Woman’s Choice

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In our masculine culture, most of the erotic stories we read or see, 95% of our information is about the things and actions that men need to experience from love and sex. They are about the enjoyment and satisfaction men get from the female body. Their approach, wishes, and actions are mostly selfish.

This story is about ‘Women’s Choices.’ Where females get their needs, desires, and satisfactions, as well as the pleasure that they get from good sex, fill their entire being with vibrant delight. They are, after all, half of any sex act, and for all women to really enjoy the utmost pleasure that is possible to gain from all sex, then we must give them the strongest physical and emotional experience we can think of. By doing this, we, as men, increase our own pleasure fivefold. We can make the art form of sex an experience that both partners will enjoy in their memories forever. But remember that when we receive the choice we have requested, the result will not always be that which we had in mind.

In this story, we will follow through four Women’s choices and fantasies through to what each one, in fact, receives, whether she is satisfied at the end of the era and covers the resulting lifestyle she achieves. This story will follow the women’s experiences.


Jocelyn’s Choice

Jocelyn was nearing her 46th birthday, and she felt sad that her life seemed to have become so humdrum. She had married at the age of 25 years and still had a nicely formed body, 36c breasts, a slim waist, with a nicely rounded bum, together with legs that go right up to heaven. She was altogether a charming package, even after having given birth to a pigeon pair of children, who were now into their terrible teens years and were full of demands, i.e., School, Dancing, Football, Pocket Money and hanging out with their mates. Her day was divided between the children and a husband who spent almost all of his time working to keep everyone in the station of life that they thought they deserved. Of course, when he was not doing this, he was working around the outside of the house or flopped down in front of the telly, watching the ‘All Blacks’ playing their game of rugby. Alternatively, he was asleep in his chair or bed

She felt undervalued and somewhat lost and that her husband was not giving her the attention she deserved; in short, she was dissatisfied. Even the sex she had with him once a week seemed dull, and nothing seemed important anymore

Jocelyn made a choice. When she found the right position, one that filled her requirements, she would inform hubby that she had a part-time job where she could get out and meet people, mix with others, and as she happened to be a fine-looking woman, she wanted to be admired. She stood 5′ 8″ tall and weighed in at 147 lb bare as she was born. Her curves and bumps were all in the right places. She yearned to taste excitement; besides, she still had urges.

Now it just so happened that she had met up with her girlfriend Allison in town for coffee at Starbucks, and was talking to her about needing a part-time position.

Allison spoke up, saying, “Joselyn, my friend at Event Presentations Ltd is looking for a good reliable person to manage the events that she has organised, as she cannot do the daytime work five days a week in the office and run the events, at night at the various venues as they come around. It’s not every night. Sometimes it’s one night in a week, and other times it could be several nights.”

“That’s just what I need,” said Jocelyn, “Could I contact her after we have finished our coffee?”

“Sure can. I will arrange an appointment with Bethany if you want. Hang on, and I will give her a bell now. Glad to be of help,” said Allison.

Allison called Bethany, who answered immediately. She excitedly said, “Bethany, about that position where you require a manager, is it filled yet? No! Well, I think I have just the woman you need. I have known her for years, and she is very reliable, has been in management when she was younger, and is keen to get back into the workforce after having raised her family. She is 46 years old and looks very presentable.”

Bethany suggested that Jocelyn come around to her office right away if that was convenient as she was not very busy at the moment.

Cutting the morning coffee and gossip meeting short, Jocelyn hurried around to Event Presentation’s office, where she was immediately ushered into Bethany’s presence. Upon thoroughly discussing the job offer, Jocelyn found that it sounded to be exactly the position she wanted. She would be working with all strata of people, and she needed to be fashionably dressed, as well as meeting all types of male and female clients. Of course, the rest is now history.

Bethany said, “Jocelyn your duties would be as follows;

I will supply a plan of how the floor is set out, and you are to adhere to it.

Organise the staff working on the Event, the furnishings, and foods etc. Bodrum Escort would be already ordered. See that they are in place

Observe that the sound system in place for the speakers or guests to use.

