Wrestle for Carol

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Carol really went over the top for this. After taking a shower she spent a long time doing up her wavy blonde hair and putting on a bit more makeup and lipstick than usual. We’d been together almost three years and it had been a while since she had gone through that much trouble for me.

“Really?” I protested, when she opened a dresser drawer and began sorting through her lingerie. I had bought a lot of it for her over the years, though she rarely wore it for me, saying it was too much trouble to get dressed up for sex.

“Paul, quit whining. I want to look pretty for Chas,” she said, holding up this little red and black bustier. Carol searched a while longer in the drawer, eventually finding the skimpy thong panties that matched the outfit. My heart sank even further when she went to the closet and pulled out what I called her stripper shoes.

Clear lexan platforms with tall slender heels, which I had also bought for her to wear with some lingerie. She had worn them in bed only once, and after that refused to put them on, claiming they hurt her feet. Well, she didn’t seem to be in any pain as she easily slipped on the second shoe and began to buckle the clear plastic ankle strap.

“You look really sexy,” I told her, though I know my voice lacked enthusiasm. “I love you,” I said, but she didn’t say a word. In just a short time I would be fighting for my honor, and with Carol all dolled up it seemed to make the stakes even higher.

It was not long ago that Carol confessed to me that she had been having an affair with her boss, Chas. I had thought that something was up since we hadn’t had sex in months, Carol always saying she was tired or not feeling well.

She had also stopped wearing pantyhose to work, having taken a sudden interest in wearing the thong panties I’d bought her over the years. There was a time that she said only sluts wore such panties, and wore them for me only on rare occasions. Carol had also started wearing skirts to work all the time, and low heels instead of flats like she normally did.

Although at first she denied that anything was going on, I eventually wore her down and she admitted to the affair. She claimed that Chas had been making advances towards her since she started her job at this outlet mall up by the interstate. Carol said he was an idiot but she didn’t tell me or report him to management, because she didn’t want to risk losing her job since we needed the money. Well, that part was certainly true.

I came to town several years ago to work as a laborer on a big construction job, some ag research facility, just outside of this little shit town. That project was finished though and I couldn’t find any construction work in the area. In some fucked up twist of fate, Carol had landed that retail job with decent pay, and now I was working at the greasy fast food drive thru where she had worked when we first met.

It seems that after a while of not getting anywhere with Carol, Chas said he could get her a raise, and possibly even a promotion, but only if she let him fuck her. She said that with money being tight, and her being fed up with Chas always making sexual advances, it didn’t seem like a bad idea. One quick fuck, get the pay raise, and he’d lose interest in her and start chasing some other girl. She really tried to sell that story to me, saying she did it for our best interest.

Now I shouldn’t have asked for more details, but I did, and Carol held nothing back. There is some mezzanine, she called it, in the back of the store where they keep all the holiday decorations, and no one ever goes up there. During a slow time at work she let Chas lead her up there and he fucked her.

Carol said it was degrading and painful, saying that he was a lot bigger than me. I assumed that meant his penis and not his height or weight. He was also pretty rough about it, bent her over some boxes, lifted her skirt, just yanked down her pantyhose and went at it.

I’d wanted to fuck her doggie style but she had always refused, saying that only bad girls do that sort of thing. Then there she was, taking it doggie style, supposedly in our best interest.

After that Chas hadn’t moved on to chase some other girl. He and Carol slipped up to that mezzanine another time or two, and then she got to liking it. Saying it was painful, but really exciting. If there was any consolation to me, she emphasized that he never lasted long, always cumming really fast. That pay raise or promotion never came about. It was all about a quick fuck during slow times at the store.

It had been Chas’s idea for her to ditch the pantyhose in exchange for thong panties. He always took her doggie style and could just pull the thong off to the side for easy access. He also liked to see women in heels, so she started wearing them to please him.

After she had confessed all of that to me, I wanted to kick Chas’s ass. I wanted Carol to quit her job and we’d just tough it out moneywise for a while until she found other work. eryaman escort She was against the idea and said if she quit she couldn’t get a decent reference, and it was difficult enough finding work in town. I’d made her promise to break things off with Chas. However, when she got home from work, she had some contest idea worked up instead.

