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Subject: WRESTLING AND EVERYTHING ELSE – PART 4 (Athletics) If I had to name one guy on the team who rubbed me the wrong way, it was Carter Hathaway. Not that he’d done anything to deserve it. He was a good wrestler with a great work ethic and the kind of upbeat attitude that made coaches cream in their shorts. But we were both redshirt freshmen who wrestled at 157, which meant we were in head-to-head competition for the starting spot in next year’s lineup. At practice we were pitted against each other pretty damn often. Truth be told, we were very evenly matched; I came out on top just about as often as he did. But I could tell whenever we wrestled he did his best to show off his skills for the coaches and make a statement that he was the one they should be putting their money on. I did the same thing, of course. And I hoped my extra workouts with Jase would give me the edge I needed to get past him once and for all. It was a Wednesday night. Jase and I were heading to Duncan’s house for one of our usual sessions. He wasn’t talking much on the drive over and I kept pretty quiet myself. It was enough for me just to watch him from the passenger side, my eyes grazing over his muscular body and handsome face, his rugged jawline, the way his biceps and forearms flexed with every little move of the steering wheel. It was still hard for me to believe that this blue chip stud was all mine. I could sit there gazing at him for hours. I loved how his tight T-shirt clung to his chest, showing off those chiseled pecs and perfectly formed nipples; his loose shorts exposing tanned, muscled quads that shifted teasingly when he stepped on the gas or the brake. The bulge that outlined his thick soft cock in a way made my mouth water. I reached over and casually began rubbing his package nice and slow, feeling his balls and the weight of his meat through a thin layer of textile. Jase gave me a smile, grunted appreciatively, then slid his hand up my thigh and returned the favor. He always went commando to our workouts and so did I; what’s the point of underwear when you’re just going to strip it off and wrestle naked? Not so long ago I might have pounced on him like a sex-starved virgin, and he’d have pushed me away; hard work always had to come before fun. But now I was calmer. I’d learned to take his cock like a champ and give him mine as well, and we could sit side by side and stroke each other comfortably without either of us getting too worked up or going overboard. That was key to our workouts. I’d learned how keeping our cocks good and hard actually helped us train, by giving us each a boost of testosterone that primed our bodies for action. Afterward there’d be more than enough time to let our desires come out to play. He’d taught me so much in only a couple weeks. About wrestling, about training, sex, love, friendship, life. As soon as we got to Duncan’s I could tell something was up. A strange car was parked out front, and Duncan was supposed to be out of town on business. Jase pretended not to notice. When I started to ask he shushed me, wrapped his arm around my shoulders and steered me to the front door, down the usual hallway to the stairs leading down. We hadn’t even gone two steps when I heard the familiar sound of a couple guys working out on the mat. It was Jase’s roommate Kyle, the starter at 184, a damn good wrestler but not good enough to give Jase a match even with his ten pound advantage. And Carter Hathaway. “What’s he doing here?” I whispered to Jase. “Shh! These guys are your family.” “But – Hathaway and I wrestle the same weight class! We’re rivals!” “No, you’re not. You’re brothers. Now, strip those clothes off and get ready to go to work.” I balked for a second and gave Jase a long look but he ignored me, kicked off his shoes and began peeling off his T-shirt and shorts. The sight of his bare, ripped chest and abs was enough to get me going. I hurried out of my own clothes and in seconds we were naked together, standing at the edge of the mat looking over the action with semi-hard cocks while Carter and Kyle, just as naked as we were, ran through a set of duck-under drills. Up to now I’d pretty much ignored Carter whenever we weren’t wrestling each other. In the locker room he’d been invisible to me, and if we were ever in the shower at the same time I didn’t even notice. But now, with him butt naked and wrestling right in front of me, I couldn’t help checking him out. He was in better shape than I’d realized; his arms were veined and muscular, his legs thick