Yin Prepares for the Party

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This will be my second story and with that I hope you will give me some feedback and advice on things I should do. Along with what you would like to see such as storylines, themes, genres, and etc.

This story only gets sexual at the end, if you would like a second chapter that followed with more sexual acts then please let me know.

I woke up to the gleaming light that bled through the curtains down onto my face, the warm touch lathered on my skin as I got up out of bed. I was excited, it was finally the day that people all around could dress up however they wanted. It was Halloween.

I only had one class for the day and it was math. I couldn’t skip it since my grades were low enough already but I was eager to go to the party in the evening at night.

“I’ll just put my clothes into my bag and change after.” I thought to myself, I quickly went to put my costume into my bag. Halloween was nothing more than an excuse for myself to put on a show for the guys that saw me. My costume was a tight black dress that hugged my petite body all the way down and cut off at the middle of my thighs.

I picked out something quick to wear to get through my class and ended up wearing a white crop top shirt that exposed my stomach with a pair of blue denim skinny jeans that hugged my legs, I tied my hair up into a ponytail and set off for school.

Class was a bore, the usual boring professor dragging on his lecture and equally boring students eager to leave. As the professor dismissed the class I quickly headed out the door and went towards the nearest restroom on the campus to change but bumped into Josh along the way.

“Woah, what’s the big rush for, Sweet stuff?” Josh said as he smirked at me with a smile.

“Sorry Josh, I still need to change for the party later.” I said, catching my breath a little. I couldn’t help but gaze at Josh when he was walking with me, he was a good-looking guy and was always flirting with me.

“Well do you need some help?” He jokingly said in response, he gave off a little laugh.

“Actually yeah.” I responded.

“Wait, really? I was just joking. What do you need help with?” He said with a shock in his voice.

“I need your help to zip up the back of my dress and I don’t want to show up to the party alone anyway.” I answered. It wasn’t unusual for me to be so comfortable with Josh, we had known each other for years now and have especially become close since college because we’re the only ones from the same town.

Josh and I reached the bathroom and we went inside, locking the door behind us. Luckily it was a private restroom and not a public Bolu Escort one. I went to set my bag down onto the sink and opened it to pull out my dress, throwing it to Josh for him to hold onto while I got the rest of my things out.

Josh couldn’t help but hold the dress out in front of him, he was looking at it up and down and held it in front of my body comparing it to me.

“How do girls even fit in these…?” Josh murmured to himself.

“Shut up and turn around.” I said as I grabbed the dress from his arms.

He turned around and I quickly stripped off my clothes, I slipped my arms out of my crop top and threw them onto the ground. Undoing the button on my jeans I slipped them off, wiggling my hips as I pulled them off of me. Standing back up I reached around my back to unhook my bra and let it fall to the ground, I unzipped the back of my dress and slipped into it, pulling it up and adjusting it around my chest.

“Okay, turn around and help me.” I said without looking behind me.

I felt his hands slowly wrap around the sides of my waist and his fingers slowly dragging along the fabric of my dress as his hands went towards the zipper. He pulled it up slowly until it reached the top and tucked it in for me. I turned around towards him and he was giving a small smirk like he wanted a reward from me.

“Thanks.” I said to him. I bent down in front of him to slip my heels on and as I bent down I noticed a small bulge tenting from his jeans. I wanted to let out a little laugh because I didn’t realize I just stripped in front of him. We were close but not that close at the time.

I went back to my purse and reached into it to complete my costume, I put on red lipstick with a pair of fake vampire teeth canines that stuck to my teeth well. I looked at myself in the mirror above the sink and smiled with my teeth out to examine the teeth, using my finger I wiggle them around and they were firmly sticking onto my teeth. As I looked into the mirror I noticed Josh behind me looking at my ass as I bent over the sink leaning forward. I also noticed that there was another mirror behind him and realized that the whole time he could see me even when he was turned around.

I stood back up straight and turned towards him, “How’s it look?” I said smiling at him.

“Looks good, Yin.” He smiled at me while trying to hide the tent with his hands in front of him.

“By the way, are you going to change? Where’s your costume?” I asked him after noticing that he’s been in normal clothing the whole time.

“I live in the dorm rooms so I was going to go change when I bumped into Bolu Escort Bayan you. You want to come with me?” He offered.

“Sure, lead the way.” I smiled as I replied.

