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You are working late this evening. More out of boredom than actual sheer workload… you are enjoying the silence coming from the hallway outside of your office. The phone rings. You pick it up.

Before saying a word her voice comes over the line and wraps itself around you like a caress from neck to knees. “I see you are still hard at work.” She laughs softly at the double entendre.

“Yes,” you reply. “Now I am hard at work. I was just at work before you called.” The smile can be heard in your voice.

“Mmmmmmmm, maybe I could do something about that.” She says. Her soft pondering sound comes out like a smooth muffled moan.

“Baby you are welcome to try.” You reply. You begin to connect to the Internet with the hopes of a risqué video call to entertain you.

“I’ll take that as an invitation.” Click. The connection is gone. You look questioningly at the receiver in your hand, as if expecting an answer to your silent inquiry. The sound of your disappointed sigh echoes in the silent office as you hang up the phone.

You look down at your lap, grimacing at the now distended tent in your pants that your eager dick has made. For a brief moment you contemplate dealing with the situation in your usual way, but then you realize it would not be as enjoyable without knowing she was doing the same thing on the other end of the phone line. You resign yourself to going back to work.

A few moments later you hear the sound of footsteps in the hall. You assume that another one of your co-workers has decided to work late as well and you ignore it.

Knock. Knock.

You look up from your computer screen in surprise. Who could that be? “Yes?” You speak to the door. “It’s open.”

The knob turns and she walks in. No… she glides in. The door shuts behind her. The click of a lock turned. Your shock wears off a moment later and you take in her appearance. Dark brown hair in an artfully mussed style, like she has just gotten tumbled into bed. Her eyes sparkle, and that full lipped mouth is turned up in a Mona Lisa secret smile. She is wearing some kind of sheer black tunic sweater… but you can see hints of smooth skin and lace underneath it. A short black and gray pinstriped skirt, and black sheer hose on those voluptuously curvy legs. Strappy high heels. Damn. You realize exactly what is happening when you see the soft green blanket half hiding behind her. Your dick jumps in expectation.

“How? Why?” You say in disbelief.

Her smile widens. She loves to catch you off guard. “You invited me.” She starts to walk toward you, in slow measured steps. She tosses the blanket from behind her onto the floor carelessly. “I decided that I would accept your invitation.” She moves around your desk, running her fingers along the monitor around the phone, caressing. She moves your chair around to face her. She stands before you.

You sit up in your chair and look up to her face, to those lips that have been wrapped around your dick. To that ‘Cat is gonna get the cream’ smile. And you know exactly what cream she wants. You place your hands on the outsides of her thighs and begin to rub up and down. Small movements at first, slow circles, feeling the silk of her hose. “I am so glad you did.”

She laughs, looking down at you. She nudges your knees apart with a thigh and inserts one leg between yours. “I figured you were. Either that or you have a cucumber in your pants.” She smiles wider. The movement of your hands gets wider, stroking from her knees to the hem of her skirt now. You sniff deeply, smelling the scent of jasmine, and woman, and passion. You lean forward putting your face on her lower tummy, sniffing deeply. She is wet even now. You know it. You move your face back and forth across her lower belly, rubbing your 5 o’clock shadow against her sweater and skirt. Knowing… sometime tonight you will be rubbing your 5 o’clock shadow against her pussy lips and tasting some of that wetness for yourself.

Her hands are in your hair, stroking your scalp. You move your hands up further, reaching under her skirt now. You touch the lace tops of the thigh-highs she is wearing. You move your hands up farther… to smooth, soft naked thigh.

She pushes you back in your chair. Still she smiles. Her hands begin an exploration, as if they are learning you. She smoothes her hands down your head to the back of your neck, around to your shoulders, up underneath your chin to touch and smooth your face. You close your eyes. Her hands run across your face lightly, her fingers touch your lips. You open your mouth. She places a finger in your mouth and swirls it around your lips to wet them. Her now damp fingers run down your neck to your collar.

She starts to undo your tie. You open your eyes, and start to protest not the feelings… but the location. “The door….” Your tie is flung across the room.

