Year Two with Jane and Tony Ch. 02

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This is another long story which takes us to the end of Jane and Tony’s second year at University. I introduce another character and a few changes to the lives of the ongoing characters. I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. So, without further ado, on with…


The day after Christmas was a nice quiet day. All of us had 2 weeks of holiday to look forward to and all of us wanted to put the strain of the school term behind us. Well, all except Axel who had to monitor the physics experiment he was a part of. “I think I’m going to go into theoretical physics instead of experimental so all I’ll have to do is sit around and think!” Axel mused after a long day in the lab.

I responded, “Like that TV show? You aren’t nearly weird enough for that!”

Axel laughed and said, “Thank you for not considering me too weird. Actually, I think I would get bored just writing out ideas. Doing experiments is, kind of, fun.”

A couple of days later Barb wanted to go next door and see how things were progressing on her house. The work crews were on the job every day working long hours. One of the first things they did was rip out all of the lath and plaster walls and then replaced all of the windows. They then rewired the entire place, packed the walls with insulation and hung the drywall. When we were inside the contractor, Jake, welcomed us and showed us around. I was astonished by how much Pearl’s old house had changed. The downstairs had two additional rooms, one for studying and one for the TV. The living room was quite a bit smaller, but was still a pretty good size.

The upstairs had 5 bedrooms now, compared to the three that Pearl had. There was one room that was considerably larger than the others, which also had an attached bathroom. The bathroom was looking like it was going to mirror ours. Barb said, “I love the bathroom at your house so I wanted the same thing!” The four smaller bedrooms were decently sized, much bigger than the dorm rooms. There was a communal bathroom that was quite big with a large shower area, a toilet and a bidet.

Back downstairs in the kitchen we could see that the cabinets were being installed. In addition, there was a large island designed to seat six. Jane and I went down in the basement while Barb remained upstairs talking to Jake. There were several finished rooms down here as well, plus a laundry room. All in all, the place was looking great. When we walked back to the kitchen, we discovered that Barb and Jake had moved to the living room, in order to give the cabinet hangers more room.

When we joined them, Jake was saying, “In an older house like this I think nice wallpaper looks better than paint on the walls. The wallpaper would be complimented by the lovely woodwork throughout the house.”

Barb pondered that for a bit and then said, “Yeah, I think you’re right. Can you recommend anyone to do the paper?”

“Well, we can do it. I have a guy who does incredible work and I’m not too bad myself. Tell you what, why don’t you and I go to a place I know that has a great selection of paper. I get a contractor’s discount if I buy it directly and then I’ll pass the savings on to you. What do you think?”

Barb smiled and said, “That sounds great. What time do you want to go?”

“I should be done here by 3:30 or so. Let me go home and shower really quick and then I’ll pick you up at 4. Sound okay?”

“Sounds good,” Barb said. “I currently live next door.” Barb pointed to our house.

“Oh, you live in Stan Robinson’s daughter place?”

“Yeah, this is Stan’s daughter Jane,” Barb replied.

Jake smiled and said, “I love your Dad. When I was starting out he got a few jobs for me. When he asked me to do your house I was overjoyed. How do you like it?”

Jane laughed and said, “We love it so much we asked my Dad to call you so you could do this place!”

Jake thanked us as we left to go back home. “They are making some good time on your house,” I said. At the rate they’re going, it should be ready to move in by the second or third week of next term. You’ll need to start thinking about furniture as well, Barb.”

Barb was walking with us, but was quite distracted. When I reiterated that she would need to start thinking about furnishings, she snapped out of her reverie and said, “Yeah, I have some ideas about that. Plus, I want Sofia and Cindy to be able to pick their own bedroom furniture. I was thinking, you know how in English novels and TV shows the houses all have names like ‘Swan Cottage’. I thought we could do something like that for this house.”

Jane laughed and said, “Ooh, I like that, except there are no swans!”

Barb laughed and replied, “I know that, you silly thing! I was thinking we should get a nice ceramic plaque that says ‘Pearl’s House’. You know, we will call it Pearl’s house until the end of time so why not make it official. Besides, I think Pearl would like it.”