and powerful, his torso Çeşme Escort rock solid, lean and well defined. And that nice thick meat and tight ball sack were nothing to complain about either. Now that I’d learned to appreciate such things, I had to admit to myself that he was a damn good looking guy. And I should have guessed that Kyle would be part of the family. He and Jase were roommates, after all. It made perfect sense that both of them had started out as Duncan’s boys. As I watched Kyle on the mat, the way he dominated Carter, his muscled body glistening with sweat, his fully hard cock aimed straight at his opponent like a threat or a dare each time they faced off and then clashed together… it occurred to me that Kyle had spent much more time with Jase than I ever did. The two of them slept, and who knew what else, in the same room every night. Jase sensed my uneasiness. He draped his arm over my shoulders and gave my delt a squeeze, slid his hand slowly down my back and fondled my ass cheek, his fingers running along my crack lightly brushing against my tender hole. “You know the story of Orestes?” he asked me. “Orestes was the son of Agamemnon. He killed his own mother because she murdered his father when he came home from the Trojan War. Orestes had to flee to escape the gods’ justice. He wandered all over the earth with Pylades, his lover and true brother. They took on the whole world together, men and gods alike. When they were captured, each one offered to give his own life if the other would be set free. That’s the way it is with Kyle and me. You understand?” “Yeah.” “You and I have a different bond. It’s just as strong, it’s just as intense, but it’s different. I’m your mentor. You’re my boy. We share things Kyle and I never could and never will. You’re special to me. I have a responsibility to build you into a man, and you have a responsibility to become that man. You understand that?” “Yes. I do.” “Good. Let’s get started.” Jase waited for the next break in the action and then called out to Kyle. “Hey, can you make room for two more?” Kyle grinned. “Come on over. Nobody’s stoppin’ ya.” “Referee’s position,” Jase said to me. “You’re down. We’re gonna work on your reversals.” The two of us strode onto the mat boldly as Carter glared at me, no doubt feeling a bit unnerved that we’d dropped in on his private session. Kyle moved over to give us the center and I got down on all fours. I could feel the eyes on me as Jase slid in behind me, positioned his hips and his hard cock flush against my ass, pressed his chest to my back and his cheek to my shoulder blade and wrapped his arm around my torso. For just an instant I glanced over and gave Carter a smirk. Then Jase barked, “Go!” and I feigned the escape, felt him counter and ride me a bit too high, launched into the reversal move, slipped out the back door and gained control. I knew Jase had let me come out on top, to be sure I understood the technique. The rest of the drills wouldn’t go near so smoothly. But it felt good to know that Carter had seen me with Jase, and had seen what I could do. Except by the time we reset and I looked over again, he was back to his duck-unders with Kyle and had probably missed the whole thing. From there it was business as usual. Jase and I had our workout, Kyle and Carter had theirs. It wasn’t so different from our sparring every day in the wrestling room; you simply tuned out the rest of the guys and focused on your opponent. But knowing two smoking hot bodies were grinding together bare ass naked just an arm’s reach or so away from us surely added a whole new wrinkle to the game. I couldn’t help glancing over each time we stopped to reset, and couldn’t help noticing how those two sets of straining muscles rippled and flexed, especially when they were all mashed up together. I was accustomed enough to wrestling Jase with a rock hard cock but seeing those other two sharing our mat, hearing them grunt and growl as Jase put me through my paces, feeling the thud as their bodies slammed down right next to us, had my stiff meat aching and twitching like never before. After an hour of drilling I was so exhausted I didn’t think I could go on. Kyle and Carter had already quit, and finally Jase decided enough was enough. We sat up on the mat together; I leaned back and rested my head against his chest and he wrapped his arms loosely around me. As we sat there panting and sweating I glanced across the mat and saw Carter wrapped up by Kyle in almost exactly the same posture. Çeşme Escort Bayan Our eyes met and we exchanged a brief smile – for probably the first time ever. “All