Winter Love Part 4

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A couple of months passed since the initial book club meeting. Julia and Leslie got together when they could. They attended the book club meetings regularly. Nothing significant happened at any of the meetings as far as flirtations or special invitations for either of the women. At the third meeting, Maddie quit hanging around Leslie, who had been polite but had not pursued the younger woman.Leslie seemed to blossom since meeting Julia. Her sex life had been meager at best, making love to her husband maybe twice a month. The feelings she had for Julia made her as giddy as a schoolgirl, which had its benefits for her husband. She became more adventurous in bed and actually guided her husband to satisfy her more completely.The middle of June, Julia called Leslie and invited her to a book club meeting at her house. This meeting was on a Friday night, instead of the usual Wednesday evening. Dinner, drinks and swimming were the focus since the weather was so nice and many of the girls were out of town. Leslie happily agreed knowing her husband and Julia’s were still camping that weekend and they could spend more time together. Leslie was going to suggest she stay the night at Julia’s after the party ended, but Julia suggested it first since she had specifically made it that date so Leslie could stay over. Leslie loved that Julia had planned it that way and she made sure she packed a couple of new negligees just for Julia to see her in. It was going to be their first full weekend alone together and Leslie wanted to look extra special for her lover.On the Friday of the party, Leslie arrived early to help Julia prepare the food and help get the house ready that evening. She parked on the side of the driveway since she was staying all weekend and didn’t want her car in the way. She had dressed in shorts and a comfortable blouse, her lingerie and swimwear in her overnight bag. She had been anxious all week, checking and rechecking the bag she had packed.When she arrived, Cynthia met her at the door dressed in a string bikini that barely covered her ample assets. Her sunglasses were resting atop her hair, which was tied in a tight ponytail. Leslie swallowed hard, gazing at Julia’s older daughter. Cynthia noticed the slightly glazed stare, letting Leslie recover while she slowly opened the door. Cynthia smiled and stood for a brief moment, letting Leslie look her over. She opened her arms wide, greeting Leslie with the usual hug and kiss on the cheek.Leslie closed her eyes stifling a moan while Cynthia’s breasts pressed against her arm, nipples barely covered in the sheer fabric of the tiny suit she wore. She caught herself lusting once again for the young woman and tried to put those thoughts out of her mind. Slowly Cynthia released her, Leslie opened her eyes and quickly asked where Julia was.“She’s in the kitchen making appetizers,” Cynthia calmly stated, then asked Leslie how she liked her new swimsuit. Her nipples seemed to strain at the sheer fabric and her smile widened. She turned slowly, watching the reaction on Leslie’s face.“You don’t actually swim in that, do you?” Leslie asked, knowing that she probably didn’t.“Oh. no. It’s just for show. Momma says you need to use a little honey at times to get the worker bees’ attention.” Cynthia said, using a silly southern drawl.Leslie smiled back. Çukurambar escort bayan “Well, in that outfit you might even attract a few queen bees.”Cynthia arched her eyebrows slightly trying to figure out exactly what Leslie meant by that comment.They both giggled as Leslie stepped into the entry. Cynthia commented, “Well, there are so many bees, hopefully I can find one or two.” She grasped Leslie’s hand and led her to the kitchen.Julia was busy checking her list and making sure there were plenty of finger foods the girls loved so much. She noticed a slight flush on Leslie’s face as Cynthia escorted her to the kitchen.“Look who was at the door, Mom.” Cynthia smiled as she picked up the glass of iced tea and went to resume her tanning session in the late afternoon sun. She smiled back at the two women as she sipped her tea, then placing her glass on the table by the chair and slipped back into the chair, lowering her sunglasses as she did.Julia made sure Cynthia had settled back into her chair before she greeted her lover with a passionate kiss and hug.“Hi, baby. I’ve missed you. Everything alright?” She asked, noticing the lingering flush on Leslie’s face.Leslie replied after a second’s hesitation, “My God, Julia, what do you feed your children? I noticed how beautiful she was the first time we met, but in that bikini there should be a law.”Julia laughed at Leslie’s remark. Since their first book party, they had spent the drives to and from the meetings discussing the various physical and mental attractions of the girls.“Doll, that’s my baby girl you’re drooling over, you know. Cynthia can be a little hottie when she wants. Just be sure to keep your hands to yourself. You’re mine, remember?” Julia gave Leslie a stern look.“Julia, I’m sorry. She just caught me in a moment of weakness. You and I haven’t been intimate in three weeks and since Bill has been gone for a week, you know I’m in the mood.” Leslie blushed as she looked down with embarrassment realizing what she had said about Julia’s daughter. “You think all the girls will be in such delicious attire?” She glanced out the sliding glass door at Cynthia.“Hey, I’m as frisky as you, if not more so. Why do you think I planned this for this weekend?” Julia asked. “Did you bring a swim suit for the pool? I’m sure all the girls will have something similar.”“Then I hope it’s a short party. All of them running around half naked? I don’t think I can stand that for very long.”“You better, lover. I don’t want a scene, especially with Cynthia around. So keep your hands and eyes to yourself.”“You know I will, although Cynthia does look very edible.” Leslie grinned slyly, knowing that would push Julia’s button.“You’re bad and getting worse, you know?” Julia grinned knowing she was kidding.They kissed again and then Julia led Leslie to Margaret’s old room to put her overnight things away. They came together once again knowing they had a free moment to be intimate with no possibility of being discovered. “Just in case someone asks, you’re sleeping in here tonight. After Cynthia falls asleep, that will change, my doll.” Julia whispered to Leslie as she cupped her lover’s breast and kissed her again.“Cynthia will be staying in her old room. She and a couple of the girls are doing a charity walk in the Escort demetevler morning and it’s easier to leave from here.”