Working With Rex Ch. 05

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“I’m just saying, in my experience so far, oral’s been a bit of a disappointment.” Becki shrugged at the shocked faces of her co-workers.

It was Harrison’s birthday and a ‘ quick drink after work’ had soon turned into drunken sexual confessions in a dingy bar, tucked away in a back alley.

“You’re obviously choosing the wrong men.” Laughed Dave, “I’ve never had any complaints!” The guys cheered, raising their pints to each other.

“Well, maybe one day someone will prove me wrong.”

Becki looked up to see Rex’s eyes gleaming with mischief. “I bet you £50 I could change your mind…” The conversation round the tables quietened as they waited to see Becki’s reaction.

“That’s a lot of money you’ll owe me..” said Becki.

Rex smirked, “You’ll be screaming my name.”

Becki laughed, but looked like she was considering his offer. “Come on,” jeered Harrison, “You know you want to!” Becki looked Rex in the eye, waiting for him to back down. After a long pause, she reached her hand across the table to shake his. “Ok, deal.”

The others cheered and banged the table with their fists. “When and where?” Becki asked.

“Oh I’m in control of that.” He chuckled, “It’s not all about the act itself, it’s in the build up too.”

Becki rolled her eyes.

“It’s true,” said Dave, “You can’t just jump straight into it, you’ve got to make her want it first.”

For the next two weeks nothing happened. Occasionally Dave or Harrison would ask if someone had won the bet yet, but Becki was starting to think Rex was regretting making it.

The following Wednesday, Becki arrived at work to find her favourite Starbucks coffee waiting on her desk. She eyed it suspiciously until she spotted Dave with one too. He must have picked them up on his way in, she thought. “Where is everyone?”

Dave turned, “Rex is in the office and Harrison’s working from home today as he’s got the kids.” Becki nodded as she sorted through her pile of work.

“Morning Becks,” Rex smiled as he passed through. Becki glanced at him, taking a moment to take in his appearance. He looked hot. It was a nice day, but he’d chosen a crisp black button down shirt, tucked into his jeans. His hair was swept back casually from his face while a layer of fine stubble covered his jaw. “M-m-morning..” she mumbled back as she breathed in the scent of the aftershave he’d chosen; a clean, ocean like fragrance that reminded her of the beach.

“You ok Beck? You look a little flustered?” Chuckled Dave as Rex stepped back into his office.

“I’m fine. Does he have a meeting today or something?”

Dave shook his head, “Not that I know of.”

Becki sat at her desk and pulled out her laptop. She needed to clear her head so she popped in her earbuds and picked out some of her favourite music to listen to while she worked.

As she sat mulling over designs, she breathed in the clean ocean fragrance as Rex came up behind her. Becki felt his hand on the back of her chair and his body close to hers as he reached over her to pick up some sheets from her desk. She closed her eyes, savouring the feel of his chest against her back.

All too quickly he was gone. Becki shook her head, what the hell was wrong with her today. She shuffled a little in her chair, trying to get rid of the familiar ache between her legs.

Ten minutes later he was back, returning the papers to her desk as his hand slowly brushed along the top of her back. Becki sighed as the scent of his aftershave washed over her. She found herself wanting to call him back as he headed back into his office, just to breathe him in again.

Becki suddenly thought of the wager they’d placed at the pub, he was definitely playing her.

She grabbed her bag at lunchtime and made the short walk into town. She headed straight for Victoria’s Secrets, knowing exactly what she wanted to get.

A young, blonde sales assistant approached her with a basket. “Do you need akyurt escort any help today?”

Becki grinned, “Actually yes. I’m looking for something that makes my boss want to fuck me.”

“Ok,” the girl blushed, “I have something in mind, follow me.”

Becki followed her to a section of lace underwear that left very little to the imagination. “Perfect.” She smiled as she flicked through the racks looking for her size.

Her next stop was to change the outfit she was wearing. If she was going to wind him up, she needed to show a little more skin at the office. It was heating up as the day went on, so she picked up a pair of frayed denim shorts and a cropped floral shirt that tied up above her midriff. She paid for her new outfit and headed to the changing rooms before going back to work.

As she stepped through the door Dave wolf whistled appreciatively. “Damn girl, did somebody steal your clothes?” Becki blew him a kiss as she headed back to her desk. She tucked her bag by her feet, leaving the white, lacy bra hanging over the side for anyone to see. It wasn’t long before Rex left his office again, pausing when he spotted Becki’s change of clothes.

Becki felt him standing behind her before feeling his firm hand against her upper back as he leaned in close. “You seem to have something hanging out of your bag.” He whispered into her ear.

