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Subject: WRESTLING AND EVERYTHING ELSE – PART 35 (Athletics) With just a couple weeks left of summer, it was high time for a trip to Justin’s lake house. Carter and I left early on Friday and drove up to Wisconsin. We were excited as hell when we rolled up the drive and spotted the house, all by itself on a private little arm of the lake where no one else ever ventured. Perfect for a group of horned up guys who wanted to have a nice long weekend of open-air nakedness and utter debauchery before heading back to campus and knuckling down to classes, lean-out diets and wrestling practice. Just thinking of all the hijinks we got into last summer had both our cocks semi hard. Our hosts must have heard us coming; they were standing out on the porch grinning at us by the time Carter shut the engine down. Both were wearing nothing but ratty workout shorts hanging down loosely showing just a hint of their pubes, obviously going commando with clearly visible bulges, Justin with an arm draped over his little brother’s shoulder and Travis with an arm wrapped around his big brother’s waist. They’d been up there on their own for more than a week and had clearly been spending lots of time in the sun; even Travis, usually pale as a ghost from living 24/7 in the wrestling room, was sporting a nice golden glow on every square inch of skin we could see, and surely it didn’t stop there. “Let’s go!” Justin yelled at us. “We’re not waiting for your skinny asses all day!” Carter and I grabbed our bags and started to haul out the two cases of beer we’d brought along. The guys rushed over and pitched in, everybody chattering and cracking jokes on each other, all of us pumped to be hanging out together again after being on our own for most of the summer. Carter and I had met up whenever we could of course, just as Travis and Justin had too, but never all of us at once. It always felt so fucking special when the four of us were together. “We were just gonna go for a swim,” Travis said. “So if you wanna join – ” Carter busted out a grin. “Of course! That’s what we’re here for!” “Okay then, get your asses in gear,” Justin growled. He yanked on the drawstring of his shorts and let them drop to the floor. His big cock flopped out, begging for attention, and Travis dropped his own shorts and unleashed his own thick long shank. The two of them never could keep their hands off each other; they instantly drew into a clinch, exchanged a big wet kiss and squeezed each other’s meat, then spun around, barked one last crack back at us and trotted off bare ass down the hill to the lakeshore. Carter and I sure didn’t waste any time. We shed our clothes as quick as we could and chased them down to the dock, cocks and balls swinging and jouncing with every bounding stride, all four of us launching off the end and hitting the water at the same time. The lake felt cool and fresh and motherfucking wonderful after that long sweltering drive and we grappled and splashed and played, laughing and yelling like little kids, four dumbass butt-naked jocks showing off for each other grabbing asses, dicks, nipples, and just loving the hell out of being with our buddies again. We were surely too focused on our own little world and making way too much noise to notice anything else going on, but after a good half hour of romping around, all of a sudden two huge cannonballs blasted into the water right next to us, swamping us with an enormous tidal wave — Jase and Kyle had arrived. Needless to say they knew the dress code, and so now we had two more big naked muscle studs to clown around with and get excited about all over again, and two more big thick dicks to add to the mix. We finally tired ourselves out and all six of us dragged our asses onto the dock and sprawled out in the sun. The wood was worn so smooth from years and years of Wisconsin weather and the pounding of bare feet, it was perfect to lie on, no towel or mat required. We lay there all lined up one next to the other like a meat rack of wrestler flesh. Everywhere I looked was cock and muscle, and more muscle and more cock; tanned skins flecked with droplets of water glistening in the sun, tangled pubes and wrinkly ball sacks and everybody’s meat swelling and softening and swelling again as we enjoyed all the sensations of the summer breeze and the sun on our wet bodies, and being there close beside our brothers, and thinking about how perfect that moment was and the night and the weekend to come. I lay back and closed my eyes reveling in the vibe, feeling so goddamn content. My cock was fully hard in no time just from thinking of how fucking good it felt to be lying there naked in the sun with my brothers. Someone’s hand slid across my hip, wrapped around my shaft and started stroking. For a moment I couldn’t even remember who it was on my left side, not that it mattered; I had my brother Carter close by on my right so it was all good. I turned my head and slipped my eyelids open a crack, and there was Travis grinning back at me with bright eyes. I smiled at him — he was such a good kid and hot as they come — reached over and pulled him in for a kiss. We