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“Dammit, you’re doing it again!” I thought, snapping myself back to reality. “That’s about the 50th time today you’ve done that. Keep staring at that woman and you’ll go blind!” It wasn’t just today either. I had been doing it for over a week, since they moved our work areas around.

Donna and I started work on the same day, 8 years ago, and had been good friends pretty much ever since. At the time, neither of us was married, but both were involved in long term live-in relationships. Basically we were work buddies. My name is Don, so we were often referred to as Don and Donna in the office, almost like a couple.

Her cubicle was now just ahead and to the right of mine, and across the aisle. I could see right in, mostly her back, but when she moved I could see the profile of her breast, and always, her legs. Damn. They were nice! Slender and well toned and tanned. I was developing a new appreciation for her.

Once she stretched and raised her arms, pushing her breasts forward. As she did, she glanced back, and I hoped she hadn’t seen me staring.

Pretty much every day we would go to lunch together at one of the local shops. Since there had to be some coverage, not everyone could go at once, and we just sort of paired up at the beginning, being equally new and not part of the gang. We kidded a lot, but knowing each other’s status it was all in fun.

One very cold winter day we had run across the street to the deli, and when we got there I couldn’t help notice that her nipples were at attention from the cold, under the tight sweater. She caught me looking, and I said, “Wow, you got a hell of a set of knockers!”

She snorted and said, “No, but I do have nice breasts.”

“Yeah and a swell pair of boobs too!”

“O GOD,” she said, “and I s’pose, a great pair of tits.”

“Yep, and a nice rack, to boot.”

By then we were laughing hilariously, but her nips were even harder.

A few times she made remarks, teasing me, like, “Damn, I’m sore this morning! And of course I knew just what she meant.

Once she said to me, “Hey lover boy, when am I going to meet that piece of ass you’re living with? I think she was curious, but things were not going that well at the time at home, and I didn’t need one more complication. I had met her companion once when he picked her up. I wasn’t impressed.

We bantered like that all the time, but I didn’t think much about it. Well not too much. I assumed she didn’t either.

That was then. Things had changed for both of us in the last six months, both relationships had broken up, and we were both alone. I knew she had dated a couple of times, and I was finally thinking about it, getting hornier by the day.

I’ll admit I had thought about her a few times, but we were such good friends I didn’t give it serious thought. What the hell, you don’t fuck your buddy! Her attitude toward me hadn’t seemed to have changed in the slightest.

One hot Friday, on a whim, I said to her, “Hey, why don’t we go have a couple of cold beers after work?”

I was pretty startled when she replied, “Sure, your place or mine?”

I thought maybe she was kidding, but I figured, what the heck. I have a pool, and said, “My place if you want. We can take a swim if you like. I know there’s a suit around someplace and I know you would fill it out better than she did.

“I’m not wearing her bathing suit!” she growled, “but tell you what, I’ll stop home and get mine and meet you there. She knew the way, having dropped me from work a few times. “Make sure you have some cold ones ready!”

I was totally unprepared for that turn of events, but certainly not upset by it. If she didn’t chicken out I had a chance at a better view of her “great pair of tits”.

We both left a little early after confirming our “date”, and I took a quick shower and put on my trunks when I got home. In another 15 minutes she pulled up, and came in wearing a T-shirt and shorts, but I could see she had a suit top on underneath.

As she came through the door I gave her a little kiss on the cheek in welcome, but she said, “Hey that’s nice!” and responded by kissing me full on the lips. The kiss lingered for a moment, her hand on my back, then she said, “Now where’s that cold one?”

I went to the fridge and got a couple of cans of Coors Lite and the two glasses I had chilled, but when I returned to her she growled, “Hey, this isn’t formal, just give me the damn can!” I popped the top for her and handed it over. “Want to sit by the pool,” I asked, or stay in where it’s cool for a while?

Let’s finish this one, then go out,” she said, taking a long pull on it. “Might as well stay cool until we are ready for the pool. “Nice place you got here, better than mine. I don’t have a pool.”

I gave her the obligatory 30 second tour. When we stepped into each room she stood touching me lightly as she took it in. In my bedroom she went over and pressed the mattress of the king-sized bed, turning to me and saying, “Nice and firm, that would demetevler escort take a lot of hard use!”