Chas would come over to our apartment. He and I would strip down to our boxers and have a wrestling match. Carol would then give the loser a spanking, and the winner would fuck her while the loser watched. It was the dumbest idea I’d ever heard, but according to her rules for this wrestling match, assuming that I won, her affair with Chas would be over. If I lost, well that wasn’t going to happen.

Now I’ve been in my share of bar fights and come out okay most of the time. I had no idea how tall or heavy this Chas guy was. There was no way to ask Carol that, or if he’d wrestled in high school or whatever, without sounding like a chicken shit. However, since I’d been working manual labor while he’s been just walking around in a store, I was probably in better shape and have that advantage.

After Carol had made little adjustments to her hair and makeup, and wobbled a few times in her stripper shoes over to the full length mirror, there was a knock at the door. It was Chas.

I opened the door and he just burst in like he owned the place. He was taller and a bit heavier than me, but also looked a little flabby and out of shape. Wearing a shirt and tie like he just got off work, but smelled like he’d been drinking and he walked with a swagger that looked a bit off balance.

Chas was carrying a bottle of wine and a ping pong paddle, which I supposed was for the loser’s spanking. Carol squealed with delight as he made his grand entrance.

“Damn it, baby! You look hot!” he said as he set the bottle and paddle on the kitchen counter, then went over to give Carol a big kiss while cupping a cheek of her ass in one paw.

“That’s enough of that shit,” I told him, grabbing his shoulder roughly and pulling him away from my girlfriend. He spun around, took a look at me, and just started giving this cocky laugh.

“You’re with this clown?” he laughed some more and looked to Carol. “I can’t believe it, baby.” He wanted to do some more trash talking but I cut him off.

“Enough bullshit. I’m gonna beat your ass,” I told him. That’s when Carol stepped between us and started going over the rules.

Carol said we had to strip down to our boxers first. The fight would be wrestling only. No punches or kicking. First man to pin the other wins, and that was final. No chance for a rematch or best two out of three.

“The loser gets a spanking,” she said with excitement in her voice. Then looked me in the eye when she emphasized that the loser would then have to watch her get fucked.

“After you watch me fuck my girlfriend, you’re out of here for good,” I told Chas. He just laughed at the idea of me winning and said that after his victory, he’d fuck her any time he pleased. Again he tried to go off on some trash talk, but I just started stripping off my clothes and told him the match was on right now.

Well, there was a delay as we moved the coffee table, and the little dining table and chairs off to the sides of our apartment’s tiny living room. Carol took a seat on the couch, looking so hot in her heels and lingerie. Some chicks get off on the idea of men fighting over them and she looked highly aroused, knowing that she would get fucked soon after the fight was over.

As Chas was taking off his clothes, still rattling on in his cocky way about how he was going to be the winner, I noticed that he was wearing a wedding ring. He also looked a few years older than Carol and I thought he probably had a few kids at home, along with a wife, who had no idea what sort of crazy shit he was up to.

“Hey baby,” Chas said to Carol, once he was in his boxers. “Introduce us like an announcer on TV. In this corner, and so on.” She just started giggling, and he was saying some other shit, stalling for time.

I stood with my feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and weight shifted forward a bit, as much as I dared, hoping to still look relaxed and vulnerable. Fed up with Chas’s bullshit, I told Carol to just tell us when to start. She laughs, then yells out,

“On you marks, get set, go!” Of all stupid things.

Immediately, Chas ducks down slightly and charges at me, crossing the small room in only a few strides. I’d anticipated that, and a split second before impact I sidestepped out of the way, smooth as a matador. Chas tried to spin around and grab me by the waist, but he was moving so fast that he stumbled and fell on the floor, banging his shoulder on the edge of some shelves as he went down.

He howled in pain, and Carol shrieked, asking if he was okay. I pounced on top of him while he was still disoriented.

Now I don’t know any fancy esat escort wrestling moves but I still got him restrained so he couldn’t get up. However, I had him on his side and would need to get him pinned on his back in order to win the fight. He was cussing at me, struggling to get up. Then I heard Carol screaming at Chas to get up and whip my ass.