work and no play,” Kyle barked abruptly. “You boys ready to have some fun?” “They are,” Jase said. “They’re both good boys. They deserve a little playtime.” He gave my shoulder a squeeze, padded across the mat and pulled the bottle of olive oil from the cabinet; strolled back to the other side and handed it to Carter. Kyle stood up and the two of them backed off to the edge of the mat. “Wait, what – ?” I started. “You two are wrestling,” Jase said. “We need to make sure you boys can play together.” “And no bullshit,” Kyle added. “You wrestle clean, and you wrestle like goddamn men.” “Like brothers,” Jase said. Carter and I exchanged a sour look but we were far too exhausted to argue. Besides, I knew if he was here, he was just as committed to his mentor as I was to mine. It seemed like a good chance to settle some things between us that couldn’t be done in the wrestling room at school. He poured some oil into his hand, began smearing it over his chest and handed me the bottle. I oiled my own chest and arms, glanced over at Jase and Kyle – the two of them standing side by side with arms around each other’s shoulders, grinning and watching us proudly – and rubbed oil onto Carter’s back. He nodded his thanks, then did the same for me, and then – I’m not sure if it was more for our mentors’ benefit or for each other – we dutifully oiled one another’s legs, working slowly from ankles to ass leaving no spot untouched, finishing up with a nice slippery grip on each other’s hard cocks. “You’re here to wrestle!” Kyle barked. “Get your asses ready!” Carter took the bottle of oil back to the cabinet and we faced off at center. “Go!” Jase shouted, and we tied into each other. With the time we’d spent paired up at practice, I already knew Carter’s go-to moves and he was just as familiar with mine. But the olive oil sure put us into a different situation. I took the shots I knew should work but he’d slip right out of my grasp, and he had an even harder time keeping a hold on me. The oiled wrestling I’d done with Jase up to now didn’t quite prepare me for this; Jase had better wrestling skills by far but Carter was so much lighter and quicker – and so closely matched to my own size and strength – that it felt like an entirely new thing. Jase and Kyle shouted encouragement as each of us scrambled for control. With our speed moves and striking skills useless, we could only drop to the mat and go par terre. We wrestled wildly, each struggling for top position only to have the other slip out and slide around and put us back on the bottom, over and over again. I felt the way Carter’s slick hot flesh pressed against mine, his muscles taut and straining, hard nipples grazing against my skin. I felt my stiff cock glide along his oily leg, his hand groping for a hold on my crotch, my forearm stretched tight across his meaty pecs. His hot breath on my neck. The yells from Kyle and Jase came slower now, and were interspersed with giggles. I glanced to the sidelines; they were watching us both with eager eyes, squeezing each other’s ass cheeks and and stroking each other’s cocks. Finally I gained the advantage and had Carter locked down, in danger of a fall. My chest was mashed tight against his, breastbone to breastbone as I inched his shoulders closer and closer to the mat. I could feel his heart beating as strong and fast as mine, our breaths so deep and quick, more than ever could be explained by wrestling alone. I wanted so badly to beat him, to prove myself the better man… but my hard cock wanted him even more. I needed to fuck him, to plow whole hog in between those gorgeous muscled ass cheeks until I was buried balls deep, and it made me twitch and drip to know he’d jump at the chance to do the same to me. My strength was nearly gone; I had him beat but didn’t know if I could hold him a second longer. And then four strong hands appeared and gently pulled us apart. Jase raised me to my feet and Kyle lifted Carter from the mat. They stood us up facing each other, barely two steps apart, our mentors wrapping their strong arms around us holding each of us closely from behind. “Referee’s position,” Jase crooned into my ear. “You’re down,” Kyle growled to Carter. We dropped to our knees obediently and our mentors firmly pushed us forward until our hands were on the mat. Carter and I locked eyes, our noses now just inches Escort Çeşme apart, as Jase knelt behind me and Kyle moved in behind him. I felt Jase’s left arm around my chest, his right hand gripping my cock. His hot breath teased my ear as the welcome, familiar feeling of his swollen cock