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yes,deeperlong saturday at the arcade what you are about to read is a true and accurate accounting of a day I spent in a video arcade boothits early Saturday afternoon, and i’m sitting here in an arcade video booth dressed only in sexy little bikini panties, training bra (for my little a cup puberecent like titties) and a white silky like full slip, I have left the door slightly ajar while I rub my little sissy clitty, which is confined in a tight fitting chasity devise, and tucked back between my legs, while watching a really hot gang bang video, hoping for some action. when I happen to glance up at the door, I see your eye peering at me through the crack, so I get up from the the chair, moving around a little, teasingly shaking my tight little ass at you. that’s all it takes for you to see, and as quick as a flash you’ve slipped into the booth with me, closing and locking the door behind you. you then move in close to me, and begin feeling me up, fondling my little titties, and stroking my clitty with your finger tips downward and back, downward and back, over and over again. I then feel your hot breath on my neck as you lean close to my ear and say “you are so fucking hot”, and then you ask, “what are you looking for”? I then begin to tell you how I am looking for someone to come into my fantasy world with me and play. you ask,”what is your fantasy”? while continuing to touch me all over. so, I begin to tell you how in my fantasy, i’m a bad little cock tease in need of being punished for my behavior, how you are my step daddy who has brought me here and snuck me into this arcade booth. I tell you about how bad I’ve been at home, just beginning puberty and already have been a bad little cock tease, and not even a teen yet, and being only 5’3″ tall, and 120lbs, this roll play is a favorite of mine, and at this size, a pretty good fit. I go on to say how you’ve brought me here to be punished with rough, abusive and gang bang sex. well, apparently I have pressed all your “right buttons”, for you roughly spin me around gaziantep rus escortlar facing you. I have also told you, that no matter how much I try to struggle, or beg you to stop, that you keep going in spite of me. the next thing I know, is you roughly and painfully gripped my shoulders and are forcing me to my knees with the pressure, and just as my knees hit the floor you unzip, pull out your semi erect large cock, and start slapping my face with it, demanding “suck my cock you fucking little cock teasing bitch!!”,”no daddy, please, no” I say, only to have you move your other hand to my neck, squeezing even painfully harder, while you tell me “this is what happens to bad girls like you”, “now, open your fucking mouth, wrap those lips around it and suck it!!” your grip is hurting to the point of making me cry out and when I open my mouth to do that, you take the opportunity to shove your now fully erect 8″ cock into my mouth, and begin to lustfully face fuck me, “i warned you, you little cock teaser, if you kept running around the house dressed only in your sexy underwear, stuff that is really too sexy for your age, shaking your tight little ass at me, laughing and thinking you were being cute, that someday something was going to happen to you” you breathed out hard, while making me gag and choke on your hard thrusting cock. as I struggled I was able to spit you out long enough to plead with you, “please daddy, no more, please, I promise i’ll be a good girl”, laughing at that you said,”damn right, you little bitch slut, you’re going to be damn good” “now shut the fuck up and keep sucking” as your hands guided my head, and mouth back to your cock, where you took one long hard thrust and lodged your cock head in my throat causing me to choke and leaving me unable to breath. this seemed to be going on forever, and at some point, un noticed by me you must have re opened the door, for when I opened my eyes, there was another man standing next to you, pants open, gaziantep rus escort bayanlar cock in hand stroking, and apparently very turned on by what he was both seeing, and hearing, as you told him in detail what this was, and what I was all about, at which time I really began to struggle, thinking maybe I was getting in too deep, stuggled, trying to get the both of you to stop, that was when you pulled out the rope hand cuffs I had handed to you earlier, slipped the two loops over my hands onto my wrists yanking hard on the two ends causing them to tighten securely. now that you had my hands restrained behind me I was easier to control, and between the two of you ,able to force feed the new players cock into my mouth, totally ignoring my pleas for you to stop. “please daddy, no more daddy” he then took a seat while you turned me around, bent me over his lap using your hands to keep pushing my head down while he thrust his cock ever deeper down my throat. by this time it had been going on for so long, I no longer had any sense of time, so didn’t even know how long it had been. it was at this point you decided it was time for my tight little pussy to be fucked. since according to you, I was such a bad little girl cock teaser, I didn’t deserve to have you as my first, that I only deserved to be fucked by a complete stranger, again the two of you had to over come my struggling, which now, being restrained like I was, wasn’t all that difficult, you moved me to where I was in a position to sit on his lap, then began lowering me to what was at least a 9+” fat cock, him with his hands gripping my hips, and you pushing down on my shoulders, you forced my tight little sissy pussy to take that big hard cock, and before I could scream out from the pain you once again filled my mouth and throat with your cock. of course along with the pain there was the pleasure, the painful pleasure of getting my young tight little pussy fucked, being violently face fucked by you daddy, rus gaziantep escort and feeling the pain of my clitty trying to swell up in the confines of its cock cage, after a intense time of this, I felt player number two swell up, while he drove his big cock as deep as it would go pulsing while shooting what felt like massive amounts of cum. you then pulled me free of his cock, spun me around, forced me to my knees again, and after he removed a cum filled condom, made me lick and suck him clean. after he left, I asked if we could call it done, you laughed tugged at my restrained hands and said “not likely”, “we’ve hardly started”. “but i’m done, I’ve had enough”, “i want to stop!!!”. well, all that got me was a ball gag, and another player. this new guy had a whole different approach, he didn’t want me to suck his cock, or fuck me, he wanted to suck my clitty, while playing with my pussy,and that’s exactly what happened, you moved me so I was kneeling back wards on the chair, handed player 3 a vibrating bullit mounted on a long wand for him to go after my sissy g spot while he sucked on my caged clitty, painful, but wild all at the same time, my clitty swelled up as much as it painfully could trapped in the cage, and even with that, what he did with the “wand” to my g spot caused me to cum, hard. then came player four, and between the two of you I was spit roasted, punished and abused. at the end of the afternoon, after all the poppers I had been fed, and all the violent abuse, I had lost all track of time and reality, when you finally released me is when I found out that it had gone on for over five hours, and I had had my brains so fucked out, I couldn’t remember how many there had been, all I know is my throat was so sore I rasped when I spoke, and my pussy was so abused I wasn’t able to sit or walk right for over a week. there came a time later on when I got hot thinking back to this and wanted to try it again, but, sadly, by that time, the little blue haired ladies and law enforcement managed to permanently shut down all the adult entertainment places in and around mobile Alabama, leaving me high and dry, and horny lol, if you might have participated in the above fantasy fulfillment i’d sure like to hear from you, or if you’d be interested in playing, leave a message for me, any one remember the midtown theater in mobile? was a really great place for fun

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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