Deal with the moment to moment problems that may arise.

Be dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Greet the important people and guests as they arrive.

Jocelyn, your remuneration will be $1000 per Event. Some events may be smaller, and some will be larger than the mean. Do you want the position?”

“Yes please, it is just what I have in mind, when do I start?”

Bethany smiled, “I have the next event on Saturday night. It is a Company Presentation Evening, a black-tie event. I will work it through with you, as well as working the following one coming up next week, and then you can take over from there.”

After accepting the position and saying her thanks, she walked out of the Event’s office, thinking, ‘Now I shall tell hubby that I have made my choice and I am leaving him and the family. I shall be free. Firstly this week I must find an apartment and then buy some appropriate clothes and accessories.’

Arriving home a bit later than usual, she strode into the house to find the teenagers and their dad making dinner. Hubby tried to kiss her, but she turned her face, and he just skimmed her cheek.

“Oh-ho dear, what is the problem?’

Jocelyn tartly snarled, “We will talk about the problem after our meal.”

Hubby was gobsmacked but went on with preparing the dinner. He felt that he had maybe done something to upset Jocelyn but could not for the life of him think what it might be.

“Oh well, I will find out soon enough.” he thought to himself.

Jocelyn was churning inside as she picked at her meal. The meal itself carried through in almost silence, with hubby and the teenagers carrying on with a desultory conversation. As soon as they had finished eating, the youngsters were dispatched up to their rooms to get on with their homework.

Hubby asked, “Well, what is the big problem you are chewing on Jocelyn?”

His unusual use of her full name caused her to look guilty, but she covered it with bluster.

Jocelyn started her attack, “Rob, The children are now almost grown-up, and I am here on my own, and I feel smothered. I have made my choice. I have a lot of living to do. I have started in a management position and rented an apartment. I am moving out on the weekend, and I want a divorce. I do not want you telling me what to do anymore; I want to be free.”

Hubby sat there at the table, totally stunned. “Who is the man you are screwing?”

“You men are all the same, and if a woman wants to do something for herself, you immediately think she is fucking someone else. I want to live! I don’t need a man.”

“What about the kids?” asked Rob. He thought that he did not know this cold-blooded bitch.

“You can look after them. They are just about old enough, and you can keep the house as well. I am starting anew. I only want enough of our savings to get started again, say $20.000, and my personal possessions.”

Rob was quite pissed off but managed to keep his temper under control, “OK, if that’s the way it is, I will start the divorce proceedings Monday, and I want you out of the house ASAP. You can go up and pass on that you’re leaving information to our kids now!”

Jocelyn did not relish having to go upstairs and speak to the teenagers, but her mind was firmly made up. They both threw a wobbly then slammed their doors in her face. She did not quite expect their reaction, but she resolved in the face of it, to move out to a hotel till the apartment became ready on Friday, and pick up the rest of her personal possessions over the next few days.

She packed her personal belongings and flounced out of the house, saying as she passed through the door, “I’ll pick up my bits and pieces tomorrow while you are at work.” Climbed into her car and drove off to a hotel. That was the last the family saw of her for about five years, apart for occasional sightings.


Jocelyn emailed her bank account number to hubby. As he drew out the $20,000 and placed it into her account, he muttered, “The ungrateful bitch. May I never see you again,” and set the solicitors up to get the divorce proceedings underway. However, hubby’s heart was broken.

Jocelyn immediately set about getting hands-on into the Managers position, and she became quite expert with the running of the many events that Event Presentations Ltd organised. She became Bethany’s right-hand woman. She also found she was circulating with an exciting, entrepreneurial class of people, and was often asked out to dinners and parties after the night’s Event finished. These she usually attended.

When, after an evening’s work, Jocelyn returned to her apartment, she would think to herself, as she was carefully removing her gown or business suit ready for bed, “This has been the best move I have ever made. To think that I tolerated Bodrum Escort Bayan being married and bored for so long, was stupid of me.”

