rib to below her arms. He pulled her shirt over her head and spun her around. He hugged her waist close to his own; while looking into her eyes he gave her a warm, tender kiss that she eagerly returned. The couple began exploring each other’s Kadıköy Escort bodies briskly—James’ strong hands massaged her soft skin while she groped his muscles and down to his boxers’ waistband.

Sandi kicked off her shoes while James unclasped her bra. Their lips remained locked together, rolling each other’s tongues around in a torrent of passion. Sandi freed his cock from his boxers and began stroking it towards her bare stomach with one hand while the other remained draped behind his neck. James undid her pants’ button and began to press the fabric over her thighs.

“God, I’m hot,” Sandi panted, wiggling her hips to get her black jeans off.

James smirked at the dual meaning and picked the teen up and pressed her to the wall, “Is there somewhere else we can go? We need more space,” he suggested between gasps.

“Y-yesh,” came the exasperated gasp, “Yes. There’s a store room. Not far.” Sandi pressed into her kisses harder before tearing away and dropping to the floor. The couple gathered their clothes and peered out the bathroom door for prying eyes.

Darting through the office while holding her jeans up, Sandi grabbed her purse and the duo ducked into the service hallway. Once there James pinned Sandi to the wall and began showering her with kisses again. Sandi closed her eyes and moaned at the tender assault on her flesh, sending ripples of ticklish pleasure through her chest.

“No no, it’s—it’s further.” Sandi half heartedly resisted, “God I’m horny.” She stroked his dick a few times before leading him two doors down and using her key to open the door to the unused break room.

After fumbling for the switch the couple threw their clothes on the floor and began embracing with renewed vigor. Sandi’s fair skin was wrapped tight by James’ solid figure.

James tore her jeans off around her ankles; her soaked panties stood translucent in the air while James continued ravaging his nubile prize with kisses. He picked the petite teen up and sat her on the end of a table. Sandi spread her legs wide and stroked his cock towards her eager pussy. James ripped at her panties, tearing the fabric and pushing them aside. He began circling her swollen mound with one hand and groping her breast with the other. After spreading her fluid around he pulled her close and pressed the underside of his cock against her flat stomach.

Sandi savored the feeling of his hot flesh resting against her belly, superimposed on the womb that begged to be filled by his cock. She moistened her hand with her dripping quim and spread it around James’ thick cock; after several strokes he glistened with her fluid. A slick puddle of anticipation was forming underneath her wide open legs; a small dollop of precum oozed from his shaft onto her tummy.

Sandi broke their kiss, “Wait,” she whispered huskily into James’ ear. Sandi groped through her purse for a condom and greedily tore at the package. Her hands were slick and the package refused to yield to her fumbling hands.

James continued stroking her, further compounding the flustered attempt to be responsible. Finally the foil wrapper gave way and the condom came out—Sandi bobbled it for a moment before dropping it to the floor.

“Oh fuck it,” Sandi let out an exasperated sigh. James began nibbling at her ear while continuing to rub her sensitive clit. “Fuck me,” Sandi purred in a sultry tone of anticipation.

Glad to oblige, James picked her tiny frame off the table and, with her legs spread wide, effortlessly slid her onto his thick shaft. Sandi lost her breath with the thick penetration, her wet cunt swelling with lust as her senses filled with desire. She hugged his neck tight and clenched her eyes shut while her hot pussy enveloped James’ cock and stretched to accommodate his girth. Each inch permeated heat into his shaft and dripped her juice onto the floor; her puddle was now a lake; her supple body settled onto his cock and her legs wrapped tight around his hips; her blonde hair fell over her face as she buried it into James’ shoulder.

Sandi licked the beads of sweat that had formed on her upper lip, “Fuck you’re big,” Sandi gasped through her sweat matted hair.

James Ümraniye Escort felt her tensing and relaxing. Each velvety throb of her pussy tempted him to begin fucking the tight teen, but he patiently waited for her to soften. Her sultry hole continued to radiate heat into his shaft, passively petrifying his already rock hard cock; James flexed inside of her, rubbing tiny waves of pleasure that reverberated out of her body as a soft pant.

“Nmph,” Sandi gasped. Her breathing grew deep and heavy in his ear.

James began gently lifting her up and easing her down. Each thrust let out a long, soft, slick slush, followed by her high pitched squeak. Sandi was in heaven; her legs were clamped tight with his thick cock lodged deep in her womb; his cock massaged her pussy in rhythmic waves that pushed her senses into overdrive. Her head began spinning and her fingers tingling; with each thrust into her velvety tight pussy Sandi felt a surge of life shudder through her loins. She clenched his neck and began gyrating her hips, probing his cock still deeper. Her sensitive clit pressed firmly into James’ pelvis. Her orgasm began building as a slow crescendo that ramped up with each thrust; James picked up tempo, from a slow fuck to a forceful pistoning into Sandi’s hot cunt.

Every thrust bounced her teenage titties furiously against her lover; each pulse contracted her velvety pussy tighter around his cock and drove her closer to the edge. Her brow crinkled and mouth froze open; her body shuddered helplessly on James thick cock. Sandi lost her rhythm and gave in to James ravaging; he could feel his release surging forth.

“UNNNghhhhh…” Sandi let out a visceral moan as a sedate wave of ecstasy washed over her sweaty, tired body. She curled tight into James and shuddered while her muscles continued to spasm in her rolling orgasm.

James laid her back onto the table and resumed the fuck. She relaxed her head back and rested a hand on her breast while her warm pussy throbbed with pleasure. She could feel James’ cock, continuing to ravage her and assuage her orgasm. Her mind was numb. Sandi basked in the pleasure and smiled meekly as warm, content love washed through her with each thrust. James squeezed her legs together and slung them over his shoulder. He mercilessly plowed into her at a feverous pace, not giving her swollen pussy a moment’s rest.

Sandi felt her senses returning; gradually each thrust felt deeper and fuller; she began to clench her pussy on each stroke, sending a shudder through her body that continued to grow.

James was now on the cusp of cumming, savoring each stroke in her tight pussy as she grew nearer her second orgasm. He placed his hand on her pelvis and pressed his thumb into her clit; Sandi immediately responded with a contraction that pulsed through his cock and into his legs; she curled her body towards James yet again and the clench of her cunt helped push his cock out. Sandi came for the second time as James’ sensitive tip finally crested his release and gushed forward.

James unloaded onto the tiny blonde. Her tiny frame was curled in front of James as several thick ropes of cum splattered over her supple body. Her face bore the brunt of the load; his milky cum plastering her cute face. As she recoiled, several spurts splattered on her breasts and flat stomach; the last remnants drooled onto her thighs.

James’ eyes grew heavy and knees weak. He was able to brace against the table while his brain registered the wave of pleasure passing through.

Sandi was covered in his creamy cum. Far from being disgusted, she reveled in the hot, sticky feeling. She loved the thought that she turned this man on and satisfied him so thoroughly.

She began swirling the cum around her nipples, occasionally stopping to taste it.

“Mmm, that was nice,” Sandi stated absently to the walls of the break room as she started wiping cum from her face and licking it up.

“Yes it was,” James responded, leaning down to kiss the pale vixen now splayed on her back.

After a few more minutes of talking and mopping up cum with James’ boxers, the duo slipped back into the store.

Sandi could feel his dried cum smeared around her body; the tangy scent filled her nose; his salty taste lingered on her tongue.

Before leaving James handed Sandi a slip of paper with his number, “In case you need another break.”

Sandi tucked it into her wrinkled apron and smiled.

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