Work Wife Turns Mistress

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This story begins like many before but I’ll begin with the basics. I am 32 years old I was raised in the Bible belt southern states and was raised as such. I learned at a young age of the importance of monogamy and all that jazz. I have also been married for 10 years and have two kids with my wife whom I love dearly. My name though is Seamus I come from good Scottish stock. I am 5 feet 10 inches tall carry a little bit of weight and am of working class. I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you how well endowed I am, I am just a slightly above average guy with about 6 inches and the sex drive of a teenager still.

See I did it all how I was supposed to, I finished high school, went to college and then entered the workforce. My job is adrenaline filled which has always been good for me because I am an adrenaline junkie. After 7 years though the adrenaline started to fade. I lost interest and wanted to find that rush again. I also met my work wife, she is great and beautiful. Jennifer is also 5 feet 10 inches and she has curves in the right places. We started off with flirtatious picking, then became good friends. She always respected the bounds of my marriage and although hinting at liking me further it never felt like there was a push.

To say we had become close was a minor understatement. I knew details of her life that most would not and vice versa. That being said, I knew that she needed to look elsewhere to work. My workplace does not pay very well. With that said I had to carry on a long distance work wife relationship. Most would think that is bad, but that is just where my story takes an interesting twist. You see Jennifer only had to move and hour and a half away and the longer she was gone the steamier the conversations got. I would often when I was home alone pull my member out and stroke it to thoughts of conversations we had and how I would love to cum deep inside her. See my dream is that I could become a polygamist and my wife and I could just welcome Jennifer into our home and marriage.

One day we were talking about a look she gives and a picture that I often use in my fantasies. She sent me a different picture that was better and asked if this Bodrum Escort is the one. I said no but told her how this one was amazing. It is of her lying on the floor in a tank top and her ample breast almost spilling out of the tank top. The look in her eyes is just begging me to fuck her, needless to say I whipped my dick out and rubbed one out. This photo was the key though, it was the key to better photos because I was able to let Jennifer know about how I felt. This lead to me receiving a photo with her tits out and covered by her hand, all except for a small part of her nipple. I went wild and I could hear the way she has always jokingly called me daddy and my dick got so hard it was ready to burst. From that moment we began sharing risky photos to include some that are completely nude but with some editing.

I could no longer take it though, all this teasing made me need some of that pussy. I asked and Jennifer was down, so we set up a time to meet. I had a meeting at work that was canceled, so we decided I would drive down to her house. She had left the door unlocked and I walked on in. The bedroom was lit with candles, flickering in the dark room. The flame inspired light licked Jennifer’s body painting a picture that can only be described as a pornagraphic expressionalist painting, like a Monet that no art museum will show. The matching black lingerie accented her curves perfectly, making her already beautiful breast more perky and her curve at her waist more pronounced. The room smelled of vanilla, roses and sandalwood, all fresh and creating an intoxicating scent. The entire experience already had my head swimming and my dick pulsing with my heartbeat.

Jennifer got off the bed and sauntered over to me. She made quick work of getting my clothes off, taking a hold of my cock and giving me our first kiss ever. It was a sensual french kiss, just the right amount of tongue. I reciprocated with a show of what I had intended to do to her pussy before we fuck. As I did so Jennifer was softly stroking my hard cock and let out a soft moan. She moved to her knees and began to suck my dick. Her skills were phenomenal and I was ready to blow Bodrum Escort Bayan within 10 minutes. I am normally not a quick finisher. I told her I was about to cum and she just ket sucking. Then she pulled my cock from her mouth, told me she wanted me to cum at least twice. She began to lick just behind the head on the underside of my cock and I burst into her mouth. I came so hard in her mouth and she took it all and swallowed my seed.

I put her on her bed and ripped her bra and underwear off of her. I began to kiss he still tasting the slightly salty taste of my seed on her breath. I moved down and took those two amazing tits in my hands. I began at the base of one with a gentle bite, moving up to the top where i teased and nipped at the nipple then finally sucking it in and flicking the tip with my tongue. I traded off between breast teasing and nipping.

The entire time I had also been rubbing my quickly hardening dick against Jennifer’s ampli wet pussy. I could feel her juices flowing and could tell that i was leaking precum. I moved down between her legs where I gently began kissing and nipping at Jennifer’s inner thighs. I moved all the way into the crease of her thigh licking. If I had not been intoxicated by the scent of the room I was most certainly intoxicated by the scent of her sex. It was a sweet and spicy smell comparable to the roses that grow beside my house. Not the scent you are used to associating with roses, no this one is still sweet but with a wild side. I moved into the lips of her pussy and began to kiss it, i started with the gentle sucking of light pecks. I then began to nibble on her lips and suck them into my mouth. I ran my tongue from her perineum to her clit, stopping there to french kiss her clit. I could hear her breathing get more intense and she just began to softly moan again. This time though she was also muttering “oh my God yes! Fuck I have never felt anything like this!” She was begging for more so I slid two fingers into her pussy and began to fuck her while still making out with her clit. I could feel her pussy contracting on my finger and I just kept going. Finally I turned my fingers in her pussy Escort Bodrum and drove them deep in finding the little pressure pocket just below the cervix, I began rubbing that with my finger tips while my knuckles continued to hit her g spot and my tongue and mouth were on her clit. Basically she began riding my face as she had an orgasm.

I moved up to be face to face with Jennifer who at this point had melted into the bed, i kissed her once more reminding her of how I had just eaten her pussy, then I knelt between her thighs. I began to rub my cock at the entrance of her wet pussy. I would put the tip in then slide it out and up rubbing her clit. She shuddered then when she wasn’t expecting it, I slid my cock all the way in. I could feel the tip resting where my fingers had previously been and with slow, short, hard strokes I pushed my cock right into that area below the cervix. Jennifer breathed deep and her pussy clenched down again this time on my cockn and it began to pulse. She was now just repeating a mantra of “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, gimme that dick. Fuck fucknfuck oh MY GOOOODDDD”! It was at this point I pulled halfway out shifted my angle and began to fuck her so that my cock head was rubbing her g spot again. I did this with a quick pace and as she rolled into this orgasm, i felt a small rush of liquid that was very slick and I realised she had just ejaculated a bit. I was very thankful I had cum once already because it definitely prolonged the experience.

I pulled out of her my cock still throbbing, she said she wanted me to cum and that I could cum anywhere I wanted. I told her I wanted to fuck her in doggie and she got up on all fours. I looked at the beautiful pussy and ass in front of me and drove my cock into her pussy. I began to fuck Jennifer with everything I had left and I could tell an orgasm was not far away. I pounded and pounded and watched as her asshole began contracting. This gave me an idea so I lubed up my left pointer finger with her ample juices and stuck my finger in her ass. She began to cum hard and I was about to burst so I kept pushing and finally I slid my finger out, grabbed her hips and buried my cock as far as I could into her. I came inside her pussy and the way she was contracting I knew where that seed was headed. I pulled my cock out and she slowly rolled over. She then told me she was not on the pill or any birth control. I told her I guess we will have to see what happens.

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