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Note: Pure work of fiction, nothing from reality. So, if you’re looking for reality, this is imagination. Enjoy!


I threw myself on the bed with a groan. “I’m never going to learn this advanced physics,” I attempted to tell my roommate and ended up telling my pillow.

“Poor thing,” she snickered, once she’d finally understood me, “Straight As are harder to keep in college.”

I mumbled something else into my pillow and she laughed harder.

“Don’t you have a date or something?” I pulled my face out of the pillow.

“Oh, right, ” she grinned, “Not that I need much getting ready,” she winked at me as she hopped up to hit her closet.

I just rolled my eyes and grabbed my physics book again.

She looked back over her shoulder at me and snorted, “Looks like you’ve got another date with that book,” she pulled her sweater over her head and paused, “Or maybe you should just seduce your professor and get your A that way,” then she laughed at her own joke and chose her skin tight jeans to set off the skin tight sweater. Not very warm, I noted, but considering her date was little more than an excuse for sex, she wouldn’t need it.

I buried my nose in the book, trying to make it make sense as she finished her ministrations and headed out the door in a wave of perfume.

Seduce the professor, I snickered to myself, like that worked in real life. Though the thought of sex with this particular professor wasn’t unpleasant at all. I grabbed my class notes hoping they’d help and papers spilled out. I cursed, and reached to pick them all up. The class syllabus caught my eye. I found my eyes skimming down to the office hours section. Hmmm… he’d be there for anther 30 minutes. My mind suddenly raced and I wondered if it would be possible to seduce him. Even if I couldn’t, I could at least get some extra help. Glancing down at my ratty sweats, I sprang to my closet for a quick outfit. I started with a sexy bra and panties set my roommate had talked me into getting while we were shopping one day. The bra framed my 34 B’s perfectly and the thong was surprisingly comfortable. I added a long flowing peasant skirt, thinking I didn’t want to scream “I’m here to seduce you!” with something short and sweet. I topped it off with an oversized button up v-neck sweater, which would slip and slide and nicely “accidentally” show off flesh. I threw my feet into a pair of slip on shoes, grabbed my books and purse, and raced over to the office.

I was almost too late! Even with 20 minutes left, he was closing the door right t as I got there.

“Professor!” I burst out, screeching to a halt, “I’m not too late for help, am I?” I looked at him pleadingly, clutching my books and notes to my Bodrum Escort chest.

He signed and checked his watch, “Technically, no, but I was about to get dinner. I’ve been here all afternoon and forgot to eat lunch,” he ran a hand through his thick black hair, momentarily distracting me.

I talked fast, “I really need help for this next test. I’m totally not getting the material! Look, I’ll buy you dinner, how’s that? My parents just sent me some money. We can order in here if you don’t want to be seen eating with a student,” I blushed, “The pizza place down the street does a great pizza and they deliver.”

He smiled at my outburst, “Actually, that’s where I was headed. I’ll call an order in while you set up at the table. Anything you don’t particularly like?” He opened the door to let me in again and glanced over his shoulder at the last.

I was so excited I dropped my books from my chest without thinking. The notebook caught on the sweater and dragged it down, exposing the silky bra beneath and a portion of breast as well. I blushed even harder as I yanked the sweater back up and blubbered an apology.

He laughed and pushed the door open, but I noted a touch of red no his cheeks.

Twenty minutes later, we were spread out on the table in his office. No, not like that! Not yet, anyways…. But, we had papers and books spread out studying when the pizza arrived. I grabbed my purse to pay, but he’d already put it on his credit card when he placed the order! I protested as he handed me a napkin with a heavenly slice of pizza.

“It’s not that much of a stretch of my teacher’s salary to upgrade my pizza for the night,” he took a slice for himself and we settled back down at the table.

“mmmmm….” I breathed as I bit into the pizza, I savored the flavor as I slowly chewed and swallowed, “I swear, this pizza is better than sex!” I went to take another bite and realized what I’d said and covered my blushing cheeks with a huge bite of the pizza.

He, in the meantime, choked on his sip of soda and tried to cover it with a laugh, “I’d never consider any food better than sex,” he retorted finally, helping himself to a second slice.

I had to laugh at that, “My sister’s a chef and she has this cake recipe called ‘Better than Sex Cake,'” I told him with a laugh, “She keeps threatening to make it for a family get together just to watch our mom’s face.”

He did really laugh at that, “I’ve actually had that cake,” he admitted, “But I still wouldn’t call it better than sex.”

“From my experience, food is better,” I said firmly, then blushed, “Sorry, I shouldn’t be carrying on this topic with my professor. My only excuse is my roommate off on her ‘date.'” I used the quotation Bodrum Escort Bayan marks around the word.

“Ah, one of THOSE,” he nodded, “My college years aren’t’ that far behind me, I remember those!”