head pressed against my hole, spreading it wider, plunging inside… Carter’s eyes widened and his face showed pure ecstasy as Kyle’s thick meat forced its way into his hole. He let out a yelp and I joined him in a long, low moan as Jase entered me. Jase’s cock plowed through my inner ring and I reeled with agonized pleasure as he jacked my cock and drove in deep. Those two big studs began thrusting in rhythm, matching each other stroke for stroke while Carter and I moaned and yelped and whimpered together, and shared a moment with each other as only two good boys could. I loved having Jase’s cock inside me so much. I loved the feeling of being owned, of taking his meat and his cum and being the object of his pleasure. And I knew Carter felt the same about Kyle; I could see it all over his face, just as I was sure he could see it in mine. Jase picked up the pace and fucked me faster and harder, and it felt so hot and so good I could barely stand it. I moaned long and loud as his thick meat stretched my hole to the limit. He pounded me again and again while Kyle banged away at Carter, our desperate voices joining together filling the room. I wanted to cum so fucking bad my toes were curled, but I wanted it to go on and on and on even longer. I gritted my teeth and clenched my hands into fists as Jase squeezed my throbbing cock and rammed into me deeper. Carter’s body began to jerk and twitch and then a thick hot spurt of cream shot out and splattered on my chin, just as Kyle let out a roar and unleashed himself. I lost it completely; my cock erupted and dumped a huge load of cum all over the mat, spurting uncontrollably as a wave of sheer pleasure engulfed me. My ass spasmed and clenched around Jase’s cock and in seconds I felt him gushing inside me. I took all of Jase’s load, moaning contentedly as he kissed my neck, his softening cock still inside me. I watched as Kyle stroked Carter’s head and nibbled on his ear, and we looked at each other smiled. Carter wiped his cum from my chin and I dipped into mine on the mat and we licked it eagerly from each other’s fingers. The four of us drew close together and merged into one big pile, boys and mentors sprawled on top of each other in a comfortable tangle. “You two are true brothers now,” Jase announced. “You’ll train together, you’ll support each other and love each other. Forever. Just like Kyle and me. Starting next semester, you’re rooming together.” Carter and I traded a look, surprised at first, but instantly we knew it would be okay. “You aren’t rivals,” Kyle said. “You both wrestle at 157 now but you won’t, come next fall. One of you, maybe both, will move to a different weight class. Let us handle that. We’ll figure out where each of you belong, and we’ll get you there. All you have to do is train, learn to be good wrestlers, learn to be good men.” “No one in our family has ever failed to make the starting lineup,” Jase added. “There’ll be room for both of you. Now, get this mat cleaned up. We’re hitting the showers.” Carter and I grinned at each other as we pulled out the mop and towels and started scrubbing down the mat. It felt like an enormous weight had been lifted off us. For the first time since we arrived at college we knew our place on the team was assured. We trusted our mentors completely to take us where we needed to go. And then it was our turn in the shower. Carter and I stepped under the stream together and let that hot, steamy water wash us clean. We soaped each other carefully, feeling all the contours of each other’s bodies, stroking and massaging with the love of true brothers. It felt amazing to be with someone so close to my own size and shape; our bodies were so perfectly matched. I fondled his cock and balls, and he fondled mine – we were too wiped out to do anything more but it felt so damn good to know that we’d given ourselves to each other, completely, for now and forever. We shut off the water and wrapped our arms around each other and held each other close, nipple to nipple, sixpack to sixpack, dangling cock to dangling cock, relishing the way our smooth ripped bodies meshed. We gazed into each other’s eyes and kissed passionately, long and deep. It was an incredible feeling. And that was only the beginning. *************************************************************** Hey guys be sure to let me know if you like the way this series is going – I love making you horndogs hard! And give some thought to making a donation to the site so we can keep on cranking out these hot stories for ya!

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