Jane swept Barb into her arms and gave Barb Ataşehir Escort the biggest bear hug of all time. When she released Barb, Jane wiped the tears from her eyes and said, “Barb, you are the most wonderful person in the world! Pearl would love it…it’s so, Jane Austen! I have a friend who’s in the Art department who does great ceramic work. We should dig up some pictures of what we want and see if she or someone she knows can make the plaque for us.”

When we managed to get home, Astrid was asking where we had been. When we told her, we had been next door she asked how it was going. Barb gave her the whole story, including the plaque idea. Astrid said she knew someone who would be perfect and when Jane asked who it was, Jane said that she was thinking of the same person. Astrid then said, “Let me call Aggie right now. I know she’s in the area.” Once Astrid got off the phone she said, “Aggie loves the idea and will stop by tomorrow. I told her our house was clothing optional!”

At 4 o’clock sharp Jake knocked on the door. We had all stayed dressed because we knew he was stopping by. Jane invited him in since Barb was upstairs. “The place looks different with furniture,” Jake commented. “I really like the choices you made.”

Jane laughed and said, “It wasn’t us! My parents furnished the place before we moved in. I agree with you though, they did really well!”

As soon as Barb got downstairs, she and Jake headed out on their wallpaper search. I went into the kitchen with Jane so we could start fixing dinner. “Jake seems like a really nice guy.” Jane said. “I get the feeling that Barb likes him.”

“Really,” I asked? “You sure you’re not seeing romance where there is none?”

“You may be right, but, I don’t know. I don’t think Barb was pondering plaques while she spaced out. Time will tell.”

Dinner came and went but no Barb. Finally, she got home at around 9:30. She took off her coat and plopped down next to Jane on the couch. “I’m sorry I’m so late. After we determined the wall paper we thought was best, Jake took me to dinner. He’s a really nice guy. We had such a good time while we ate. He was very interesting and asked all about what I’m studying. He was so funny and fun! I, kind of, thinking I’m falling for the guy. He’s asked me out this Friday night!”

Jane beamed and said, “That’s wonderful! I think he’s pretty nice as well. My dad really likes him, too.” Barb was in a dreamlike trance the rest of the evening.

Jane and Astrid’s friend Aggie stopped by the house the next day to discuss the plaque for Pearl’s house. Aggie was a free spirit and stripped her clothes off right away. She was covered by tattoos that were works of art, some of which were quite intricate. Jane, Astrid and Barb told Aggie what was wanted and showed her pictures of similar plaques that they found online. It was decided that a white oval disc with ‘Pearl’s House’ written in a nice script in dark blue framed with colorful flowers was what was wanted. Aggie said it would take her a while before she got to it. She said she would call when finished. We invited Aggie to dine with us and she turned out to be a delight to talk to.

Barb and Jane had gone shopping to get her some clothes for the occasion of her big date. When the day arrived, Jake came by to pick her up at the appointed time. When Barb came downstairs, both Jake’s and my jaws dropped to the floor as we admired Barb’s beauty. Jane was behind her coming down the stairs and while they descended Jane winked at me. We all stood around and made small talk along with Axel and Astrid. When they had left, Axel turned to Jane and asked, “What did you do to her? I knew she was beautiful, but, my god, she was stunning! Jake doesn’t stand a chance!”

It was quite late when Barb got home. Jane and I had been asleep for a while when Barb crept into bed. Jane asked, “So, did you have a nice time?”

“It was magical! I think I love him. We’re going out again tomorrow afternoon,” Barb said.

“I’m so happy for you,” Jane replied. “If you need anything, let us know.”

“Okay. I love you both!”

“We love you too. I don’t think I have to tell you to have sweet dreams, do I?”

“Probably not…”

Barb and Jake’s romance was sweet. It turned out that Jake had been married once before but had lost his wife to a drunk driver. The two of them were very sympathetic towards each other considering they had experienced similar tragedies in their lives. Jake also had a young daughter that Barb said was the sweetest thing. We had them over for dinner one evening in order for us all to get to know one another. Jake’s daughter, Emily, captured all of our hearts. She was 3 years old and quite bright. At one point in the evening Astrid sat down and told her a Swedish folk tale, which Emily absolutely loved. A couple of nights later Barb spent the night with Jake and came home with a smile on her face.