“Well, I don’t know how quiet I can be when you hit my spot, lover. I’ll try to keep it to a mild roar.”Julia knew exactly what spot and she would take all the precautions needed to ensure that Cynthia remained clueless about their relationship. They kissed a few more times then Julia broke them up, not wanting to be too worked up before the other girls arrived.As they gossiped and prepared the food the girls began showing up. Leslie would answer the door and greet the girls with the normal hugs and kisses; she would then lead them to the bar for their choice of drinks.Eventually Maddie showed up with Gail. They hugged Leslie as if she were their great aunt. Leslie just shrugged it off, not wanting to make any type of scene or explain to Maddie that Julia was her love interest.Within thirty minutes of Leslie’s arrival most of the girls were at the party. A book had been selected to talk about but Julia announced that the book discussion was not a priority and the girls should just relax: eat, drink and be merry. They had been encouraged to bring their swim attire by Cynthia since Julia had done this same summer kick-off party two years before. They each in turn found an open room to change into their suits to relax and swim in.Julia and Leslie had changed earlier in separate rooms since Cynthia was around. They were the only ones not in swimwear the entire time; being a bit older and more modest, they preferred saris covering their bottoms instead of the bikinis and thongs the younger women wore.Leslie was doing all she could to maintain control of herself. Since it was only the girls at the party many didn’t adhere to keeping their tops tightly tied and that resulted in more skin exposed than Leslie really needed to see. Julia kept a close eye on Leslie. She knew she was starting to open up in her desires and having this many young women around was a temptation for her. Julia especially noted the lack of attention by Maddie to Leslie and silently smiled to herself. She had nipped that possible romance in the bud early and it seemed Leslie was being true to her word of caring for only Julia.Maddie didn’t wait for an open room to change in as she stood out on the pool deck. She had worn her bikini under her usual shorts and Hawaiian shirt and started slipping them off after greeting the other girls. When she began to disrobe out on the pool deck Leslie caught a glimpse of her through a window and had to stop to take a deep breath. She hadn’t paid much attention to Maddie since the first night of the book club, especially after Julia’s lecture. She had talked to her at the second one, telling her that she had lost her number. Maddie wrote it down for her again and quietly slipped it to her. Leslie hadn’t called her and during the third and last meeting, Maddie had stopped hanging so close.Leslie was afraid to tell Maddie the truth: that she and Julia were lovers. She didn’t want anything to get back to Julia or possibly Cynthia. She respected Julia too much to give in to temptation. It would ruin so many things that were still blossoming between Julia and her. Her lust for Maddie’s body would have to remain within her for the time dikmen escort being. Leslie had kept her desire for women bottled up since college. Julia had sensed something in Leslie that weekend on the coast a little over eighteen months before. She couldn’t hurt someone who had helped reawaken those desires, at least not at this time.Maddie looked like a buffed-out Emily Proctor from the TV series CSI: Miami. She was short in stature with toned muscular legs that seemed to ripple with chiseled perfection as she twisted and turned at the waist while disrobing. Her upper body was just as taut; her breasts weren’t large so she accentuated them with a push-up bra. She didn’t have one ounce of fat on her. With a deep bronze skin tone she looked like a Greek goddess. From Leslie’s perspective her skin showed no hint of tan lines or imperfections. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail which swished her perfect ass as she turned to talk to the other girls.Leslie had to steady herself while watching Maddie slowly undress. Maddie was talking to some of the other girls while she removed her outer clothing, her back to Leslie most of the time. To Leslie it seemed she did a slow striptease, unbuttoning, stopping, then unbuttoning again as she would turn to speak with someone. Leslie could see her silhouette when she turned to place her clothes neatly in a pile on one of the many chairs or turn to face someone she had been talking to on the deck. Leslie thought Maddie had seen her ogling as she turned one time, but she showed no hint of being watched.Leslie went back to the kitchen and whispered to Julia the sight she had just witnessed and that she was extremely in the mood. Julia grinned and patted Leslie’s behind then finished sorting the appetizers on the serving dish. Cynthia came in and grabbed the tray, smiling at the two women who seemed to be whispering secrets.“How’s dinner going, Mom?” Cynthia asked as she picked up the tray, the fabric in her top loose enough to give Leslie a nice view of a lily-white triangle surrounding her areola.Julia noticed this and commented, “I think Leslie is starving, sweetheart.”“Well, are we going to eat soon?” Cynthia replied, unaware of the joke she caused.“Soon, dear. It’s almost ready. Just tell the girls not to fill up on those, OK?”“Ok, we won’t.”Julia and Leslie could hear the girls giggle as they scooped up the finger foods up within seconds.“This is killing me, lover.” Leslie stated as she caught the joke Julia had made regarding eating.“Oh, you’ll live. You’re a big girl. Let’s set out the plates and utensils. Dinner is just about done.”The girls practically ran in when Julia announced dinner was ready a few minutes later. She and Leslie watched the girls fill their plates and shuffle off to eat their dinners as they continued gabbing and enjoying themselves.Maddie was in the middle of the line, not taking too much of the “unhealthy food” but stocking up on the veggies and healthier alternatives Julia had prepared. She smiled and thanked Julia while ignoring Leslie.During and after dinner some of the girls sat around talking about the book while others just socialized and swam. Julia and Leslie stayed indoors cleaning up and talking with each other as each girl brought in her empty set of dishes, profusely thanking Julia for such a wonderful evening and delicious food. The hugs and kisses were almost too much for Leslie to witness. She was on edge and seeing all the affection focused on Julia frustrated her. She wanted Julia alone as soon as possible.The girls wrapped up their evening, dressing and saying their goodbyes, thanking Julia one more time.

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