“Locked.” She is unbuttoning your shirt. Button by button. She leans down and begins to place small bites on your chest as it is slowly bared to her eyes and mouth. You reach your hands up beneath her skirt and place your palms on her naked butt. You begin to squeeze and rub. She moans. Your Anadolu Yakası Escort desire increases ten-fold at that soft sound. You reach up for the zipper on the back of her skirt and undo it. She moves her legs to assist in the removal of her clothing. The skirt drops to the floor. She pulls your shirt from the waistband of your pants, and moves to straddle your lap.

She spreads her legs and slowly sits upon your knees. You can’t see that thing which you so desire right now… she has her sheer sweater pulled down over it. You can only feel it upon your legs, soaking into your pants. She has no underwear to impede this. She reaches for your chest and leans down, kissing and biting every inch she can get her hands on. Your arms are still in the sleeves of your shirt. You reach around her and begin to feel that soft and luscious bottom of hers. You slowly rub it from the top of her thighs now resting on your lap, to the middle of her back, then down again. As you do this it dawns on you that her sweet, wet cunt is available to your fingers from this angle. You move your hands inward, rubbing them along the sides of that crease that begins in the middle of the buttocks. You push the moldable globes together, then pull them apart, arousing her pussy with your movements, as they pull her cunt lips apart… then push them together again.

She is sucking on your nipples. Licking and laving them, taking little passionate nips at them. Hurting, and yet not. You feel her hands on you, soft, smoothing the skin and hair on your chest. They move downward, beginning to tackle the buckle of your pants. Her mouth is on your neck right now. Licking, taking hot and wet open mouth kisses of that thin skinned smoothness. She moves to your ear, and begins to suck on the fleshy lobe. She moans into the orifice, breathing hot, moist air onto sensitive hairs. You lean your head back and groan.

Your fingers slide down further into that dark, moist crack. You feel the edges of her inner lips. The wetness drenches your fingers, making your exploration that much easier. You touch those lips, move your fingers along the outside edges… so close to the spot you know she wants you to touch. Her hips begin to move against you. You slide one hand away from that happy darkness and smack her ass. Hard. “Don’t move.” You tell her. Your hand slips its way back down into the wetness. You spread your legs in the chair, realizing that you are in control at this moment. You know she will wrest that control away from you again… but that is the fun part. Your movement makes her legs spread wider. Her pussy is now exposed to the air, hanging out over the carpet between the frame of your spread thighs.

She has undone the fly of your pants. Slowly she sits up; legs spread wide above your lap. You finally get to see that dark wet pussy. The lips are a deep, dark pink, with a small tuft of hair framing that area above the clit. You reach toward it, wanting to put your finger inside and taste that luscious cream. You put a finger up to her cunt. Its is hot, wet, with the sweet aroma of a woman aroused. You move your finger to that dark recessive hole. The place made for a cock to fill it. You slide one finger inside. You watch as she reaches back to grasp your knees. Her back arches, her head is thrown back in ecstasy. She lets out a low animalistic moan. You swirl your finger a bit inside, then pulling out you move the tip of your finger, just the tip, around and around that engorged bit of flesh called the clit. It fascinates you, this female penis. It is white when engorged, and you pull back the deep vermilion of the flesh around it and flick your nail at it a few times. Her body shakes at each connection of your fingertip to the protected bit of sensitive female flesh.

She leans forward again, shaking each time you torture her body. She looks at you… and smiles. This is not a ‘cat in the cream’ smile… no this tells you to your bones that you are in deep shit. It says revenge is sweet! She reaches into the dark ‘V’ made by your open fly, and teasingly bypasses that swollen cock. It jumps as if reaching for the tips of her fingers. She moves around to your ass, sliding her hands into that space between the chair and your butt. You close your legs a little to make room for her hands. She takes advantage and squeezes her thighs around yours, closing them tight. “Lift up.” She commands in a soft, breathless voice. You obey. She wraps her hands into the rear of your underwear and your pants and yanks them out from beneath you.

As the pants and BVD’s pass over your swollen dick, they pull its turgid length downward. Upon your massive length being freed, you feel yourself slap against your belly. Her eyes are riveted. She pulls your clothes off each leg, dropping your shoes and socks to the floor with them. She kneels on the floor.

You give a VERY brief passing thought to the cleaning crew coming in… those who have the keys to your office. It turns you on so much that she wants you so bad she gives not a care to being caught. The excitement goes from your brain directly to the tip of your exposed dick. Kadıköy Escort You feel yourself getting harder, longer, if that is even possible. The blood is flowing to your cock in such copious amounts that the concept of explosion is imminent.