I gave her a big smile – I liked the direction this was taking. I didn’t want to assume too much though, after all, we were work associates.

By the time we got back to the living room we had pretty much polished off the beers. “Why don’t you get us a couple more and we can move out to the pool?” she said.

When I came back she had stripped off halter and shorts, and I realized she was wearing a rather skimpy bikini. “Good thing I have a privacy fence,” I thought.

Then I took a look. Damn, this woman was gorgeous! Nice, I knew, but not like that! As soon as she felt my eyes on her, her nipples crinkled up, tenting the material nicely. If I wasn’t careful, I would have my own tent.

With a glowing smile, she said, “So what do you think, do I have a nice set of knockers?”

Trying not to drool, I said, Dammit Donna!! Not nice, fantastic! You’ve been holding out on me!”

In the office she was always wearing a bra. With nothing but the bikini top her breasts were in the same place! Full, round, and obviously, very firm!

Feeling overdressed, I pulled off my golf shirt and opened the door wall. As I let her step out, her hand ran lightly down the front of my chest. I could feel the beginning of the tent.

The sun was too hot, so we moved to the chaises in the shaded area. When I sat down, to my surprise, she sat on the same one, her hip pressing against mine. We took a few sips, and then she took some of the cold sweat from the can and flicked it on my chest.

“Hey, you bitch,” I growled, and took my can and put it right in the middle of her back.

She let out with something between a gasp and shriek, and lunged forward, right against my chest. Those gorgeous tits were pressed against me, and I could feel the hard buttons pushing into me. Our faces were inches from each other.

No way out now. A hard, open-mouthed kiss followed, and when my tongue slipped through her lips, she sucked it in. We both blindly set down the cans and wrapped arms around each other. Long moments later, we separated, and I gasped, “Damn, that was pretty nice!

She looked at me and replied, “That was fucking fabulous!” I had never heard a swear word out of her mouth before.

You can’t have just one of anything that good, so we kissed again, this time grinding bodies against each other. She put one hand on my thigh and let it brush against my cock. Instantly I had a rock hard erection in my trunks. She grabbed me and squeezed, making me even harder. “Why don’t we go for that swim now?” she breathed in my ear, as she gave it a little lick.

I don’t know who got there first, but we both jumped in, and instantly she was in my arms again. Her hand went straight to the front of my suit and started stroking. In response, I pushed her top up over her breasts, and grabbed both of them hard, kneading, fingers pressing into them. She moaned and arched her back, pressing into my hands. My fingers found the tip of one nipple, and I squeezed hard!

“AAAAHHhhh, I see you like to play rough!” she said rather breathlessly.

In an instant her hands went to my hips and she pushed my trunks down halfway to my knees. Grabbing my swollen cock she began pulling hard, giving me a rough hand job. I pulled hard on her nipple, and twisted it around, squeezing even harder.

“OOOooohh dammit Don, that’s good! I like that!”

With that our mouths locked together again, lips and tongues grinding and fighting with each other. Still holding her nipple, I slid my hand down her side and undid the tie on her hip. As soon as it was loose, she turned her body so I could undo the other one, and the bikini floated free.

Putting my hand over her mound I squeezed hard, pleased to feel a little tuft of fur at the top of it. She writhed, pressing her pussy into my hand. I bent my head down, and sucked in the nipple I had been squeezing, so very hard and swollen now. Her free hand went to the back of my head and pulled me against her. Sucking her in deeper, I ground my tongue against the nipple, letting my teeth graze the tip. Then I caught it in my teeth and pulled back hard!

She threw her head back and snarled, “Damn you! Bite me!! Do it harder!” I clamped my teeth down as hard as I dared, and pulled, as she leaned back, stretching that nip more than I thought possible.

There was a steady low growl coming from her throat, and her grip on my cock was unbelievably tight. I used the hand that was stroking her squirming mound to thrust two fingers into her, all the way in one quick thrust. She rammed herself against me, taking what little she didn’t already have. While humping herself against my hand she was yanking hard on my stiff rod, pulling as much as stroking. It didn’t feel like a normal hand job at all, but it was unbelievably exciting!

I released her nipple and opted for another long, grinding kiss, our dikmen escort hands working overtime. When our lips parted she whispered, “One guess what I want.”