“I seem to keep a date with my textbooks more often than not,” I shook my head, “Which is what leads me here tonight. I’m just not getting this.”

“That’s why I’m here, to help,” he wiped greasy fingers on a napkin, “Though if you want help with the date or sex bit, I’m afraid that’s not on my job description,” he teased.

“They need new descriptions,” I shot back, ignoring the part of my body that protested disappointment.

“That would have definite advantages and disadvantages,” he chuckled, pulling my notes towards him again.

As I leaned forward to look over his arm, my eyes wandered further down the page than they should have to see a definite bulge in his pants. I pushed my luck a little.

“What, like promises of A’s for sex? Hell, I’d take that offer some days!” I put a teasing tone in my voice and laughed.

“Yeah, that’d be a disadvantage,” he chuckled, “But hot pussy anytime I wanted? I could deal with that!”

I punched him, “Male chauvinist! Is that why you’re a professor? To look at hot girls all day?”

He snorted, “Oh, yeah, blue balls are my idea of a good time. Seriously, I really enjoy my subject and teaching it to others,” he paused and glanced at my chest, “But the view doest’ hurt as a perk.”

I looked down to realize the top button had come undone, merrily displaying a large amount of cleavage. I quickly reached to button it and was shocked when his hands closed around mine.

“I know it’s not conductive to studying, but I do like the view,” he murmured, reaching one finger to trace the visible flesh.

I shivered at his touch, “Professor, this wasn’t my intention tonight. Not that I’m complaining but-“

He interrupted me with a finger to my lips, “You don’t need to offer sex to get an A,” he told me firmly, “You’re one of the hardest working students in my class. But if you want to offer sex just because you want it, it’ll make classes a lot easier to get through. At least, on my side it will.”

In answer, I licked his finger, and then sucked it into my mouth to nibble and suckle. His eyes went wide in surprise and the hand that was teasing my visible flesh quickly moved to undoing the rest of the buttons. He pulled his finger out of my mouth and used it to grip the back of my head to pull me to him for a kiss. Mouths and tongues met in a frenzy, touching and stroking each other as he slipped my sweater off and reached around to undo my bra. I took advantage to start unbuttoning his shirt, stroking my hands down his chest to Escort Bodrum his waistband. He brought his hands back around to cup my breasts and I moaned at his touch on my bare skin. I began to work on his pants as he stroked his thumbs across my stiff and aching nipples. As I found his hard cock, he pulled his head from my mouth to begin licking and suckling my nipples. I groaned and gripped him harder, beginning to stroke up and down in time to his licks.

He finally raised his eyes to meet mine, filled with lust. He looked over his shoulder and then grinned, “I’ve always wanted to do this.”

Before I could ask what, he had stripped off our remaining clothes and was backing me up to his desk. OH! Sex on his teacher’s desk! The thought thrilled me to be the naughty student getting taken on the teacher’s desk.

Giving me one more lingering kiss, he pushed me facedown on the desk, spreading my legs to begin stroking my soaking slit. I hissed and moved, then realized the rough wood of the desk scraped oh so delightfully across my nipples and if I positioned my clit just so on the edge of the desk… I began to need more air sucked in as the pleasure began to build.

“I want you,” I gasped out, looked over my shoulder at him, “Please?”

He stroked his length with one hand and me with the other. Have I mentioned before what an excellent cock it was? I drooled staring at it, waiting for it to fill me completely.

Smiling at me, he rubbed the head along my slit. I gripped the edge of the desk with my hands and pushed back at him.

“Naughty student!” he teased and lightly spanked me, “Let me do the teaching here.”

I wriggled against the desk, finding myself delighted with this, “Please? Please take me?” I begged, trying not to push myself against the hot rod teasing my entrance.

Without warning, he slammed into me, “Like that?” he purred in my ear. “More!” I gasped, “Please, more!”

“You’ll get what you deserve,” he growled, pulling back.

Then he was sliding in and out of me so wonderfully, his hands gripping my thighs to hold me as wide open as possible to his lust. Our lust, I should say, as I was enjoying every second of the sliding pleasure of flesh on flesh. My nipples scraped the rough wood of the desk, my clit pressing into the edge, until I suddenly exploded without warning. Wave after seemingly endless wave pounded through my body, growing stronger and stronger as my professor (my professor!!) pounded his hard cock into me. His cock pushed deeper and deeper, harder and harder, causing my climax to begin again every time I thought it had ended. Then he suddenly slammed into me as deeply as possible and I felt his release.

It seemed like an eternity before he pulled off of me. I rolled over to one hip to look up at him through a haze of passion.

“So, did I earn that A?” I asked, trying for a saucy tone.

He reached up to tweak my still pert nipples, “And then some,” he smiled, and began to massage them, “Interested in upgrading to an A plus?”

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