Well, maybe it had been obvious. I had been too naïve or stupid to figure it out before, but right then I knew my relationship with Carol was over, and had probably been over for some time. The whole setup with the wrestling match, they had assumed I’d be the loser and they’d carry on their affair. I was upset, but had to stay focused on the fight. I was going to win and fuck Carol one last time. Lingerie, high heeled stripper shoes, and have the last laugh.

It would have helped if I’d wrestled in high school or paid more attention to the small amount of wrestling we did in gym class. I couldn’t get the leverage to flip Chas over on his back without loosening my hold on him and risking him making an escape. There was a little bar top counter that divided the kitchen from the living room and I thought that if I could get one foot against the base of it, that would give me the extra bit of leverage I needed, so I made my move. It was perfect, but as I started to force Chas over, the drywall caved in under my foot and I lost my hold on him.

Chas slipped out from under me with amazing speed. Before I could react my world was in a blur and then I was slammed down on my back, looking up at the ceiling. Chas was sprawled on top of my chest, his bulk crushing me to the point the wind was knocked out of me.

“Give him the three count!” he shouted to Carol. “Count it off, baby!” I was desperately trying to breathe, while at the same time trying to get loose. Then Carol was kneeling on the floor beside us, happily counting off, one, two, three!”

The two of them started laughing. Chas starts telling me how he’s going to fuck my girlfriend, might just fuck her all night long, and wants to know if I’m okay with that. Even though he won the match he kept me pinned down under his full weight as I struggled to take a useful breath.

“Answer me, you wimp!” Chas ordered. “I’ve been fucking your girlfriend, and I’m going to keep on fucking her. Understand?”

I felt as though I was going to pass out, or be crushed to death, and might have agreed to anything at that point.

“Okay,” I managed to say in a weak voice.

Chas finally stood up. Catching my breath and still dazed as I got off the floor, he slapped me on the back of the head and told me to bend over Carol’s lap.

“It’s time for your spanking,” he said. I saw that Carol was already sitting on the front edge of the couch, smiling and ready to humiliate me, as if enough damage hadn’t already been done.

“Bare assed! Take his panties off,” Chas said, and Carol yanked my boxers down to my knees. Then he burst out laughing.

“You said he had a little dick,” he laughed. “You weren’t kidding!” It seemed that Chas wouldn’t stop laughing. I just kicked off my boxers, wanting to get the spanking over with. His fit of laughter slacked off a little as he reached for the paddle, but then spotted the bottle of wine next to it.

“Hey, pour us a glass of wine first,” he told me. “She and I are celebrating.” Carol just laughed in approval as I sulked off to the kitchen.

As I took a pair of wine glasses from a cabinet, I heard the sound of fabric being torn, and Carol briefly squealed. Looking over, I saw that Chas had ripped her busier open, and had his hands on her small breasts. They were kissing passionately, seemingly oblivious to me.

It had been a while since I’d used the corkscrew. As I was about to search through the drawers for it I looked at the wine bottle and noticed it had a screw cap. Chas had spared no expense.

When I walked over to the couch, they were still making out. Chas had one hand down the front of her little lacy panties and they seemed so lost in each other that I thought he might just go ahead and fuck her right then.

“Man, what took you so long?” Chas asked, suddenly coming back to reality. He roughly grabbed both glasses of wine from me, sloshing some on the carpet, and handed one to Carol. Raising his glass in a toast, he said,

“To us, and a hot fuck any time we want.” Their glasses clinked. “Hey, bring her that paddle,” he told me, then downed half his glass of wine.

It was just your regular ping pong paddle. The kind that might come in a set with a table. Lightweight, and the red rubber face on both sides had those little raised nubs. I hadn’t been spanked since I was a little kid. With Carol being a tiny lady, I didn’t expect it to hurt that much, they were doing it just to humiliate me.

“Let’s go, little boy!” Carol called to me as I slowly walked over with the paddle. Chas was pouring himself another glass of wine as I got into position over ankara escort Carol’s knees.

She didn’t spare me one bit. Once I was in place she started smacking my ass with that paddle as hard as she could.

The swats alternated back and forth, one cheek of my ass and then the other. The rubber face of the paddle making contact with my skin made a loud slapping sound in the small room. I could hear Chas bursting with laughter and cheering her on.