As soon as I removed my fingers from her pussy her hand pulled my cock to her and slipped it in, her cunt squeezing against the tip. Damn, that felt good! Because of the water there wasn’t much lube, and it took a few strokes, but I finally rammed all the way into her. She was tight and her eyes opened wide when I did, so I don’t think she was used to quite so much cock, but I knew she would adjust. She ground on it for a minute, rolling her hips so I touched all over inside of her.

She looked me right in the eyes. “Gimme,” was all she said.

I started fucking her with long slow strokes, making sure I rammed it home at the end of each one, which made her grunt. Her eyes were glaring at me with pure lust. Her hips started swiveling in time with mine, and slowly we increased the tempo, fucking faster and harder, ramming our bodies against each other.

We were both panting and gasping, bodies bouncing off of one another, ever faster and harder. In almost a whine she gasped, “OH, yeah, fuck, that’s good!” in cadence with our strokes.

My cock was starting to tingle and throb, and I knew this couldn’t last much longer, so I maxed out the speed I was fucking her. Her body stiffened and she started a panting moan. I moved my hands from her hips to her ass and rammed myself into her, pulling hard.

She came. Writhing, squirming, biting her lip. Her pussy clamped down on me, and that did it! I shot a stream of cum into her, my hips bucking, pumping. Her hands clamped down on my arms and she leaned back so she could grind her pussy against me harder. Finally she fell forward, her forehead under my chin. I didn’t expect it to be like that!” she said into my chest. “I think you started something!”

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s not finished by a long shot.” I whispered as loudly as I could muster.

“You bet my tight ass its not! She said with a smile, as she turned her face up to me for a long, delicious kiss.

After pulling up my trunks, I gallantly retrieved her bikini bottom from the filter, and after she got it tied we headed for the house.

We barely made it through the door wall before our bodies locked together again, wrapping arms and legs around each other. I may not have been able to get it up quite yet, but damn, she felt good!!

I’d made no secret that I loved her tits, and she made no secret that she loved what I did to them. Once the steam was gone from that first kiss she stripped off the bikini again and then yanked my trunks down. Then she plastered herself against me again and we took up where we left off. She pressed those gorgeous breasts into my chest and squirmed against me, making sure I felt them good, and, I’m sure loving the feeling herself. At the same time her pussy and my now-stirring cock were dancing with each other.

At the end of that kiss she suddenly dropped to her knees and grabbed my cock, not hard like before, but firmly enough that it felt great. She stroked me a few times, then looked up at me with a big warm smile and slipped my head between her lips. It was the first time I ever felt her mouth, since we had been in the pool before, but like every other part of her body she knew how to use it. She stroked with her tongue as she sucked on me and moved her lips back and forth over it.

In moments I was pretty much hard, but I said to her, “You took a lot out of me, may take a long time to get me up again.”

I wouldn’t have minded at all but she backed off me for a second and said, “You couldn’t take it, and besides, this is not what I like best.”

She gave me an impish smile, then stared at my cock for a second. Suddenly she opened her mouth wide and rammed her head down on me so hard I could feel it hit the back of her throat. She stayed still for a few seconds, and then backed off again, coughing a few times and wiping her mouth. With a bit of a sheepish grin she smiled and said, “A little more that I was expecting, but that’s even better!”

She swallowed me again, a little slower, and I seated myself in her throat. I could feel her trying to swallow me, but she wasn’t gagging. Eventually she ran out of air and slipped me part way out. Then she proceeded to start sucking with long, even strokes, and I was going crazy at the feel of it and the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her lips.

I put my hands on her wet hair, but didn’t force the tempo. She was doing fine by herself, increasing the speed little by little and taking me into her throat every single time. If I had let her continue, they would have heard the explosion in the next town. But eventually my cock was throbbing and tingling, and I could think of much better uses for the next load.

First I pushed her hard against my groin and relished the feeling as she licked and teased me deep in her mouth. When she needed to release ankara escort me I held her head and slid slowly out of her mouth. I pulled her up and we kissed long and hard again, but now she had a raging hard-on pressing against her pussy. I wrapped my arms tight and lifted her off her feet, carrying her to the bedroom. As we went I asked, “Ready to try and wear out that firm mattress?”