made out a bit Çeşme Escort as he stroked me, then I pushed him down flat on his back and went to work, kissing his neck, his traps, his breastbone, exploring that freshly tanned body, licking and gnawing and sucking on his eager nipples. His big cock was straining and longing for attention and I sure wasn’t gonna disappoint it. I rolled over and straddled him on all fours, gave that rod a good long lick and then took it in my lips, slid it all the way in and held it deep down in my throat. Travis grunted his appreciation and whimpered a bit as I began working it slowly in and out, letting it glide over my tongue all the way to the tip and then sliding it back in again. He gripped my traps with both hands and squeezed, massaged my neck as I sucked and devoured him, and leaked out a little salty precum that added a creamy finish to the sharper, saltier taste of his sweaty cock. All of a sudden I felt a scruffy face pressed between my cheeks, a beefy hand reach around for my shaft and a broad wet tongue lapping at my hole. Justin of course, not wanting to be left out. I spread my legs wide and he pushed his face in deep, prickling my ass with that scruff and probing my hole with his tongue. God, it felt amazing; my whole body was twitching with pleasure. I began sucking Travis even more eagerly, jamming his meat in as far as I could, pushing my nose deep into his pubes as Justin’s tongue relentlessly attacked me. Holy fuck, it was great to have such good friends. Travis wriggled out from underneath me while Justin rolled me onto my back and spread my legs up and apart, then dipped his head in again and began a whole new assault on my grateful hole. The big guy knew how to rim like you wouldn’t believe; I guess when a guy has a cock as big as his it’s a much needed skill for loosening up tight asses. I just leaned back and enjoyed it, my body rocking and jerking every so often when he hit an extra sensitive spot. And lying right beside me, there was my brother Carter all tangled up with his mentor Kyle, sixty-nining each other like there was no tomorrow. Next thing I knew, a massive cock appeared in my face, and it didn’t take a second to recognize whose it was. Jase. I bent my neck up to give it a lick and he started rubbing it all over my face, poking it into my cheek and brushing my lips. I opened wide and let him in; he straddled my head and plunged deep into my mouth and I gladly sucked him while Justin kept on licking and teasing and lapping at me. I couldn’t really see what was going on with Jase’s quads framing my face and I was way too happy to care, but I could sense that my brothers’ bodies were shifting and reshuffling around me. My cock was so fucking stiff and my ass so loose I was ready for whatever might come along. Justin backed off from rimming me but held onto my ankles and pushed them up even farther until my knees were flush against my chest; I knew what was coming and I was more than ready. I felt a fat cock head press to my hole, spread my sphincter and push inside, followed by a thick slippery shaft, but… not Justin’s, it was one I knew much, much better and could never mistake for anyone else’s. Jase pulled out of my mouth and stepped away and I saw what I already knew, it was my own true brother Carter balls deep in me and banging away, his thick cock slick with Kyle’s spit. I pulled him close and clenched my arms around him, loving that stud more than ever. Next to us, Kyle had snagged Jase and was pounding him doggy style, and down by my feet Travis had climbed onto Justin’s lap and was riding his big cock hard. Everyone was paired up with his true brother now, a picture perfect scene with all the boys grunting and loving each other and banging away in the open air under a bright blue sky on a dock on a shimmering lake. What the fuck more could you ask for? “I’m gonna cum,” I told him. “No, wait!” “Fuck that, this feels too fuckin; good. I’m gonna cum — ” “Wait!” “Too late!!” I felt the cum surge up from my balls and explode out of my cock, splattering clear up to my neck. My whole body was jerking and quaking as I blew out one spurt after another. My hole clamping down on Carter’s shaft felt so goddamn incredible; I loved having his meat inside me so much, filling me, pounding me. I yelped and howled as my cock still throbbed and twitched and squeezed out the last of my juice. Carter looked me over with a smirk. He pulled his dick out of me and started jacking. I quickly grabbed it and took over; I loved holding my brother’s dick in my hand, working it, squeezing and pulling and seeing the look in his eyes. It didn’t take long to get him off. He gushed out a huge jolt of cream that splashed over my chest and abs, mixing with mine; I jerked and stroked him and he poured out a huge load that ran flowing and dripping along the contours of my muscles. There was nothing in the world like the feeling of his hot cum drenching my body. He grinned at me, bent down and took a long lick up the center line of my abs, then kissed me, sharing the taste of my cum and his on our tongues. “Well, Çeşme Escort Bayan how about the rest of it?” I asked him. “You gonna clean me off, or what?” He gave