As she settled into the job and socialized with the entrepreneurs and other people in business, she found men would chat her up and offer a chance for her to come up to their room or apartment for nightcaps, to ‘finish this night off.’ A lot of these offers were from attractive men, and they made her feel young and desirable, and she started to consider the proposals.

It happened that as the months passed, her body and mind began telling her that they needed sex. She found that lying in bed at night, she started to crave the warmth and feel of a man. Her body slowly developed the urge, and as she was laying there, she became moist in her nether parts. She started masturbating. At first, she felt guilty, then enjoyed rolling her clit around and back and forth. It just felt nice, but after a few more times, she needed more till she rubbed herself to an orgasm. Oh God! that indescribable feeling started in her vagina and moved to her toes and made them curl, then traveled back through her body centering on her cunt. But as the feeling passed, she felt empty. Jocelyn needed a cock to round the sex act out. As she lay there, the urge was still upon her, and she rubbed another orgasm through her body. She thought to herself, and I must take the next step. I have been on my own now for over six months, and I must get myself properly fucked. I need it, and there so many exciting men out there.

Circumstances came together at the very next Event. It was a black-tie evening, and Charles again was her contact with the company that was promoting the night. She always got along very well with him. His being a handsome fit man was a plus. Of course, when Charles made his offer of, “Come back to my hotel and have a nightcap,” it was all Jocelyn could do to stop herself from throwing her arms around him and consenting.

Taking control of herself, she replied, “I would love that. It’s been a hectic night, and I need a break.”

He gave her the hotel and room number, and she said, “Give me half an hour, and I will see you there.”

Jocelyn had seen to it that the conference rooms were cleaned and tidy, and everything stowed away; then, grabbing her coat, she almost ran out to her car and zoomed around to Charles hotel.

She muttered to herself, “Wow, my panties are so wet I will take them off and give Charles a surprise.”

She parked her car in the car park and had to check herself from running through the hotel entrance to the lifts. As she walked across the foyer, she could feel her pussy drip down her thighs. Hell! She was randy. She quietly knocked on his door, and Charles bid her enter. Once inside the room, she threw herself into his arms and kissed him madly.

“Hey, what is the hurry?” cried the very surprised man.

“If only you knew,’ squealed Jocelyn, ” I am dying for a fuck, and you are just the man to give it to me.”

In saying that, she started taking off her dress, bra, and thigh highs.

Charles, a little taken aback with this speed, called, “Give us a moment we haven’t had a drink yet.”

He poured two glasses of champaign and started to remove his clothing and trousers as she stripped out of her clothes. By the time they had drunk about half a glass each Jocelyn had taken his glass from him, saying, “I do know why you had invited me back to your room, so let us get on with the fucking.”

Charles had never had a woman come onto him this quickly in all his 53 years, but he liked it. Her words caused his cock to spring into full erection ready for service in ten seconds flat.

She grabbed his cock and pulled him over to the bed. Jocelyn’s twat had taken over running her body and was issuing the commands.

She pushed him down onto the bed, saying, “Move up the bed for me.” She then knee walked up over his body and sank back onto his cock. “OH! God Charles, I needed this. I have held myself in check for so long that I cannot wait another minute.” She became so juicy that one could hear her cunt squelch.

Charles groaned, “This is the closest that I have ever come to being raped, and I love it.”

With that, they settled into a frantic fuck session. Jocelyn came as he entered her, then she came again, as he bottomed out in her love hole, then a third time as he ejaculated into her warm slippery cunt. She remained over his body for a short while as her orgasms receeded, and her breathing settled back to normal.

As she recovered, Jocelyn was still kissing him and smoodging, then perked up and asked, “What was that you said about another champagne? I could do with one now.”

As they settled down and their heart rates returned to normal, they caressed and kissed with plenty of tongue, and his pole was regaining its stiffness.

Laying side by side, they drank down the champaign, and Jocelyn leaned over Charles’s body and caressed his cock, taking it in hand she moved closer Escort Bodrum and kissed the knob and opened her mouth and slid it down over the slippery shaft. This was an act that she would not do for her husband all the time they were married because she thought it disgusting, but now it seemed so right. She enjoyed the taste, which was quite sweet and sexy. In her effort of blowing him, she brought Charles back on song. He rolled her over on to her back, opened her legs, pushed her knees up to her shoulders, and climbed into her body again.