Maybe I was starting to squirm a little, and Carol got a fistful of my hair in the back, I wear it a bit long, and forced my head down to one side as she continued to paddle my ass. The snapping and stinging alternating rhythm.

With my head nearly upside down, I was looking at her sexy high heeled shoes. I had fucked her one time when she wore those. It had been like a porn fantasy. Those clear slender heels and the transparent straps, like the shoes you see strippers wear on stage all the time.

Carol’s toenails were painted too. A bright slutty red. Damn, her feet looked so cute and sexy in those shoes, and I wished I could savor that view, but the spanking hurt way more than I thought was possible.

“Hey, baby. That is so fucking hot,” Chas said, sounding a bit short of breath from laughing so hard. “You’ll be keeping that little boy in line from now on.” He told her to give me a few more really hard swats, and then he wanted to fuck because he was getting so horny.

Carol was all too happy to please him. Although my eyes had been watering up I had kept quiet and endured the pain. I couldn’t help but grunt out loud as the paddle slapped louder than before on my burning ass cheeks. At last, she stopped spanking me.

“Go sit in the corner,” Chas ordered as I got up. He pointed with the nearly empty wine bottle at a chair across the room where he had placed one of our dining table chairs, facing the couch.

“Watch, and maybe learn something,” he laughed.

Just glad that the spanking was over, I hurried to the chair. Although the brown vinyl seat was padded, it hurt to sit down.

“Oh, baby,” Chas was moaning as he stood by Carol. She was still sitting on the couch, breasts exposed through her torn lingerie. Groping the front of his boxer shorts with one hand, she used the other hand to slowly lower them, revealing his cock which was almost fully erect.

I’d been expecting him to have some freaky long porn star cock, but it wasn’t anything like that. Of course it longer than mine, but I was surprised at the thickness. I’d think a piece of meat like that would split a girl like Carol in half.

“You see that, dipshit? Chas taunted, turning as he stepped out of his shorts, proudly displaying himself for me. “This is the dick that Carol wants. Oh, and I’m going to give it to her.”

He tried to make some dramatic show of grabbing Carol’s legs and getting her into a reclined position on the couch, spread wide. Chas tried to just push her lacy panties off to one side but they wouldn’t cooperate. She giggled, and they both clumsily removed her panties in a tangle of elastic and high heels.

There was no foreplay. He just started stuffing his cock in her. Carol squealed and gasped, spreading her legs wider. I didn’t have the best view, but it looked like Chas was only halfway in, fucking her at a brisk pace, maybe getting in a little deeper as he humped away.

Sitting there naked on my sore butt, watching some dude plowing into my girlfriend in our apartment while she was dressed up in lingerie and high heels, I don’t know how to tell you. It was the most degrading moment of my life. However, I was also incredibly aroused, so I started jacking off.

Carol’s quivering legs were partially wrapped around Chas’s bulk has he fucked her hard. She was moaning loudly, but periodically gave what sounded like gasps of pain. I came within seconds.

They paused for a moment and adjusted their position on the couch. Carol stole a glance at me, softening penis in my hand, dripping with cum. Her wide eyed look showed surprise, then disgust.

“He’s… playing with… himself,” Carol told Chas between moans as he continued to thrust away, possibly all the way in by now.

Chas started to laugh, but then gasped a bit. He started to say something insulting about me, but then gave several loud grunts and a few fast pumps, signaling his own orgasm. Then the room was nearly silent, just the three of us breathing heavily.

Although I’d expected more trash talk from Chas, he got up and dressed quickly. He swigged down the last of the wine right from the bottle, and then slipped out the front door without saying a word.

Carol looked completely worn out. Her legs were still spread, and I could see her gleaming wet pussy still gaping from being stretched open by Chas’s thick penis.

She started to get up, momentarily stumbling in her platform heels before sitting back down to take them off. I just sat there in a spreading puddle of my own cum, which was starting to cool. Carol walked calmly past me, not saying a word and avoiding eye contact. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. I assumed she would get cleaned up, but didn’t wait around to see. I pulled on my clothes, grabbed the keys to my pickup truck, and left.

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