That concept gets more imminent as you see her smile, staring at your cock. She licks her lips. She moves closer, sliding her hands up to the tops of your thighs, across your hipbones, over your stomach. It is a wonder that you can even control yourself… your dick is jumping in expectation. She moves her hands up to your chest, and playfully pinches those hard nipples hiding in the soft fur. This puts her face even closer to your lap. She looks at you… and gives the head a playful lick. “Does he want to come out and play?” She asks.

“Oh yeah… he wants to play with your mouth, and your pussy.” She flicks her tongue again. “Does he?” she says, with an innocent look in her eyes. “Well, we cannot have him lonely now can we?” And with that, she engulfs her mouth over your dick and almost swallows it whole. You shiver at the feelings that her warm wet mouth has created. She sucks, hard, using her lips as a pressure area that moves up your cock as her mouth releases it slowly. Her hands are on your chest now, quiet and still. Not for long. She begins to move them… pinching those gorgeous nipples hard, making you tense. Her mouth is licking the head now, flicking at the drops of pre cum that have oozed out of the tip. Her mouth engulfs the head and she begins to suck hard and fast, moving her bottom lip over that sensitive area just beneath the head. You groan, quietly, so as not to disturb any one in the halls or the nearby offices.

You can only grasp her hair and hold on tight as she sucks on you. Your legs shake and shiver with the difficulty of holding on to your control. You want to cum in her mouth. Only after you have fucked her cunt. She sucks harder, and while one hand remains to torment your nipples, her other moves to your balls. She begins a rhythmic movement on them, and you say to yourself… “Fuck it… I’ll lick her to make her cum, while I wait to get hard again”. With that thought in mind, you pull her hair away from her face… so you can watch her suck on you, and take your jizz down her throat.

She feels you watching her and looks up into your eyes. She uses those luscious lips to tease the head of your cock… while watching you look at her. It is an erotic site. You love this… this mental seduction. It is not only the feelings she invokes in your dick… but also the images she invokes in your mind. She flicks her agile tongue at the hole in the top… almost fucking your hole with her mouth. You shiver and throw your head back in pleasure. She begins to suck hard again… her hands still busy with your nipples and your balls. You feel a sense of loss as the hand massaging that lower area begins to move away… until you realize where it is going. She knows you, your wants and desires, the parts that tingle, what areas love to be touched… and penetrated. Her finger tickles lightly against that sensitive area below your testicles, that dark and warm place. You jump a little, pushing your cock into her mouth a bit, and allowing her hand to reach under you. You slide further down in the chair to allow better her access.

She moves her first three fingers up along the crack of your ass… slowly moving closer to that forbidden orifice. You moan in anticipation, knowing that as soon as she places a finger inside you will cum so hard that it will feel as if your balls are milking themselves. She does it. Her finger circles the puckered flesh, places a nail against the hole, and then circles again. She pushes her middle finger into that dark hole, just a bit. She pulls out again and circles again. She pushes it in again, a little deeper this time. She pulls out yet again and circles. Her mouth has moved and she begins that movement… the one you love that tells you she wants your cum and she wants it now. Sucking on the tip of your cock hard, smashing her tongue against the sensitive underside… her lips moving up and down the edge of the head, dragging the tingling flesh. You can feel your balls begin the clenching of an approaching climax… but you want to put it off to enjoy the sensations of her mouth. She has other plans. She pushes her finger in, knuckle deep.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” You moan loudly, now unmindful of would be passersby in the halls.

Your cock throbs out copious amounts of beautiful cream as you cum. You feel the massaging movement of her throat and tongue as she swallows your graceful offering to the pillar of her oral talents. She continues to suck, draining the last minute drops of your cum, savoring it. She pulls her mouth away from your cock with a last long lick, looks up at you and smiles.

“Well, are you glad I accepted your invitation?” She says in that soft teasing tone she has.

“Would a man in my position really say no?” You laugh with her.