Becki kept her eyes on her work, “Do I? Pop it back in for me?” Becki tried to hold it together as Rex glanced sidelong at her breasts, while he reached down to her bag to tuck her bra back in.

Rex cleared his throat as he stood, “I thought only virgins wore white?” He breathed into her ear, trailing his hand across her back again as he left.

Becki’s heart was racing and the thin fabric of her new thong was already soaked. She wasn’t sure how long she could keep this up.

The rest of the afternoon passed with the teasing continuing. Rex took any opportunity to brush against her, while Becki purposely bent over in front of him (more than once), letting her thong ride up over the top of her shorts. Becki could barely concentrate on her work as she was so turned on. Every time her thong rode up it rubbed against her frustrated clit, making her wetter. Eventually, Dave decided to call it a day and head home. As soon as he was gone, Becki headed determinedly for Rex’s office.

She closed the door behind her and drank him in. The room smelled of his aftershave making her feel heady again. He’d unbuttoned the top of his shirt and his sleeves were rolled up, as he typed away at his laptop. Becki began to unbutton her shirt as Rex watched her from the corner of his eye. Slowly she slipped it off letting it drop to the floor, freeing her bare breasts. Knowing he was watching, Becki ran her hands over her full breasts, down her stomach and towards her shorts. Rex was fully watching her now and she held his gaze as she slid her shorts down and tossed them aside with her shirt. She stood against the door in just her white, gossamer lace thong, her pulse thumping in her ears.

Rex closed the laptop as Becki walked towards him, stepped in front of him and sat on the edge of his desk with her feet on the arms of his chair. One glance at his jeans told her that he liked what he saw in front of him. Becki trembled a little as Rex looked over her naked body, before feeling his hands on her ankles. Becki leaned back, resting her weight on her hands as Rex slowly ran his hands up her legs to her smooth thighs. He pushed her legs apart gently and let out a soft sigh as he gazed at her swollen lips wrapped around the damp thong. His firm hands ran the rest of the way along her inner thighs as he leaned in towards her crotch. Becki moaned as Rex breathed in deeply, seeming to enjoy her most intimate scent.

Rex grasped her hips firmly, pulling her to the edge of the desk and forcing her to lean back. Becki loved the feeling of ayaş escort his fingers digging into her skin as he adjusted her position.

Rex brushed his lips against her inner thigh, just above her knee, still holding onto her hips. Becki sighed as he slowly trailed his lips towards her centre. She tensed as he dragged his tongue over her saturated thong.

“We don’t need these,” he growled as he slipped off her thong and tucked them into his jeans pocket.

He brushed his fingers gently along her thighs as he settled back between her legs. Becki stilled, waiting for the disappointing sensation she’d experienced before.

Rex dipped his tongue quickly into her wetness, moaning at the taste of her. Becki felt him spread her lips open with his fingers, his tongue flicking against her inner lips spreading her wetness around. She gasped as his tongue slipped inside her, working around in a clockwise motion. Becki reached down, running her fingers through his hair and pressing herself tighter against his face. She trembled as she felt him run his tongue up to her clit, her breathing quickening. Rex gently sucked her clit, letting it pop from his lips before doing it again.

Becki’s hips bucked in response as she gripped his hair, holding him tightly against her.

Becki cried out as she felt his tongue circling her clit, as she let out a loud moan she knew she’d lost the bet. She’d never had oral like this, Rex genuinely seemed to be enjoying it, his face slick with her juices. Her hips moved in time with his tongue when he suddenly slipped two fingers inside her. Becki almost came but held it together as he worked his fingers inside her while sucking her firm clit. Becki tried to pull away from the overwhelming sensation as he curled his fingers up, hitting her g-spot.

“Fuck Rex!” She cried as an intense orgasm ploughed into her, but Rex didn’t stop as more liquid ran from her over his face. She trembled and spasmed as he continued to suck her gently.

Becki felt the moisture on her thighs from his face as he sat back in the chair, wiping his face with his sleeve. Becki laid back on the desk as she tried to steady her breathing, her mind on the pulsing throb from her clit.

“I guess I win…” he chuckled quietly, reaching a hand out to help her sit up. Becki slid off the edge of his desk and stood between his legs, pressing her naked body against him as she leaned into him, keen to taste herself on his lips. Rex let out a low groan as she deepened their kiss. Becki felt his broad hands running over her hips and onto her back. She pulled away from his lips and looked at him, “I might need to give you an IOU… my boss is a real hard-arse and I don’t get paid for another two weeks.” Rex chuckled again, “I have a better suggestion…”

Rex threaded his fingers through her hair and pulled her close enough to whisper in her ear. Becki found herself holding her breath, waiting to hear his proposal.