“Dammit I thought you were never going to ask!” she snorted.

I tossed her into the middle of the bed, watched her bounce, grabbed her ankles, and pulled her ass to the edge. I hadn’t yet tasted her, either, but that changed quickly. I knelt and buried my face into her, all in one motion. Her legs went up, then wide apart, and she growled, “Oh fuck, that’s good!” as I stuffed my tongue inside her cunt.

Of course she was soaking wet, and my mouth ground against her pussy lips as I drank her juices and fucked her with my tongue, all at the same time. Her hips went into overdrive, and she pumped her dripping pussy against my face. I smiled when she yelled out,”DAMN, you eat that pussy good! Keep it up and you will get fed regular!” but she couldn’t see it.

From her cunt I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit, and sucked it in. She pushed her head against the pillow and arched her back, pressing herself against my face as she rocked furiously. I ground down hard on her button, and that was what she needed. She came like a fountain, juices gushing into my mouth and all over my face. My tongue never stopped as she bucked against me, hips rocking and rolling.

It took her a minute to gain her composure, but then she said, “Still got that cock handy?”

I replied, “You get on your knees, and I’ll see if I can find it.”

She crawled to the middle and put her head down on a pillow, ass up. I knew after that explosion she would be wide open, so I simply rammed my cock in to the hilt! Worked for her, as she let out a “Yeahhhh!” through clenched teeth, but almost not for me. The excitement of that stroke almost did it right there! I had to hold on for dear life for a few seconds, and she wanted a replay. “Got any more of those?” she said.

“I’m restocking right now,” I quipped back.

“Next time order extra,” she said.

That patter distracted me enough that I was ok, and I started fucking her with hard slams against her ass. She reciprocated after a couple of thrusts, and started ramming herself back onto me. “God dammit, Don, why’d you keep that cock a secret for so long. We have a long time to catch up on now.” Her words came haltingly, mixed in with panting, all in time to our ragged cadence.

I didn’t want to say it, but I agreed with her, I never imagined she was such a wild animal. I’d had good sex, this was great sex, and mostly because of a perfect match. I planned to rectify the oversight.

We settled into a hot, hard rhythm, the sound of her wet ass slapping against me filled the room. After a particularly good sequence, she’d say, “Oh damn that’s good, keep it like that”

We both knew we were way overdo, but this was so fucking good we didn’t want it to stop. Finally my cock told me it was time, and I managed to grunt out, “Ok, baby, special delivery!”

I rammed into her and held her in place, fingers digging into hips. A last gasp and I leaned back and fired. When my cum shot into her she lifted up and screamed as her cunt gushed once again. We’d change the sheets tomorrow. We? Well she damn sure wasn’t going anywhere if I could help it.

Once we had recovered enough to speak, she said softly, “Where the hell did you get a cock like that, and where’d you learn how to use it?”

All the while we were molesting each other, couldn’t keep hands off, didn’t want to. “Just cums naturally,” I bragged. “And how the hell did you keep those tits such a secret?”

“You knew a lot more about my tits than I did about your cock.”

Touché, she was right, I made a point of it. But I had no way of knowing they were that luscious, or that she enjoyed using them and having them used like that. I did now.

When we had cooled off a little, I got up, relieved myself, and said, “Where’s your keys?”

“For what?”

“To put your car in the driveway, you don’t think you’re leaving here tonight do you?”

“Not this whole fucking weekend, and I don’t think you’re big enough to make me!” Like she thought I’d want to?

That job done, I stripped off my shorts and climbed back into bed. She had pulled up the sheet, so I slipped under it and snuggled up against her back. This felt good! She pressed against me and somehow those terrific tits just fell into my hands. Her ass pressed against my soft cock. Gently, I kissed the back of her neck. In response, her head pulled back and she pressed her breasts into my palms. I held her, kissing, nibbling and squeesing gently.

This was different. This was all those years of teasing and playing with each other, enjoying it way more than we would admit, or even knew. The promise of a couple of beers lit the fuse, and the explosion was inevitable. She turned her head to me, and we shared a sweet kiss. Time stopped.

I awoke with a bit of a start. She was washing my cock, groin and balls with a warm, wet cloth. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked quietly.

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