With all of the romance going on, before Kadıköy Escort we knew it school was about to start again. Sofia and Cindy were back in our lives and were curious to see their future digs. Barb, Jane and I took them over to check it out. Cindy and Sofia were awestruck with what they saw. Barb introduced the girls to her boyfriend, Jake, which caught them both by surprise. They then gave Barb huge hugs in congratulations when Jake left the room. When they went upstairs, Barb suggested they should choose which rooms they wanted. Cindy said that Sofia should choose first, since she knew Barb longer. Sofia said that Cindy should choose first. Finally, Barb took them separately into her room and asked which they preferred. Neither one wanted the same room so we all got a laugh from the girls trying to be nice to each other.

On the last Saturday of break, Blair and Evan came by at their usual 9am. As soon as they got into the house they both dropped their clothes and came into the kitchen. We all sat and talked and asked how their Christmas holiday was. They had gone to southern California to their grandparents and spent their time learning to surf and hanging out at the beach.

Jane then said to Evan, “We think your probation has been completed. You don’t have to come here on Saturdays anymore.” Both brothers looked at each other and then at us with disappointment.

Evan then smiled and said, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but, by decree of the Cook County Juvenile Court I’m required to come here each Saturday until the end of February. My Dad made a deal with the court explaining the deal he made with Tony. I have to report to a real probation officer and explain everything you all have taught me. So, I’m sorry, but, there it is!”

Jane smiled and then said, “I hope you didn’t tell them about the dress code and Barb and Cindy’s birthday present!”

“You have taught me to be a better person than that, Jane,” Evan replied. “Besides, do you really think I’m stupid enough to give up the best thing that has ever happened to me? Now, is there a chance we could get some Swedish pancakes with Lingonberry jam? Blair and I have been suffering major withdrawal!”

Sofia and Cindy arrived just as we began to eat so we had a spirited breakfast table. When we had finished eating, Evan offered to help me with the dishes. Blair said he would have to note this moment for posterity, as the first-time Evan had ever offered to help with dishes. Everyone laughed as they left us to it. As we worked Evan asked, “Why did you talk my Dad into letting me come here like this?”

I thought for a moment before I said, “Truthfully, I’m not sure. The idea just came to me. I, kind of, got the feeling that you hadn’t had many quality interactions with women before and just thought of them as lower life forms to exploit. I thought if you had the chance to spend time with smart, strong and beautiful women you might benefit from the experience. I figured the last thing you needed was your Dad’s psychology background pounding into you.”

Evan laughed and said, “Are you sure you’re not in my Dad’s program? He said you were one smart cookie. Also, thank you for doing this for me. All of the women have taught me so much, Jane especially. I didn’t think I wanted to go to college before, but now, I can’t wait. I think I want to major in literature like her and maybe become a professor someday. What do you think?”

I smiled and said, “I think that is wonderful. You impressed the hell out of Jane, Barb and Astrid that first day and have been impressing them every day since. Tell Jane what you just told me, she will love to hear it. We’re all done here, why don’t you go spend some time with Cindy, she really likes you, you know.”

“I really like her too,” Evan replied. “Thanks again, for everything.”

I sat alone in the kitchen thinking about what Evan said. I wondered if I could do a double major of international studies and psychology. The fields weren’t mutually exclusive. I would have to talk this over with Jane. No sooner than I had that thought, then in she walked with her laptop.

“Are you okay,” Jane asked? “You seem upset or something.”

“I’m fine, I was just thinking about something Evan just told me. Actually, his Father said the same thing; that I should major in psychology. What would you think if I did a double major with psychology and international studies?”

Jane smiled and said, “I think it’s brilliant. I think you would be brilliant. I also think you should call Dr. Prescott right this moment before you change your mind. While you are doing that, it just dawned on me that we hadn’t checked our grades yet. I’m really curious about my math grade. I hope I don’t let Sofia down.”

I called Dr. Prescott and told him about my conversation with Evan and how I wondered about doing a double major and if that would work. Dr. Prescott sounded elated and said that he would make it work. He told me Bostancı Escort he would call or text me next week. He also told me he was going to give Evan a raise in his allowance. Before we hung up Jane let out a huge squeal. Dr. Prescott, sounding concerned, asked what that noise was. I told him it was Jane finding out that she aced her math course. Dr. Prescott laughed and then said he would talk to me later.