“We’ll call it even if you let me do something I’ve always wanted to try…” Becki fidgeted against him, but Rex didn’t lessen his grip, “Have you ever tried anal?” Becki stiffened against him. She had, once with Mark, but it hadn’t been a pleasurable experience. She felt Rex trailing his fingers down her spine, until he was gently caressing her cheeks.

“Think about it… this could be fun for both of us and you get to keep the £50…” Rex breathed into her ear, still running his hands over her bare skin. Becki felt the bulge of his erection press against her sensitive clit and found herself pushing her body tighter against him with need. “Good girl..” Rex smirked, “I knew you’d make the right decision.”

Becki startled as Rex quickly spun her around, facing away from him. “On your knees…” he growled from behind her. Becki was both aroused and terrified at the thought of what was about to happen. She could hear the rustling of his belt being unbuckled and ankara escort the heavy sound of his jeans hitting the floor. She couldn’t bring herself to turn and look, instead she focussed on positioning herself comfortably on her forearms, pushing her exposed arse-hole up into the air. She sighed as Rex knelt behind her and gently kneaded her cheeks in his hands again.

Something warm and wet flicked quickly across her puckered hole, making her jump. Lube… she wondered to herself, before she felt the sensation again. She squealed when she realised that it was Rex licking her. She tried to jerk away, disgusted that she’d allowed that to happen, but Rex had a firm grip on her hips. “Shhh…” he breathed, running his tongue round the edge of her hole in a circular motion, “I don’t want it to hurt you.” Becki tensed. This was not something she ever thought she would find herself doing, but as his tongue worked on moistening her arse, she felt her traitorous clit start to throb again. In her mind she was determined not to enjoy this, but her body clearly had other ideas!

Becki found herself enjoying the quiet moaning sounds coming from behind, as Rex continued rimming her, lubricating her ready to take his cock. He wasn’t just licking the outer edge of her hole now, he was gently pushing the tip of his tongue inside her, stretching her more and more each time. Becki moaned, she couldn’t help it. Even she had to admit that this was actually really good.

Suddenly she felt the cool breeze against her damp arse as Rex pulled his face away, clearly satisfied that she was wet enough for him to try and penetrate her. Becki tensed expectantly, before reminding herself to relax. She gasped as Rex slowly slipped his cock deep inside her, coating it in her own natural lubricant. He slid out and lined the tip of his cock against her waiting hole. Cautiously he pushed the head inside her, pausing to allow her to stretch to accommodate his girth. After a couple of seconds wait, he nudged himself in a little further. “Fuck Becks…” he groaned, once his cock was about half way into her arse. “You are so fucking tight. I can literally feel you stretching out around me.” Becki didn’t answer, she was fully focussed on keeping her muscles relaxed enough to take his whole length.

Rex went back to nudging in a little further and then pausing, until he was in as far as he could go. Becki could feel his hips against her cheeks and a feeling of complete fullness inside her. “This view…” Rex mumbled, “I wish you could see how amazing you look right now, with your arse full of my cock.” Becki ground her arse against him, silently urging him to get moving. She felt his hands squeeze her hips tightly as he slowly pulled out of her, not all the way out, but far enough that he could push back in and build a slow, but steady rhythm up. Becki moaned loudly as Rex started to work himself in and out of her tender arse-hole. It was slightly uncomfortable, but the pleasure she was feeling far outweighed it. “Beck, fuck…” Rex groaned, not really making any sense as he started to thrust into her faster.

Becki dipped her shoulder to allow her hardened nipples to brush against the carpet with the force of his thrusts. She moaned at the extra sensation it brought her. She was fully stretched out now as Rex fucked her roughly from behind, his fingers digging into her hips. “I’m going to cum in your arse Becks… if you want to keep the money, you’ve got to let me cum inside you…”

Becki didn’t really care by this point, she was enjoying it as much as he was. Suddenly Rex ran one hand over her hip and between her legs, expertly fingering her as he started to jerk in her arse. Becki cried out as she came hard against his hand, just as she felt his heat spilling out between her cheeks. She felt Rex pull out of her, but she was too stunned to move. She stayed on her knees, resting on her forearms as his thick cum dribbled out from her battered arse-hole.

“That was amazing. That you for going along with that… I’ve always wanted… well… you know…” Rex trailed off, “Are you ok?” Becki sat up and turned to face him, “Oh I’m more than ok…” she chuckled, as he moved towards her on his knees to kiss her.

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