“Well he might… if he did not want to return the favor.” She had stood up by this time and Ataşehir Escort turned away from you for a moment. You watch as she did this and notice that her sweater covers just the top of her buttocks… giving you a nice view. Something has to be done. Kicking your feet free of the pants and underwear tangled around your ankles, you stand up behind her. Your arms wrap around her waist and you walk the few steps over to the opposite wall. You place her face first between two wooden bookcases.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmm… what should he do if he does want to return the favor?” You ask, your mouth in her neck. You know your mouth is on that sensitive spot she loves… the one that makes her shiver. You feel it when she does. Her head leans forward, allowing you better access. She moans as you use your lips and teeth on her. You move your hands from her waist inward to her soft tummy. You inch up her sweater using your fingers and slide your hot hands beneath it. You reach upward under the sweater, to her bra and up and over her tits, spilling from the lace cups. She moans and gives a soft sigh… telling you of her heat.

That heat communicates itself and you begin to bite her neck a little rougher, rubbing your face into her, almost growling, as your dick grows hard again. You yank down the cups of her bra so that you can cup, squeeze, and pinch her boobs and nipples. She throws her head back, grabbing onto your wrists to keep them at her sensitive tits. You readjust your head from her neck to her mouth as your faces now meet. Ravenously you eat at each other’s mouths. Kissing deeply; wet, hot, and openmouthed. You remove her hands from your arms and place them on the wall, above and on either side of her head. Your hands go back to those distended nipples to touch. Taking one in each hand, you pinch and roll the tips between your fingertips, squeezing and stretching them, making them hard, making them ache.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, God. Oh, yeah. Do that again.” She groans the words.

As you repeat the movement, feeling the ache you create in the hardness of those nipples… you feel her arch her back, pushing her ass back into your hips, rolling her thighs together to help ease the throbbing you have created in that hot and wet pussy of hers. Feeling her push her soft ass against you and rub your now hard cock against it drives you up and over the edge.

Roughly you flip her over and shove her back to the wall. Your knee inserts itself between her legs, making them spread apart. Grabbing her hands. You place them spread out across the tops of the bookcases, supporting her weight so her knees don’t buckle under the pleasure you are about to give her. She is looking confused for a moment as she watches you arranging her. You smile at her, and kneel down.

“Oh…. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss…. ” She hisses as she realizes your intent.

Hands on thighs, spread apart for your access, touching and feeling her heat, you place your mouth on the inside of her leg… knowing she wants your lips and tongue in a different area. You tease her… as she teased you before. Her hips buck and squirm, moving to try to get your mouth closer to the distended flesh of her clit. Hot and wet, your finger is almost scalded as you touch just the tip. She bucks and gives out a long, painful moan. You can tell at this point just how close she is to orgasm… and considering how bad your cock wants to get in there… you decide to let her cum now. You place your mouth on her cunt and a finger inside her and go to town. Nibbling on her clit, sucking on her pussy lips, licking and fucking her with your mouth. You let her build up even more, coming close to the final culmination. You feel the shaking that she begins to get in her thighs when she is on the edge. She is moaning, thrashing, gasping, and groaning her pleasure. Her whole body is active at this point, lifting her hips, squeezing her legs around your head, toes clenching, hands in your hair. Then you feel it. That internal vibrating her body does… the clenching of her muscles, the long drawn out moan that makes you thing fleetingly of gagging her so no one finds you. She is cumming long and loud and strong. The way you like, the way she likes.

You are so turned on at this point; your cock is pointing to your navel. Long, strong, hard, and aching to get into the thoroughly soaked pussy beneath your mouth. You stand up; pulling her still stocking covered thigh up over your hip as you do so. She is breathing hard, coming down from her orgasmic peak. You push your cock up against her wetness, rubbing it in the voluptuousness that is between her legs. Her arms are still out to the side, hands clenched on the corner of each bookcase. You continue to move your dick against her in a semblance of the forward and backward motion of fucking. You release her thigh, and understand that she is aware for it remains where it is. Grasping her arms, you raise them high and pull her sweater up over her head. Her black lace bra remains where you left it earlier, the cups yanked down below her tits. You decide not to waste time with the clasp and pull it over her head as well, baring her breasts fully to your eyes and mouth. You reach for her nipples, rubbing them with your thumbs, then pinching them with those same fingers that were covered with the remnants of her juices. She groans and shoves her hips at you, hitching her thigh up on your hip even higher.

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