me a sneer and then a big shove, rolled me right off the side of the dock and into the water. “There ya go. Problem solved.” Smartass… When everybody’d blown a good load and spent some time cuddling with his bro we trudged back to the house and took turns in the shower, two at a time of course. We were all hungry as wolves but first things first, started off with some brews and lounging together on the patio, everybody fresh out of the shower and still naked. Food was one thing but once the fall semester started none of us would be tasting beer again until next spring, and who knew when we’d get another chance to hang out bare ass together in the great outdoors? Eventually our appetites got the better of us; Justin ran inside to the fridge and grabbed half a dozen slabs of good red meat. We all slipped into our shorts; no use tempting fate around hot grills and sizzling grease, especially when we had a nice beer buzz on. Justin fired up the grill and threw on the steaks, blazed them until they were charred on the outside and bloody red on the inside, and we cracked open another round of brews and tore into that meat like wild animals. Once we’d polished off the meat Justin went back to the fridge and pulled out a big container of ice cream and half a dozen spoons and we all dug in at once. This was another one of our cherished off-season indulgences; a starving wrestler would demolish a whole tub of it on his own if you’d let him. We gulped down our fill, cracked open one more round of brews and settled back comfortably in our deck chairs, relishing the end of a very successful day. More than one pair of shorts was beginning to tent, and more than one hand reached down inside and gave his package a casual stroke. There sure wasn’t any sense getting shy about it at this stage. “Too bad Brady couldn’t be here with us,” I said. “He’d love this.” A murmur swept across the patio, more like a grumble really. I was confused. “What? You guys like Brady, right?” Travis leaned forward in his seat and stared me down. “You’re taking it too far with him. You’re disrespecting your brother.” “Carter understands. He’s good with it — ” I stopped short when I caught the look on my brother’s face and realized no, he wasn’t, and he didn’t. I latched onto his hand and squeezed. “Brady’s my boy. I’m training him the way I think is right.” “That’s not the way it goes!” Justin snapped. “There’s a system! You don’t just do whatever the fuck you want!” “I’m giving him what he needs. If the system can’t handle that, maybe it needs to be changed.” “Are you kidding me?” Carter hissed out a deep breath. “I’ve been to your parents’ house. You still have Duncan’s picture pinned to your bedroom wall. Are you gonna tell me everything he’s done for us is bullshit? Are you gonna tell him that?” Kyle glared at Jase. “Why don’t you fuckin’ do somethin’? This is your boy! Why aren’t you wrackin’ his ass?” Jase shook his head sadly. “Sorry. I can’t this time. I’m caught up in it too deep myself.” “Well, I sure as fuck can!” Kyle launched out of his chair. “Grab that cocksucker! We’ll show `im what it’s about!” Instantly Carter, Justin and Travis lunged and tackled me to the deck, yanked my shorts off and broke me down flat, face down, Carter and Travis each holding an ankle and Justin stretching my arms up above my head. Kyle dropped his shorts and that huge cock sprang out, hardening by the second. The boys spread my legs out wide as Kyle moved in behind me. I struggled for all I was worth but it was no use. “Wait, god damn it!” I yelled. “You can’t do this! You’re not my mentor! I’m not your fucking boy!” “No,” Jase spoke quietly. “You’re my boy. You still do what I tell you. And I say this is for your own good.” So there it was. Now I couldn’t fight it anymore. If my mentor said it, I had to do it. There were no two ways. I still respected Jase that much, I still worshipped the guy, and I could never go against him. Our family was all about trust and if Jase said this is what I deserved, I had to believe it was true. “Wait, wait! Okay, if Jase says so, that’s it. I’m down. You can let go of my goddamn legs. Jesus! Get off me and let me take it like a man.” The guys released me, a little cautiously in case I tried to bolt but they could see I was serious. I raised up on all fours and spread wide. I heard Kyle snickering behind me; he gave my ass a big sharp slap and then licked his thumb and pressed it to my hole. I was being manhandled, poked and prodded and stretched in preparation for a rugged punishment fuck. I swear he would have rammed right into me with nothing but a little spit to smooth the way but luckily Carter had my back; he rushed inside and grabbed the Vaseline, and greased Kyle’s cock himself as the big bull warmed up for the assault. The second he pressed his fat head to my hole I knew it would be the biggest, thickest cock I’d ever taken. A big part of me Escort Çeşme dreaded being reamed by that shank but Jase and Carter had taken it countless times and if they could, so could I. He plunged it into me without a moment’s hesitation, drove it in hard and sank it all the way to his balls. It was so goddamn big I thought it would