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It’s your day at the gym. A good workout might burn up all the stress and aggravations from a hectic week. You just want to escape from the routine and relax for a change. All your senses are numb and your mind is wandering, unable to focus. Wanting to feel sexy and desirable, you dress in a soft, clingy leotard and wear tiny shorts above your leggings. Enjoying the not so subtle effect you have on others brings a smile to your pretty face.

You start out with stretching exercises and then aerobics, working on a burn and feeling fine. Light repetitions with barbells leads to the machines. Mirrors are everywhere and reflect your tight physique, cute little rear and perky nipples. Regular sessions here have toned you well. Flexing and turning, you admire weeks of effort and days in the tanning room.

Lying on the benches, working your arms and shoulders, you notice that several of the large, muscled men there are not so discretely watching your workout. Their attention and desire are obvious, giving you quite an ego-trip and just a bit of a vicarious thrill!! With a naughty thought, you move to the thigh machine in front of the mirrors. Watching your thighs pumping open and shut, you notice that one of the men has positioned himself so that he can see your stretched and exposed crotch every time you do your reps. At first it really annoys you, then it slowly becomes a game to try and arouse him.

Slowly flexing your legs, not so discretely running your hands up and down your thighs and adjusting your clothing soon has the obvious effect on him. Smiling, you tease him more and giggle when you see he won’t make eye contact with you. Startled, you realize that you have caught the attention of others too. Not many in the gym at this hour, but all attractive, young and in very good shape. Your imagination and curiosity is high as you finish your workout. Standing, stretching like a cat, you walk around the room for a few minutes to cool down and check out their butts too as they do their routines. You can feel their eyes following you as Bostancı Escort you decide to hit the steam room to relax for a while before returning to the real world.

Taking a quick shower, naked now with a soft towel around you, you enter the dim, hot, steamy room. Alone with your thoughts and fantasies you lay back on the bench and daydream about all the hard bodies outside the door. Sweating, straining and pumping up their huge muscles for you give thoughts of all kinds of erotic situations. Your hand slowly drops to your exposed crotch and you begin a dreamy stroking as you feel your wetness growing. Your sensitive clitoris soon hardens and rears its swollen head, begging for attention. Your nipples and breasts fill and become erect as the towel parts, leaving you lying there fully exposed, naked and furiously masturbating when you feel the door open and then close.

Totally embarrassed you realize that your fingers are still pumping your wet pussy and you can’t seem to stop or separate your fantasy from reality. Which is this? Because of the steam it is hard to make out who has entered, but you don’t really care because it just feels so good. Besides, another woman would understand and give you your space, right? Closing your eyes again, you slip back into the interrupted bliss and the growing arousal between your legs.

Suddenly, with a gasp, you open your eyes and realize that the young man who was watching you so much earlier is standing over you, sweaty, pumped up, naked and very obviously engorged. His swollen, red cock with its massive purple head is standing fully erect now as he kneels between your widespread thighs. Without a word, he gently pulls your rigid fingers out of your wet center and puts them in his mouth, tasting you and arousing you even more. Sucking your pulsating, swollen clit and dripping lips deep into his mouth, you cry out as he rhythmically brings you close to an orgasm. Your thighs stiffening, toes curling, holding the back of his head desperately and you begin to quiver.

Frustratingly, Anadolu Yakası Escort he stops, and standing over you, puts that gorgeous cock between your open lips. Pushing it down your throat, you realize just how huge it really is. Sucking and caressing his swollen balls, you soon have him moaning and rapidly losing control. His pre cum is deliciously salty as you feel him starting to tense His hands find your head and try to hold you on his cock even deeper as his eyes close.

But you have other plans! Pushing him down on the bench, you slowly slide the open lips of your pussy down on top of that huge cock. Shamelessly thrusting, you moan as it penetrates far inside you. You fuck him without mercy, loving the feeling of his hardness. It is almost too much to take. His strong body underneath with his large hands holds your bottom and spreading you wide. Exposed, vulnerable, puckered in invitation, you are so lost in your pleasure that you at first don’t realize there are others standing near. They stare wide-eyed, watching breathlessly you as you ride his glorious cock. At first you are frightened, but as they begin to all caress you gently, you relax and become even more aroused. He never slows as he continues to thrust furiously in your cunt. The first of many orgasms burst from your lips as they gather around.

With an embarrassed blush, you feel a cool wetness behind you as you feel him spread your tight bottom wide and realize what is going to happen. Tensing up, apprehensive but still game, you feel another cock start easing its way into your puckered little anus. It stretches you so wide, tender and so full with one already in your pussy. Uncomfortable at first trying to adjust to a huge cock in both holes, you try to relax and enjoy the double fucking. The sensation of the two cocks rubbing against each other deep inside you, separated only by a very thin membrane, is such a wicked thought. Being stretched to the fullest now, riding hard and meeting each thrust with a squeal or a moan is a total Ataşehir Escort delight. Gasping, you strain to take them both as deeply as you can

Lost in your passion, and just as you feel there isn’t anything in the world that could please you more, you feel the mushroom head of another cock pressing at you lips. Gratefully, you open your mouth and show him your oral talents. Hot and wet sucking him deeper than he has ever been, you hear him moan, his swollen balls slapping against your chin. Suddenly, both your hands are full of the other cocks as they gather close to your sweet lips too. Smiling now, you take one out and begin alternating back and forth, sucking each in turn, stroking and jacking off the ones not occupied at the moment.

You are so aroused now that you are having one continuous flowing orgasm. With a cock fucking you deep inside your pussy, another stretching and thrusting in your tight ass, one or another in your mouth and one in each hand, your mind is blown. You’ve become an out of control sexual animal, a fucking devil, your cream running out of you so copiously that it feels like you are pissing on everyone. In fact, you lost that control minutes earlier and your golden spurts have mingled with the sweat rolling off everyone. Totally shameless now, with all restraint lost, all modesty gone, you are a living seething fiery body in motion.

Finally, the men can’t hold back any longer. With low, guttural moans, massive muscles tensing, each begins his own orgasm, filling your swollen pussy, your violated asshole and your clinging lips with molten, hot, spurting cum. It fills you, overflowing, running down your traumatized crotch and mixing with the already copious amounts of your creamy discharge and your golden nectar. The others cum at the same time in your stroking hands, covering your face and breasts with puddles of their passion. The sound of everyone in their own personal agony stirs one more dear sweet spasm from your loins as you lay there exhausted and spent. Sore, stretched and violated in every orifice, you smile a dreamy smile as you see them, draped everywhere, spent, flaccid and trying to recover their breath and composure. Rising and wrapping your towel around you again, smiling at your naughtiness, you pause to blow a kiss goodbye as you leave them in their exhaustion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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