I followed Josh back towards his dorm room, it was pretty close luckily since I was still wearing my heels. I saw people continue to look at me as they walked past me, gazing me up and down as they headed in the opposite direction for the party.

Reaching his dorm, he led me inside and we went towards his room. He slipped off his shirt quickly and I blushed a little at the sight of his muscles. Josh was an athlete, he was muscular and was constantly working out as well. He put on a white button up shirt and tucked it into his jeans, bending over to grab a pair of black suspenders as well and putting them over his shoulders. He went to his bedside table as well and grabbed the black glasses that sat on it and put them on.

“Ta da. I’m a nerd.” He said, turning back towards me.

I couldn’t help but let out a little laugh, “You got your costume ready in less than two minutes and with things just lying around. Do you know how long it took for me to think of what I wanted to wear?” I smiled.

“Perks of being a guy,” He smiled back, moving closer towards me. “Besides, you look pretty amazing.” He complimented.

I tried to hide my face from him but he laughed as I blushed, my face glowing red. “You know, I know that you were looking into the mirror when I was changing.” I whimpered out as he continued teasing me.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself not to look. You looked too good standing there.” He said, now with a blush on his face.

“I know, I could tell that you were enjoying it.” I said, gesturing towards the tent that’s stayed in his jeans the whole time.

Josh became as flushed as I was, he quickly turned around to adjust it and tuck it away. I let out a laugh of my own this time.

“You know you could stare more if you want.” I said behind him as I walked closer towards him. I wrapped my arms around his waist, my head only reaching the top of his back. My hands glided over his arms as he covered his crotch over his jeans.

I suddenly felt Josh tense up a little and he moved his hands away from him, he turned around towards me and faced me as we were inches apart.

Josh leaned over a bit and whispered next to my ear, “What if I want to do more than just stare?” He said with a deep soothing tone in his voice. It sent chills down my body as he whispered. His hands once again wrapped around my waist, this time with a little strength in his grip. He held me tightly and pulled me Escort Bolu closer towards him.

His bulge pushed against me and I could feel his breath around my neck. I pushed down a tender kiss and planted it on the side of his neck, leaving a lipstick stain of my lips on it. “Then do what you want.” I whispered back into his ear gently.

His grip immediately tightened around my waist and he pushed me down onto his bed, he pushed his knee up between my legs against my body as one of his hands moved up towards my neck and held my head down as he passionately kissed me.

He soon got back up and stood at the edge of the bed in front of me looking down at me, “Take my pants off.” He said with a dominant tone.

I quickly pushed my body upwards and sat up, my face at the same level as his growing bulge. I eagerly undid the button on his jeans and pulled them off along with his boxers, immediately his bulge sprang forward and stood tall in front of me, my eyes wandering up and down his large member.

“You’re…big..” I said with a tone of amazement.

He put his hand around my cheek and stuck his thumb into my mouth, his thumb pushed around and down onto my tongue opening my mouth effectively. His other hand-held his large cock pointed towards me. He guided my mouth forward and around his head, my tongue licking around the tip of it as he continued pulling me into him.

He let his hand go off my jaw once my lips wrapped around his shaft, he held the back of my head and pushed down on it. I sucked with eagerness and my tongue wrapped around his shaft as I sucked his huge dick. Going deeper and deeper as he forced my head down around his shaft, I tried my best not to give up or gag.

“You’re fake teeth feel really interesting.” He let out as he groaned deeply.

I felt his warm cock tense up slowly after each stroke, he held my head in place as he used his hips and fucked my face. I opened my throat up as he pushed deeper and deeper into my mouth, my saliva leaking down the edges of my lips as he groaned in pleasure. I guess he liked how the teeth felt.

I felt his shaft begin to pulsate inside my mouth, he held my head down as my nose touched the hairs on his skin, his warm cum spilling into the back of my throat as he groaned out loud. He dropped his hand off the back of my head and I pulled my head away, swallowing every drop of cum that he produced. I wrapped my tiny hand in comparison around his large meaty shaft, stroking slowly as he groaned with each stroke. I licked the tip as extra cum flowed slowly out the tip, his dick still pulsing in my hands as I cleaned his dick with my tongue.

“Guess you did do more than just staring.” I said, as he finally gained a little of his control back.

“Yeah.” He said with a little grin.

“Oh crap, we’re going to be late for the party!” I exclaimed, as I looked at the time.

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