When I had hung up Jane told me she had aced everything. A few seconds later everyone came charging into the kitchen with looks of concern. Jane laughed, walked over to Sofia and gave her a big hug and kiss. “Sofia, I aced my math class, all thanks to you! You really should teach this stuff.”

Sofia blushed and said, “Well it helps when your student is as smart as you. I knew you had it in you.”

Evan then interrupted, “Sofia, you tutor in math? Could I hire you to help me? I really suck and my Dad is going to kill me if I get another shitty grade.”

Blair laughed and said, “He is, really, bad at math. He may be a challenge even for you.”

Sofia had a look of defiance and said, “I guarantee Evan will get no lower than a ‘B’, but will probably get an ‘A’ with my help. Tell you what, if Tony and Jane don’t mind, I’ll tutor you here on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sound okay?”

When everyone returned to what they were doing before Jane screamed, I checked my grades and discovered I had aced everything too. Jane and I sat and talked about our classes for the next term. I was wondering if I was going to have to make changes to include psychology. I was thinking I would have to give up my lit class. Jane then said, “I’m horny. Let’s go upstairs.”

We walked up to our bedroom, laid down on our bed and then kissed for a long time. Finally, Jane grabbed me and rolled me on top of her. I was quite hard by this time so I sat up a bit and teased Jane’s pussy with the end of my cock. I rubbed it against her piercing and around her clit causing Jane to moan and writhe. After a while she said she couldn’t take anymore and to just fuck her! I slid myself into her warm, enveloping vagina and savored the feeling. I then began to move in and out with long slow strokes as I kissed Jane with all of the passion I felt for her. I loved sex this way, slow and with passion.

Before long Jane had her first orgasm as I continued our slow, sensuous love making. When she had her second orgasm I felt my own begin to rise up. Before long I told Jane, I was going to cum and then shot my load deep into her womb. We laid together with me still on top for quite some time as we continued to kiss. When I rolled off of Jane she rolled into me as we fell asleep holding each other.

The next day at around 11am I got a text from Dr. Prescott to meet him at the office of my advisor Dr. Jones. When I arrived both men were sitting in Dr. Jones’ office having a chat. I was offered a seat and then Dr. Jones said, “Dr. Prescott has told me that you would like to pursue a double major with international studies and psychology. We have both worked up a curriculum for you and pending approval by the Dean, which we should get this afternoon, we will change the courses you’ll be taking. Since your grades are superlative we have decided that your classes from here on out should concentrate only on your majors. This list contains the classes you’ll be taking for the rest of your undergraduate program. You will be automatically registered for those classes in order to avoid any problems. Did you plan on attending graduate school?”

I told them that I did want to attend grad school and get a PhD if possible. Both men smiled at my answer. Dr. Prescott said, “We hoped you would say that. We are prepared to develop a graduate program for you as well incorporating both disciplines. Dr. Jones and I will act as co-advisors for you from now on. You are welcome to call on either of us if you have any concerns or questions. Here is a list of books you will need to buy or download, if you are using a tablet, for this term. Do you have any questions?”

At about this time, Dr. Jones’ phone rang. He answered it, said ‘uh huh’ several times and then said ‘thank you very much’ and hung up. “That was the Dean and he has approved everything,’ Dr. Jones said. “Why don’t you go home or to your dorm, take the rest of the day off and start the term tomorrow.”

I looked at both men and asked, “How did you pull this off in one day?”

Dr. Prescott said, “Henry and I are both the chairs of our departments. This University takes our opinions seriously and they take very seriously the education of our students. You have displayed an exceptional aptitude towards both disciplines. Henry tells me you speak several languages fluently and the work you have done with my son is exceptional. With both of us pushing for this, the Dean’s acceptance was inevitable. Congratulations, I look forward to the coming years.”

As I left Dr. Prescott was leaving as well. He asked me, “Can I buy you lunch?” I told him sure and followed him to a building I had never been in before. “This is the faculty dining room. Students are admitted by invitation only. The food is decent and it’s a good place to talk.” We sat down and a waitress took our orders.

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