split me apart; I wanted to moan out loud but I didn’t dare give him the satisfaction, and as brutal as it was, my own cock went as stiff as a flagpole in spite of myself. He banged me hard, slamming that huge shank into me again and again and again, stretching my hole almost to the breaking point and ravaging my insides. I took it as stoic as possible, even rocked my ass back into it to show him I could take the full effect. I was a wrestler, god damn it, and as much as it hurt, nobody was ever gonna get me to admit it. But every once in a while I couldn’t help flinching as that goddamn gorilla thrust long and deep all the way up my guts, and the sweat was dripping off my face like crazy. And all the time I kept thinking to myself, this is what I deserve, this is what I need, because my mentor said so. The day I signed on with this family, learned how to wrestle for real, and made the very best friends of my life, I made a pact with Jase and with myself that no matter what, my mentor was always right. I didn’t know how long he could go on fucking but Kyle just kept jackhammering away, bludgeoning my poor ass with that monstrous cock. It was all about endurance now; he’d keep going until one of us gave in, and it sure as fuck wasn’t gonna be me. I don’t think I ever would have survived if my own cock wasn’t rock hard, but as much as it wrecked me, that thick meat was also grinding on mine from the inside, lighting up my prostate as well as all those super sensitive nerves in my inner and outer sphincters. It got to the point where I didn’t even want him to stop. For that one moment in time all I wanted was to be his fuckboy, to get railed and pounded and reamed by that massive shank until he filled me with hot cum. He thought he was punishing me but I’d broken clear through to the other side. He’d abused me until it lost its meaning, until I began to want it. Maybe that was the whole point. Maybe that was the lesson I needed to learn. It didn’t matter, because now Kyle wasn’t in control any more; now he was mine. He thrust into me and I slammed my hips back to meet him, worked that thick shaft with whatever was left of my ass that hadn’t been thoroughly destroyed. He was giving me his best pounding and I was dribbling precum, taking it all and begging for more. I heard the big stud let out a little whimper and I knew he was close. I kept working him as hard as I could, until his whole body tensed and he broke his rhythm and drove his meat into me as far and as hard as he could, once, twice, four times. His cum blasted into me; his load was as oversized as his cock, and his hot cream filled my guts and leaked out around my hole and ran dripping onto the deck. His arms clenched around me as he strained to squeeze out the last of his load. Finally his muscles slackened and so did his meat, and he fell back onto his ass and crumpled up panting with exhaustion. I smirked back at him, turned to show him my dripping hard cock, and jacked myself until I shot, spouting all over the deck, my body twitching with hot pleasure from my shoulders to my sore ass and all the way down to my toes. The rest of the guys gaped at me wide eyed, with wonder and awe and what felt like a bit of respect. Justin handed me a garden hose; I guess he didn’t have a mop. Everyone shuffled inside to the living room and piled onto the couches while I hosed the spent cum off the deck and off my legs. As soon as I stepped inside, Jase got up out of his chair and came over to give me a hug, holding me tight and telling me I’m his good boy. Next was Kyle to show there were no hard feelings. Then Justin, snagging me in a bear hug and lifting me off my feet, and my buddy Travis grinning and squeezing my delts and giving me a kiss on the cheek. Finally Carter, wrapping his arms around and holding me close like a true brother, eyes closed, his head resting on my shoulder, like he was shutting out the rest of the world. Late that night as we lay in bed together he stroked me tenderly, taking stock of my body muscle by muscle, carefully avoiding my sore swollen ass. “I’m sorry,” he said. “Believe me, I know how rough it was.” “It’s okay. I get why it happened. And I’m still gonna train Brady the way I want. He’s my boy. I’m the one who decides what he needs.” Carter paused a moment, then let out a sigh and snuggled in close, held me in his arms and lay his head on my chest. “Do what you have to. But just make sure it’s what he needs, not what you need.” ******************************************************* Well the boys have had their last big blast of summer at Justin’s lake house, getting naked, drinking beer, bonding with their brothers, and managing to surface a few unresolved issues along the way. Next time we see them we’ll be back on campus getting ready for a brand new wrestling season — with Brady and a new crop of freshman wrestlers to add to the mix. So, stay tuned! And please after you blow a nice hot load consider making a donation to the site, so my family of wrestlers and all the other smoking hot stories will always have a home!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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