This time he slid into her love hole and went as deep as possible, and when he hit the end of her vagina, Jocelyn grunted with pleasure. “Wow! Why have I held off for so long? I enjoy your cock so much I want you to fuck me all night.”

Charles moaned his pleasure and continued stroking inside her velvet cave.

He pushed deep into her and murmured, “If you stay the night, I will try to satisfy your wish.”

She did, and they fucked twice more during the night and bounced another off his morning woody. Jocelyn felt great in the morning as she showered and dressed, then they walked as a couple, to the lifts and rode down to breakfast.

After they had eaten, they both hugged and went their separate ways, Jocelyn thinking, “Oh my God! that was what I have needed for a while, seeing as I am not attached I can fuck whom I wish, as and when I want to.”

This act became her Modus Operandi, and particularly on a Saturday nights after an event, if she had an itch, she would go back to the hotel room of the particular man who had caught her attention. Charles did feature in these nights occasionally, but he was not always around.

Jocelyn was now doing very well for herself. Four years had elapsed since she parted from her family, and she had her own apartment and was thinking about buying a modest house. She had freedom! She had become financially secure, and her income had grown exponentially as the company, Event Presentations, became better known and gained a more prominent reputation as people engaged it for many diverse occasions.

The feeling of having beautiful clothing, mixing with moneyed and influential people, and having excellent dining experiences, was starting to wear thin, and she had a little niggle inside her head. Instead of sleeping with one or two different men each month, which she really enjoyed, she wanted one man to call her own; a person to wake up with in the morning, and someone to kiss good night, as she rolled into slumber next to him.

This feeling of needing one’s own man kept getting more robust, and she could even feel it in her bones, so at last, Jocelyn made up her mind to do something about the problem.

In her own way, Jocelyn happened to be fond of Charles, so the next time he worked on an event with her, after the game finished, she drove around to the hotel room he had booked, much the same as she had done so many times before.

They had had a couple of glasses of wine, and had stripped off their clothes and climbed into bed, then got their first fuck away.

In the afterglow of sex, Jocelyn snuggled up to Charles and asked, “Darling have you ever thought about settling down?”

Charles inquired, “No, what do you mean?”

“I mean, settle down with me. I have a good home, and we can work together and build a good life. We could be very comfortable. I need to have one man in my life just for me.”

Charles pulled away from her, saying, “Why would I want to be entangled with you? A woman who walked out on her family has fucked around with many men as possible for the last four or five years, and you are nothing but a high-class whore. I wouldn’t touch you with a forty-foot pole.”

With that, he scrambled out of bed, pulled some clothes on, and was out the door.

Jocelyn felt devastated, and in a highly emotional state, she dressed quickly gathered her belongings. She rushed down in the lift, called up her car from the parking place, and streaked off down the road. She was blinded with tears and severely disturbed.

As she sped along the highway, she missed her turn and crashed into a tree along the side of the road!

She woke up in the hospital with a fearful headache, and machines squeaking and beeping. The nurse saw that Jocelyn had awakened and called in the doctor. He examined her and asked her how she felt. Jocelyn found she could not talk, so the doctor spoke up, saying, “I thought we had lost you. It was a bad crash, and you have been in CCU for three days. We had to assist your breathing with an endotracheal tube, and you had it in your throat for the whole time you were unconscious, but it looks like you are starting to recover now. I will see and talk to you tomorrow.”

The next morning she was in a lot of pain. She found that her face was bandaged as were her hands, and one leg as in plaster. A nurse was still beside her bed. She still could barely talk, but when the doctor came around, he examined her saying that her voice would recover in a couple of days and that she looked to be improving but would be in the hospital ward another week or ten days. After a couple of days, when Jocelyn had started to improve, her doctor asked her if she had someone to look after her when she was discharged from the hospital.

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